10 Best SAP FICO Courses Online

Financial Management and Accounting standards for businesses are always evolving, and it is critical to elevate your skills a few notches above the ordinary. SAP FICO course training promotes beneficial and responsible changes in the business and is incredibly versatile, allowing you to effortlessly edit the data in any way you need. SAP FICO is far more dependable, and the database is secure and has excellent reporting capabilities. Furthermore, there are countless job opportunities in the market, so if you want to advance your career, try getting an SAP FICO course online certification to stay ahead of the curve and grab the attention of recruiters.

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO Course Training

SAP FICO Course: Ranked Amongst Top 3 Courses | Recognized by Govt of India | Award Winning Institute | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Live Online Instructor-led Certified SAP FICO Training & Certification

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Let’s break down the term to understand more, FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO stands for Controlling. SAP FICO refers to Finance and Cost Control, and it is an efficient core module of the ERP processes that are used to examine and screen all financial transactions of a business at the same time. It is viewed as the most significant module. By planning reports, etc SAP FICO gives you access to all internal activities. 

Here is a list of the 10 best SAP FICO courses online

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education’s SAP FICO course online is classified as one of the best amongst the top 3 courses by BestCourseNews.com.This course provides students with very specific information on financial accounting and controlling, which helps master the art of using the software successfully. Henry Harvin Education is very well equipped with highly advanced lab tools and the most up-to-date course content based on industry standards. Henry Harvin Education provides you with a one-year free subscription of LMS and industry-acclaimed SAP FICO ECC training certification on completion of the course. Get your hands on live projects to get a clear idea of the application of SAP FICO in the industry.

Why choose Henry Harvin Education?

With Henry Harvin Education, you get 100% placement support for 1year after successful course completion and Gold membership to SAP academy for the SAP FICO course. You get unlimited excess to E-learning with numerous tools and techniques, video content, and assessment. This certification will help you develop a better relationship with client’s target businesses and gain more experience and acknowledgment in your professional life. With placement assistance and monthly brushup Bootcamp sessions excel your knowledge in SAP FICO implementation.

Duration of course: Henry Harvin Education offers both self-paced and instructor-led courses. The self-paced course includes lifetime support, 24-hour access to the course, and free upgrades. Live Online Classes provide 44 hours of training in interactive classroom sessions conducted by certified industry professionals.

Course Fee : (No Cost EMI available for both modes with 0% interest rate.)

Self-paced INR 20250.

Instructor-led INR 22500  

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the popular open learning platforms offering an SAP FICO course online that covers both configuration and end-user processes for the SAP FICO module. The course offered by Udemy helps you understand how a required business process runs on SAP business analysis to improve financial activities. The course requires having a basic understanding and knowledge of Accounting and Finance Business Processes.

The course intends to educate students on the end-to-end implementation methods for configuring SAP FI and CO modules in any firm and also highlights the necessary documentation and methodology used in SAP FICO implementation projects. Udemy provides you with lifetime access to the course material, including articles, and the ability to view it via mobile or television. Another advantage of Udemy is they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Duration of the course: 40.5 hours.

Course Fee: INR 8640.

3. ZaranTech

ZaranTech is a leading global E-Learning platform that provides SAP FICO courses online with a certification program to individuals and companies. The SAP FICO Courses are built using a role-based paradigm. The training programs are appropriate for both new and seasoned professionals who want to improve their abilities or learn new technology and become certified. Financial controlling – credit control, maintaining fiscal year variant and tax code, assigning the firm code to a chart of accounts, and other key accounting and reporting topics are covered in the training program.

Candidates do not need any special qualifications to enroll in this course, other than a basic understanding of Accounting and Finance. They also provide Finance Domain Materials for those who desire to learn the fundamentals of finance and accounting. Instructor-led Live online training and Self Paced Video training are two modes available. Each session of the instructor-led live online training program will last roughly 2-3 hours, depending on the schedule. They provide weekday and weekend schedules as per the requirements of the candidates. If you miss a lesson, you can watch the recorded version (which is available on the LMS). You will be given recordings for all topics covered in the Self-paced video training program.

Duration of the course: 60 hours.

4. Multisoft Virtual Academy

SAP MM Certificate and Training

Ranked Among Top 3 Course | Recognized by Govt. of India | Award Winning Institute | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | One of the most Fundamental Modules of SAP ERP System

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The Multisoft Virtual Academy SAP FICO course online prepares students to deal with the SAP ERP application and helps a particular organization manage its financial accounting and regulating transactions more effectively than ever.

Participants learn how to create balanced and reconcilable financial statements for the organization as a whole or for certain units, such as a profit center, regional office, continent-based department, and so on. Individuals who take this course will obtain a grasp of Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payables (AP), and other financial concepts.

The SAP FICO course also covers concepts such as interest calculation, terms of payment, and carry forward balances. Learners develop skills in acquiring, allocating, and analyzing costs in order to compute profits received from various market and customer groups.

Duration of the course: 24 hours.

Course Fee: Instructor-led INR 22500.

5. TechVidya

TechVidya is a leading training institute with over 12+ years of experience in offering SAP FICO courses online in India. The SAP FICO course curriculum is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced-level students. The Online SAP FICO Course is designed in accordance with current industry standards and includes live project-based training. They also provide students with a complete and one-on-one Online SAP FICO training program.

