10 Best SAP Training Institutes in Delhi


   SAP meaning Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. In today’s world, a company is run with the help of AI. Every document is consolidated, analyzed, and stored in the form of files that are stored in servers and mostly clouds nowadays with accessibility to use it when and how you need it.  

    A person working in an organization with multiple files in hand to be shared with multiple departments and every department located at different places would not be getting the work done by end of the timeline. This is where ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) comes into the picture making the work easier, faster, time-saving, and accessible.

  SAP is one of the worlds’ leading software working mainly towards making the business effective and hazard-free. Just imagine, if a room is crowded with all the files and data would you ever be able to locate the right files at the right time. SAP makes the job quicker in a wink; all the files of various departments are stored. Sharing the data, processing and an uninterrupted flow of information across the organizations is the commitment provided by SAP.

  SAP software solely secures the data by protecting an organization’s business from hackers. Further, it also reduces the threats received to your business daily and has one of the most advanced infrastructures in the world.

 SAP being the future of running a successful and smart business completing an SAP course in SAP training institute might provide a kick start in your career with new opportunities and functions.

What are the benefits of completing the SAP course?

Professionally, SAP Training in registered SAP Training Institute paves way for many opportunities in career growth. Below are the lists of courses that provide SAP courses:

  •         SAP FICO S4 HANA and ECC Course
  •         SAP MM ECC and S/4 Course
  •         SAP HR Course
  •         SAP HAVA Course
  •         SAP ABAP Course
  •         SAP Simple Finance Course
  •         SAP BO Course
  •         SAP Basis Course
  •         SAP Success Factors Course
  •         SAP BW Course
  •         SAP Security Course
  •         SAP PP and SD Course
  •         SAP CRM Course

SAP Certification – A Breakthrough in Career

     Doing a SAP certification will be a complete breakthrough in career growth. I will be able to shed light on some of the opportunities you might be able to get once you complete the SAP in the SAP Training Institute. 

        Promotion – Being stuck in the same position for quite a period might cause a ruckus in your life, completing the SAP course would lead to a complete change in your career. You will get noticed by the changes in your career along with the promotion you are working on right now.

        Reputation – Getting the SAP certification would lead to a change in your career growth. Completing the course would lead to identification in your career along with a good reputation amongst your colleagues and employers.

        Salary – Completing the SAP Training Certification would lead to a change in your salary structure. With SAP training certification, you can expect a salary above the normal pay grade.

        Job – The expectation of getting a job in a top-listed organization is a dream that comes true for all. With SAP training certification, a wide range of opportunities for skilled SAP professionals appears. 

Top SAP Training Certification Courses in Delhi

   In Delhi, various institutes provide the course, let us have a look at the top institutes that provide the course.                

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is one of the top SAP training institutes in Delhi that provides the course. SAP training institute in Henry Harvin works closely with the most respected industry experts who have experience of over 10+ years in the industry. They also make sure that the contents are created to meet the current industry requirements. SAP training institute in Delhi also makes sure that the training manuscripts are available online anytime for the trainees to access the content.

Below are the lists of SAP courses they provide.  

Courses Provided

        SAP FICO S/4 HANA Training course: This course provides expertise on financial accounting and controlling and helps the students to become experts in SAP FICO software on the s/4 HANA server.

        SAP MM ECC Course Training: MM being a short form of Material Management, this course builds your knowledge on Material Management tool that is implemented globally by many organizations as ERP solution tool. As this tool benefits the people starting their own business by managing inventory and saving monetarily, completing this course benefits them more.

        SAP HR Course Training: HR is an abbreviation for Human Resource also known as Human Capital Management(HCM) has modules like Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Time Payroll, Time Management, Recruitment, Training and Event Management, Travel Management. Completing this course will shed the light on SAP HR software which maintains all the employee information of an organization from their joining date till the date of them leaving the organization.

  SAP HANA Course:  This being the latest business suite software, is a new addition to the in-memory database, completing this course would give your insight on the SAP HANA app that allows faster loading and eliminates duplicate Data, and empowers the Internet of Things (IoT).

