South Africa is a country of vast and various cultures. It is one of the most rapidly developing countries. From its ethnic legacy to its modern lifestyle, it changed completely.

The rainbow nation, South Africa is rising towards the heights of technology, international business, and e-commerce and also offers tourism.

The country with diversity, has in total of 11 languages to communicate. African and English are the two official languages of South Africa while Zulu is the most commonly spoken language.

Here, English has become the language of business and the country requires English teachers more. TEFL course in South Africa is an addition to this development of English language career and business.

TEFL Course 


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is the certification course that coaches you on how to be a TEFL teacher. TEFL course covers all the main components of the English Language- Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation. It deals with language skills, grammar that makes a person efficient in the language including lesson planning and classroom management.

Why TEFL Course in South Africa? 

South Africa is a country of diverse culture as well as languages. 11 languages are spoken in South Africa and English is the official one. Why?

Because English is the global language of business. South Africa has an urgent need for TEFL teachers and this is a never-ending career. You may take TEFL certification to teach English abroad or teach it in your country to students.

English is growing and has reached to become a global language. So, the demand for English has also grown across the world over the past years.

Institutions worldwide are reaching out to the teachers who have fluent English and has a TEFL certification, which is mandatory at most of the foreign colleges.

Teaching is a great career choice and most of folks go for it at some point in their life. If you ever dreamt of doing so, then getting a TEFL certification is a good choice and will help you in getting teaching jobs globally.

TEFL methodology leads you to a great career option and discloses many hidden tips to become an efficient teacher. TEFL course does not only cover English grammar skills, but also classroom management, lesson planning, and ways to teach properly.

It healthily upgrades your resume and it will surely leave a good impression on the recruiters.

In short, TEFL certification is for those who are thinking of teaching abroad.

Teaching is a very responsible job in the end. TEFL course is the best way to test yourself as a teacher and excel in this field.

Let’s discuss the benefits of taking the TEFL certification course- 

  • Better Job Options– For anyone thinking to apply for international teaching jobs, the TEFL course is the mandatory factor and they demand the best TEFL certification. The TEFL course adds up a new list of jobs in your list and helps in making a better career choice.
  • Better Pay– Another benefit of taking a TEFL course is getting paid higher. International institutes tend to pay more to the teachers with TEFL certification. It is worth to their students and they respect your skills.
  • Confidence level– An added skill indeed boosts up your confidence level. This TEFL certification will help you in taking up the teaching role and manage the classroom efficiently. The TEFL course covers up all the skills required and it will come in handy for you in the jobs.
  • Accepted Worldwide– The TEFL certification is accepted across the world and provides a healthy weightage to your qualification. From the north to south and east to west, it is accepted worldwide.
  • One and done– With a no-expiry date, the TEFL course is for life-long and needs no renewal. Once it is done, “It is for life.”

At the end of completion of the TEFL certification course, you will have numerous benefits like-

  • Earn the credibility and globally recognised certificate
  • Open the gates of jobs in foreign countries
  • Opportunity to travel abroad
  • Add the impressive skills to your resume.
  • Upgrade your job skills
  • Get access to high paying jobs as an EFL teacher

There are many TEFL course online available throughout the world that provides the best TEFL certification.

TEFL Certification in South Africa 

South Africa is one of the developing countries where English is the official language. The value of the TEFL course here is high. The lacking of English language teachers opens up opportunities for you to find a new job. For this, you must have those required skills, where the TEFL course comes in handy.

Everyone can’t attend the institutions regularly, so there are many good TEFL courses online available according to your schedule. Numerous TEFL certification online courses are available, but you should choose the internationally recognized TEFL program to find job opportunities in your dream destination.

Let’s discuss Top 10 best programs to get your TEFL Certification in South Africa in detail-

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course– Henry Harvin is one of the top education academies conducting TEFL certification online.

The Henry Harvin TEFL course is an online 1220-hour course, certified by AAEFL Henry Harvin (American Association of EFL). It provides access to the learning videos for a year.

Henry Harvin Education offers the best TEFL Certification at the fees of $599, currently discounted to 299$. It gives you full access to the abundant content available on the Henry Harvin online LMS portal. The trainers of the Henry Harvin Academy are well educated and provides great guidance to the students.

It takes a time of around 10-12 weeks to complete the TEFL certification online course at Henry Harvin TEFL academy. It doesn’t need any pre-requisite knowledge to apply for a TEFL course online.

