Over the past decade or so technology has evolved rapidly. This advancement has significantly changed the way we live and work. Many tasks that could some years ago not even be imagined to be digitized, have now not only undergone digitization but have gone online. One such task is teaching English to adults.

The global language of communication, English, is the bridge that brings the world together. It is no wonder then that there is a constant requirement among people to learn English. The rapid pace of advancement, busy schedules, and lack of time led to the increasing demand for online English classes for adults. This gave birth to the vocation to teach English online to adults.

It makes all the more sense to teach English to adults online now than ever before considering the current Covid-19 pandemic. People are locked down at home and are looking to learn something new. Honing one’s language abilities is one of the top things on the to-do list of many to make the best use of this time at hand. This leads to a spike in opportunities to teach English online to adults.

There Then Arises the Question – Where can one Teach English Online to Adults?

Though a lot of the positions to teach English online are for teaching kids, there are a decent number of options for teaching adults as well. Here’s a list of 10 companies where one can teach English online to adults:


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1. iTutorGroup

They hire native English speakers. Applicants need to be graduates, have a TEFL certification, or be willing to get one and should have at least one year’s teaching experience. Working as an English teacher with this company one will be teaching English to adults from Asian countries.

The students could come from diverse backgrounds and could be business professionals, university students, parents, housewives, retired adults, etc. At least 10 peak hours of classes need to be taken in a week, including at least 4 hours over the weekend.

The pay is $18 – $24 per hour. There are also bonuses offered based on the number of students in a class and the ratings given by students in the class feedback.

2. English Hunt

English Hunt only hires US nationals with either a 48 hours college credit or a TESL/TEFL certificate. One will be primarily teaching English to Korean adults who are really eager to learn English. The classes are more about providing conversation practice to adult students.

The pay is around $20 per hour. Classes take place in the morning on weekdays and in the evening over the weekend. There is greater flexibility offered to teachers for the weekend evening classes.


3. Cambly

They also hire native English speakers. One gets to teach English online to adults from all over the world. It’s a one-to-one platform to teach English to adults online. This allows the learners to decide their own course of learning and the topics to be discussed.

Most of the students are looking at practicing their conversation skills, while some may be needing more specific help. Like the ones needing guidance with speaking, listening, and grammar exercises to prepare for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

There is no minimum hour requirement and one can teach as much or as little as possible. There is no restriction of time as well and one can go online to teach English classes for adults whenever one has some free time. The pay is around $10.20 per hour.

4. Italki

It’s the world’s largest platform to teach English online to adults. All approved teachers can be searched for by the students in the teacher listings. Students can search for a teacher, contact them, book a session, and attend the session at the scheduled time. The students can be from any part of the world.

italki also offers flexibility to the teachers wherein they can set their own hours and rates. italki charges a 15% commission from the teacher. It is also a one-to-one teaching platform.

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In order to teach English to adults online on the italki platform, one needs advanced English proficiency (level C2). A TEFL or TESOL certification improves one’s chances of being selected.

5. Preply

teach english online to adults, teach english to adults online

This is yet another platform offering one-to-one classes to teach English to adults online. Students are from all parts of the world. Teachers are required to create their profiles on the Preply platform stating all their qualifications and experience along with mentioning the hourly rate and preferred hours. Students can book a tutor on liking their profiles. A TEFL or TESOL certification improves one’s chances of being chosen.

Teachers who are good get invited to the Preply Enterprise Program, their corporate program. Teaching material and students are then provided by Preply.

It also offers flexibility to the teachers to set their own hours and rates. Preply charges 18% – 33% commission depending upon the number of lessons completed and 100% commission on the first lesson with a student. The first lesson is by default an hour long. For further lessons, the commission is charged on the basis of the lessons taken; so the more the lessons, the lesser the commission.

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6. Learnlight

This platform allows one to teach English online to adults from a business background. These business professionals work in various sectors in over 100 countries. So, this one is going to be a great experience. The Learnlight trainers are also expected to act as motivators and personal mentors to their students.  

Their classes are held at fixed time slots with the aim to allow one a better calendar management opportunity. The minimum availability that a tutor must-have for taking online English classes for adults on this platform is 10 hours. Learnlight offers access to an extensive library of highly engaging materials that help one deliver high-quality sessions. Their platform offers different types of sessions like one-to-one, virtual groups, assessments, and special skill courses.

Tutors with a business background are preferred to teach English to adults online on this platform. There is no need for a bachelor’s degree though. However, a TEFL certification and 2 years’ teaching experience is required. The rates to teach English to adults vary from $12 – $14.

