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About SAP

Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP) is a German Multinational Company based in Walldorf, Germany with branch offices and product labs in various locations in the USA and Canada, prominent being the Silicon Valley and the New York Offices.


 One of their premier offerings is the SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO), a module provided to organize and enhance the performances of businesses.



Who can Learn SAP FICO?

SAP offers these performance enhancement courses to interested individuals and organizations all year round.

These SAP Training courses provide a headstart to organize and grow business in New Jersey. 

Aims of the Blog

The Blog provides a detailed list of all institutions currently offering SAP FICO Training in New Jersey. The SAP FICO Training institutes are accredited with SAP and Governmental Certifications.

They come with best-in-class laboratories, facilities, and course materials, along with Internship and Placement opportunities with partner institutions and businesses.

To learn more about various SAP FICO Training in New Jersey, scroll below.

1. Henry Harvin

henry harvin logo


About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education offers dedicated SAP FICO Trainings in New Jersey, Henry Harvin SAP FICO Training are recognized as among the top 3 Courses in the Industry according to and they offer 24/7 Support with Trainers to help achieve your dream to obtain SAP Certification.

Course Features

  •  Henry Harvin also offers its candidates the tools to operate in SAP S/4 HANA Business Suite, a groundbreaking tool to help reduce loading times and eliminate duplicate data entries
  • With the Henry Harvin Gold Membership learners have full access to all content in the website, including Bootcamps and webinars along with guaranteed Internships and regular Placement Drives for fresh graduates and interns.

Learning Module System(LMS)

  • Henry Harvin SAP Trainings ERP Academy offers access to their exclusive Learning Module System (LMS) on completion of registration. It is also available in Mobiles as the Moodle Application and LMS, for access to the certified SAP FICO Training at the user’s Fingertips.
  • Recorded Sessions held in Zoom are now available on their Dedicated Webpage and also on the LMS Platform of Henry Harvin. 


  • Henry Harvin SAP Training ERP Academy offers Internships with their Partners and Internship assistance to gain a headstart with exposure to practical knowledge.

Henry Harvin Gold Membership

Gold Membership By Henry Harvin offers access to unlimited access to content un SAP FICO and a chance to connect with alumni and current students as part of their internship and placement drives. It also offers Contact with Trainers of the course for doubt clarification and recorded video sessions are available on LMS.

Prices of Henry Harvin Course

26,650 rupees for Self Paced Course

29.500 rupees for the Live Online Classroom.

Henry Harvin® Ranks in Top 30 most Trusted Companies by Insight Success

2. NobleProg

NobleProg logo


About NobleProg

NobleProg is an SAP FICO training centre in New Jersey that offers SAP FICO training in dedicated classrooms and has an expansive breadth of Online resources, their training is vast and covers the course curriculum.

Class Locations

  • They have classes in Jersey City, Newark, Towata and Princeton, allowing easy commuting for classes.
  • They offer Onsite and Online Courses for Interested individuals. Public courses for large groups of people and Organisations are also welcome.

 Course Details

  • SAP Training by NobleProg offers numerous courses, aimed at boosting accounting skills and Developing existing skills and Technology to train employees to work efficiently.

  •  A dedicated customer team is always available to answer any further queries on the website and the staff in the training offices are approachable and friendly to converse.

Prices of course

  • The prices remain constant ranging from $4350 to $6250 with some of the reviewers and advanced classes varying in prices.

3. AVTech USA 

AVTech USA logo Course Details

  • Offers a great opportunity to learn SAP FICO training and Certification along with inclusive courses such as MS Office 2010 specialist certification and Computerized Financial Accounting and Intuit Quickbooks Certified User ( QBCU).
  •  The Course runs for 15 weeks with an in-depth grounding on these important concepts.
  •  They have weekend and week-day courses for SAP FICO Training in New Jersey in South Plainfield, Fairfield, and Eatontown.

Who is the Course for?

The SAP FICO Training Course is aimed at professionals with a Financial Accounting Associate Degree or with working experience and knowledge in Finance and Accounting. 

Benefits of the Course

The Course offers you an SAP FICO Certificate with the ability to apply for and use job titles like SAP FICO Analyst, SAP FICO Specialist and SAP FICO Solutions Architect.


Please contact the Customer care representative in the nearest offices or

via their customer helpline for further details.

4.  MyThinktree 


MyThinktree is an SAP Training institute based in New Jersey offering SAP FICO and its sister courses for affordable rates for nearly two decades now.

Class Locations

  •  Classes are available in their branches in NewYork and NewJersey and Video recordings and support for career training and mock exam/ Interviews assistance.
  • SAP FICO Training in New Jersey Happens both Online and Offline- in their offices in Edison, NJ.

Course Details

  • The SAP FICO training lasts for 2 months (in a total of 80 contact hours)with guaranteed interview opportunities and SAP Certification.
  • The Course offers 12 months of access to SAP Servers for Students Enrolled in their courses.
  • They also offer resume reviews, mock interviews and also offer guaranteed placement support.


Please contact one of the nearest MyThinktree offices to learn more or apply for a callback via their website.

