Top 10 Online TEFL Certification Courses in Georgia- 2021

TEFL full form is Teaching English In Foreign Language. The English language is in high demand due to globalization. Thanks to the distance learning era, you can have students from across the world. If you are looking for teaching English as a career. You must check the online TEFL course in Georgia. Here you will encounter students who speak English as a secondary language. Their primary language will differ from their geographical boundaries.

Here are the top 10 online TEFL certification courses in Georgia which will help you to be the best English teacher.

 Rank#1: Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

  • Henry Harvin is one of the best academies for online TEFL certification courses with amazing fees offer. AAEFL certified academy, which is recognized across the world. A full-power pack of 120hrs training. This course will give an edge to your English teaching journey. Even you will get access to their LMS.

    Henry Harvin Academy follows a pedagogical method of training. This will help a new teacher to understand and practice classroom management, use of technology to teach kids, and lesson preparing methods. Once you are certified with a TEFL course, you are ready to dive into overseas job opportunities.
  • They provide you with complete support after completing the course. You will get interview calls after completion of teaching an online TEFL course certified by Henry Harvin Academy.
    Not only while doing the course, but even after completing the course, if you have any doubts. Henry Harvin trainers are there to guide you. The online TEFL Certification Course costs you $599 for Henry Harvin Academy. At present they have an offer going on TEFL Certification Course, and if you enrol now it will cost only $299.

Rank#2: International TEFL Academy

TEFL Certification Online Course in USA

Ranked No. 1 TEFL Certification Course in USA | 100% Interview Guaranteed | Online Certification course in USA

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A personal tutor will guide you throughout the training session. The online TEFL certification course by ITA (International TEFL Academy). They conduct training of 170hrs. It takes around 11 weeks for the course completion. They have both full-time and part-time TEFL certification courses. The course cost you around $1395.ITA provides on-board and off-board training. They also help you with the job throughout your working career.

Rank#3: Anaheim University 

Anaheim University is for the candidates looking for an affordable, yet beneficial online TEFL course in Georgia. They have a fifteen-week training program. They help you with the presentations, lesson preparation, research, classroom activities, and many more.

Every first Monday of the month Anaheim University conducts a certification course. This gives flexibility to overseas students online. Their program cost around $900.


English as a Second Language (ESOL) Certification

Time-4 months

Price-$ 1000     

Rank#4: International Teacher Training Organization (ITTO)

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

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Another organization with low-cost fees for online TEFL Courses in Georgia. They have different training programs with different backgrounds. One is 100hrs a basic one, 120hrs which are standard training time, and 140hrs which includes an advanced level of teaching techniques.ITTO serves in several countries in Europe with extensive contacts across the world. Their online TEFL training course includes live video, preparation of presentation, post-course job placement support, personalization trainer.
ITTO is well known for this course. They have a good presence for online TEFL certification courses. The cost of the TEFL Course is from $250 – $325.

Rank#5: International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

ITTT is well known across the globe for the online TEFL certification course. They have both on-board and off-board training. Which provides flexibility for the tutor and learner too.They have two different training options, one is 60hrs and another one is 120hrs. They acclaimed that both the training courses are equally beneficial for the new learner. They provide tutor support with learning lessons. ITTT also provides you with help in searching for placements.The cost of an online TEFL Certification Course in ITTT is $199 – $ 499.

Rank#6: UNI-Prep Institution 

The Uni- Prep Institution has 120 hours of the online TEFL certification course. They have two options, either students can enroll for the 120hrs training program or they can complete in their individual flexibility. They give full-time one year access to the training program.This institute also covers teaching training skills, presentations, multimedia aids, and many more. The cost of an online TEFL course is $295 for 120hrs and $1950 for a complete year of access to the unlimited courses.

Rank#7: Greenheart Travel

One of the finest online institutes for TEFL Certification Course. The cost of TEFL courses is a little high compared to other institutes. Greenheart Travel provides lifetime job placement access.The Greenheart Travel institution conducts 170hrs full-fledged training. Their tutor helps you throughout the course to be the best teaching trainer ahead. They work on your presentation skills, multimedia tools, classroom management, and many more.
The cost of an online TEFL Certification Course for Greenheart Travel is $1295.

Rank#8: TEFL Pros

The most unique selling proposition of TEFL Pros is that they offer you a try before you buy an option. The institution has received a very good response from the past students.

Their teaching and training approach is more practical than theory. TEFL Pros conduct a 120hrs session with a fully loaded learning experience. They make sure their student fits in the online TEFL teacher. They make the sessions more interactive. Even for the job hunt, they update you with the new vacancies. The cost of the TEFL Pros online certification course is $349. Which is not very high or very low. A standard rate with highly qualified tutors to help you out.

Rank#9: Premier TEFL

Premier provides four different time spans for the online TEFL Course including 120hrs, 150hrs, 180hrs, 240 hrs. Highly rated and reviewed online by the students.Premier made a mark in online learning courses institutions. They provide great support to the trainee. Their well-trained and highly experienced tutors help you with the fine training. A personal tutor will guide you throughout your journey to complete the TEFLCertification Course Free effectively.With minimal course fees, you get good exposure to the online teaching industry. The cost of the Premier online TEFL Certification Course is $229 to $319.Premier certificate has value internationally. So you don’t need to worry about the authenticity.

