Top 12 TEFL online certification courses in Cape Town: 2021

Why should you do online TEFL certification courses?

The TEFL certification is a good option for those who want a stable career in teaching abroad. The course training includes all the significant elements of teaching English as a foreign language. There is a growing demand for professionally trained EFL teachers across the entire globe.

The TEFL online or offline course does not require any specific eligibility. You can do  TEFL courses with a graduate degree in any discipline having basic English knowledge. The motivation for seeking something new is crucial to TEFL courses in Cape Town.

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There is a huge opportunity either for the ambitious EFL teachers also for those teachers who are working currently, and wish to enhance their teaching skills. Thus, there would be a chance for finding new areas and career development in this profession.

1. Henry Harvin course

Ranking at no.1, Henry Harvin online TEFL certification course, the registration process is simple and you can go for this course remotely within your suitable schedule according to your needs.

Key points

● 120 hours course

● Live interactive classes

● TEFL certification course in South Africa by Henry Harvin education:

a. Easy learning access

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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b. Complete training videos + Brush up sessions + Best teaching practices + Quizzes

c. Trained and highly qualified instructor

d. AAEFL certification

This is one of the best TEFL online certification courses provided by Henry Harvin at a reasonable price.

2. International TESOL training and TEFL in Cape Town

This TEFL course provides huge facilities to drive learners during their training and is like a home, where learners trained in a comfortable environment. The instructors usually concentrate on paying individual attention to students and classes are quite intimate to yield the best results. The teachers are qualified with all required tactics, and experience to train you to be a professional teacher of English.

  • The course would drive you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge needed, recommended for both the beginner and experienced teacher.
  • Homestay: 

a. Shared bathroom+single room at $680/month

b. Private bathroom+single room at $760/month

c. Facilities of breakfast and dinner; one load of laundry/week (where available), and internet access

  • Hostel: a. Situated at a distance of 10 minutes from school. Secure, clean, and hostel equipped with a restaurant downstairs

b. 4-bed dorm at $560/month,

6-bed dorm at $425/month

  • Besides these, there is a back-packers’ lodge available for travelers at a distance of 5 minutes away from the school. They can also exist travelers with the perfect accommodation if private accommodation is requested
  • Course charges

a. The total fee is divided into balance and deposits: Balance USD 1090+ Deposit USD 600

“Deposit” to be paid in advance, and “Balance” to be paid on arrival (special offer for deposits paid before the end of this month at $200 discount!)

  •  Accommodation charges

a. You are free to take whichever accommodation choice you prefer, accommodation charges are not part of the course price

b. You have the choice to make your own accommodation arrangements, and no compulsion to use the accommodation offered by the school. If you use schools’ accommodation, it should be paid via cash, PayPal, or bank transfer directly to the school

c. Special price on offer from a $1690 of four weeks in-class course in Cape Town

  • Eligibility required

a. The aged 18+, and who are fluent in English are eligible for the course

b. The application process is completely free

c. No previous qualifications or experiences are needed

d. On application receive a free e-guide covering the basics of TESOL/TEFL

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3. i-to-i TEFL courses in Cape Town

These TEFL courses in Cape Town are globally recognized, so you can become TEFL qualified, and teach English, get paid. i-to-i’s accredited TEFL courses in Cape Town are major areas for you to start your TEFL journey in Cape Town.

  • Course duration from less than 1 week to 4 weeks
  • Upcoming weekend courses in Cape Town

       20-hour classroom TEFL course, 140 hours combined TEFL course, 200 hours combined TEFL course,+ 320 are combined TEFL course

  • The course changes nearly 100 to 750 pound (UK)
  • The course included:
  1. Hands-on learning practice in the classroom
  2. Equipped with major language School
  3. Committed, detailed instruction feedback
  4. Online classes accessible on your tablet, phone, or computer
  5. Help you in landing your dream jobs with their TEFL job boards

4. Combined level 5 TEFL course in Cape Town, South Africa

This course is regulated by Ofqual (UK government department) and awarded by Qualify, a UK government authorized awarding body. This level 5 TEFL online course in South Africa is DEAC-approved (the Distance Education Accrediting Commission quality curriculum (AQC) status.

  • Top-up course free 30 hours in teaching online, and 1:1, Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Business English
  • Online TEFL and grammar course of 148 are
  • Teaching practice TEFL course of 20-hour classroom in Cape Town
  • Access to the online course for 6 months
  • TEFL training for 198 hours
  • Trainer assistance from EFL professionals
  • TEFL certification
  • Assist with landing TEFL jobs abroad on completion of the course
  • The course is available only at Rs 4600! (Was Rs 9200)


  • There is no teaching practicum
  • No job placement

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5. CELTA Institute in Cape Town

CELTA is a popular and most widely taken qualification of English language learning to students. The course is closely monitored and formed by Cambridge University of English Language Assessment, and on completing the course learner get certified from Cambridge and report from the center detailing the candidates’ zones of weakness and strength.