  SAP ABAP Training (ECC/HANA): Advanced Business Application Programming(ABAP) is the highest level of the programming language created as of now. SAP SE All R/3’s applications and even parts of the basic system were developed in ABAP/4.

SAP Simple Finance Training Course: Also known as SAP S/4HANA Finance provides you training on Business Intelligence tools, helps professionals perform various Accounting and Financial Management Processes.   

  SAP CRM Training:  This course gives an in-depth knowledge of SAP CRM tools to develop a strong relationship with customers.

  SAP PP Training Production Planning of SAP includes all ye production processes such as sales and distribution (SD), Material Management, FICO, and more. The SAP PP training, enhance the knowledge of candidates on market-oriented planning, developing various planning strategies, sales-related planning, and more.

  SAP SD Training: Sales and Distribution (SD) tool is a resource planning tool that enables the effective functioning of business processes. Students enrolling in this course will get their insight on tools such as SAP MM and SAP PP.

Key features  

        The SAP training Institute of Henry Harvin is giving an option called 9 in 1 course that includes training, live projects, certification, placement, e-learning access, boot camps, hackathons, membership

        The learning benefit for each course varies according to the course requirement.

        The modules created are in such a way that it meets the standard requirement for the current SAP industry requirements

        SAP training institute has an option of live projects and a 100% placement guarantee


Timing for the certification varies depending on the course, but once the certification is Henry Harvin is providing you frequent brush-up sessions along with a yearlong gold membership with access to all the data online.

Fee Infrastructure

 Fees may vary according to the course option you select


Live- projects with guidance from trained professionals who mold you in total work experience.

2. UCPL Technologies

           This SAP training institute in Delhi makes sure that the classroom training given in Delhi meets the company standards.

Courses Provided

  This SAP Training Institute in Delhi provides multiple course options and timings that you can choose.

  •         FICO (Financial Accounting & Controlling)
  •         MM(Material Management)
  •         SD (Sales & Distribution)
  •         PP(Production Planning)
  •         PM(Plant Maintenance)
  •         PS(Project System)
  •         QM(Quality Management)
  •         PLM(Product Lifecycle Management)
  •         HCM/HRM(Human Capital Management)
  •         CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  •         SRM(Suppliers Relationship Management)
  •         APO(Advanced Planning and Optimization)
  •         ARIBA
  •         BPC(Business Process Consolidation)
  •         BI/BW (Business Intelligence/warehouse)
  •         BO(Business Objects)
  •         Others

Key Features

  This SAP training institute in Delhi is giving the option to students for choosing the type of class they want to opt for. They have the below-mentioned options

  •         Regular Classes for classroom training of 60 days with live projects. Timings can be chosen from 8 AM to 6 PM any hour between the timing provided
  •         Weekend Classes for 90 days of classroom training with 3 students per batch
  •         Fast Track classes with classroom training of 15 days


Once the certification is complete UCPL SAP training institute in Delhi is giving the assurance that they have 97% in the placement of students.



3. Aptron

     Aptron SAP Training Institute in Delhi is one of the top training institutes in Delhi also giving the assurance of better training and placement facility. Below are the courses provided by them.,

  •         SAP ABAP, BASIS, BI Training in Delhi
  •         SAP BW Training
  •         SAP CRM, EHS, FICO Training
  •         SAP HANA, HR/HCM Training
  •         SAP MM Training
  •         SAP PM, PP Training
  •         SAP PS, QM, SCM, SD Training
  •         SAP SRM Training
  •         SAP Webdynpro Training

Key Features

  This SAP training centre in Delhi is in line with the IT industry. Training is held both on weekdays and weekends, also this SAP training institute in Delhi is giving you an option called a customized training schedule according to your requirements.

  This institute makes sure you get hands-on training that will make you well equipped with IT infrastructure, and yearlong project support, a glass-door study room, and a discussion zone area.

  They also have a hostel facility for people enrolling for the SAP courses in their location.


Once the certification is complete they are giving the assurance of secured placement assistance according to the requirements of individuals.


They have the option to complete the training from the time of 6 weeks to 6 months.

4. Career Techworld

    The career Techworld is a well-known SAP training institute in Delhi that has various course options provided.

