Do you want to become an English teacher? Are you looking to do a certification program for teachers which is globally accepted? TEFL certification course is the right program for you then. With so many English teaching job opportunities opening up globally every day, there is a rise in people wanting to learn the English language. These TEFL certification programs hence are not only considered an ideal qualification for teaching the English language in a foreign land but also opens up international career opportunities for you.

TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language unlike traditional teaching works differently for both the students and the teachers. TEFL needs a different level of skill set altogether. Hence having professionally certified training can be helpful to meet one’s career goals. The demand for high-quality English teachers is fairly high worldwide as all countries and their people are getting interested in participating in global operations.  In this age of globalization being able to effectively communicate with everyone has become very important and cannot be disregarded under any circumstance. Most professional sectors recognize TEFL as a new opening to meet the current requirement of effective global communication both at professional and personal levels. Pursuing one of the best TEFL certification course makes one capably equivalent to native English speakers.

TEFL Certification


Importance of TEFL Certification

The TEFL certification course can be an important tool to have if one wants to remain strong in the competition. As quality matters a lot, the TEFL teachers these days need to take a lot of responsibility as they need to work on effective English training and educate people with that.  It is therefore important for every teacher to understand that the professional excellence of other people depends on their quality of performance leaving no room for self-learning and experimentation. TEFL certification programs build necessary skills in individuals that help them become effective teachers who can create their own teaching methodologies.

Best TEFL certification courses do not merely work with the speaking and writing skills of the English language but it works on developing the better skills of teaching. Teaching is a complex skill that one needs to acquire to yield effective results. It can no more be restricted to only imparting knowledge to students but it has grown towards directing students to explore the path they are interested in. Irrespective of whether one takes up a TEFL certification online course or in-class training, this course guides aspiring English teachers with the latest and modern techniques of teaching, with methodologies that enhance and improve skills and also help to learn why these techniques are more effective.

Most government organizations, schools, private institutes and online teaching companies today want to recruit teachers with proper professional training. Undertaking anyone best TEFL certification programs will always be beneficial to you.  

Some Certifications comparable to TEFL are:

TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)

ELT– English Language Teaching.

ESL– English as a Second Language.

There are countless accredited TEFL certification online programs available and in in-person learning institutes. All these options claim that they will train one to teach English like an expert. The availability of so many TEFL institutes in the market make it harder for students to decide about the institute they should choose to take their accredited TEFL certification program. There are 4 vital things one should keep in mind while selecting the best TEFL certification online programs. Find out if any of the TEFL certification course match your goals and expectations, how many hours do can you dedicate to complete this course, what is the cost, does this course meet industry standards like accreditation and recognition.

Why Get TEFL Certification?

English, as we all know is recognized as our international language. Many countries worldwide have introduced it as their second language. Thus, being proficient in English opens up several English teaching job opportunities. Teachers with profession training and English expertise have huge demand. 

If one is a non-native English speaker then they must consider researching and taking up one of the best TEFL certification programs in the market as this course will improve their accent, language comprehensibility and clarity. Even if one is a native English speaker, it is essential to undergo professional teacher’s training to equip oneself with the mechanics of the English language to teach English Language Learners (ELL). TEFL makes teachers of strong fundamental background who can provide an all-round training experience that their students will thank them for. You might have been an English teacher for years but TEFL Certification programs can definitely benefit you to get a respectable job with a handsome salary. Many countries have made TEFL certification mandatory for people who want to seek overseas English teaching opportunities.

In-class TEFL certification programs

An in-class TEFL course is a good way to start your journey not only into teaching but also to learn about the new country and its culture. One big benefit of taking an in-class TEFL course is that one gets to meet former TEFL graduates and learn about what the best teaching positions and institutes are.

  • By undertaking a TEFL in-class certification program one can easily get familiar with the lifestyle, culture, teaching methods and work environment. The training centres often provide applicants with facilities like accommodation and transport.
  • By going through the teacher practicum, one can develop a clear idea of the program. This program serves as a development tool for teacher-student interaction and classroom communication.
  • Teaching is a profitable process, where one gains knowledge and experience which further develops teaching skills. Many programs have established partnerships with local schools or institutions, which provide an ideal platform for practising teaching skills.
  • TEFL aspirants get to meet people with similar interests, interact with students and faculty of different countries and adapt to life in a new environment.

TEFL certification online programs

Convenience is what everyone wants these days. This is one of the main reasons why accredited have become popular. The best TEFL certification online programs benefit anyone who intends to be an EFL teacher as they can at their own suitable pace become TEFL certified too. Also with the global accessibility of courses, online one can easily get TEFL certified from any recognized institute around the world. 

