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Today’s rapidity has changed the world of the business environment.


It has forced the Accountants to reassess their roles and function within the organization and the society. The aspect of accounting has been raised to the level of an information system.

As an information system, it collects data and communicates economic information about the organization to a wide variety of users. The users’ decisions and actions are related to their performance.

Bangalore is popularly known as” the Silicon Valley of India”. This is why Bangalore is noted To be one of the best places for students and professionals with myriad lifestyles of choices.

It has undergone a drastic change from its traditional roots. It is home to several multinational corporations and a cosmopolitan setup. We can have a glance at the Accounting and taxation course in Bangalore.


Business Accounting and Taxation, known as BAT in short, is an accounting certification program, exclusively designed for those looking to pursue a career in finance. Today, it is critically important to stay ahead of the curve, especially business environment is subjected to constant change and evolution. Business Accounting and Taxation is one area that is garnering a lot of scope; hence, enrolling in a BAT course could skyrocket your career in the finance sector. Besides accounting, the course covers other important aspects like financial reporting and auditing. Also, the course program focuses on concepts like MIS reporting, ERP software, SAP, payrolls, auditing, and GST. Hence, completing a BAT course helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

Significance of BAT Course

Predominantly, the course lays a strong foundation for Financial concepts, principles, and practices. In short, the course helps you get a comprehensive overview of the financial ecosystem, starting from elucidating financial statements to analyzing tax implications. In today’s competitive business landscape, making strong decisions is the most crucial aspect and the BAT course programs enhance analytical skills that are critical for gauging financial data, evaluating risks, and making better decisions. Additionally, this course program provides sufficient knowledge of compliance requirements, that is useful to steer through complex regulatory frameworks with ease and righteousness. To sum up, companies are looking for candidates with a strong background in Business Accounting and Taxation, so enrolling in the BAT course is extremely helpful.

Why BAT Course in Bangalore

Choosing to pursue a Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) course in Bangalore offers several advantages, making it an excellent choice for aspiring accounting and finance professionals.

Here are some key reasons why Bangalore is an ideal location for a BAT course:

  • Thriving Business Hub

Bangalore, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a major economic and business hub. The city’s dynamic economic environment offers abundant opportunities for internships, networking, and employment in various sectors, including IT, Accounts, Finance, AI, and Data Science.

Many Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and large Indian companies have their headquarters or significant operations in Bangalore, providing a fertile ground for accounting and finance professionals.

  • Quality Educational Institutions

Bangalore is home to the top educational institutions in India that offer high-quality courses in accounting, finance, and taxation. These institutions are known for their academic standards, quality content, and experienced and professionally sound faculty.

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum

The BAT Courses in Bangalore are designed to align with the current demands of the industry, ensuring that students are well-equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.

  • Professional Networking Opportunities

The city hosts numerous professional events, seminars, workshops, and conferences related to accounting and finance, providing excellent networking opportunities. Educational institutions in Bangalore often have strong ties with the industry, facilitating guest lectures, industry visits, and collaboration on projects.

  • Job Opportunities and Career Growth

The presence of numerous companies and startups in Bangalore creates a high demand for skilled accounting and finance professionals.

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

 Being a tech hub, Bangalore provides access to the latest technological tools and software used in accounting and taxation, such as advanced accounting software, ERP systems, and data analytics tools.

  • Cultural and Lifestyle Benefits

 Bangalore’s cosmopolitan culture attracts a diverse population, providing a rich cultural experience and a welcoming environment for students from different backgrounds. The city offers a good quality of life with its pleasant climate, modern amenities, and vibrant social scene, making it an attractive place to live and grow.

Career Benefits

There is a certification program as well as a post-graduation program in the BAT course. 

Upon completing a graduation program, both commerce and non-commerce background candidates are eligible to apply for this program to advance their careers in accounting. 

Get better job opportunities with a BATA certification programs

The course helps you master SAP ( system application products), which is the technical system of accounting.