  • Course changes
  1. ZAR 18.990
  2. Early bird changes: Register and pay in total 4 weeks earlier to course start and enjoy a discount of 5%
  3. The referral fee for former candidates, receive ZAR 500 on recommending the course to a new client
  4. Refundable deposit: ZAR 500, payable on the first day to cover the library books and access tag, and will be refunded on the last day
  • The course is both theoretical and practical with supervised teaching practice, closely extensive followed by both oral and written feedback
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors, approved by Cambridge
  • CELTA is globally recognized and is an essential qualification for entering the field of TEFL in Cape Town 
  • The course consists of four elements Teaching Practice, Input Sessions, Observation of Experienced Teachers, and Written Assignments
  • CELTA certification


  • No teaching practicum
  • No job placement

6. BLI – Institute in Port Elizabeth

Bay Language Institute ( BLI) delivers full-length, 120 hour TEFL courses in South Africa. This course is equipped to prepare graduates and prepared in any ESL classes if it’s abroad or in South Africa.


  • TEFL certification
  • The candidate should be 18 years old
  • More than course of 4 weeks and a trainer will cover 30/week with a maximum of 8 students/class
  • 15 to 20 hours of practicum
  • A presentation, and research module on managing with learning disabilities
  • A practice of Pre-primary teaching module on some courses
  • Highly interactive and in-class environment
  • Each learner will get individual attention from an experienced, and professional trainer
  • Starting price of the course is 1000 USD, including extra study material+WiFi


  • Some accommodations, some activities, airport transfers, airfare, SIM cards, some meals, visa are not included
  • There is no teaching practicum
  • There is no job placement
  • No teaching practicum

7. TEF Institute in Cape Town

The TESOL course is formed to introduce trainers to classroom management, lesson plans, and methods of efficient teaching.


  • This is TEFL distance learning program is formed for those who are not able to attend courses in person, and still want to certify
  • The course is set at EFL trainers who would like to qualified in Teaching Business English
  • This is an in-depth, skill development course, and 7 days theoretical in the teaching of English as a foreign language
  • A more skilled course that is the TEYLT, train instructors how to keep pace with the demands of young learners in the EFL world


  • No job placement
  • There is no teaching practicum

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8. TEFL Academy in Cape Town

Recognized by the top University of Africa Africa and one of the best TEFL online certification courses, University of the Witwatersrand. Get the affordability, and flexibility of an online TEFL with quality of education.


  • 120 hours online course
  • Regular, personalized, and extensive feedback on more all your performance
  • Guidance from instructors with huge global experience, and advanced skills (Master or higher)
  • Globally accredited course
  • Variation in the task of the course that really reflects your knowledge of the content (not only MCQs!,)
  • A cheap program that involves a hard copy certificate, and detailed statement of results at low prices
  • Contribution by reputable recruiters
  • Take benefit of the favorable exchange rate from EUR-ZAR, USD, GBP
  • The online TEFL certification course
  • The minimum age of the learners should be 18
  • Starting charges of the course is 36 USD
  • Extra charges on various guides (examples teaching English online, first lessons and activities, 75-page grammar resource, CPD)


  • No teaching practicum
  • No job placements

9. TIES (The international English School) Somerset West, Cape Town

This training course formed to prepare candidates to teach English as a foreign language to international learners/English second language students.


  • 120 hours in class
  • Trainers provided with practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Learners will be asked to teach English language students for 6 hours
  • The course is run with a maximum of 8 candidates, and a minimum of 3, and applicants are shortlisted on a “first come first served” basis
  • The price of the course is Rs 9500/applicant, and the part-time course is Rs 10500
  • A TEFL certificate and performance report will be provided to all those who successfully achieve it. A final grade of at least C (55-70%) is needed to pass
  • Entry requirements

A candidate must be fluent in English. Prior teaching experience is not required. Computer accessibility during the course is highly recommended

  • The course is divided into six elements; teaching, grammar forum, looking further, practical teaching, portfolio, TEFL Plus


  • A 50% deposit along with your filled application form should be submitted. the remaining amount is due on the first day of your course and the deposit is non-refundable

10. Cape Town School of English

This course is run continuously around the year. Learners assist in the preparation for the TOEFL and Cambridge examinations and offer them vital materials.


  • They provide conversational and Business English
  • Trainers may register at any time, and starts for as long as they require
  • Learners may take classes each day or 3 days/week (only for non-VISA students)
  • Trainers do either a verbal or written test to find the best level for them to join
  • All textbooks are imported and prescribed to the international necessities for EFL (English as a foreign language teaching)
  • All aspects of language learning are involved in the courses like grammar, writing, reading, and conversation
  • They also offer the following English courses of different levels beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced classes, holiday English, business English, English for special purposes

11. TESOL program with Nelson Mandela University

The TESOL course that is worked at the NIMMU is a globally accredited USA recognized that makes successful candidates teach English to speakers of other languages. The major aspects of the program to concentrate on communicating with avoided members of the Walmer Township community, who are providing free English lessons by the candidates and their contributors.


