An ultimate checklist for choosing the right program

TEFL or teach English as a foreign language is an international certification course where people who are willing to work abroad as an English teacher enroll to learn deeply about the course. You will learn all the necessary skills to become a good teacher abroad. As we know that English is a universal language, the majority of countries speak or tend to learn the language globally where English is not primarily spoken. There are two more programs called TESOL and CELTA, which are for teaching adults. The demand for English teachers is mostly in the countries like:


 1. Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world with a considerable population that does not speak English, which is prominently important for the international trade and commerce of a country.

It has a giant job market for English teachers in different language schools and institutes. A native English speaker with a TEFL certification can apply even without needing a college degree. Therefore, if you are worried about your degree then you should crash this place for a stable earning. You will be provided with a work visa, unlike in a few countries. Working in Russia will be no less than an adventure of a lifetime.

 2. Spain

Spain is another country where you can find a decent teaching job. Various reasons can be beneficial for you. The country faced a great Spanish depression in 2008 due to a huge financial crisis, which lead to a drop in unemployment by 50-55%. Young people under the age of 25 had to face many difficulties in finding a job because of which the locals started moving abroad to find jobs.  

All these reasons being youth of Spain today is highly educated with the proper command in the English language. In not only the universities, but English is even taught to the primary children, which is why the demand for English teachers is soaring.

Finding work in Spain is not difficult as a teacher. Even if your qualifications are low, you will find a job but if you do have good qualifications and experience it will add more digits to your income.

  Some Asian countries like:

 3. China

China has the fastest-growing economy globally which means the need for the universal language is of much need there. The job market in teaching is increasing by each day. The students are taught English from primary classes to build better opportunities for them in the future. They hire throughout the year and the vacancies for the job are largest in the world giving opportunities to numerous people work abroad.

Cities like Beijing and shanghai graduation demand a degree but other than these there are not many places that need a degree but a TEFL certification. You will get sufficient holidays with 16-30 hours a week. They pay handsome salaries with many facilities for the teacher like in most of the cases they compensate the airfare and provide lodging facilities to the teacher. 

4. South Korea

 South Korea is a country that has been accepting foreign teachers ever since TEFL started. It offers employment in both the public and private sectors. South Korea has the strongest job markets for teachers. Indians in this case have many opportunities to grab.

The salaries differ according to the education you have. The TEFL teachers have compensated for the airfare. English is now mandatory for the students from third grade in the schools. Therefore, a primary teacher can also apply for it. The recruitment is done in March and August. The adults emphasize learning the language for business purposes.

South Korea’s development and technology are way ahead of most of the countries. It is known for handsome salaries for the teachers. If you want to teach abroad then South Korea is a very good option where you can enjoy the lifestyle and their culture.

 5. Japan

Japan is one of the destinations in Asia where you would love to work because of the mix of rich culture and advanced technology. You will get great teaching salaries and live decently. 

You can explore their culture while living there whenever you get your time off. There are plenty of opportunities, one can find in Japan. A bachelor’s degree is mandatory for teaching jobs. A non-native speaker with fluency in the language can also apply for the job as Indians have great opportunities in different schools and organizations.

They provide airfare compensation and even a stipend for taking extra classes.

The ultimate checklist for choosing the right program:

After you decide on a certain course, the main problem lies in choosing the best-suited course based on some specific criteria. You must find out the best course that will develop your skillset but the question here arises is how do you choose? Here are some tips that you must follow while searching for a certification course:

Accreditation of course:

You must verify the accreditation of the course you are searching for because it is very important to be looked at and the very first thing that you must check in a course.

What is accreditation?

It is official recognition for your quality of the program. In the case of TEFL courses, some standards are set by the external organizations that must be received by the course providers to deliver valuable content.

People must be aware of various accreditation swindles before admitting for a course.

1. Qualified tutors:

When you research the course, make sure that the tutors are well educated and one who reviews your work and gives feedback so that you can grow well. You must go through their website and check their bios, which would reveal their qualifications and experiences. 