Get better insights into accounting management in the business organization

The BAT course also makes you eligible to start a freelancing career in accounting.

Learning Benefits

Primarily, learn lucrative job opportunities in the finance sector upon completing the BAT course.

Although there are several accounting programs, nothing provides better insights into business accounting than the BAT course program. 

Business experts with years of expertise in accounting and taxation carefully curated the BAT course curriculum

For any business to flourish and prosper, it is necessary to abide by and follow taxation, auditing, and accounting accurately, and accounting professionals are key persons to handle such activities. Therefore, holding a BAT certification qualifies candidates to work in a company’s finance department. 

In a nutshell, the BAT course is designed to teach all the aspects of finance and accounting, hence it is one the best courses to enroll in today.

1. Henry Harvin: Top BAT Courses in Bangalore

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9899577620 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry-Harvin logo

The certified Accounting and Taxation Course is one of Henry Harvin’s signature certification programs designed for financial accounting students and professionals.

Henry Harvin Education is the award winner of the top corporate training Institute. 

Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy

Accounting and Taxation Course has 64 hours of classroom or online class. 4000 plus participants trained at Henry Harvin. Accounting and Taxation course has scored 4.6 ratings.

They focused on the implementation of the GCAO learning method. They provide one-to-one support. we get extensive training from the Industry’s deep-rooted trainer.

They follow the Advanced E-learning portal(LMS)with interactive content.

Top Benefits of Henry Harvin’s Certified Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course in Bangalore 

The learners can  who pursue accounting and taxation courses will get the benefits of

  • Learning the basics of Accounting and Taxation.
  • Training on GST and indirect taxation concepts.
  • Developing an understanding of TDS and TCS.
  • Gaining knowledge of Income Tax and Business income.
  • Clarifying doubts during and post-session completion.
  • Identifying ways to apply conceptual accounting and taxation skills in the real world.
  • Developing the financial strategies for your business.
  • Gaining from the skill and knowledge of expert trainers.

Check out : Advanced Tally ERP9 Course.

Duration of the Course

  • 172-hour instructor-led training and certification program.   
  • 24-hour Bootcamps and unlimited batches for the next 12 months.

The Related course of Accounting and Taxation

  • SAP FICO Course
  • Financial modeling course
  • Income tax course
  • GST Course

Henry Harvin Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)Course Fees:

Other Cities were Henry Harvin Courses are provided:


Henry Harvin GST Course Ranks #1 in India by Tribune India

Other Courses provided by Henry Harvin:

Also Check this Video


2. Edu Pristine: Best BAT Courses in Bangalore

Edu Pristine contact no : +91 8828322444


Edu pristine is one of India’s leading training providers in  founded in 2008 Accounting and Finance. Edu pristine has a strong online platform and network of classrooms across India.

Edu pristine is an authorized gold partner of IMA and is committed to helping the learners at every step. They offer practical and experimental learning along with soft skills training and placement assistance.

Edu pristine upgrade the learners’ career with India’s;1Training Institute for Accounting and Finance.

Accounts Course in Edu pristine


Finance Course in Edu pristine


Accounts and Finance Course in Edu pristine is the highest level of Certification in Management Accounting Acts as a global passport for accountants and finance professionals. Edu pristine ‘accounts and Finance course training is a hands-on experimental program. that helps the learner to clear the exam. It also provides soft skills training and career services.

The Eligibility of the Course

The candidates who are willing to appear for the US certified management accountant examination should have

  • membership of the Institute of management accounts.
  •  management accounting or financial management experience is needed.

The Duration of the Course

It purely depends upon the learners’ dedication to complete the CMA course. IMA provides a duration of a maximum of 3years from the date of registration to complete the CMA course.

