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1. What is TEFL?

TEFL Certification in India

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It is an internationally recognized certification to teach English as a Foreign Language abroad and is a important component for applying for teaching job globally.

It is important to have an TEFL certification because it enables one to qualify for teaching jobs, gain the required skills to teach abroad, have an added advantage for job applications and thereby earn a higher salary with more reputable schools.

The Online TEFL course is an easy, convenient and flexible way to get a TEFL certification. It is offered at any time during the year with no fixed start dates. Thus, teachers can start online TEFL course training immediately and complete their certification from anywhere in the world. 

2. What do you learn in a TEFL course?

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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  • Teach English Language skills that is reading,  writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation.
  • Understand the concepts of complex English grammar and simplifying them for English language learners
  • Prepare a plan for delivering effective lessons to meet the objectives of learning and promote productive learning.
  • Learn to manage the classroom and student behaviour and create a conducive and safe environment for students to study.
  • Identifying the students’ study pattern and suggesting suitable learning style
  • Prepare   a wide variety of  study material  that is, text-based and digital materials that are required for reference

Thus, reputed TEFL online course helps the teachers learn the course in a proper and effective way.

3. What are the requirements for taking the TEFL online course?

There is no specific eligibility parameter for this course. Anybody with a passion to teach English can enroll for this course. The only qualification required is the TEFL certification to apply for teaching profession abroad.

4. How long does it take to complete a 120 hour TEFL course online?

In-person TEFL courses are completed in number weeks on fixed schedule which requires full-time commitment.

Online Tefl course is dependent on variable factors, that is whether the course is self-paced or scheduled online, the number of hours of certification you choose (40,60,100,120 or 150 hours) and the amount of time you dedicate to complete the course. So, it can about 3 weeks to complete 120 hours of training.

5. How to choose a TEFL course?

The TEFL course can be chosen for any number of hours ranging from 40 hours to 150 hours of training. However, a minimum of 100 hours is necessary for this purpose and gain worldwide recognition.

  • Accreditation from a globally reputed independent body for TEFL course is a must for the standard TEFL certification. Hiring schools also look for accreditation of your session along with your certificate.
  • A TEFL certified course should be a minimum of 100-150 hours of class time and syllabus should be certified by a recognized administrative body that fulfils all the global requirement.
  • The pricing of the course typically ranges from $500 – $1100. This also has to be checked.
  • Hands-on experience of the trainer who imparts the training is also a critical requirement for providing quality education. Hybrid online classes are such places that offer these experiences.
  • The course trainer must be a subject matter expert and have a senior degree. The easiest way is to check the reviews given by the ex-students to know if the trainers were knowledgeable and impressive.
  • The institute imparting the education should have a job placement cell to get paid soon after the session. Check the websites and reviews to see if the course has an internship and job opportunities.

6. Which countries need teachers?

Countries like Brazil, China, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, Morocco and Cambodia have a high demand for teachers due to boom in business, travel and tourism and trade.

TIPS to complete the course successfully:

  1. Organize your schedule.

The course you opt for may be of one month or six months. So you have to schedule your time for this. You may have to sacrifice your other things in life if you are opting for one-month training and stay completed focused on this course.  If your course is of six months then you have to allocate daily few hours to complete the course.

2. Review  grammar rules.

 It is important to review the grammar rules that you have studied in your school days. You can take a refresher on this and go through all the grammar by referring online or studying grammar books.  However, the TEFL course is designed in such a way that you become an expert on English grammar.

3. Glance over pre-course materials.

Before starting the course, some institutes provide info materials or guidelines to review  to make you feel confident for the course. Otherwise, you can find material and practice test by researching online.  Read articles, books, blogs, watch you-tube and discuss in online forums.

4. Check if you have the needed supplies.

It is necessary to check your laptop and internet  connection before the course begins. Other materials like notepad, pen, charger, powerbank are also essential during the course. Your checklist is complete once you have all the needed supplies.

5. Join online groups

You can join online groups of TEFL aspirants to get tips on classes, make a new buddy to aid you  during the course and also don’t forget to check out the reviews about the courses.

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  1. Is TELF a good career choice?

Yes, it is indeed a good career choice. The benefit of doing an accredited TEFL course is that it does not require a four-year degree unlike other courses or any teaching experience. You can still get hired as an English teacher abroad based on certification.  It is a valid proof that entitles you to work legally as an English teacher in foreign countries.

2. How much do TEFL teachers get paid?

The monetary compensation for TEFL teachers vary depending on the location where you teach. Higher paid regions are Asian countries (Japan, china, south Korea) and the Middle East( The UAE and Saudi Arabia). The salary paid is thus sufficient to support yourself comfortably.

  • Are online TEFL courses recognized?

Accredited online TEFL certification is widely accepted by schools and language centers around the globe in regions such as Asia, Europe, and Latin America. However, some employers may require a certain number of hours of certification (100+) or other qualifications when hiring teachers, such as a university degree or teaching experience.

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