All SAP FICO-related subjects are handled in a more practical and straightforward manner, including relevant examples. This SAP FICO course online Training assists applicants in rapidly and simply understanding the overall SAP architecture. The Techvidya SAP FICO online course is designed to prepare you for entry-level and advanced-level work prospects in both technical and functional domains.

6. ShapeMySkill

ShapeMySkill prepares students to comprehend the entire process of implementing SAP FI and CO modules in any company. SAP FICO course online also emphasizes the paperwork and techniques required for SAP FICO implementations. SAP-FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) is one of the most notable among all SAP ERP modules. This module is utilized in the market to maintain financial management.

Candidates with SAP FICO module expertise have a wide range of employment choices, and they are in great demand as the popularity of SAP-ERP grows. With the help of ShapeMySkills online SAP FICO training, you will learn everything there is to know about this SAP FICO, from basic to very advanced SAP FICO methods.

7. Besant Technologies

With over 7+ years of experience and training over 2000+ students per year, Besant Technologies is globally accredited for SAP FICO course online Training Offered by certified industry experts. The course will train you in SAP Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Cash Management & Treasury Management, and Cash Management & Treasury Management with Real-Time Industry Projects. On successful completion of training and practical projects, the SAP FICO course certification is provided.

Course Fee: INR 23000

8. Ravh IT Solutions

Ravh IT Solutions provides SAP FICO course online training with certified specialists. SAP FICO is a core certification that verifies the candidate’s knowledge and skills in SAP Financial Accounting. Ravh IT Solutions offers a simple SAP FICO course online that will add value to your profile and help you get noticed by top organizations through expert career assistance. Additionally, you gain access to 15+ in-demand tools and skills by working with highly experienced certified industry specialists.

Duration of the course: 35 hours.

9. GangBoard

GangBoard is an interactive platform that ranks among the top providers of SAP FICO courses online in the world. With certification, Gangboards will assist you in mastering SAP FICO fundamentals such as general ledger accounting, cash, and bank accounting. The course duration is 30 hours and includes 15 hours of assignment time. With top-trained instructors and 100% placement support, you may improve your professional possibilities and advance in your career with theoretical knowledge.

Duration of the course: 30 hours.

Course Fee: INR 30,000.

10. Kits Online Training

Kits Online Training is one of the leading institutes that offer SAP FICO course online training to individuals all around the world. After completing the course, you will receive a live demonstration of each topic by expert instructors, as well as LMS access to each session. At SAP FICO Online Training, you will be able to obtain all of the prerequisites to become a certified master in various FICO topics such as general ledger accounting, cash, and bank accounting accounts receivable and accounts payable with actual cases.

Importance of SAP FICO

Nowadays, companies are expected to deal with a robust complexity in their business processes. This has increased the demand for software that may assist them in running their businesses efficiently and more effectively. An appropriate software not only assists you in running your business now but also allows you to always be ahead of the curve. SAP FICO is an example of software that delivers well-structured and effective finance and control tools to businesses. These mechanisms affect practically every element of corporate operations, resulting in far-reaching and beneficial changes.

An additional benefit of the SAP FICO module is that it is simple to interface with other SAP modules such as sales, distribution, and materials management. Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Bank accounting, General and other ledgers, Cost and profit centers, and Management of various financial assets can all be addressed with effective use of this program. As a result of all of these cases, businesses have begun to actively include this module in their operations and are on the lookout for skilled people who can work with this program. Because of the heavy dependence of organizations on the SAP FICO module, the demand for educated and trained SAP FICO consultants has increased significantly.

To operate with SAP FICO, an individual must first understand the operating principles of SAP financial accounting.

  • Learn how the finance module works with other SAP modules.
  • Master SAP Financial Accounting’s essential concepts.
  • Recognize the significance of General Ledger and become familiar with its features.
  • Sub-Ledgers, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Asset Accounting Roles, and Responsibilities of an SAP FICO Consultant are only a few of the main elements of the SAP FICO module.

Benefits of SAP FICO Training

If you work in the industry of financial and managerial accounting, or if you’d like to advance in your profession by accepting additional management roles, you should learn SAP FICO.SAP FICO training not only enhances your professional abilities but also broadens your understanding of business operations and strategic approaches. There are various certification programs and training modules available to assist you in mastering the SAP FICO application. Hence, the study of SAP software opens up a new world of possibilities for you.

Advantages of SAP FICO module training

  • Improves your understanding of the most recent financial developments.
  • Provides you with the most up-to-date software solutions for managing financial activities in your firm.
  • Assists you in improving financial processes in your organization, consequently enhancing value-addition with improved coordination across various activities in the workplace, resulting in smoother company processes.
  • Improves your professional development and opens up new career chances.

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Who can enroll in this course?

Individuals with a basic understanding of financial concepts, SAP Technical Consultants, Financial Consultants, and Developers who want to learn about the SAP Financial ERP tool

What are the combined modules of Financial Accounting?

1. Production Planning
2. Human Resource
3. Material Management
4. Sales and Distribution

What are the applications of SAP FICO?

1. Handling vital financial tasks
2. Asset and cost accounting
3. Consolidation
4. Real estate


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