The Highlight of the Program

  • Practical and Experimental training
  • Soft skill training
  • Exam and market-ready
  • Classroom training
  • Live virtual training
  • Self-study package

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  250 USD

Course Duration:  150 hours 

Address:  44, 3rd Floor, Regal Cinema Complex, Connaught Cir, near Khadi India Store, Panchkula Road Railway Colony, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Location:  Delhi

Website Link:


3. RIA Institute of Technology: Advanced BAT Courses with Placement Support 

contact no : +91 98860 01060

ria logo

Study with one of the Accounting and Taxation Course in Bangalore. RIA Institution of technology is managed by young, dynamic, and result-oriented professionals. Their aim is to excel in the area of business they do. They are strongly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. As global leaders, they emphasize the qualities as the basis and utmost essential need for all the activities.

Courses offered by RIA

Diploma in GST-beginner course

Diploma in GST-Intermediate course

GST in Tally ERP 9

Why Choose RIA

At RIA Institute all the trainers are certified and experienced professionals.

RIA Institute syllabus covers the most advanced topics to ensure that the learners are able to get the best out of training programs.

RIA Institute offers placement assistance upon successful completion of the course.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  250 USD

Course Duration:  150 hours 

Address:   3/76, Shiva Building, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore – 560 037

Location:  Bangalore

Website Link:

4. Zonal Tech Solution: BAT Course Classes for Beginners

phone no :  + 91 8150038851 

zonal tech solutions logo Zonal tech solution is a world leader in management training, job-oriented training, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. Zonal tech solution empowers the learners and stays ahead of the innovative curves. Zonal tech solution values quality-oriented training and development.

Corporate Accounting training in Zonal tech solution

The course contains 12 modules. The learner will able to interpret and respond appropriately to financial information. They will be able to deliver higher profitability by producing smarter decisions. They were able to perform the accounting treatment for each type of inter-entity relationship.

They believe in professional training, practical training,100% placement.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  45,000/-

Course Duration:  4 MONTHS

Address:  No 9,1st Floor, 1st Main Road, Vijayanagar Club Road, Vijayanagar, Hoshalli Extension, Stage 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040

Location: Bengaluru

Website Link:

5. Institute of Practical Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Center in Bangalore 

The Practical Accounting and Taxation Institute, Bangalore is one of the best institutes for accounting and taxation courses. It provides the best guidance on practical accounting and taxation.

To become a professional Accountant/HR

   PAT Accounting school is designed with unique courses. It is a handpicked tailormade course specially designed for commerce students by professional chartered accountants. Their tools and precise skills help the learner to get into better jobs. And become a professional Accountant with PAT Accounting school.

Accounting course in PAT

Practical Accounting  and Taxation course (level 1)

PAT level 1 is designed for freshers with basic modules. This course shows the difference between their theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

Practical Accounting and Taxation course ( course 2)

PAT level 2 is advanced learning of Accounting, Taxation, and Labour law. This level 2 is structured to file regular returns such as TDS, PF, ESI, etc. It gives the knowledge to review books of Accounts, prepare financial statements and compute tax for the business.

The other related Course 

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Business Taxation
  • Financial statement and MIS
  • GST compassion and return filing.
  • Income Tax computation and return filling
  • Payroll and PF, ESI, PT return filing
  • TDS Computation and return filing

Benefits of the Course

  • 100% practical approach
  • Expert  faculties
  • 100%placement Assistance.

6. Eshaa Academy: BAT Classes in Bangalore for Beginners

contact no : +91 9731456798

Eshaa Academy logo

They add value to their customer by providing corporate services. On the other hand, from their academy, the learner can avail certification in Accounting and Taxation Courses,(CAT-C),(CAT-C+).

These courses are designed for the person who understands skills and knowledge of Accounting and Taxation career. It is designed by experts who have vast experience in the Accountant firm. In CAT-C+ the learners have a minimum couple of months of internship under Chartered Accountant with an Internship under Chartered Accountant.

Fee structure

The course fee starts from Rs.38,000/.they are also providing services like Bookkeeping and accounting Taxation on Lab laws.

