SAP FICO as the name suggests is SAP Finance and Controlling. It is SAP’s finance and accounts transaction areas. It is one of the top Modules of SAP and most demanded as well.

SAP FICO jobs are always high in demand and, so is SAP FICO consultant salary in India. Job portals are flooded with these jobs, as more and more companies are implementing SAP subsequently, demand for consultants is very high.

SAP is there since 1972 and is still strong today, for this reason, Sap FICO job demands would always be high.

What is the SAP FICO Consultant Salary in India?

As a rule of thumb in the SAP FICO profile, the maximum salary is 2X the experience. For instance, the experience of 5 years your salary would be approx 2×5= 10 LPA

However, your earnings may be on the higher side depending on onsite etc

  • SAP FICO profile gives people a special upgrade in their career and opens immense opportunities. There are many companies who are looking for SAP FICO consultants especially the Big Four accounting firms: Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, E&Y and other MNC’s(Accenture, IBM, TCS)offer a package up to ₹ 5-7 LPA
  • SAP FICO consultant salary with 4-5 years of experience is up to  ₹10-15 LPA
  • SAP FICO consultant salary with 10-12 years of experience is up to  ₹25-40 LPA
  • Many senior SAP FICO consultants with 20+ years of experience are earning more than  ₹75LPA

SAP FICO Consultant Salary

Company Experience Salary
TCS 2-5years ₹4-₹9LPA
Accenture 3-10years ₹4.5-₹11LPA
Infosys 3-10 years ₹4-₹12LPA
Tech Mahindra 3-8 years ₹4.6-₹7.6LPA
Mphasis 3-8 years ₹4.5-₹8 LPA
Capgemini 3-9 years ₹4.6-₹9.7LPA
Wipro 3-10years ₹4.4-₹10LPA
Yash technology 3-9years ₹4.5-₹8.5LPA
Deloitte 2-9 years ₹5.7-₹15.5LPA
IBM 3-11years ₹4.2-₹12LPA
CTS 3-8 years ₹4-₹10.2LPA
L&T 3-11 years ₹5.4-₹14.3LPA
E&Y 3-11 years ₹6-₹12LPA

Top Companies Who hire SAP FICO Consultants

LinkedIn,, MonsterIndia, Indeed are few Job portals who post innumerable job opportunities.

Top Listing of companies hiring are

1. Infosys

2. IBM

3. Accenture

4. Capgemini

5. Cognizant Technology

6. Wipro

7. DXC Technologies

8. Vodafone

9. Indian Oil

10. BHEL

11. HAL

12. Parle

13. HDFC Bank

14. Real estate Companies


………….You have innumerable options

SAP FICO Consultants Jobs on Jobs Portal

To know or compare the salaries

As an SAP FICO consultant, you get respect in Industry you will be treated as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and get to stand with Chief Level (C level) Executives spread across the globe.

You will also get a chance to become a Globe trotter as you have to travel and work on multinational projects 

And last but not least since SAP FICO is coming with innovative functionalities continuously your growing and learning opportunities never stop.

Moreover,  job stability and software stability is the prime feature of the SAP FICO profile, consequently, this is unique and in demand.

Best Remuneration amongst peers

Best monetary and non-monetary packages are offered to SAP FICO consultants 

  • Best CTC is offered 
  • Bonuses are paid to employees
  • Travel allowances are higher for onsite trips which are very high 
  • Onsite salaries for long term foreign projects is the best.
  • Relocation allowance
  • New location allowance 
  • Award, Rewards, Gift allowances
  • Employee share option

          ….list could be more

SAP FICO Consultant Jobs by Location


Image source

As you can see from the above graph, the highest number of jobs by location are in Bengaluru followed by Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune furthermore Gurgaon and Chennai

                   So the highest number of jobs by location are in Bengaluru followed by Hyderabad, ie South India is holding a big potential for career growth for SAP FICO consultant. Likewise, Western India ie Mumbai and Pune which generally holds high career growth for almost all types of careers also has a good potential for SAP FICO consultants. 


SAP FICO Salaries comparison by Location 

Salaries are also based on location which you are opting job for. 

Employees with SAP FICO consultant Job profiles earn more in Pune by 7.5%, Hyderabad by 2%, Bangalore by 32%, they earn more than the national average.

These job titles also are Higher than other cities in Gurgaon, Haryana 3.3%more than the national average

The lowest salaries can be found in Delhi 29.7% less, and Chennai 19.9%less than the national average.

Background needed to become an SAP FICO consultant

  • Firstly you need a proper Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from a reputed university even  ICWA, BBA, or MBA can also go for this.
  • CA, CS or CFA
  • Secondly, you should have knowledge of relevant subjects like Financial and management accounting, management etc.
  • Write your blogs while getting your degree, be active on relevant subjects so that you get hands-on on the subject. Flaunt it on LinkedIn
  • Working experience on any accounting software.
  • You should also have good communication skills and presentation skills with command on your language.
  • Good business and banking domain knowledge.

Get the training from the industry experts and get certified appearing the exam for example from Henry Harvin    

Continuous learning is part of SAP FICO profile. Getting certified in one module is fine, knowledge of other modules is also needed, working on any specific module gives opportunity to learn other modules

FI consultants should learn

  • FI MM integration 
  • FI SD integration 
  • PS module integration
  • Controlling module integration
  • Funds management integration 
  • PP module integration
  • This makes the SAP FICO profile challenging and interesting.

