TEFL Certification is one of the highly recommended courses when it comes to teaching English. According to the report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, India ranked 35th in Worldwide Educating for the Future Index 2019,

India’s literacy rate is 74.04%, and about 125 million people speak English.

From all over the world various people come to India for their education, research, and to enhance the skills that will help them boost their confidence and will stand unique in the crowd,

India grants online/offline certification to overseas learners as well to those who are outside the state. 

Now, these days, there is substantial demand for English teachers in India and foreign countries. So what it takes to become an English Teacher Overseas?

Be Calm. Let me take you one step further towards your dream of becoming an English Teacher Overseas. 

Teaching English in foreign countries has become very popular these days, and this is the best way you can roam around the world, can share your learning experience, and contribute towards a better society.

Different online/offline courses and certifications are available, and certification that tops the list is the TEFL Certification/TEFL Course.

There are various cities, mainly significant cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala, and Ahmedabad that will deliver you with the latest and high- grade content, excellent infrastructure, Offline, and online support, 

Now, here comes the question,

What is TEFL Certification?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and you will also come across many other different acronyms known as TESOL which stands Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages, ESL is English as a Second Language, and CELTA stands for Certificate in English Teaching to Adults,

Though they mean the same, there are some marginal differences.

Who all can take up this course?

TEFL Certification is best for those who have a better understanding and excellent command over English.

Education Background:

Some countries; hire Teachers with a college degree but not all. To do a TEFL Certification one doesn’t require a degree to take this course and can be used to strengthen a degree while applying for teaching jobs. All you require is to speak native English or show advanced speaking skills.

Career Benefits

  • Institute will provide you with a valid and approved Certificate.
  • You will be able to find enormous job opportunities from all over the world.
  • You will get access to a unique platform and may land up in highly paid jobs as a TEFL Teacher. 
  • Upgrade your CV and career role.
  • At the end of the TEFL Course, you will be AAEFL certified. 

Standards for online/ offline TEFL Course:

With plenty of TEFL Course choices available, there will be a lot of chaos while choosing the best online/offline institute that is present in the market.

What Standards/Parameters to look for in a course and Insitute?

Following are a few key elements to consider while choosing the TEFL Certification course in Delhi for you:

  • At least the course duration should of 120 hours.
  • At least 6-20 hours of live practise teaching and observation with actual non-native English speaker;
  • Completed the accredited course from a recognized independent organization within the field;
  • Enrol course from an organization that assists jobs after completion.

Why TEFL Certification?

When you want to teach English online or in a foreign country, you will need TEFL Certification to do so. After doing the TEFL Certification in Delhi, hiring chances will be more by a school or a language company and will allow you to obtain a work permit.

Is it possible to obtain a Legitimate TEFL Certification Online? 

Most of the institutes that are accredited provide original/valid Certificate, so while choosing one must go through their complete profile to avoid complication after the completion of course. One should focus more on whether the Institute is accredited or not.

There are some of the online and offline TEFL courses that are cheaper and also not accredited.

Online TEFL courses that do not include a practicum, for example, are not recognized by many language schools and TEFL programs around the world.

Does a TEFL certification grant me the qualification to teach English online?

The answer is “Yes” – TEFL certification would prepare you to teach English online, a rapidly expanding market that offers opportunities to make money by teaching English as a foreign language; 

Whether you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, or whether you teach English abroad in a non-native English speaking country.

Most English teachers abroad teach English part-time on the internet as a way of supplementing their income as the English language;

Scope in India and Overseas:

English is emerging as an integral component of the Indian linguistic medley. The English language has a dominant presence everywhere, whether it is an Office, communication, and education, etc.

English speaking as a subject has been made mandatory at the degree level in the Universities. 

There are lots of English teaching jobs or TEFL jobs in India, in schools, colleges and language schools.

There is a huge demand for TEFL Teachers in countries China, South Korea, Taiwan, The Middle East, Thailand, Prague, Spain, and Japan. 

These are one of the top 09 countries when it comes to TEFL jobs.

Cost in India:

The cost for TEFL Certification in India is 55000.

Delhi is a pleasant city that has, much to offer to students both during and after the training course,

After weeks and months of rigorous training, students get a fully recognized certificate. And this certificate will act as a ticket to teach English in India as well as Abroad.

Once you have completed the TEFL course, students get complete assistance in finding jobs.

Connect this with some astonishing food, and Mughal’s monuments and you can notice that Delhi is an outstanding option for TEFL Certification.

One of the best TEFL Certification Institute in Delhi.

Rank #1: Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the top Edu-tech corporations that provide high-quality courses, especially TEFL Certification. The duration of the course is 120 hours and usually runs for 8- 12 weeks and accredited by the American Association of EFL.

The original price for the TEFL Certification Online is $600, but for now, it is offered at $299. This is an economic path with marvelous advantages, including free access to the vast content of the online LMS platform of Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin has one of the best trainers that are well-recognized in the industry and have also earned positive reviews.

The training will make you understand the nuances of teaching English to non-English Speakers. It will enhance your confidence in class.

This course is designed uniquely by Henry Harvin that you will clear your TEFL Certification on your first attempt. The training will make you understand the nuances of teaching English to non-English Speakers.

It will enhance your confidence in class. After completion of the course at Henry Harvin, you will be eligible to work in countries like China, Japan, Korea, etc.

TEFL Certification Institute In Delhi

Rank #2: Asian College of Teachers(ACT)

Asian College of Teachers gives a complete International TEFL Certification course that will build the potential outcomes of hopeful English educators entering the world of teaching English as Foreign language.

The course will develop the applicant’s self-confidence as they are aware of teaching methods, and expert tutors will continuously monitor their progress.