  •         SAP Simple Finance
  •         SAP MM
  •         SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP PS
  •         SAP SCM, SAP HCM, SAP QM
  •         SAP FICO, SAP CRM, SAP WM
  •         Simple Logistics
  •         SAP Success Factors
  •         SAP ABAP
  •         SAP Basis
  •         SAP BI/BW
  •         SAP PI/PO
  •         SAP HCI
  •         SAP Net Weaver
  •         SAP IDOC, SAP Fiori
  •         ABAP ON HANA
  •         SAP UI5

Key Features

    This SAP training institute in Delhi is giving the guarantee for giving complete training on IELTS/TOEFL/PTE for experts along with enhancement of ideas on business execution. They are also providing training on other ERP tools as well

  They are also linking their curriculum to corporate clients by strengthening the client’s competence and skills.  


There are prerequisites needed for certain courses but not for all the SAP courses


Once the certification is complete they are providing a guarantee for placement along with certification training.

5. ERP Scholars 

  This SAP training institute in Delhi is giving various options for the training and they also have the same classes taken offline and online. 

  • SAP Success Factors
  • SAP Basis 
  • SAP MM
  • SAP HR
  • SAP SD

Key Features 

  This SAP training institute has courses categorized into three modules like

  • Technical Modules – SAP Basis, SAP ABAP, SAP CRM(Technical)
  • Functional Modules – SAP FICO, SAP SD, SAP CRM, SAP HR, SAP BI/BW, SAP MM, SAP GTS, SAP IS_OIL, SAP inventory, etc.,
  • Advanced Courses – SAP ABAP Workflow, SAP ABAP Webdynpro

These are the course criteria available based on which you can choose the course and enrol for the same.


When it comes to training they have separated the training into two

        Corporate training – When an organization is looking to train a bunch of employees this training method can be taken into account. This SAP training institute can give you training in the place of choice selected by the client keeping the clients budget into account

        Campus Training – Training can be taken in the institute campus and can be taken in the preferred timing of the students with personalized and flexible training hours.


 ERP scholars are having links with many major companies allowing them to make sure that the placements are done for the students completing the training with them.  

6. Future Labs Technology

 This SAP training institute in Delhi offers the below courses based on the timing requirement and schedule of the students

  •         SAP HANA
  •         SAP BI
  •         SAP FICO
  •         SAP HR
  •         SAP HCM
  •         SAP CRM
  •         SAP SD
  •         SAP MM

Key Features

This SAP training institute is having the reputation of doing case study-based training and also they can work with batches of smaller sizes as well.

The students who have passed out have given a good review for the institute along with the best career opportunity provided by them.


 INR 25000+ GST

Centres Available

Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad


This SAP training institute in Delhi provides training for the SAP courses in a more organized and specified manner.

Course Offered

  •         SAP SD(Sales and Distribution)
  •         SAP SCM

Key Features

  All topics related to SAP SD like sales, sales support, shipping, Billing, sales &logistics information systems are the major topics covered. All schemas related to SCM are covered in the curriculum of SD. They also are showing the growth pattern for the students completing the course that appears to move only in vertical patterns. This SAP training institute is giving the surety of increase in placement calls, packages offered are high in number, and effective employability training. 


  •         Business knowledge in sales and distribution
  •         Minimum 2 years of experience in Sales and Distribution
  •         Any graduate or post-graduate degree.

8.  JKT Consulting 

                This SAP training institute in Delhi offers courses that add more value to your profile. They have categorized the course based on the area of expertise

         SAP Functional Course 

  •         SAP Sales and Distribution
  •         SAP Human Resource
  •         SAP Financials
  •         SAP Material Management
  •         SAP Costing   
  •          SAP Technical Courses
  •         SAP ABAP Programming
  •         SAP BI – Business Intelligence
  •         SAP BO – Business Objects


       They are providing certification with hands-on experience on the project. The placement guarantee is not clearly mentioned on the site


This SAP training institute in Delhi is one of the top-rated institutes with the highest number of people graduating from the institute. It has a successful reputation for building manpower for global industry requirements. 