7. MCJ Training Institute: Top Accounting Training Institute in Bangalore

contact  no +91 966 337 0950

mcj logo

MCJ Accounting training institute is a leading Accounting training institute in Bangalore. The learners were thought to deal with world problems when they learn from this institute. Their trainers are the best in the industry

They have updated online material, Android App, an Integrated forum, and a social online and offline infrastructure. At the same time, they have real-time training on all statutory filings with our simulation software

Correspondence Course

Are you having hesitation to do the regular course? No doubt, you have a golden opportunity in MCJ. It has correspondence courses for B.COM, BBM, BBA, MBA, and M.COM. along with PAT1, PAT2, courses from MCJ to easy promotions.

Other Courses Offered by MCJ

  • The courses offered by MCJ Accounting training Institute are listed. Interested people can go through it and choose the best out of it for their future.
  • Advance Tax computation
  • GST certification
  • HR specialization
  • IT return filing
  • PF, ESI, and PT filling
  • Payroll and salary statement

Soft Skills

Soft Skills will help the learner to crack their interview with profound communication skills. These skills are provided at a discount. When combined with the PAT course. The training fee for Standalone is Rs 5000/ combined with PAT, it is 3000/

Why MCJ?

  • MCJ Institute is ready to provide the learners with quick assistance in getting them the best jobs.
  • It helps to find jobs, based on the learners’ location.
  • It gives the right job at the right time with amazing income and benefits.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: Rs. 4000

Course Duration: 02 weeks

Address:  258/1, 1st Floor, Near, 31E, Bus Stop Rd, 2nd Block, Thyagaraja Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560028

Location:  Bengaluru

Website Link:

8. IMS Pro School: Advance BAT Courses for Working Professionals

Contact No : 7710044425 

pro school logo

CIMA India has awarded IMS Pro school as the Best learning partner of the year. CIMA is a tailored professional course. It gives the learners the best finance and business management provides practical insight through a real-time case study approach. The well-structured training and support from  IMS pro school and their excellent faculty have helped the learners to look forward through their CIMA journey.

It has trained the employees in the fields of financial analysis, wealth management, financial planning, management accounting, etc.

Popular Finance and Account Course Offered by IMS pro School

  • Financial modeling
  • The CTA program
  • Certificate in Investment banking
  • PGP Management Accounting
  • ACCA
  • CIMA
  • IFRS

The Advantage of IMS pro School

They provide Industry relevant certifications in association with ACCA, CIMA, NSDC, and others.

They provide curated jobs matched to the learners’ preferences.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  INR 12.5 K – 4.5 L

Course Duration:  18 hours-3 years

Website Link:

9. LCIPL: Top Academy of Accounting and Finance in Bangalore

phone no : (+91) 78292 81122

lcipl logo

Learning candid India develop the performance of companies workforce along with redefining the standards in the field of skill development Finance Academy of LCIPL

Benefits of Choosing LCIPL

Quality is their protocol practicability is the important aspect of their training method. Last but not least Empathy, satisfaction. They also have job archives.More125client, all their clients are from esteemed companies where they have the pleasure of working with.

The mentor is the learning support job-related support or assessment-related support of IMS pro-school. Handpicked faculty with active learning Methodology and also flexible modes to cater to the freshers or working professionals.

Course Fees and Duration:

Address:   4th Floor No. 220 Sai Isha Arcade, 6th Cross, 1st stage Near 3M Car Care Center, behind Your Story Media, above Aramex, Binnamangala, Stage 1, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038.

Location: Bengaluru

Website Link:

10. Accounts Mentor: BAT Courses with Placement Assistance

accounts mentor logo

  • Accounts Mentor is a leading training organization. They offer 4 different courses
  • Accounting course
  • Statutory compliances course
  • Advanced Accounting course.
  • Parole and compliances

 Highlights of Accounts Mentor

They were given training in the areas of accounting, taxation, MIS, and business reporting. They assist the learner in getting a job.

They focus the quality-oriented education and its result. They focus on individual attention.

