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English is not just a foreign language; it is a world language. It has, therefore, become necessary to be well-versed in English. 

The demand for learning the English language is at an all-time high. This has automatically created a huge demand for English language teachers. Teachers who are experts at teaching the English language can get better paying, teaching assignments in foreign countries. The only catch is, having the TEFL certification. TEFL certification courses play an important role in spreading fluency in English.

What is TEFL?


TEFL stands for T-teaching E-English (as a) F-Foreign L-Language. Qualifying as a TELF teacher, empowers teachers to teach the English language at various levels.

The TEFL certification segment is fast growing and has unlimited opportunities. It seeks to teach English to speakers whose mother tongue is English and also to others who need to learn it for further education or to be able to join the workforce.

There is much confusion among aspirants about where to take the TEFL certification course. Four very important questions to keep in mind while selecting your course are:

1. What are your aspirations?

2. How many hours you can spare?

3. Is the course recognized?

4. Is the cost of the course competitive?

Uncountable TEFL certification courses available in the market will certify that you can teach English but they may not make you a successful teacher. 

What a TELF Certification Course Must Ensure?

A TELF certification course should nurture the teacher’s skills, enable the teacher to judge the requirements, and be comfortable in the classroom. The best organizations which offer TELF certification courses guide their students to acquire the skill sets necessary to become an outstanding teacher. 

Of the innumerable TELF certification courses available, the one that heads the table is Henry Harvin.

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy (Best TEFL Certification Courses Online)

This is one organization which ticks in all the boxes 

  • Advantages of TEFL certification course with Henry Harvin:

The TEFL course with Henry Harvin brings to you the best certification methodologies that are essential for effective teaching

Whether you want a highly paid assignment in a foreign country or you want to simply hone your teaching skills, courses that are tailor-made to suit your needs are available in this organization.

  • Job/Placement

 If you opt to get your TEFL certification course with Henry Harvin, you could be looking at a job that starts with a $ 3000 /month package. This the best certification salary that can be offered.

You would qualify for more than 12000 jobs in at least 6 countries.

  • Cost and duration

Most aspirants complete the course within 8 to 12 weeks but the registration is valid for 52 weeks. Henry Harvin’s courses are recognized at the highest level by ACE CREDIT, NATIONAL CCRS, NAFSA, UKCERT.

At $299, the cost is one of the lowest in this segment.

2. Bridge Education (Best TEFL Certification Courses Online)

  • Contact And Address

Bridge TEFL, 225 East 16th Avenue, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80203

Toll-Free US & Can: 1-800-437-0413 | Worldwide: 1-303-785-8864 | Fax: 303-785-8893

Bridge TEFL is a division of Bridge Education Group, Inc.

This group offers a primary and a master’s certification course.

  • Cost and duration

Their fee structure starts from₹ 11,122.00 for the 40-hour foundation course and goes up to ₹ 14,854.00 for the master’s course 

  • Course Content

Bridge Education TEFL certification courses include classroom management, lesson planning, phonology, vocabulary, analyzing and teaching grammar, and error correction. The courses are 100% online 

  • Job/Placement

There is a Job Advisory Module at Bridge Education Group which helps people graduating from this institution to find suitable jobs.

Two other services available to their graduates are the Bridge Job Board and the Teacher Portfolio.

The Bridge Job Board gives the new graduates a chance to tell prospective employers about themselves.

The Teacher Portfolio is a directory from where prospective employers could look for teachers who meet their specifications.

Apart from these two services, there is also a personalized placement and counseling service which the aspirants can opt for. 

3. ACT Delhi (Best TEFL Certification Courses Online)

  • Address and Contact

+919870134035, +91907367898

[email protected] 

 [email protected]

  • The certifying bodies are 

TESOL Canada Board Exam, TQUK Exam Cambridge, TKT Certification, Microsoft Certified Educator program and a Master of Science in Education (ESOL) Fort Hays State University, USA

  • Course content

  The course content is innovative and it aims at reshaping teaching English as a foreign language.