The course period is of 120 hours, the maximum span of the course is 04 months, and students can access the course from any part of the world.

  • It will give you the course at a reasonable cost.
  • Incredible chances to work in nations like Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea, and so forth,
  • There will be complete guide support all through the course.
  • Accredited by TESOL Canada and TESOL USA.
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Rank #3: INTESOL

TEFL Course at INTESOL will provide you with;

  • 3 weeks of an intense 120-hour learning session
  • Best tutorial support and research materials
  • Certification that has universal accreditation
  • Institute will assist with placement around the world
  • Course fee: INR 50,000 / USD 735

Rank #4: American Tesol

American TESOL Institute - American TESOL Institute for Pre-School ...

They offer courses both online and in-class and flexible and advanced courses. Teachers provide a finely balanced and well-structured instruction that helps them to become facilitators in learning the English language.

They adhere to the highest standards of learning at the American TESOL Institute. Courses are based on sound learning, productive skills, and pronounced concepts.

Rank #5: Bhaskar School of English language and Conversation

It is one of the capital’s most recognized and famous schools.

Bhaskar School of English Language & Conversation – Apps on Google ...

Institute delivers a quality course, top-class infrastructure.
They provide course only in offline mode, so those students who want to attend this course will have to come to Delhi. The best quality of Institute is that they pay attention to every student.

Institute give more emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and personal development.

They often emphasize Pronunciation, and fluency of English while teaching English, Students have a rigorous session on Voice & Accent, Hard Skills, Social Skills, Personality Development & Interview Techniques.

The Bhaskar School also teaches the craft of writing a Dictionary.

Rank #6: BAFEL- British English Academy for English Language

BAFEL, British Academy for the English Language is unquestionably India’s best-known leading institution where one can learn from the best teachers to the highest standards of modern communication.

BAFEL Mahavir Enclave Students Reviews | BAFEL English Spoken ...

The exclusivity lies in the fact that BAFEL is not only intended for students who want to learn fundamentals of the language or succeed in academics – whether in school or college, but also for workers who work in private or governmental organizations and want fluency and full command in English.

Rank #7: i-to-i TEFL

I-to-I TEFL has been around for 20 years with more than 2,00,000 learners. They deliver a TEFL course with accreditation of Open Distance Learning Quality Council

The I-to-I TEFL course is available in some offline mode and online as well. The class is of global standards as mentioned on their website. The 140-hour class online and offline mode for TEFL certification program cost $275.

The I-to-I TEFL Academy offers paid internship proposals in Thailand ($1300), China ($12p00) and Vietnam ($1200).

The downside of this Academy is that it is a little too unnecessarily costly since the internships are significant aspects for a learner for placement.

Rank #8: My TEFL

MyTEFL provides offline courses in Argentina, Spain and Thailand, and they also have online mode TEFL certification classes. The TEFL  course taught is accredited and of 120 hours span classes 

The classes fee for my TEFL offline activity in Thailand is $1990, in Argentina, it is $1980 and in Spain, it is $2195. The online 120 hours long professional TEFL classes fee is $300.

They do provide internship vacancies in Argentina, Thailand, South Africa and Myanmar, but with the back draw of being paid hiring, which is not mentioned in the course fee. 

This course too ruins the fascination of being valuable and not very structured. This will push out this class from becoming one of the best TEFL certification programs.

Rank #9: International TEFL and TESOL

The ITT offers an online self-paced TEFL program that allows a student to understand in leisure time. The course has four categories; they are 60 hours Basic, 120 hours Standard, 120 hours Advanced and 180 hours Professional. The most prominent among the four options are advanced types. 

At the end of the class, a learner can select a TEFL or a TESOL category of certificate and ITT claims that their program is accredited and internationally acknowledged.

The course doesn’t have any final assessment exam, only tests, and tasks throughout which is very unique for I am not sure if a worldwide standard level best TEFL certification program is supposed to be performed in this manner.

Rank #10: ICAL TEFL

The 120-hour online program of TEFL that ICAL TEFL provides is self-paced and is globally recognized. The 120 hour TEFL certification program fee is $270 and they also contend that they provide placement assessment.

The class doesn’t have any requirement regulations and the credential at the end of the course is sent to students via electronic mode.

However, there was not sufficient proof in the analyses or on the website of accreditation and guaranteed job support.


For instance, If you are passionate and looking for a great career opportunity in Teaching English abroad or in your own country then, the best TEFL Certification is the course for you.

Further, if I ask you how do you feel when you help others and bring change in their life?

The answer must be Happy,

Firstly, TEFL certificate is not only a piece of paper but, a ticket to many great opportunities,

Moreover, this will give an extra edge from others, and can contribute to society for better,

Secondly, if you like to socialize, meeting new people gives you happiness then this course is for you, in this course, you get to know more about their culture, food, language, etc.

Thirdly, if you can impress your boss or hiring team with your excellent command over English then, nobody can stop you from getting that job, and chances are higher that you may end up getting a higher salary.

After completing this course, you will be a changed person. You will be better at interpersonal skills.

To sum up, if the above thing makes you happy, and you are planning to take TEFL certification, then don’t wait and, gear up your soul to experience one of the most incredible experiences.

All the best for the Future, and hope you will get the best out of TEFL Certification.

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  15. Hello I’m Anna. I took the TEFL certification course course in Delhi by Henry Harvin a while back. I was bored during quarantine and I was looking for some course that could boost my teaching career. It was a really great course. I felt like the curriculum was very detailed and the assignments were definitely quite challenging. It was a little hard to cope with at first but once I got a hold of it, it was really fun! If you’re thinking about doing it and are a little skeptical about it, then I hope this helps you figure it out!

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