7. English First

This platform allows only native English speakers from the US and the UK to teach English online to adults. Most students are either university students or business professionals. The lessons could vary from group conversational classes to private one-to-one sessions. Their course material is award-winning and provides great support in the lessons.

One requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and a TEFL certification to be able to teach English online to adults on this platform. Apart from being either an American or British national, one also needs to be authorized to work in either of these two countries. 

The duration for a group lesson is 45 minutes and that for a private lesson is 20 or 40 minutes. Classes are held at fixed time slots in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon, and one needs to teach for a minimum of 5 hours a week. The pay ranges between $12 – $19 depending on qualifications and experience.

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8. Verbling

This is another online platform aimed at bringing students and qualified teachers together for the purpose of teaching English to adults online. It is like an online marketplace where teachers set their own hours and rates. However, teachers have to provide their own teaching materials. Students can be from any part of the world.

This platform also hires native English speakers. Previous experience of teaching English as a second language is required. A TEFL certificate is preferred but not mandatory. It is also a one-to-one platform for teaching English to adults.

Class schedules are flexible and there is no minimum number of per week hour requirement. Tutors set their own rate and 15% commission is chargeable by Verbling on it.

9. Skima Talk

teach english online to adults, teach english to adults online

Through this platform, learners can find the most suitable teachers worldwide. It offers the facility to teachers to teach one-to-one online English classes for adults. Here also, students can be from any part of the world. However, this platform strictly focuses on online English classes for adults. Each class is of 25 minutes.

They hire only native English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Prior teaching experience is preferred but not required. TEFL certification is preferred. Teachers can either use their own or Skima Talk’s course material for conducting the classes.

The class schedule is flexible and one can conduct as many or as few classes as one wishes. Sessions are conducted via Skype. The pay ranges between $5 and $15 per 25-minutes session. After the initial 3 sessions of a new teacher, the system automatically changes the rate to $8 per session. Thereon, the teacher can set their own rate, if desired.

10. Open English –  

The students on this platform are Spanish speakers coming from Latin America. Open English only hire native English speakers from the US for teaching English to adults as there is a requirement for an American accent.

In order to conduct online English classes for adults on this platform, prior experience of teaching English as a secondary language is required. Also, one should be able to speak conversational Spanish. Classes are conducted in the one-to-one format. Teaching material is provided which the teacher needs to follow.

There is no requirement of any minimum teaching hours in a week and class schedules are flexible. Pay varies from $10 – $13.

Benefits of Teaching English Online To Adults:

Now that we know about the companies where one can teach English to adults online, let us have a look at the major benefits of teaching English online.

teach english online to adults, teach english to adults online

1. The flexibility of Schedule –

The first and foremost benefit of teaching online English classes for adults is the flexibility of the schedule it offers. One can choose a learning platform to teach based on one’s convenience of schedule. If one is looking for fixed schedule classes, there are platforms offering that and if one is looking at flexible schedule classes then, other platforms offer that too! This helps one have more time for oneself and achieve the much-desired work-life balance.

2. Freedom from Commuting –

This is a very important benefit of teaching English online. Commuting to works eats in a lot of time on a daily basis, not to mention the daily stress of commuting and reaching the workplace on time. Teaching English to adults online does away with all this hassle and stress. The saved time could be utilized in so many ways from cooking to catching a little more sleep to running some errands or simply teaching more classes!

3. Interaction with People from All Over The World –

Since most online teaching platforms have students coming from all over the world, it is a great opportunity to interact with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. As they all speak different native languages, teaching English to them is a great experience. There is always a factor of newness and one gets the opportunity to use one’s creativity to customize the session according to the learners. This keeps the excitement going for the teacher and never allows monotony to set in.

Moreover, as many of these classes are more conversational, one has a chance to learn about new places, cultures, customs, etc., over the course of the lesson.

In Conclusion

All in all, teaching English online to adults is a great option in view of all the benefits listed above. There can be nothing better than working in the comfort of one’s home according to one’s own desired schedule. The opportunities are aplenty and one warrants a better chance at being accepted to teach English to adults online on the various platforms if one has a TEFL certification.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification allows one to teach English to non-native English speakers or in other words people who speak a native language other than English. A TEFL certification is required or preferred in most places as it is an indicator of the teachers’ qualification to teach English to non-native speakers. It provides proof of the teachers’ knowledge and suitability to teach English online to adults from non-native English speaking backgrounds.

However, one doesn’t need to be flustered about the way to get a TEFL certification. Henry Harvin offers the best TEFL certification course that is just what one needs to start to teach English online to adults. Join the TEFL certification course at Henry Harvin to give wings to your dreams of teaching English to adults!

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