   Courses Offered

  •         SAP FI
  •         SAP Management Accounting (CO)
  •         SAP Human Resources(HR)
  •         SAP ERP HCM Overview
  •         SAP SD
  •         SAP PP
  •         SAP PM
  •         SAP PS
  •         SAP QM
  •         SAP ABAP Workbench Fundamentals

Key Features

 This SAP Training Institute is one of the top-rated institutes in the industry is providing a career opportunity with all the top-rated industries in India.

  They are giving placement assurance to the companies that have high importance in the current industry.

They are also providing lifetime free access to the tools that play a major role in SAP maintenance.

Course Fee

Not Mentioned


Not Mentioned

10. SRC Computer Education

This SAP training institute in Delhi has made sure that they are up to date with the current curriculum.

Courses Offered

  •         ERP- SD
  •         ERP – ABAP
  •         ERP – Basis
  •         ERP – CRM
  •         ERP – FI/Co
  •         ERP – HR
  •         ERP – PP
  •         ERP – BI

Key Features

  The courses mentioned above are the courses provided by this SAP training institute that meets the current decade’s requirement. The course particulars are mentioned with a detailed study on the subject with listings of the curriculum that are provided by the team. They are also having an option for training that is either classroom training or industrial training.

       Classroom training – Customized training schedule with hands-on, interactive classroom learning with highly experienced instructors. Theoretical learning happens here.

       Industrial training – Providing work experience to students in specified fields, and providing a certificate for future record. Practical learning with real-life scenarios and live projects are given here.


They are giving a placement guarantee along with certification. They have mentioned tie-ups with India’s leading industries that provide live training schedules. 

How to become an SAP consultant?

  SAP being implemented in 9 out of every 10 industries becoming an SAP consultant would be a complete change in your career growth

Types of SAP consultants

        Business/Sales consultant – Capacity to win the projects at customer end without much knowledge on the SAP.

        SAP Functional consultant – Coding the ABAP program as per the client/customer demand.

        Developer Consultant – Coding ABAP/java programs is their major responsibility.

        SAP Basis Consultant – Installation, maintenance, and performance tuning of SAP servers and databases. Further, based on the size of the project there might also be other consulting roles as well like SAP security consultant, SAP techno-functional consultants, etc.,

There is no specific answer on how one can become an SAP consultant, but there are many ways to enter the SAP market. Choosing the right SAP course or SAP consultant course and getting a certification done for the same would be a major game change in your career.

  • Join a consulting company
  • Joins as a Trainee or in SAP support
  • Join SAP project as a non-SAP person


  In this fast-growing world, picking the right job and making a mark in an organization, and making a difference in your life and career are the major set goals for almost all people. When it comes to SAP learning, choosing the right course at the right institute and complementing it with certification from a verified institute makes a drastic change in your career. 

  SAP is implemented in almost all small and larger industries. This SAP industry is one of the most currently used software to keep the whole office connected, current, and update. Completing the course and taking up a career in this would lead to major changes in the career. 

 Getting the knowledge to the right amount and giving it a real-life experience makes a drastic change in the life of the individual. 

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Top 15 SAP HANA Interview Questions and Answers


Q-1. What is SAP?

Ans- SAP is software applications and Products in Data processing. SAP is also the name given for ERP application tools. SAP is the only software that is giving consistent software support for SAP

Q-2. Will you be able to work multiple SAP sessions?

Ans- Yes, you can work multiple SAP sessions up to 6 sessions maximum.

Q-3. Explain Netweaver?

Ans- Netweaver is an integrated technology that makes sure that mySAP suite can run in a single platform without any hindrance known as SAP web Application Server(SAP WEBAs)

Q-4. Can a business be run without an SAP R/3 implementation warehouse?

Ans-Yes, you can run a business warehouse without an R/3 implementation warehouse.


Getting the Microbiology bachelors degree with a distinction added a feather to my hat but my career started as a voice process expert. Now after 6 years after doing the same work I almost forgot what my dream was. After finishing Content writing with Henry Harvin has kick started my career in the path I have always wanted to work on. Hoping to make some difference in the world of content writing.

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