The best in use methodologies of effective English language teaching are propagated here.

 The course includes lesson planning, language acquisition, language skills, grammar and phonology. 

Classroom management is an area to which special attention is paid. 

  • Cost and duration 

  A special three-week international course apart from the 120 hour in-class program is available across India. The fee for the TEFL certification coursesis INR 45,000. The option of easy installments is also available.

  • Job/Placement 

   ACT provides 100% placement support. It conducts placement drives pan India and posts vacancies on its Facebook page.

 ACT has partner channels and an alumni base for providing placements.

They have placed their students in: –

Kwang Tong School, Thailand, Kasintorn Saint Peter, Thailand, Maximo Nivel, San Jose, Costa Rica, Dunes International School, Saudi Arabia, Ban Chang Language Institute, Thailand and Knowledge Transformation Services, India

4. World TESOL Academy (Best TEFL Certification Courses Online)

  • Address and Contact

World TESOL academy is accredited to ETQC- education and teaching council.

  • Cost and duration
  • This online course that covers 120 hours costs $34 USD. It is a single installment payment.
  • Course content 

It conducts an 8-module on-line program for TEFL certification, covering all aspects of TEFL from the basic concepts of TELF, to teaching techniques and classroom management

The eighth module is an assessment module that will earn you your TEFL certification. 


100% placement support is provided to students.

5. Udemy  (Best TEFL Certification Courses Online)

Udemy is among the best domestic organizations for TEFL certification courses. It also caters to international students

  • Cost and duration

The cost of the course is ₹1,600. A course of eight lectures and unlimited online resources is a good choice

  • Course content 

Udemy’s course content teaches how to apply TEFL methodologies, classroom management, and English skills through a 3.5 hours on-demand video and downloadable resources. 


Student can avail 100% placement support.

6. Asian College of Teachers

098701 34035

  • Cost and duration

The cost of the TEFL course is Rs.50, 000/- with the option of easy instalments. A candidate must attend a 3-week full time program.

  • Eligibility

To qualify for one of the best TEFL certification courses, the basic requirement is the ability to communicate in English and possess the basic writing skills. 

  • Course content  

With the best course content in its class, the Asian College of Teachers offers a curriculum that enables its students to become excellent TEFL teachers. 

  • Job/Placement

They offer their students 100% placement support.

7. The Tefl Org

The TEFL org has courses designed by experts to suit international standards.

Cost and duration

Online course costs $509. This course which lasts 120 hours and is available with a combination of classroom instruction.

The highest level is 168-hour Level 5 course. TEFL certification cost is $579 at this level. 

  • Course content

All course material is aimed at making the aspirants world class TEFL teachers. They have access to tutors on-line to resolve any learning-teaching problems that may arise.

The course gives an excellent grounding in English grammar, TEFL methodology, and classroom management.

8. Frameworks Education Group

94A Regent Street (1st Floor), Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 1DP

  • Eligibility 

Candidates must have a basic degree.

They should have taught English for two years full-time (1200 hours) to adults in the last five years.

All candidates must be 21 years old with sufficient knowledge of the language.

  • Course content

One among the best TELF certification courses the Frameworks Education Group enables its students to teach English grammar in a fun-filled way. It helps them to think creatively while teaching of English Language in a classroom or on-line.

  The students are guided on how to use activities in the classroom and to face hidden   challenges of teaching English language.

  • Cost of course 

This on-line course costs €95.

9. Oxfordtefl

[email protected]


This organization offers a 100% online course and is one of the best TEFL certification courses available in the market today.

  • Cost and duration

The course is spread over 4 weeks with 6 hours of training each day, from Monday to Friday. Students will need 2 to 4 hours of home study daily. 

The e-course cost is €1400. 

• Course content

A TEFL course with Oxfordteflt will empower the student with all the skills and techniques that are needed to teach effectively.

Each candidate will undergo 6-hour observed online teaching practice with real adult students.

There will be four written assignments of 750 to 1000 words to complete.