Rank#10: i to i

i to i have a strong background in teaching online, offline, and hybrid TEFL courses. It is a brand known for teaching across the zone. People who are in the teaching industry, especially TEFL, know the value of i to i brand. They have to tie up with STA Travels. The course modules are for 120hrs, 140hrs, 180hrs or 300hrs. The cost of the TEFL Certification Course is $274 – $479.
Apart from these institutions, we have many more training institutes for online TEFL Certification Course in Georgia. A few of them are Maximo Nivel, The Global TESOL, myTEFL, Bridge Education Group.

TEFL Certification in Georgia

Georgian is the language highly spoken in Georgia. People in Georgia are interested in learning the English language. There is full scope for English teacher-certified TEFL Course. You can target from kids to teens, to adults. In this pandemic situation, online studies are paced to the next level. Even teachers can conduct their classes from anywhere in the world to the students.There are no specific qualifications required for enrolling in the TEFL course. All it requires you to be 18yrs plus and good command of spoken English. You need to pass the test, while enrollment and for the certification too. If you clear the enrollment test, it won’t be hard for you to clear for TEFL certification. This online TEFL Course will open the overseas door for your teaching career. It will brush up your language,  your presentation skills, lesson preparation, grammar knowledge. 

With the help of an online TEFL certification course in Georgia, you can manage your pay bills through an overseas batch. The positive point of online TEFL Certification is that you can do it from anywhere with your time flexibility. It is a highly acclaimed course

Why you should opt for an online TEFL certification course 

If your target students are only from the native area, then you don’t require this course. TEFL course is for those who are looking to grab an opportunity to explore their career globally. The online TEFL certification course helps you to mold your English teaching techniques acceptable around the globe.They provide you a certificate which helps you to get a job without any fuss. TEFL courses will polish your teaching skills and test your teaching ability. This way you will be confident while teaching online. This course doesn’t cost you much. Most of the University provides an affordable fee structure. The standard course hours are 120 and then as per the level, of course, it goes up to 240hrs – 280hrs. Below 120hrs courses are not fully loaded.
The TEFL Course doesn’t have any export date. So once you are a certified TEFL trainer, you are ready to be a teacher with your traveling work or retirement. It is a one-time investment. The more you practice it, the better will be your pocket package. Generally, if you are fresher then you may make $10-$20 per hour. 

Before selecting the online TEFL Certification Course do check the institution’s authenticity.  What you will get? How they will support you in and outgaining, job placement assistance, study material,  how long you have access to the videos, and so on.

What are the important points you should notice before enrolling to the online TEFL Certification Course?

  1. Just understand that the online TEFL Certification course will only help you in teaching techniques. They won’t teach you the English language. You must know the language proficiency.
  1. The institution will help you with the availability of vacant jobs. They won’t give you a job. You will have to pass the test and interview. On your efficient basis, you will get a job.
  1. Before enrolling in an academy, just check their authenticity and brand value. You should be satisfied with the course. As your hard-earned money will be spent on this course. A well-renowned institution will be more beneficial for you.

Most of the course ends up in 11wks to 15wks. Only a few of the Institute provides post-course learning support and access to their LMS. Others may provide you with job placement assistance.

CELTA and TEFL both are two different courses. So while enrolling for TEFL make sure what you are targeting. CELTA course follows 5level of training than completing in hours. They mainly train you for teaching adults, whereas TEFL courses will train you to teach kids or teenagers.   


In TEFL you will be targeting students from non-native English countries backgrounds such as Asian countries,  Gulf countries, etc. In TESL your target students will be from the English language country, but they are a foreign language speaker. Such as European countries. 

Elevate your teaching technique to the next level with the help of the best institutions for online TEFL Certification Course in Georgia. Get ready to introduce yourself with confidence as an English teacher to the world. While choosing the course be clear with your requirements, your target audience, your interest, etc.

The above ranking of institutions is based on online research. It may vary from an individual’s perspective.

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1.Who can enroll for TEFL Course?

For TEFL you don’t need any specific qualifications. One must have turned 18 years old, and should have a good command of spoken English language and grammar.

How much does an online TEFL Certification Course cost?

Depending upon the level and hours of training, it cost you around 150$ to 2000$.

3. How to enroll for an online TEFL Course?

You can choose the institute and submit the required documents as per their rules and regulations. Payment terms will differ for each institute. You can select the batch as per your suitable timing.

4. How much one can earn from a TEFL course?

If you are a fresher in teaching English then you can charge $10 to $20. You have good experiences in teaching, you have good reviews. You can charge up to $40 to $50 per hour.

5.How much scope is there for an online TEFL Certification Course?

If you are interested in teaching English and willing to expand your career overseas. TEFL certification course will help you to achieve it. As the course has demand across the world. If you are looking for teaching online then you can target students from around the globe.

What is the TEFL Course duration?

The TEFL Certification Course completes in hours. From 60hrs to 300hrs, depending upon your flexibility and requirements. You can complete the diploma course in two months to four months.

Is TEFL Certification Course hard to clear?

Nope, you can easily clear the TEFL Certification, if you have got selected as a trainee. All you need to know is the English language and grammar.  With the help of this course, you can polish your teaching techniques.

Can I do TEFL Certification Course online?

Yes, you can. The TEFL Certification Courses are available both online and offline both. You can easily apply for an online TEFL Certification Course.

Are TEFL Certification Course and TESLA Certification Course both the same?

No, they both  TEFL Certification Course and TESL Certification Course both are not the same. Your target students will differ in both cases.

Does TEFL Certification Course expire in future?

No, the TEFL Certification Course doesn’t expire in the future. The course has equal accreditation as any high school diploma study. So it is a one-time investment for your teaching career.

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