With digital marketing fast replacing traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is now emerging as a niche skill. Consequently, the digital marketer salary range is tempting. This often excites people to explore digital marketing as a career option. It is indeed a wise career decision. However, it is prudent to know about digital marketing and what a digital marketer does before you tread into this venture.


To start with, I will help you gain clarity on the roles. Later, we can explore the digital marketer salary, particularly in Nigeria. So, let us go step by step…

What is Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, digital marketing refers to marketing done using digital channels. In this case, marketers reach out to customers through social media platforms, mobile devices, search engines, and other online platforms. Interesting to note that this connect is instant as consumers receive inputs over smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other digital devices.

You now know what is digital marketing. But, who is a digital marketer?

Knowing the Digital Marketer

In simple terms, a digital marketer is one who indulges in digital marketing. In other words, a digital marketer must be hands-on with digital marketing tools. Using a judicious combination of these tools, digital marketers advertise their products and services. Their purpose is to first identify the target audience, then lure them to make online purchases and eventually turn them into loyal customers.

In other words, a digital marketer must be able to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns. The next step is to analyse the campaign results and finally take action to fine-tune the marketing strategy.

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To understand the role of the digital marketer in detail, let us examine their responsibilities one by one:

  •   Design marketing strategy based on search engine optimization results
  •   Stay abreast with the latest digital trends to employ them in business, as appropriate
  •   Communicate with clients, peers, and affiliate partners for reports and analysis to serve as inputs for calculating the RoI
  •   Study Web statistic reports to understand the performance of their own Website vis-à-vis their peers
  •   Liaise with media suppliers to get the best deal for the customers
  •   Manage the contact database to use for lead generation

At this point let me highlight that digital marketers can perform multiple roles, depending on their area of specialisation. To be precise, these areas include social media management, blogging, email marketing, SEO etc. The digital marketer salary too varies along with the role. Let me give you a glimpse of some of the roles that are in high demand in Nigeria.

Also, along with the responsibilities defining each role, will share with you the digital marketer salary you can draw as per your level of expertise. So, let’s start the journey…

Digital Marketer: Roles and Salary in Nigeria


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Digital Marketing Manager:

Commonly known as the digital marketing specialist, this role focuses on:

  • Designing marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring campaign budgets while running campaigns
  • Managing social media platforms
  • Preparing reports to track the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Studying campaign reports to determine the RoI
  • Collaborating with media and advertising experts to improve the campaign results
  • Identifying the latest digital trends and technologies ruling the industry
  • Brainstorming with the team to devise innovative marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Manager Salary:

In Nigeria, the monthly digital marketer salary for a manager can be as low as N 180,000 for starters. However, if you are in the industry for several years and gather substantial knowledge and experience, you can draw a handsome salary of over N 350,000 per month.

In other words, the digital market in Nigeria is ripe with opportunities, You just possess the right skill at the right time, and you can create wonders.

Social Media Manager:

The most powerful brand ambassador who promotes the company’s products and services on social media platforms. In other words, they help companies get closer to customers on social media apps such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. To make this happen, a Social Media Manager must:

  • Define and implement a social media strategy aligned with the company’s business objectives
  • Communicate with social media followers and respond to their queries
  • Stay abreast with the latest social media trends and research customer preferences
  • Analyse the output of social media tools to understand the Voice of the Customer and implement social media strategies appropriately
  • Manage all social media accounts and pages
  • Study the social media analytics to identify improvement opportunities and accordingly revise the social media strategy

Social Media Manager Salary:

In Nigeria, the digital marketer salary of a fresher performing the role of a Social Media Manager can be around N 120,000 per month. An experienced Social Media Manager, however, can demand N 200,000 per month.

SEO Specialist:

A pivotal role that aims to increase Website traffic through on-page and off-page SEO. The key responsibilities of an SEO Specialist include:

  • Reviewing and analysing client Websites to improve their performance
  • Identifying powerful keywords to drive a high volume of Web traffic
  • Composing impactful call-to-actions to convert potential visitors into loyal customers
  • Studying the keywords and SEO techniques used by competitors to pick up best practices

SEO Specialist Salary:

For a starter, the monthly digital marketer salary of SEO Specialists averages around N 150,000 in Nigeria. However, if you have gained expertise in this domain, you can demand a salary as high as N 300,000 per month.