  • Job/Placements

Oxfordtefl will help all its students with placements and visas for the country the student is placed in. Apart from helping them to find a suitable and highly paid, first job, they provide a lifetime of TEFL careers support.

10. The TEFL Academy


The TELFacademy enables learners to enroll from many destinations in the world for its online course at

Cost and duration

They offer courses at $530-. The time period for the course is 198 hours of TEFL training and 6-months access to online campus

• Job/Placement

The academy helps students with finding jobs abroad.

  • Course content

TELF certification course from The TELF academy consists of a course in grammar and a 30-hour top-up course to teach young learners. 

It also has the unique feature of teaching business English. The course is designed and supported by EFL professionals.

It has been approved of by DEAC (US States Department recognized body)

11. Mytefl 

One of the best TEFL certification courses is available at Mytefl.

  • Course content

This course provides 40 hours of basic TELF practices. It also includes a module of 60 hours on classroom management. Added to this is another 60-hour module of teaching techniques and methodology.

• Cost and duration

It is a 160-hour online course and the cost of certification is between $139.00 – $189.00

Rank #12: PREMIER 

Premier TEFL is an online TEFL certification course

  • Cost and duration

This course costs $349.00. The time period required is three months

  • Course content

In this organization the course content is based on international requirements and recommendations.

The instructors are experienced and capable of solving all queries arising on line. Personal tutors also guide the students.

The courses are varied and have 120, 150, 180, or 240-hour timelines and are all conducted online.

• Job/Placement

      The academy helps students to find jobs.

13. TEFL Pros

TEFL Pros ensures that its students complete the course with skill sets that are very practical. A unique feature is that would-be students are allowed to try out a module to make sure they are registering for a TEFL course that they really want to do.

  • Course content

The course content in TEFL Pros guides the would-be teachers through skills which enable them to make their own materials and teaching aids. They are also trained in planning lessons of different types so as to create a happy classroom atmosphere.

  • Cost and duration

      TEFL Pros program for TEFL certification is a 120-hour online program. 

      Priced at $349.00 it is the best TEFL certification program.

 • Job/Placement

Placement help is provided.

14. TEFL Certification from the University of Toronto’ Faculty of Education EFL Certification from the University of Toronto’ Faculty of Education

This program is recognized by all leading TEFL or TESOL Certification authorities and other teacher training centers. 

  • Cost and duration

TELF certification program from the university of Toronto costs between $995.00 – $1,495.00.

It offers courses which are to be completed in 100, 120 or 150-hours.

 Course content

The course content is divided into four parts. It teaches everything a candidate needs to know about TEFL.

  • Job/Placement

Their website advertises job availability.

15. Coventry House International

Coventry House International has proven itself to be among the best of all online TEFL certification courses available.

• Cost and duration 

TEFL certification cost at Coventry House International – Ontesol 7 is priced at $529.00.

There is a choice in the number of hours you want to take this program. 

  • Course content

The knowledgeable faculty believes in a hands-on approach. The curriculum is the best in TEFL certification.

  • Job /placement

This organization helps with job placements all over the world.

16. International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy is one of the best places to get TEFL training.

• Cost and duration 

The training imparted here lasts between 120 to 170 hours and is conducted on-line.

The cost of the course starts at $1000 and goes higher according to the number of hours the course lasts.

  • Course content

The course all necessary aspects of teaching English as a foreign language.

17. Uni-Prep Institue 7

Uni-Prep Institue 7 is a well-known organization.

  • Cost and duration 

Uni-Prep institute 7 charges $529 for an on-line course lasting 170 hours.

  • Course content

The TEFL certification course content offered by this organization is the best in the class. Doing the TEFL certification course from this organization ensures that you get university-level instruction, an interactive classroom environment and webinars.

TEFL certification course includes curriculum in classroom management, teaching classes from beginner to advanced levels, lesson planning, use of multimedia teaching aids, and basic principles of teaching.

Job/ placement

When you join this organization, you are offered a lifetime and worldwide placement facility.

18. The International Teacher Training Organization

The International Teacher Training Organization is a well-known institution that offers low-cost courses with a high standard of instruction.