  • A TEFL certification online course has a flexible schedule. One can study the course material whenever they find the time. Though one needs to allocate some time to study, the TEFL certification online course does not cause inconvenience in normal daily activities. 
  • Since one has the flexibility of joining the TEFL certification online class from anywhere, one actually save on any transport or monetary expenses incurred to attend in-person costs. Online study materials and resources are made available by institutes free of cost for their students. Apart from this the tuition fees for accredited TEFL certification online programs are lower as compared to in-person accredited TEFL certification programs.
  • Accredited TEFL certification online programs are a good way to brush up one’s English language phonology and grammar knowledge in-depth.
  • TEFL certification online programs are the best way to figure out if one is actually ready to go abroad for teaching English. TEFL certification online training also lets you try to gain a qualification from a foreign country where you want to teach before actually travelling there.
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Top 10 benefits of having a TEFL certificate

1. TEFL Certification is Valid Lifelong

TEFL certificates are valid for life. It never expires so no renewal tests are necessary. After completing the TEFL course, either by taking in-class sessions or TEFL certification online classes one is able to take up a job immediately. A TEFL certification is a very valuable qualification to have as one can use it and earn a handsome salary at anytime, anywhere in the world. Although the TEFL certification does not expire, it is a good idea to continue to developing one’s knowledge and skills as one progresses in their teaching career. Taking up a specialized certification course in teaching young learners,   teaching business English or doing an advanced TEFL Diploma will help in building over on one’s existing skills, letting you deliver even better classes to your students.

Also having additional qualifications will look good and add value to your resume, opening up furthermore job opportunities for you. While doing your TEFL course you will be given instructions in a wide range of skills such as classroom management, lesson planning and correction techniques. You will also learn about phonology and various English grammar subjects.

Whatever you learn in the TEFL course will stay with you for the long-term. However, in case you have spent a lengthy period away from the classroom teaching, it is advisable to do a refresher course to brush up and benefit from it before starting a new teaching assignment. Refreshing your teaching skills and getting up-to-date will help boost you and will ensure that your students receive a high level of tutoring that will allow them to make successful progress in their English language studies.

2. Gives one Professional-Level Recognition

There are indeed thousands of international institutes and schools that hire English teachers to professionally teach without having prior teaching experience. One of the undoubted benefits of an accredited TEFL course is that one does not require to have a 4-year degree or any English teaching experience but can still get employed to teach English abroad. A TEFL certification, therefore, opens the gates of opportunities to you for teaching English overseas.

This Certification course offers both theoretical and practical training to teach English as a foreign language in foreign countries. A TEFL certification incorporates daily practical classes while providing a quality hands-on educational experience for developing a stronghold of basic teaching skills like curriculum development, forming lesson plans and different teaching methods for students. Thus, helps one gain the required tools, teaching skills and constructive training for becoming an effective teacher who can offer a quality educational experience for their learners.

Most respectable language institutes and global schools do not consider English teachers to be professionally qualified if they do not hold an internationally accepted TEFL certification. Thus, the TEFL course certifies to the world that you have professional-level teaching skills.

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3. Better Career Opportunities

Look through any global teaching job board and you’ll quickly be able to gauge that most English teaching positions ask for a TEFL certification. Most of these job postings are by international teaching organizations. TEFL without a doubt is a good career option for those who are interested in teaching. Different people decide on doing TEFL as a profession for several reasons. Some choose this field because of peer passion, some for earning more while others to travel abroad. If one is keen to teach English in non-English speaking countries, then TEFL is an excellent choice of career. A TEFL course will give one all the necessary skills to understand the nuances of teaching English to non- English speakers. Thus, TEFL is an opening to not only more job opportunities but also a platform to get better job prospects.

TEFL Certification

4. Decent Pay Package with TEFL Certification

One benefit of being TEFL certified is that most internationally recognized teaching jobs tend to give a decent pay package to TEFL-certified teachers. Most schools and Institutes pay more because of the teaching skills and methodologies one has learnt during the course as these are of more worth to their students.

Best TEFL certification programs help one to acquire useful skills like Language skills, Presentation skills, Management skills Interpersonal skills so most TEFL teachers are higher paid than the locals which means one can save money too. TEFL certification course might be a little expensive on the pocket. However, once certified, one will certainly be able to a nice return on this investment in the form of earning a handsome salary.

5. Boost Self-Confidence

Teaching takes tactics intelligence and intuition. One needs to prepare, plan and organize lessons before taking a class. Another advantage of being TEFL certified is that one will be more equipped to take on a classroom session for students. One will have learnt plenty of teaching tools and skills to help one deliver lessons successfully. Having wider range of knowledge and knowing how to deliver lessons professionally helps to boost one’s confidence tremendously.