It provides the best TEFL certification that covers up all the topics from the basic level to the expert level.

The Henry Harvin TEFL Certification course features- 

  • Gain confidence to teach the class.
  • Classroom management
  • In-depth understanding of learner’s psychology
  • Create unique classroom plans and manage

Enhance your productivity with high-class management skills.

2.  i-to-i TEFL– Getting qualified from the i-to-i TEFL program is easy and beneficial. With the help of this TEFL certification, you can boost your resume and add the top skills required to get a teaching job abroad.

i-to-i TEFL course is a renowned training center that offers both, face-to-face and distance learning online. You can choose up to your convenience.

The i-to-i TEFL course is developed by professional professors to make you ideal for the job opportunities coming on your way.

It will teach you all the required skills including job hunting with the TEFL certification and regular teaching practice with your tutor.

This TEFL course is trusted for years and is available in South Africa: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria.

The i-to-i TEFL course online features- 

  • Learn online and additional tutoring practice
  • 8 weeks of study
  • Join over 1,80,000 teachers who graduated from I-to-I
  • Globally recognized TEFL certification program
  • A dedicated mentor and daily feedback
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3. Premier TEFL- Premier TEFL is the accredited TEFL training program in South Africa. The properly constructed course modules with session guides, tips, practice exercises. This also includes quizzes and daily reflective tasks for the students to solve for their better understanding.

You will have a complete 6 months to wrap up the course with the help of your mentor. The Premier TEFL certification online provides all the necessary elements to get comfortable in launching your teaching career abroad.

The Premier TEFL certification online features- 

  • 24/7 access to the learning platform
  • Life-long TEFL certification
  • Teach English across the world
  • Personal tutor at your back
  • Globally recognized TEFL certification

 4. The TEFL Academy- This is the 5-level complete graduation program.  

It offers one course that makes up 168 hours of learning and leads to the 5 level TEFL certification online.

The TEFL Academy is the best certification that provides access to the top global opportunities. This TEFL course is affiliated with Ofqual (UK) and the DEAC (US), which makes it regulated by 2 government bodies.

Well, some students prefer face-to-face learning over online training. Therefore, The TEFL Academy offers a combination of 20 hours of live training in the face-to-face classroom and 148 hours of virtual training.

The important modules are discussed in the classroom while you can study the rest online according to your schedule.

The main objective of the weekend 20 hours classroom study is to make you comfortable with the TEFL course and its topics. This will be beneficial for you in working with the team and work management. Standing up in the classroom and speaking will boost up your confidence for future teaching jobs.

The TEFL Academy features- 

  • Level-5 Ofqual (UK) and DEAC (US) high recognition
  • Combination of online study and classroom training
  • Apply the offline study in the practical classroom
  • Receive support from EFL professionals

5. TIES (The International English School)– The International English School is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It provides in-depth student-teacher training TEFL courses to prepare participants for teaching English abroad or to foreign students.

The course takes up to 4 weeks (120 hours) of training to prepare an individual for teaching. This TEFL certification course offers the theoretical knowledge of the English language and also the practical practice of English.

The classroom training makes it more exciting and the participants are asked to teach from the first week to gain more experience.

TIES also gives an option to complete the TEFL course on a part-time basis that takes over 10 weeks to complete. The classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1800-2030 hours and from 0800-1600 on Saturdays.

The International English School features- 

  • Enroll in 4 weeks TEFL certification program
  • Practical practice in the classroom
  • Option to choose part0time classes
  • Direct contact with recruiters
  • 14-hour grammar learning session

6. TEFL South Africa– TEFL South Africa offers a combined TEFL course online for 120 hours of online training and two days of practical application.

It provides TEFL certification or TESOL certification worldwide. It has two basic modules- The young Learners’ module and the Business English module.

It gives the 6-month access to the online learning course. There is a bonus course available with the combined TEFL course “using TEFL skills to teach online”

It also provides a two-day weekend practical course.

TEFL South Africa features- 

  • Gain a TEFL certification online within four weeks.
  • Learn unique skills to teach English globally.
  • Get TEFL practice course manual and certificate.
  • Earn extra cash by teaching online

After the program, you can teach online young learners English, business management courses, and manage classrooms.

7. SIT TESOL Certificate at NMMU– Located in Port Elizabeth, NMMU, this TEFL course follows up the methodological approach to teach TEFL.

From the theoretical knowledge to the practical training, including classroom management, SIT TESOL covers up all the topics to make you learn all the required skills. It also provides the opportunity to teach actual students in the classroom, and get feedback from mentors.