• Cost and duration

The cost of the TEFL course is $ 250.00 – $325 for a basic 100-hour program to advanced courses lasting up to 140 hours.

• Course content

They offer a course content that makes sure that the student teacher emerges confident and well versed in the craft of teaching TEFL certification.

The student teacher is instructed by certified and experienced TEFL tutors with the help of world-class educational resources.

• Job /placement

ITTO works closely with countries in Latin America. They have widespread contacts all over the world including Europe and Mexico. In Asia they have contacts in Thailand. Their contacts on a global scale are extensive, being closely linked with Mexico, and several countries in Europe.

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19. International TEFL Academy

916 W. Diversey Pkwy.

Chicago, IL 60614

Call us at 773-634-9900

International TEFL academy is one the best TEFL institution of internationally accredited TEFL classes. Classes are conducted online and face to face, in 25 places all over the world. 

  • Course content

International TEFL academy enables its graduates to teach English Language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation.

It helps the teachers to simplify English grammar so that its complexity is easily learnt.

Graduates from this institution, at the end of the course, are adept in making lessons plans. They promote productive learning, manage classes and build learning materials.

Cost and duration 

Classroom courses take a fixed number of hours to be completed. The online courses can be completed at a pace that is suitable and convenient to the student. The time could be a few weeks or up to a year.

The cost of the course is $1,299.00.

• Job /placement

The institution helps with finding suitable jobs.

20. I to I Teach English Abroad And Online

i-to-I has different levels which students can choose to qualify.

• Course content

Different levels are meant for graded levels of teaching.

Level 3 is meant for native speakers and level 5 for fluent speakers.

The classes are can be taken face to face or online at the student’s convenience. There is also another option, the choice of a combined course where some classes can be taken online and some face to face. 

• Cost and duration 

The price of the courses ranges from $139.60 to $ 1,450.

The period of instruction can be between eight to fifteen weeks.

• Job /placement

This TEFL certification company gives placement support to its graduates.

21. Maximo Nivel

 Maximo Nivel offers unique opportunities to its students to teach in exotic places like Costa Rica where it is important to be bilingual to be successful. There are placements in Guatemala and in Peru which has a large number of openings for

English teachers because it is a major tourist destination.

If you have done TEFL certification from Maximo Nivel, you will be assisted in your relocation.

• Course content 

There is a variety of courses available at Maximo Nivel. Students can choose from many courses ranging from a 4-week to a 150-hour TEFL course which could be a face to face program or an online TEFL certificate course.  

There is also a hybrid TEFL certification course for Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. This course is specifically aimed at teaching the best methods to be used in those countries. This theoretical course is on-line. The practical course lasts two weeks.

• Cost of the course

TEFL certification cost Maximo Nivel varies with the course.

 • Job /placement

Job support is available.

22. Akcent International House Prague

Akcent international house Prague offers part time and full-time courses.

One of the best international organizations, the TEFL certification courses conducted by them are highly regarded.

  • Cost and duration

 The on-line TEFL certification course costs € 1190. It is a twenty five-day course. The part time ten-week course also costs the same. If you opt for the more leisurely course, it can be stretched to eighteen weeks. The cost remains € 1190.

Course fees has to be paid in Euros.

 • Course content

The highlight of this course is real on-line teaching practice. The use of all course materials is free. Students are allowed to use the library, printing, photocopying, and wifi access without any extra charge.

• Job / Placement

There are specially designated people to render any administrative help required during or after the course. 

23. American Tesol Institute

American Tesol Institute offers TEFL certification courses at various levels and these courses are highly acclaimed.

• Course content

The best TEFL courses available with the American Tesol Institute are TESOL Advanced, TESOL for Children, and TESOL for Business. 

They also run combination courses such as TESOL Foundation, TESOL Expert and TESOL In-class.

 American Tesol Institute’s TEFL teachers are trained to meet all academic requirements for teaching. This provides opportunities for teachers to excel. 