2. Price of the course:

Let us not talk about the high prices; instead give it a thought if the prices are too low that seems difficult to believe. Do not compromise with the quality of content just because of low prices, rather go for an accredited program that gives you quality content and reviews your work with proper feedback.

3. Graduates’ reviews:

Always check the reviews of the alumni before enrolling. You will have an idea of the program based on their experiences as you can search for a site called ‘Trustpilot’ where you can find the reviews and ratings. It calculates the trustscores.

4. Duration of the course:

The duration of the course must be 100 hours or more. If it is less, then move to another program because you can barely learn anything in less than that.

Some TEFL certification courses are:

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy:

The Henry Harvin TEFL Academy provides one of the best certification courses for teaching abroad with all the necessary skills required. The American Association of EFL affiliates this certification. 

The academy provides job support with more than 1200 placement partners, 42 countries on all continents.

You will gain a lot of confidence in handling students also will be skilled in understanding their psychology to be able to teach them better. 

You will get free access to the LMS that will be provided during the course. Once you are done with the course then they will make sure that you get prepared for the interview calls and find a decent job in your dream country.

A few benefits that you may find here are:

  • It will boost your CV and job profile.
  • A certificate will be rewarded on the completion of the course.
  • You will come to learn the necessary skills required.
  • Build up confidence.
  • The examination is probably cleared in a single round.

Duration of the course: 8-12 weeks

Contact detailsWebsite:

                   :355, Serrano drive,

                   10C, San Francisco,

                  CA-94132, United States-85253

Contact number: +1408-834-8824

Email id:[email protected]

2. i-i TEFL 

I-to-I offers a TEFL certification course with ODLQC(open distance learning quality council). It is an online course of 140 hours. For young students who want to learn some additional content on teaching, there is a 180-hour course for that, and 300-hour classes for TESOL-equivalent courses. The cost of the certification is $275.

They have 26 years of experience with many employers and experts that would guide you during the course.

They also get you prepared for internships in abroad like Thailand ($1300) and China ($1200). 

Duration of the course: 

140 hours

180 hours -additional content

300 hours –TESOL equivalent course.

Certification: I-TO-I certification for TEFL course

Contact details:


Check- TEFL Certification Course in Texas                                  

3. MyTEFL:

MyTEFL organizes onsite as well as online courses. The onsite courses are held in Thailand, Spain, and Argentina. They provide helpful career services and preparations with flexible teaching hours. There are no hard pressures and they provide a very positive environment.

You get internships in a few places such as Thailand, Myanmar, South Africa.

Duration of the course: 120-hour course.

Contact details: 


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4. TEFL worldwide Prague:

TEFL Worldwide Prague is a very renowned institute that provides TEFL courses. They provide various workshops to the candidates.

Everything about the institute is promising but people stay back at times because of its prices that is $1275. They prepare you well for the interviews and provide all types of course materials that student needs. 

Duration of the course: 4 weeks.

Contact details:


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5. International TEFL and TESOL:

      The ITT is an internationally recognized institute that offers students’ four types of TEFL programs 

  1. The basic program
  2. The standard program
  3. The advanced program
  4. The professional program

Among all the programs, the advanced course is most popular and it is up to the student whether he/she wants to choose a TEFL or TESOL certification.

Instead of examinations, they have quizzes and assignments throughout the entire course. 

Duration of the course:

  1. Basic -60 hours
  2. Standard -120 hours
  3. Advanced- 120 hours
  4. Professional-180 hours

Contact details:


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What is trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a website that is open and free for every company and individual to share their experiences, in a way helping other people get answers to their questions and confusions.

What is accreditation?

It is a process in which the external organizations give recognition to a program based on certain standards.

What is TESOL and CELTA?

TESOL is teaching of English to speaker’s of other language and CELTA is certificate of English language teaching to adults which is now called certificate of teaching English to speakers of other language. These courses are for teaching English to adults.

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