6. Makes one more Adaptable and Organized

The TEFL world can be unpredictable in terms of classes and days. There might be days when one finds new students in their class unexpectedly. There might be other days when there might be unpredictably low number of students due to a local festival. In such situations, one will have to be able to adapt their activities and change their lesson plans to suit the number of students present in class.

As a TEFL teacher, being adaptable is important. When one moves overseas for a teaching position, they need to be open to adapt to a new working environment, a new culture, a new lifestyle and to a different education system.

As a TEFL teacher, one normally has four or five classes back-to-back in a day. One will therefore need to pre-plan all for this as one might not have time in-between classes to plan for their next class. This means being well prepared with any study material or resource available and also printing out worksheets beforehand. Thus, after doing TEFL certification one gets more organized. In addition, one has to be extra organized during exam time as one will be expected to deliver exams, conduct revision classes and write reports.

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7. Network and Exposer

Having one of the best TEFL certification means one is entitled to work in more than one country depending on their passport. This exposes one to many new cultures and learning experiences. It also develops skills to deal with intercultural situations. Apart from this one gets to meet new people in different countries which broadens one’s horizons and builds a good social network base. On the personal front, meeting new people also means making new friends.

Best is even if one has done a TEFL certification online course, one is still able to connect with many like-minded English teachers throughout the world. Most TEFL certification programs have an active and student base so one is usually pleasantly surprised to find they have teacher friends in more or less every country. 

8. Travel Opportunities with TEFL Certification

A TEFL certification gives one access to unlimited traveling opportunities.  This is one of the best things about a career as a TEFL teacher. One is not limited to one location. As TEFL certification is internationally recognized, one could possibly teach in a number of different countries across the world. Travelling introduces one to a new diversity offering learning opportunities about different dialects, cultures and languages.

Though many feel that teaching English abroad is not be same as travelling on a holiday. And it is true. Teaching English as a TEFL certified teacher means actually living and working in a foreign land. It means one gets to know a new country in a completely different way from a tourist. One can eat in places all the locals go, learn a new language, and many more. However, with TEFL one can work in multiple countries at different point of time so TEFL does give one the opportunity to travel across the world throughout one’s lifetime.

TEFL Certification

9. Phonology

Learning or teaching a language has so much more than just grammar and vocabulary. There are accents, expressions and idioms that need to be kept in mind while learning a new language. One can have a good vocabulary but unless one can use it in a professional and in a personal context, they will not be able to effectively communicate with others. Thus, phonology plays an important role in teaching English as well. As a TEFL certified teacher one is taught all about phonology while obtaining their TEFL certification.

It’s a benefit to have an understanding of phonetics and phonology. If teachers have sound knowledge of IPA and the various vowel sounds which feature in English, they will be well-versed to teach their students. Especially for those students for whom English is not their first language.

Pronunciation and how to use English prepositions in sentences is one of the biggest challenges that non-native English speaking students face while learning to speak English. Most teachers fail to understand the native speakers’ connected speech and various vowel sounds that feature while speaking in English come from their first language.

For a TEFL certified teacher, these mistakes are easily foreseeable and therefore helps the teacher to anticipate and plan on preparing lessons so that all the students can gain from them. Thus, addressing such issues effectively.

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10. Is a Great Qualification to Add to the Resume

TEFL is not merely a teaching certification but the key to becoming a global citizen. It trains one to speak, behave and think cross-culturally, respond quickly and think fast. This is one reason is why having a TEFL certification looks good on one’s resume. A TEFL certification is an additional professional skill. This course will develop relationship building, cognitive, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. All these are highly-desirable skills to have by any professional in any discipline.

Any kind of training always facilitates to boost one’s resume. However, having a TEFL certification is a sensible move especially nowadays since competition amongst English teachers is getting really tough. If one really wants their resume to stand out, then an accredited TEFL Certification written on it will do wonders. TEFL certification is the best choice irrespective of whether you are dreaming of a teaching career in English overseas or in your own country. Having TEFL as a bullet on one’s resume gives the impression that one simply has good communication skills and an incredible understanding of people and are epithetical to student needs while teaching. Adding to this a handful of teaching English years’ experience on your resume can increase your employment opportunities.

That means your TEFL certification also enables you to realize your dream of getting visas easily and travel to different countries across the world forever. So what more does one needs? A great resume, travel prospects and job opportunities pouring in from both far-flung lands and from within your home country.

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