Certificate course in Accounting and taxation course

Students who incline commerce and accounting skills can pursue this program. They can make a prosperous career in the field.

The program enables the students to work in areas like Taxation, Accounting, Finance Marketing, Analyzing the data, and much more.

11. Bengal Tax Counsel (BTC): Certified BAT Courses in Bangalore

Professional Certificate in Accounting and Taxation (PCAT) is the most popular BAT Course in Bangalore. It is a one-year customized training program offered by Bengal Tax Counsel. The BAT Course delivers students with much-required professional accounting and taxation training.

This course has been developed specifically to fulfil the needs of aspiring accountants and tax professionals. BTC’s training technique and study material are logical, concise, and pertinent to the intended audience. It provides an in-depth understanding of the topic by emphasizing its practical aspects.

All learners gain practical experience through a variety of multidisciplinary project work. The course emphasizes computer instruction in accounting and basics.

BAT Course Fees in Bangalore: 22000/- and the course duration is 12 months.

12. George Telegraph Accounting Institute: Top Accounting Courses with Placements

George Telegraph Accounting Institute logo

George Telegraph Institute of Accounts offers BAT course in Bangalore: the Professional Business Accountant Course. A self-paced course that emphasizes the Accounting Map through interactive classes covering all levels of financial accounting, direct and indirect taxes, Microsoft Office, Advanced Excel, costing and finance, banking and insurance, auditing, and more

GTIA developed this BAT course near me in response to the varying employment requirements of various sectors. The Professional Business Accountant program is designed to provide you with the skills necessary for success. It is supported by advanced placements and internships to ensure your future professional success. In this course, students will receive hands-on teaching in advanced software.

The course length is 52 weeks, and it offers Six-month internships.

BAT Course fees in Bangalore: 19500

13. National Institute of Management and Business Studies (NIMB): Certified BAT Courses for Freshers

National Institute of Management and Business Studies logo

National Institute of Management & Corporation Studies’ BAT course in Bangalore focus on Finance Accounting and Taxation, Finance Accounting structure, and the financial standing of a business or organization.

Six months is the whole length of the program.

Critical elements of the Course

  • Online Classes for Industry-
  • Recognized Certificates are available.
  • Flexible timetable
  • Academically rigorous placement aid
  • Students learn the tax system, which requires a company or individual to pay a percentage of their income to the government as a tax 

BAT Course fees in Bangalore: 22000

14. ICA Edu Skills: BAT Classes for Placements Support

ICA Edu Skills logo

The CIA is one of the most sought-after courses for ambitious accounting and financial professionals (Certified Industrial Accountants). BAT Course in Bangalore is recognized as one of the top accounting courses for placement assistance because it covers most accounting theory and practical training modules. The course duration of the BAT course near me is 18 months.

Critical Elements of the Course

  • Practical instruction utilizing the latest software
  • Faculty and instructors who are among the best in their fields.
  • 80% of the courses are hands-on.
  • Certification: credential recognized by the industry
  • Opportunities for jobs and Internships: 100 per cent placement aid and internships.

After completing this course in financial accounting, one can work in accounting, finance, and taxation. Accounts training, Direct Tax, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Tally ERP are among the topics covered in Certified Industrial Accounts training.

BAT Course fees in Bangalore: 20000

15. Synergy School of Business Skills: Top Academy for Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Bangalore

Synergy School logo

The BAT course in Bangalore offered by Synergy School of Business Skills is designed for individuals with a primary interest in finance and taxes. The course covers strong accounting, Excel, and reporting skills, as well as the practical aspects of both direct and indirect taxation.

Key Course Features 

  • Industry-Relevant Content Case Study Based on Hands-On Training Simulation-Based Practical Training Instruction by Industry Professionals
  • Two-Month Program with Placement Assistance
  • Industry professionals design the curriculum. 
  • The course emphasizes a rigorous classroom training program with self-paced learning material. 
  • The industry endorses the curriculum, and students gain practical experience with real-world case studies.