24. The Language House

Internationally recognized and lauded TEFL certification courses are available at The Language House. The Language House has been awarded GoAbroad’s top rated organization notable mention for 2015, 2017 and 2018 out of hundreds of other TEFL certification courses. 

  • Course contents

 TEFL certification courses at The Language House consist of a four-week module which includes modern TEFL methodology, guided lesson planning and trainer mentorships. All the training is hands-on. There is no falling back on ready-made material.

• Job /placement

Most of the students get a placement within a week after they complete their TEFL certification course.

Cost and duration

The course lasts for four weeks and the cost of the TEFL certification course is $1525.

25. Serious TEFL

Serious TEFL from Singapore has two modules for the TEFL certification

  • Course content 

The fundamental module contains techniques for teaching grammar, comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Classroom preparation and teaching tips are also part of this module.

The advanced module aims at teaching phonetics, curriculum development and student assessment. Business English forms an important part of this module.

  • Cost and duration

The cost of the course is $ 245 for a 120-hour TEFL certification program. It can be spread over two months.

Job/ placement

Many jobs are available on Lingo Talking, Jobs International and TEFL Jobs ?? China

26. TEFL Institute of Ireland

TEFL Institute of Ireland

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 015563038

WhatsApp: 083 040 1500

TEFL Institute of Ireland, is one of the most accredited TEFL course providers in Ireland. It has a good reputation for its high-quality learning experiences, and internationally recognized TEFL courses. 

• Cost and duration

The premier 20-hour course costs €159. 180-hour regulated level 5 TEFL costs €249, 240-hour regulated level 5 is charged at €269 and the 300-hour regulated Level 5 costs €329

• Course content

 The course content taught by Institute TEFL of Ireland is top of the line in this segment.

 It prepares the students for teaching English as a foreign language anywhere in the world.

 Lesson planning and classroom management are the best in this TEFL certification course.

• Job/ placement

TEFL of Ireland has a commitment to its students to give job assistance throughout the student’s lifetime.

27. TEFL Course in the Czech Republic

By Live TEFL Prague

Live TEFL Prague has an intensive course which is balanced and comprehensive. The 4-week TEFL certification program is a combination, a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. During the 4 weeks, students will graduate from having no experience to being able to manage a class with total confidence and aplomb as if to the manner born.

• Course content

Class strength is deliberately kept small so that instructor to student interaction is maximum. The TEFL certification program certificate from Live TEFL Prague is Internationally recognized. 

  Course material is part of the cost of the course. Students can use wifi, library and teaching materials, printing/scanning, copying without any extra charge as the cost is in-built in the fee structure.

• Job/ placement

TEFL certification program here is among the best as it provides a job guarantee.

 Live TEFL Prague gives to its students lifetime access to networking events and it also provides post-course assistance.

Since it is part of a large language school, many students continue their association with Live TEFL Prague. They are absorbed into the parent body as instructors soon after they complete their TEFL certification program.

28. ACT International 

Toll Free No :1800 – 212 – 6400

Call :+91 97396 15888

Whatsapp :6292137532

120 hours of international TEFL certificate program

•Course content

EFL/ESL teaching skills and techniques are imparted. This curriculum improves teaching skills as it uses new teaching techniques. The course is well supported by videos. ACT provides back-end support for academic needs and easy access to support teams via mail, chat.

Course duration

 The 120 hours 14,500 INR, TEFL course, is conducted online and in distance modes.

•Placement and Jobs

 ACT provides 100% placement support. Its website regularly updates vacancies.

29. International TEFL Diploma

Cost and duration

 ACT International conducts an online and distance mode diploma course of 220 hours for23,000 INR.

Course content

It aims to give thorough insight into EFL/ESL teaching requirements. The aspirants can specialize in either BETT or YL.

The candidates research to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and TEFL methodologies. They use the latest teaching methodologies and classroom techniques to train candidates for TEFL.

  • ACT Certification

ACT now is an authorized centre for conducting Cambridge TKT. Globally recognized Certificates 

Placement and Jobs

 ACT provides 100% placement support across all ACT centres. Its website is regularly updated for vacancies.