5. Florida International University- Business School 



A recognized Business studies school in Miami, Florida now offers Virtual courses in SAP FICO Training to excel in the extremely competitive SAP FICO Certification Examination. 

Course Details

  • The Course is virtual and instructor-held, to make you a fully trained and certified SAP FICO expert ( the accreditation is recognized by FPAC ® and AFP ®).
  • The course duration is from March 31st to June 9th, 2022.


They offer hybrid training, with both online and offline training. Students may also qualify for STEM modules as part of the course.

Who is it for?

This course is open for all interested students with an undergraduate degree.


The admission fee is $2250.


To know more submit an inquiry form on the course website or email [email protected]

6. SAP Training

Software Training, Certification and Learning Services – SAP logoAbout

SAP Training is a licensed SAP Trainer for its many courses such as the SAP FICO Training in New Jersey. 

About Course

  • They conduct live virtual webinars for SAP FICO courses on the modules in the curricula.
  •  The course aims to teach you the basics of SAP FICO and make you proficient in its disciplines. Best-in-class training with the latest software is provided.
  • The course is divided into modules for its audience, beginner, intermediate and advanced sections are provided.

 Who is the course for?

  • They expect their applicants to have basic knowledge in Financial Business Management.
  • The Target Audience is application consultants, business analysts among others.
  • No prior experience is needed. The audience must have an interest in SAP FICO, Accounting, and its related disciplines. 


Contact SAP Training for further details.

7. Besant Technologies 

Besant’s trainings logoAbout

Besant Technologies is an Online resource SAP FICO training Website,


that focus on SAP FICO and its advanced disciplines in COPA, Cost Center Accounting, and parallel accounting and help your career to progress to a professional ERP FI Consultant.

About Course

  •  The course by Besant Technologies offers 30+ hours of training led by industry experts and job-oriented training to achieve certification by a month of enrollment.
  • The Course offers a free demo class and provides support with Industry expert facilities.
  • Besant Technologies also offers Virtual group classes and One-to-One Sessions.

On Trainers

The trainers in Besant Technologies have more than 7+ years of experience and have taught more than 2000+ students globally.


To learn more Contact them.

8. Learn SAP

LearnSAP  logoAbout

Learn SAP is a recognized SAP FICO Training Center in the USA, They have recently begun to expand their services in New Jersey by launching an Online Component of their teaching course.

About Course

  •  It is also an Instructor-led Online Course. This is a 5-day course where the basics of SAP FICO is discussed and the participants are encouraged to attend their other courses to learn more about this field.
  • They offer easy SAP FICO mock exams for candidates to provide a sense of familiarity before certification exams.
  • They also have links to offer employment for SAP certificate holders who wish to further their careers in SAP FICO in New Jersey.

Who is it for?

The audience come from various backgrounds, however, all have an interest in financial accounts and all participate in the programme.


To contact ✉ [email protected]

Courses in Udemy


9.  Udemy-SAP FICO (Financial Accounting & Management Accounting

udemy logo


This Course was Created by Rana W Mehmood an SAP Financial Consultant in the UK for a prestigious IT Firm.

About Course

  •  The Course offered in the Udemy platform includes a wide variety of benefits- 40.5 hours of video lessons with subscription,
  • a downloadable dossier of Course-specific resources,
  • additional material and links with assignments on the course
  • additionally a certificate of completion is provided for the graduates.


Udemy Courses such as the above are also available on mobiles and tablets, allowing for study whenever possible.


Please Visit the Udemy website to avail more details on the course.

10. Udemy- SAP FICO (Finance & Controlling) Simplified for Beginners by Relearning Solutions


SAP FICO Trainings in New Jersey have never been easier with the introduction of the New SAP FICO Training class by Relearning Solutions.

Led by Muhammad Rashid, he has an expert in the field with over 14+ years of service in various projects specializing in implantation, roll-out and support projects for his many clients. 

About Course

  • This course offered by Relearning Solutions offers 45+ hours of video,
  • with an expansive folder with 18 downloadable resources
  • full lifetime access provided.
  • The course is also given with a certificate for completion


The SAP FICO Training is accessible from any device be it mobile and TV.


For further details check out the course and the Udemy website.

11. Udemy- SAP FICO Product Costing- Simplified for Beginners 


This course is another offer provided by Relearning Solutions, SAP FICO Trainers in New Jersey. 

About Course

According to the Udemy Website, Product Costing is an essential component to master SAP FICO.

  •  This course is a short one, offering 6 hours of video-on-demand and 4 downloadable resources.
  • A certificate of Completion is provided in the end.

Who is it for?

This course requires knowledge of SAP FICO and it would be advisable to buy the courses offered on SAP FICO Training by Relearning Solutions to progress effortlessly.


  • On the Udemy website/ application
  • Also available in smartphones, Laptops and TVs


For further details contact Relearning Solutions in Udemy.

12. Udemy- SAP FICO “Become Rockstar” (with 3 months free access)


VRIT Tech is an IT Solutions provider with a main base in North American Markets. 

VRIT Tech Inc has published their SAP FICO Training course in Udemy.

About Course

The course by VRIT Tech is for Interested Students, with the offering of 18 hours of video content and full lifetime access to the course.