BAT Course fees in Bangalore: 25000

Benefits of Choosing Business Accountant and Taxation Course in Bangalore 

The overall course structure is thus designed to gain the utmost knowledge of the field and incorporate it into their career.

This course provides excellent job opportunities and the skill required to survive

Accounting and Taxation software accounts as well as performing arithmetic and accounting operations.

  • Zoho books
  • Easy office
  • Busy accounting software
  • Taxman’s one solution
  • Tasman online

Career Scope

The following are the career choices one can have upon completing the BAT Course:

  • Accountant: He plays a crucial role in handling a company’s financial transactions. Essentially, he records daily transactions, generates financial statements, and analyzes financial data to help in decision-making. 
  • Audit Manager: Predominantly, managing a company’s internal and external audits are the primary responsibilities of an audit manager. By doing so, he makes sure the company’s financial statements are accurate. 
  • Tax Consultant: A tax consultant plays an important role in advising and aiding in tax planning, compliance, and filing. In short, he ensures the company is adhering to tax liabilities and minimizes tax liabilities.
  • Chief Financial Officer: A CFO, essentially manages all the financial operations in a company, starting from developing financial strategies, managing budgets, and examining financial risks and returns.


Opting for a Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Bangalore provides students with a comprehensive and industry-relevant education. The course skill develops an excellent platform for students to build a fantastic career. This course gives the learner higher credibility and status in the accounting industry. It opens doors to career opportunities with Job Roles as Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, and Cost Manager.

Bangalore is the city’s thriving business environment, access to cutting-edge technology, and abundant career opportunities make it an ideal place to pursue a career in accounting and finance. In addition, professional networking gives an opportunity to enhance the learning experience. A wide professional network is a platform of exposure to various practical aspects with innovative ideas. You can watch and participate in various forums or discussions on current topics which make learners explore the field of accounting and taxation.

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Q1. What is meant by Gold membership benefits of the finance Academy of Henry Harvin?

Ans . 1.E-Learning access
2.Monthly Boot Camp Sessions.
3.complimentary modules.
4.CATP graduates get 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities
5.Guaranteed Interview

Q2. What is the scope after completing the Business Accounting and Taxation course?

Ans. 1.International financing
3.Tax policy analysis corporation taxation marketing manager
4.Real estate financing
5Budget analysis
6.Management accounting offices

Q3. What is the salary after completing Account and Taxation course?

Ans. The average salary is INR2 to 7 lacs, offered for a certificate course in accounting and Taxation. It may vary according to one’s skill and experience.

Q4. What are the preferred Business Accounting and Taxation tools?

Ans 1.SAP

Q5. What are a business accounting and taxation course?

Ans. Business Accounting and taxation are well designed for commerce students. The course is designed with the core knowledge of finance and taxation.

Q6. Why choose a Certificate Course in Accounting and Taxation Course?

Ans. The accounting and Taxation certificate course proved to be a popular career choice for the learners. The learners can gain knowledge on the Indian Tax policy, fundamentals, and principles of Accounting, Taxation, VAT system, calculation of GST, and its various function

Q7. Can we learn SAP through the BAT course program?

 Ans. The BAT course curriculum is designed by business experts; hence, it covers very important aspects of accounting including SAP.

Q8. What is the duration of Henry Harvin’s BAT course program?

Ans. Henry Harvin’s BAT course is a 172-hour duration program conducted by industry experts.

Q10. Is BAT certification worthy to enroll?

Ans. BAT is one of the best short-term courses uniquely designed for commerce as well as non-commerce students to get deeper insights into accounting. 

Q11. Is there eligibility to enroll in the BAT course?

Ans. Holding a bachelor’s degree in commerce or a related field is necessary before proceeding with the BAT course program


Accounting and Taxation Course

Ranked Amongst Top 3 Course | Recognized by Govt of India | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Award winning Institute | 100% Practical Training

View Course

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