30. 280 Hr. International TEFL Advanced Diploma Program

Cost and duration

This 280-hour advanced diploma in TEFL is for aspirants who want greater knowledge and be professionally upgraded. 

This program costs 29,500 INR. Payment can be in installments, online or cash. Meritorious aspirants can be granted scholarships. 

Course content

This program allows specializationin any two i)Business English Teachers Training (BETT) Course  ii) Young Learners Teacher’s Training (YLTT) Course iii)Train the Trainer (TTT) course.

The course trains according to the latest teaching theories and approaches with back-end academic support

• Placement and Jobs 

Placement opportunities are provided through placement drives across all ACT centres, partner portals and alumni base



415 – 608 9th Street,

Calgary, AB, T2P 2B3 CANADA


AP Teacher Training Institute

19B Lake East 6th Road Kolkata, West Bengal 700075 IN

Phone: +91 98368 55447



Raya Darmo Permai 111 KAV 15

BLOK C1 C2 Surabaya,

Jawa Timur, 60241 INDONESIA 

APPTI TEFL Diploma course

Course content 

TEFL Online Course deals with teaching four language skills, new methodologies of second language, need based language teaching, grammar and lesson planning.

The TEFL Diploma course is of 200 hours, which comprises of additional reading materials in forms of case studies and research module.

There are multiple choice questions in each module.

Cost and duration

 The course lasts 200 hours/ 6 months according to the convenience of the students. It costs USD 299 / Rs 18,000 + GST

Placement and Jobs

Each student is given unique username and password after enrollment for 100% job assistance world over.

32. APPTI PG diploma 

  • Course content

The postgraduate diploma in TEFL is a 280 hours course. After completing the diploma in TEFL course the candidate has to choose the specialization they want to take up. We offer two specialization papers of 80 hours each. 

These are:

a. TEFL for young learners for teaching children across the world.

b. TEFL for business for corporate trainers or for teaching young adults

• Cost and duration

The time required is 280 Hours/ 10 months. The course costs USD 399 / Rs 25,000 + GST

Placement and Jobs

Placement help is available.

33. High-end TEFL Certificate Course 

  • Course content

This course, the standard qualification for TEFL teachers has 10 modules. It includes classroom management, grammar and phonology etc. and dual specialization in teaching young learners and teaching business English.

The student coordinator is available on chat and mail. Questions or chat about their queries can be mailed from Monday to Saturday 10 am – 5 pm.

Cost and duration

The course takes 120 hours/18 months to complete and the fees is Rs.40,000+GST /600 USD

Placement and Jobs

100% placement is available at the end of the course

Intesol worldwide

MOBILE / WHATSAPP NO + 91 9674933512 |  INDIA TOLL FREE: 1-800-120-6624|  [email protected]

     Intesol functions pan India and offers both online and classroom   instruction.

Cost and Duration

There are 2 courses to choose from 120-hour TEFL and 120-hour online TEFL course. The cost of the course is INR 15000/USD 220.00

Course Content

The course is divided into four units each containing 2-4 modules.

Planning and organizing study time and study techniques are dealt with in detail.

The difference between the ways in which adults and children learn and different classroom management strategies to use for them is taught.

You will also make a thorough study of all the audio-visual aids available and how to produce of your own flashcards and aids.


Intesol is accredited to ALAP a specialist international ELT Awarding Organisation

Placement and Jobs

Job placements are available

34. The TEFL Institute Of Ireland

254 Bóthar Chrois Araild, Crois Araild, Baile Átha Cliath, Dublin

Cost and duration

The cost and course duration within Ireland are as follows

€369-180 Hour Advanced TEFL, €269-240 Hour Professional TEFL and 

€239-Ultimate online teacher.

      The overseas costs are:

Italy-€535, Cambodia-€995, Spain-€489 Italy Mongolia-€50, Thailand-€589, Vietnam-€799 

Course Content

Each course has 9 modules which guide the students  in the role of a teacher organizing and managing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, receptive skills, productive skills and teaching English for different purposes.