Job as an SAP FICO Fresher 

After getting a job after certification as a fresher accept whatever role is given. Once you get adjusted, learn the integration aspect of SAP FICO for example Flow material management and sales and distribution are important. You must gain experience for 2-3 years.

Many Factors contribute to decide the SAP FICO Consultant Salary in India

  • Your Qualification and Academic performance.
  • Secondly, your prior experience in ERP or non-Erp domain
  • Your performance during the interview is very important
  • Percentage of the questions answered correctly during the interview
  • Additional skill you possess
  • The SAP FICO Certification 

 You should be well versed in modules, configuration and specialized in Finance skills as well which will be advantageous for your career path. 

Career Growth of SAP FICO                                                                                                                

The career growth of SAP FICO is strategic. So If you go step by step, It is definite to reach the Leadership roles in a few years. 

Job profiles in SAP FICO synergises with job roles. You should understand the roles and upskill yourself accordingly. 

As a beginner SAP FICO fresher would join as an associate consultant. After working for 1-2 yrs you can get the opportunity to work as Consultant.More 5 years and with more experience you would become a senior consultant. Furthermore, experience you can ascend the ladder from Manager to Senior Manager and Finally grab the leadership roles.   

SAP FICO Consultant Salary Increments

Increments of SAP FICO Consultants are around 10-15% on CTC. Increments are based on appraisals evaluating their yearly performance like SMART Goals.





T-Time bound and Cost bound

SAP FICO Consultant Salary based on Experience

Image source AmbitionBox

As you can see from the above graph, as in other industries SAP FICO specialization offers a steady increase in salaries with your experience. 

SAP FICO consultants salaries get higher with more and more experience. Also, their demand in the market increases with an increased experience.

For the beginners also the salaries are good. 

With good Knowledge in SAP FICO field, the professionals get an added advantage in this field. 

Although entry barriers offer good job security for professionals in this field of SAP FICO . 

In this competitive environment of finance, operations, IT etc. this specialization in SAP FICO can offer good career growth.

 SAP FICO Consultant Salary based on Skills and Education

The top 5 highest paid jobs who know SAP FICO with reported salaries are 

  • Chief Finance officer – 50lakhs per year 
  • Group CFO – 50 LPA
  • CFO 48 LPA
  • Finance Director-  42LPA
  • Vice President  40LPA

Skills needed for highly paid  SAP FICO salary are 78% employee are with Postgraduates degree, 7%hold Graduates degree with SAP FICO knowledge and also they have Budgeting, Finance knowledge

The Schools were highly paid SAP FICO had been to are 43% studied at Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI).12%studied at Institue of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) 

Average Salary of SAP FICO consultant in India vs the World

The average SAP FICO salary in Canada is $77,883 per year and experienced make up to  $164,970

The average SAP FICO salary in USA is $120729 per year and experienced make up to $156,000 per year, while that in Australia $147000 per year.

Advantage of Work from home option in SAP FICO Job

  • Work from home option is best suited for female SAP FICO consultants 
  • Some companies offer 100% work from home 
  • Some corporate has the policy to allow a few days in a week for work from home 
  • Job loss could be prevented during pandemic
  • Work-life balance is possible
  •  Stress-free environment 

About The  Certified SAP FICO Training at Henry Harvin

This is an Instructor-led Training and Certificate program.

Trainers at Henry Harvin are the most respected industry experts with 10+ years of experience.

They are invited for 100+keynote classes for SAP FICO training 

They are the Domain Experts and have delivered 500+ lectures 

Trainers are associated with the Placement Cell of multiple organizations to help and assist candidates for placement.

 Contact: +91 9891953953


Role of SAP FICO in business is a Game changer they know what can bring profits to the business and cost-effective manufacturing as well.  SAP FICO is in demand as the market is expanding rapidly, big and small industries are implementing this module of SAP ERP systems nowadays.

The growing curve would definitely be sharp for a fresher, based on knowledge gain and skillset for evolution in SAP FICO career.

SAP FICO with other skillsets can earn a handsome salary in the industry. Rise with SAP FICO and soar high at your career graph monetarily and Knowledge wise to revolutionize the businesses.

Prepare for the interview well enough as a fresher as the position is highly competitive.

The career path is related to remuneration earned and the role to be played in the journey.

The average SAP FICO  consultant salary in India is  ₹11,00,000 per year  ₹564 per hour. Entry-level starts at  ₹6,50,000, while most experienced make up to ₹ 20,60,000 per year.

Hope you find this blog helpful.

Have a great future ahead!

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Q1. What is an average SAP FICO Consultant salary?

The average SAP FICO earns a 6,84,300 per year, fresher can expect around ₹ 3,26,000.

Q2. What are the Job opportunities for a SAP FICO Consultant?

Every job portal is flooded with jobs with SAP FICO Profile, be assured it’s the growing career. 

Q3. What is the highest SAP FICO Consultant Salary?

The highest reported salary offered who knows SAP FICO is  ₹50 Lakhs.
The Top10% employees earn more than 35 Lakhs 
 Top 1% earn more than a whopping 50lakhs 

Q4.What are the most common skills required who know SAP FICO?

100%of employees have skills in SAP FICO. 24% also know budgeting,18% also know Finance. They are the highest paid.

Q5. Which schools do employees working as SAP FICO Salary highest-paid went to?

43% studied at ICAI  (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)  and 12% studied at ICWAI (Institute of Cost  Accountants of India)

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