Course Bundles

The Makers of the Course also offers Special Bundles, the SAP FICO “Rockstar” with SAP FICO “ Touch the finish line”.


for details on this and their other offerings please visit the Udemy website.


  • YouTube offers a wide variety of SAP FICO Training and Tutorials by channels and industry Professionals.
  •  Some even offer their Content on numerous other websites such as Udemy, Teachable, and others.

 A few of our favourite content have been linked below.

13. Smart Hands


Smart Hands is one of our Premier Choices to learn SAP FICO on Youtube. 


Smart Hands was established back in  May 2017, and has since then released several playlists with videos on SAP, SAP FICO, examinations, and other similar courses available.

About Course

Via its Interactive tutorials and an active subscriber base, It is home to an active community of fellow SAP FICO Candidates and learned professionals and reviewers.


They are based in Youtube.


Search for Smart Hands in YouTube and select the relevant SAP FICO Training Tutorial playlist.

14. SAP Training by


SAP Training by is another YouTube channel providing SAP FICO Training in New Jersey.


Having launched this site back in 2012, This site aims to demystify SAP FICO and make it accessible to all.


  • It now has a presence on its website where Courses such as SAP FICO and related SAP and ERP courses are taught.
  • Their Website consists of more information on SAP FICO training in New Jersey
  • They also host introductory tutorial playlists on their pages to advanced-level professionals.

About Course

  • A series of playlist videos on SAP FICO Training and its related specialized subjects are available on YouTube.
  • As mentioned earlier The website also has courses in the modules of SAP FICO and the other ERP courses are taught.
  • The Website also has detailed videos and Short courses for SAP FICO.


To enroll in this course, contact the email address mentioned on the website.

Books and Resource Content

Books and Resource content published by authors are the traditional methods to learn and practice SAP FICO in New Jersey. 

Who Writes them?

There are a large number of authors and Publications to help in your journey for SAP FICO Certification.

We have chosen to add books that are relevant to beginners, Feel Free to search for and select Books on SAP FICO Training on your own.

List of Books

SAP FICO (Covers SAP ECC 6.0) Black Book 


 Financial Accounting in SAP FICO (SAP ERP): Business User Guide (Second Edition)


In this Developing world, an applicant must have a solid background in SAP, Its numerous course offerings and the benefits it provides to its students and certificate holders.

Benefits of SAP FICO

SAP FICO has always been the backbone of the whole accounting system and has pioneered the Computerization of data using their SAP FICO Training in New Jersey, and have found new avenues to put their teachings to better use.

Why Should You Learn SAP FICO?

SAP FICO Training in New Jersey will teach you SAP FICO and form lifelong friends both within the institute and among each other.

We believe that you will be an ideal candidate to learn SAP FICO,

understand its numerous modules and skills and achieve more than a certification, an appreciation towards the role of SAP FICO in building our modern world. 

For in Accounting, It is the department where everybody counts!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.1 Explain the term SAP FICO

SAP FI(Financial Accounting) and CO(Controlling). This revolutionary software allows its users to manage their company’s accounts effectively. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and rote repetition of basic data, The System allows its users to enter data via its channels to suitably add the basic data when necessary and to avoid common human errors when writing streams of information.

Q.2 Is SAP FICO only learnt by finance-based candidates?

No. SAP FICO Certification aims to promote accessibility by making its users the ‘Master of their domain’. Financial Background helps, but it is not a requirement to use the tools provided by SAP-There have been several successful instances where people of unrelated backgrounds have learnt SAP FICO and cleared the rigorous examination.

Q.3 Where can SAP FICO be used?

SAP FICO Software is primarily used to generate and manage several data streams for reporting and acts as an effective medium to maximize output from your businesses.
 SAP FICO Certificate also provides a boost to your resume and Career Prospects, It is an Indicator to the employer that the candidate can undertake and deliver International Projects.

Q.4 Is SAP FICO Used Worldwide?

Yes, It is. SAP FICO is The starting point for more advanced accreditations from SAP, Hence It is easier to learn advanced concepts with a solid grounding in SAP FICO. SAP FICO Training in New Jersey is the same and the structures are followed worldwide, enabling the Consultants to work in their leisure at any company Worldwide. 

Q.5 As a working IT Professional in New Jersey, Is it advisable for me to learn SAP FICO while working?

IT has enormous opportunities for the development of a career with SAP FICO. It is always advisable to have a few years of experience in any field, and take time to work on basic accounts and other skills using Youtube Video Tutorials first. If these conditions are fulfilled, Yes! You can train for SAP FICO Certification whilst working in the IT Sector.

Q.6 The Average Time and Effort one must expend to learn and clear the SAP FICO Certification course 

SAP FICO Training in New Jersey happens both Online and Offline. Various SAP FICO Training websites like Henry Harvin offer 40+ hours of guided video sessions alongside Assignments, Mock Tests, Interview Guidance among others. Similarly, Other Sites mentioned in the list above offer similar services during the course. 
In our opinion, the Candidate needs to put their effort into the course and extract all the support offered by the institutions/ Trainers.

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SAP FICO Course by Henry Harvin®

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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