Do you want to make your summer productive and innovative? Do you have a propensity towards learning? Do you want to make your parents proud? The answers to these questions are yes for aspiring learners. Aspiring candidates ought to strive for their better upcoming. However, to become successful, they need proper motivation and guidance. Moreover, they need a constructive environment as well as a supportive Mentor. Teenagers need a mentor who can understand them and give them a better platform for learning. Can’t figure out the right summer schools or programs to attend this summer?

Then read on to know about some amazing ones in Idaho!

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy

Teen MBA: Online Summer Program for Teenagers

Visualize your Career Aspirations of Becoming a CEO, CMO, CFO, or CTO. Develop the Necessary Hard skills & Soft Skills. Build a Great Profile for College Admissions!

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Henry Harvin has come up with the best guidance and best guide to support and motivate you positively in various courses. They apprise you of various streams available.. You can discern your inclination towards subjects and opt for the stream accordingly.

Course No.1 Teen MBA Course

Teen MBA Course can infuse business skills in their mind. 

They fulfill all the possible requirements of this course. 

They provide upgraded study material, well-qualified subject experts and, a conducive learning atmosphere for your better understanding. The course helps you to explore various teen designation with us. I want to give precise information about the various segments of this course. 

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Teen CEO – You can do business planning and evolve decision-making skills by pursuing this course.

Teen CMO- You can infuse marketing tactics in your mind. You can evolve a radical approach to the marketing segment.

Teen CTO- You can explore more in technology after pursuing this course.

Teen CFO- You can understand the prominent segments of finance after accomplishing this course.

Henry Harvin assures you success in the business world so, be proactive and join us to fulfil your dreams. Have a productive and innovative summer with the brilliant mentor.  Think about your future and grab golden opportunities with us.

Course No.2 Content Writing Course

Content writing course assists you in achieving the upgradation of writing. They help you to explore lexical resources in writing. Henry Harvin gives an excellent internship and training program to get exposure to experiential learning.

Course No. 3 Medical Writing Course

Medical Writing Course can evolve scientific attitude. They guide the learners to understand the prominent segment of medical writing. They give proper guidance in pharmaceutical regulatory as well as medico-writing. The expert trainers made you industry-ready.

Course No.4 Technical Writing Course

A Technical Writing Course helps you to apply documentation in writing. Technical writing assists in technical communication like engineering, computer software, and hardware, etc. We give practical exposure to our learners in technical writing courses.

Course No.5 Digital Marketing Course

They use progressive techniques to teach you. You are given explicit information about the marketing segment. You can comprehend digital marketing precisely with us and become a Digital Marketing Officer. Moreover, you can learn how to generate traffic.

Now, why waste your time, move ahead for your bright future. We ensure assistance in every aspect so take the next step of your career.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. University of Idaho Boise Summer Tech Camp

This summer school is the world’s #1 STEM program.

They have various courses that involve:


  • Code games and apps, exploring AI and data science etc…

Game Dev:

  • Create new worlds and titles, design 3D levels and learn about game production.


  • work with sensors and microcontrollers, and delve into autonomous driving


  • Edit photos, create music videos, design 3D models etc…

You will get to work and innovate with the latest tools like Adobe, Sphero, Autodesk and Roblox, experience personalized learning in a classroom with not more than 10 students per instructor, get an official iD Tech Diploma and skill certificate and a lot more.

3. 2020 Summer Reading Programs for Children and Adults

If you enjoy reading and writing, then you should definitely enroll yourself for this summer school program.

This Summer Reading and Writing Skills Program, offered by the Idaho State University, is a community service to families throughout Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Meridian, and Nampa. The program is designed and taught by the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide leader in reading skills instruction.

4. Leadership Intern

This amazing STEM summer school program taps into you curiosity and helps you become innovators through teamwork and hands on problem-solving. You will gain volunteer credits, develop mentorship skills and build your resume.

It provides you with a wide array of learning opportunities and gives you the learning of a lifetime.

5. NBC Basketball Camp

Do you love sports? Are you a basketball fan?

Well then, this particular summer school program might be the perfect one for you!

This camp teaches you

  • To set your goals, toughen your mind and to build up your confidence under pressure
  • Fundamental principles of shooting and ball handling
  • Effective passing and defence skills

You will get to work with amazing coaches who will help you improve your skills in a fun, intense environment.

6. Summer Design Days

The perfect summer school program for an art lover, this workshop series is now being offered LIVE.

You will get to explore a wide range of art and design through informal lectures and projects.

Virtually explore studio life, and create a virtual world, storyboard a movie, design stuff and get inspired by the designs of buildings and interiors.

7. Summer Academy

This particular summer school program gives you the opportunity to study with experts from the field of journalism, media, politics, technology, arts, culture, sports, business, fashion and more.

It encourages critical and creative thinking in students and also encourages students to explore their passions.

The courses are designed to enhance the writing, critical thinking, story telling and communication skills of students.

The various courses involved in this summer school include:

  • Diverse Voices in Reporting
  • Inside the UN
  • International Relations and Development
  • Fundamentals of Editing: Producing the Paper
  • Entrepreneurship for Foreign Impact

8. Disaster Response Training

This training can prove to be excellent as a summer school for those who are enthusiastic in disaster response, emergency management, human services, homeland security, shelter services, action planning non-profit coordination, volunteer management etc…

You will get to learn skills such as research, fundraising, community outreach, volunteer training and many more.

9. 2020 ALCP Summer Program

This 4-week online summer school offers three courses that aim to develop students’ English related to STEM majors, Business Communication and Leadership and Management.

Should you choose to enrol yourself for all the three courses, you will get an extra free course, where you will get to learn about American Culture through films, games and activities.

10. Industrial Design /Graphic Design Internship

Are you energetic, creative and highly motivated?

If yes, then this might be the summer school program you are looking for.

Makers Studio is looking to get kids into STEM through creativity.

They want those who have a deep rooted passion for function, materials, and usability in design and can communicate their concepts through sketching.


In the end I would like to quote that,

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets.”

and hence one must utilize their summer properly and learn something new. Learn anything, be it a sport, a skill or learning about other things and topics.

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