The SIT TESOL course prepares the individuals for international teaching and promises a quality education associated with SIT Graduate Institute. It has numerous educators that will help you at every step.

This TEFL course will transition you to paid teaching jobs in different fields- institutions, government organizations, etc.

It has the required eligibility criteria. T&C apply

SIT TESOL Certificate features- 

  • Learn teaching methodology and classroom skills
  • Learn English skills and teach
  • Get evaluated by expert mentors
  • Earn in different fields by teaching

8. BridgeTEFL- Bridge TEFL/TESOL certificate assures you a good teaching job in the top companies.

It provides you with the TEFL certification online under the guidance of well-educated tutors, on the mobile-friendly online platform. You can choose from the two options- teaching to young learners or teaching English online.

Bridge TEFL course online is accredited by the U.S. government of education and offers brilliant opportunities to teach English online.

Bridge TEFL course features- 

  • Get connected with thousands of recruiters including online English Companies.
  • Get TEFL certification badges to showcase your skills on LinkedIn
  • Learn English teaching skills on the advanced platform.

9. The TEFL org- With the help of TEFL org courses, you can learn TEFL remotely. The bridge TEFL is the online TEFL certification that provides you remote access to the training from anywhere.

You have two options to choose between 120-Hour Premier Online TEFL and 168-Hour Level 5 Online TEFL courses. They are organized to make you learn TEFL methodology with English grammar skills.

It will surely help in boosting up your confidence and teaching skills. The TEFL teachers here are professionals to hold you back and provide proper feedback to improve your skills.

The TEFL org gives you the globally recognized TEFL certification online.

TEFL org course features are- 

  • All required learning material is included in the course fee.
  • Globally recognized TEFL certification online
  • Guaranteed lifetime access to the course
  • Supported life-time resume

10. The Language House TEFL- The Language House TEFL course offers one of the top TEFL certifications online.

It is an interactive TEFL online program that has live stream classes including recorded sessions for later. They provide all the necessary study material, training resources, and quizzes that will help in better understanding.

This is a 170 hours long course that takes up to 3 months to completion of the program. The highly qualified professionals are hired to take you up on the TEFL course journey.

There is another option of on-site training in Prague and undergo in-person mentorship.

The Language House TEFL course features-  

  • TEFL certification online at the convenience of your home.
  • Global recognition of the TEFL certification
  • Join educators and find opportunities to teach online

The EFL course is one of the most demanding programs due to its endless benefits in career choices. I have shared a few on-site and few offline TEFL certification courses according to their availability in South Africa.

There are a few more highly rated on-site TEFL courses available in South Africa-

  • Teaching House CELTA- Cape Town
  • Asian College of Teachers- Cape Town
  • Bay Language Institute- Port Elizabeth

Now, let see a few more TEFL courses online options-

  • UNI-Prep Institute
  • My TEFL
  • TEFL Pros
  • Oxford TEFL
  • more…

Also Check this Video

Let’s discuss some FAQs- 

Q-1. What does TEFL mean?

Ans- TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is referred to as the courses that give you the credibility to teach English abroad.

Q- 2. Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach abroad?

Ans- It is not necessary to have TEFL certification to apply to teach abroad but it is preferred more. Many countries look for TEFL certification in the hiring process and reject participants due to their lack of skills and knowledge.

Q-3. Is there any age limit for TEFL?

Ans- No, there is no age issue in TEFL teaching. As far as you are hardworking and concern about teaching in a classroom, age doesn’t matter.

Q-4. Does the TEFL certificate expire?

Ans- IT is for life. Once you gained a TEFL certification, it will be valid till you live.

Q-5. How do I choose a TEFL course?

Ans- There is plenty of research available on the internet for the TEFL course online and offline. You can go through the TEFL course here and many others.

Q-6. How much does a TEFL course cost?

Ans- It is entirely depending upon the institution from where you pursue it. However, TEFL courses online are affordable more than classroom training TEFL programs. But they lack practical teaching practice.

These were the most frequently asked questions in relevance to the TEFL course.

However, there must be many doubts and you can go for the Henry Harvin TEFL online course. They will clear all the doubts and offers a great TEFL certification online course. This will surely be beneficial to you and will upgrade your skills to the next level.

For now, they are offering the Henry Harvin TEFL course online at a discounted price of $299 only. Grab the offer and get a globally recognized TEFL certification online.

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