ACDL Accreditation Council for Distance Learning.

Placement and Jobs

Students can teach abroad, online or at home.

35. TEFL Course Online UK

Premier TEFL Premier TEFL 01273 782869 South Wing, St. Mary’s College Emmet Place Youghal, Co. Cork P36 N796

+44 1273 782869

Cost and duration 

120-hour online advanced TEFL Course is ideal for TEFL beginners. This 10-module course in 2 weeks or less because students have 24/7 access and can set the pace themselves.

Course content

There are 10 modules. They deal with

1.Principles of teaching English as a foreign language

2.Understanding English grammar

3. Organising and managing learning

4.Teaching grammar

5. Teaching vocabulary 

6.Teaching pronunciation

7.Teaching receptive skills

8. Teaching productive skills 

9.Teaching English for different purposes

10.From course to classroom 


Premier TEFL accreditation

Placement and Jobs

At the end of the course each student will get

Job Hunter’s Guide

Letter of reference 

Fast Track Certification

36. TEFL Course Online UK 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course

Premier TEFL Premier TEFL 01273 782869 South Wing, St. Mary’s College Emmet Place Youghal, Co. Cork P36 N796

+44 1273 782869

Cost and duration 

120 Hour Advanced TEFL Fast track course of international standards can be completed in 3-6 weeks. The fee is $149.50 

Course content

The course is divided into ten modules. Each lesson is broken into smaller segments each ending with a video and an assessment.


Premier TEFL accreditation

• Placement and Jobs

Internationally recognized certificate

 Letter of reference

37. 40-Hour Teaching English Online – TEFL Org

Course content

This course instructs how to teach English online by using platforms/software online.

Students learn how set up their own teaching website and to plan online lessons.

They will get tutor support from EFL teachers and all course material. They will also get an internationally recognised TEFL certificate both in the PDF format and a hard copy.

Cost and duration 

The course fee is $169.50 and the duration is 40 hours. Students can take up to two months to complete the course.

Placement and Jobs 

Our TEFL jobs centres are open to students for life

38. The TEFL Academy

539397 28-32 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


Cost and duration 

The TEFL Academy charges US$265 for the 168-hour level 5 TEFL course. Included in the fee is a 30-hour top-up course in teaching young learners, or teaching business English or teaching online

Course content

Students will learn:

lesson planning

teaching vocabulary

teaching pronunciation


 listening and reading

speaking and writing

principles of teaching English as a foreign language

materials and aids for teaching English

classroom management strategies

using resources to teach English as a foreign language


DEAC (US States Department recognized body) approved qualification

Placement and Jobs 

Help with finding TEFL jobs abroad

39. Ap Teacher Training Institute 

Email: [email protected] || Call Us: +91 98368 55447 || Whatsapp: +1 825 365-3769

This institute conducts 2 courses


Cost and Duration

This course is of 120 hours / 4 months and USD 199 / Rs. 12,000 is the fee

Course Content

The course prepares the students for the preliminary level.

There are 10 modules. Each module has set of multiple-choice questions / assignment. Only when this assignment is complete the students can move on to the next module.

Varying methodologies to teach young learners and adults are imparted. There are multiple choice questions in each module.

Placement and Jobs 

The institute advertises jobs from across the world on its site

40. Ap Teacher Training Diploma Course

The same institute conducts a diploma course also

Cost and Duration

The fee is USD 299 / Rs 18,000 and the course is conducted over 6 months/200 hours

• Course Content

At the advanced level two specialization papers of 80 hours each are offered to the students to

1.Teachers willing to teach children across the world.

2. For corporate trainers in language institutes who teach adults.

Different modules are assessed before the student can proceed to the next.

Placement and Jobs 

The institute advertises jobs from across the world on its site

 The outstanding feature of these courses is that the course content deals with teaching problems associated particularly with that particular country. Culture and mother tongues vary and create hurdles to smooth learning of and acquiring a foreign language. 


120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

View Course

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