Content Marketer:

This role acts as the backbone of any digital marketing company to develop content that facilitates SEO. Overall, the content must pull organic traffic to the Website, boost user engagement, and improve Google’s ranking. Also known as Content Developer or Content Strategist, this role must be able to:

  • Develop impactful content to advertise the company’s products and services
  • Compose blogs, social media posts, emails, white papers etc. to promote the brand
  • Proofread and edit blog posts written by other team members
  • Conduct keyword research and apply SEO guidelines to compose content that generates more traffic
  • Brainstorm with teams to inspire innovative ideas and apply them to improve Website content

Content Marketer Salary:

The digital marketer salary of a Content Developer in Nigeria can start with a monthly income of N 80,000. Eventually, as the expertise grows, an experienced Content Developer can draw as much as N 150,000 every month.

Digital Business Analyst:

As with any Business Analyst, a Digital Business Analyst conducts business analysis using various analytical tools and techniques. Note that to provide effective business development inputs to the Digital Marketing Manager, the analyst:

  • Defines business requirements and shares them with the major stakeholders
  • Studies the business landscape and defines operational objectives
  • Collects, analyses, and consolidates data and patterns to suggest ways of improving business returns
  • Ensures that the implementation of new technology and systems aligns with the company’s business goals and objectives

Digital Business Analyst Salary:

In Nigeria, a Digital Business Analyst is likely to start a career with a monthly income of N 120,000. Eventually, a seasoned professional can enjoy a package of N 300,000 every month.

UI/UX Designer:

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (US) designers are responsible for the end-to-end development of Websites and digital marketing applications. To be successful in this role, the designer must understand the pulse of the customer as well as possess in-depth knowledge of the company’s product or service.

To be precise, the designer must be able to:

  • Create original graphics for promoting the company’s brand
  • Build UI mockups and prototypes to demonstrate the features and functions of the Website
  • Engage closely with the customer to understand their requirements
  • Liaise with the product managers and the product development team to create prototypes of new product ideas
  • Propose revisions to UI designs to optimize the performance of the Website

UI/UX Designer Salary:

The digital marketer salary of a UI/UX Designer starting a career in Nigeria hovers around N 180,000. However, once you build expertise in this domain you can draw home a package as high as N 400,000 per month.

So, by now you have gained a fair understanding of digital marketing roles and what they do. Additionally, you are now familiar with the digital marketer salary that each of these roles can expect to draw every month in Nigeria.

Does that sound exciting? Do you want to pursue any of the digital marketing roles? Well, in that case, before I wind up, let me list down some of the key skills you must possess. Here you go…

Digital Marketer Skills

Some key skills include:

  • Marketing skills to promote your brand
  • Analytical skills to analyse Web statistic reports and take appropriate actions
  • Keyword research capability to ensure the content attracts a high volume of hits
  • Written and communication skills to build highly effective content
  • Networking and stakeholder management skills to identify the target audience and build a strong rapport with them

In addition to these skills, digital marketers must possess hands-on experience with a wide range of digital marketing tools. These include:

  • SEO tools – Google, Keyword Planner, SEMrush etc
  • Content marketing tools – Grammarly, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • Social Media tools – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc

Summing Up

Finally, it is now time to wind up the discussion. I trust you now have gathered enough information about digital marketing and some of the key roles. Further, note that the responsibilities of each role along with the digital marketer salary range you can expect in Nigeria can aid you to chart your career path.

As shared earlier, Nigeria’s digital economy is flourishing and offers you a plethora of opportunities. So, depending on the role that inspires you, acquire the necessary knowledge and build the related skills. You are then ready to hit the market and fulfil your dream.


Q1 Which top 3 digital marketing roles are in the highest demand in Nigeria?

The top3 most sought-after digital marketing roles in Nigeria are Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Executive, and Social Media Manager.


Q2 Is digital marketing a good career choice in Nigeria?

Yes, if you are planning to explore the digital market in Nigeria, it is a good move. The market is fast digitalizing. Hence the demand for digital marketers is on the rise as companies vie with each other for increasing their online presence.


Q3 Which are the top 3 digital marketing companies in Nigeria?

The digital marketing companies that top the chart in Nigeria are Wild Fusion, Cybertron Ads, and Tech O’Clock.


Q4 What is the average cost of learning digital marketing in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the digital marketing training course costs around N 60,000. This course includes modules on Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Digital Campaigns, and others.


Q5 Are there good digital marketing courses in Nigeria?

There are online training providers offering high-quality digital marketing courses in Nigeria. The best 3 courses include Henry Harvin, Haptics Academy, and Boot Camp Digital.

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