  • The SIT TESOL courses prepared candidates to be able to teach English speakers of foreign language either overseas or in South Africa
  • A contributing approach with a member of learning opportunity which then becomes the foundation for developing theories of knowledge
  • The course is available in full-length with regular classes over 4 weeks. However, part-time learning also available
  • Both courses are 138 hours and taught by a dedicated TESOL faculty. Both full-time and part-time options are available from early January each year
  • The total amount of the course is Rs 9500
  • Candidates now have the option of getting 5 masters’ Credits in the American education system with this course. To take the benefit of this option, candidates would be required to enroll with World Learnings’ School for International Training, and pay an additional $500 before commencing on the TESOL course

12. The Cape Town TEFL/TESOL Training Institute

This training Institute was founded in 1991 together with the Cape Town School of English, an EFL (English as a foreign language) school proficient in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).


  • EFL learners enroll to do you shot (two weeks) or (6 months to 1-year courses)
  • The above mentioned two courses of proficiency work intimately together, with the EFL school playing an essential role in the training of TEFL/TESOL teachers

Benefits of TEFL courses in Cape Town

  1. Stabilize global career

TEFL is not only a teaching certification but opens doors to becoming an international entity. It provides you the learning to imagine and speak cross-culturally, react swiftly, and think on your feet. As an added value to your resume, your TEFL certification can also give itself to a global career.

2. High payouts

Having a TEFL certification provides a source of good income. With TEFL certification online or offline course, you are more efficient than the average college grad with a bachelor’s degree and no foreign experience. This outstanding credential will make you stand out as a candidate in a stack of similar resumes.

3. Boost your classroom confidence

It’s expected and normal to be nervous about approaching a foreign country, standing before the class, and teaching grammar that you might not have learned well yourself.

Getting a TEFL certificate will save you from these nerves. TEFL is precious in preparing you to set a foreign classroom becoming – let’s encourage

4. It never expires

You can extend your contract, with your TEFL certification or travel to another country, and teach English. Your TEFL certificate is your flat fare license to paid travel. If a country needs a TEFL certificate, you will always be able to teach English there.

5. Add value to your resume or CV

A TEFL certificate can add professional skills that most recent college graduates lack. This course will boost your communicating skills, problem-solving skills, highly desirable skills in the team, relationship building, and cognitive, no matter the discipline.

6. Ability and freedom to work overseas

In non-native English speaking countries, TEFL certified always in huge demand. Schools abroad prefer TEFL certified teachers to teach English and this training is now becoming a compulsory qualification for English teaching jobs.

And indirect TEFL benefits are also the scope to either take off-break from other panic or mundane situations or change jobs. Some time enjoy and live a new location, culture, area, and people.

7. Saving money

Coaching for the ITA 170 online course is $1449 and generally, TEFL courses anywhere in the world will cost $1599 to $2499 ($1899 on average) depending on the place. So you will save $700 to $500 on the online TEFL class compared to an onsite TEFL class on lessons.

If you are doing a course personally in your city, you have to pay for food, housing, and outlay which usually run from $800 to $1500 for a month depending on where you are doing your course.

This implies that the International TEFL Academy online certification course will generally save you $2000 to $3000 compared to a similar 4 weeks onsite course.

8. Take an online TEFL course and do your full-time current job

You do not have to sign in to the course when you are at a job or academy because the course is part-time (will take 10-15 hours a week off your time and it is not instructed in real-time).

9. Interviewing over the call

If you are going to interview for jobs in the Middle East and in major Asian markets like China, Taiwan, and Japan, the International TEFL Academy online TEFL certification course is perfect. You will interview for this job from anywhere.

There are also some countries in Europe where you can bid for jobs in advance from homes like Turkey, Russia, and some other countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

10. Do your job search while taking your online TEFL class

It is usual for learners to assemble teaching jobs before their course is finished. You will get job search counseling and can start the job search, and interview process during the course.

11. Make yourself more marketable at the International level

The International TEFL Academy 170 hours online course provides a chance to include 50% more hours of training, and if you take the optional training for teaching English to business professionals, and you will get a 200 hours certification.

12. Accredited online TEFL certification outweigh standards

Six hours is the minimum standard – ITA online certification course needs 20 hours of student teaching and monitoring.100 hours of assignments is the industry standard – this online certification includes 150 hours.

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1. Who can take this course?.

People who are sincere about teaching English as a foreign language
Those who are earnest in the opportunity to work in foreign countries in the world.
Professionals who wish to learn and anyone who would like a career teaching online

2. How much the charges for TEFL certification?

TEFL Certification can cost you between $199 – $350

3. How to get TEFL certification?

Discover and Research TEFL courses & plan to teach English abroad or online.
Enroll in a 4-week in-depth TEFL course online
Do Job search during or after your course.

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