Why is SAP FICO so popular?

With the surge in the use of SAP FICO Training, there is a continuous transformation in handling business processes. Consequently, gone are the traditional methods of accounting. Instead,  newer technologies are in play. As a result, the workforce must rework their learning. So then, every candidate needs to go for Additional certifications to augment and enrich their skill set. Therefore, there is a growing preference to get professional certification. Currently, one such course that stands out is the SAP FICO Training is designed to upskill candidates on the go. It gives professionals an extra lead helping them keep track of reports at their fingertips.

Moreover, with businesses having a global reach, their systems, processes, business competencies need to be efficient. Also, everything needs to be available to our fingertips. Since speed is of the essence, there is a need for individuals with commercial experience to have SAP FICO training.

The general professional workforce in this area is thin, the demand for these experts is growing in the global market. Furthermore, with most courses going online, candidates can avail SAP FICO Training digitally anytime, anywhere.



SAP is an ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning- software that enhances management applications globally. Specifically, Understandably, SAP is the name of the German Company, System Analysis Program Development, that came up with the software database. It developed software that assists companies in effectively maintaining, managing and reporting the inflow of information.

As an outstanding facilitator for data processing, SAP has different modules that help businesses integrate their data. SAP helps centralise data. When data across departments are easily accessible, companies find it easier to gain more insight into complex operations. Also, viewing data in real-time enables end-users to operate efficiently, with accelerated productivity & workflows and improved customer satisfaction that result in growing profit.

SAP’s business solutions help organisations continuously adapt to changing situations while not losing sight of sustainable growth. Additionally, SAP FICO’s software solution assists in mapping and designing every business process. As a result, SAP FICO’s collected data from the different departments enable us to study & report forecasts and prepare for various eventualities. 

Top 10 Reasons to Learn SAP FICO

1. Smooth Functioning of Business

 The primary purpose of SAP FICO Training is to help businesses consolidate their financial data, generate reports and financial statements. In other words, this module allows smoothening both the financial accounting and the controlling functions within the organisation. Furthermore, it enables managers to track and process data in real-time and effective business decisions. Notably,  SAP FICO helps respond faster with speed in changing business requirements. Moreover, this module provides the platform to track and study the business’s data worldwide, making reporting activity easier.

SAP FICO Training will assist in developing milestones and timelines. Additionally, SAP will enable delivery per customer request by allocating resource availability and tracking task progress. So SAP FICO professionals conceptualise and document various functional designs, test cases, scenarios and results. On the whole, they define the Scope, Assumption, Mitigation and Risk, and detailed planning. Also, they ensure the execution of the project as planned. By identifying issues and proposing system enhancement, they provide efficiency.

2.  Effective Management of Finance

In particular, earning SAP FICO Training helps you gain technical strength in handling more extensive portfolios with confidence. Besides, accurate data can help you identify and work with varied models to help the company plan for the future. Moreover, comprehensive data can be processed and made available, be it projections and cost verifications or others. Also, in organising SAP FICO modules for the company, you will help create valuable technical support for your organisation.

Having SAP FICO certified candidates handle internal reporting will improve cost savings. Furthermore, predictive accounting will help analyse and integrate the effect of third-party sales systems. Also, these challenging times call for us to be quicker and more effective in our responses. It is here that up-to-date information coupled with real-time data become indispensable. Overall, working seamlessly with the relevant reports helps optimise employee efficiency.

3. Reliable Data with SAP FICO Training

SAP FICO provides enterprises with quick and reliable data relevant to the executives accessing it. In addition, SAP FICO equips organisations with the latest software tools enabling them to manage the complete financial transaction data and all economic activities at the click of a button. Also, SAP FICO Training helps professionals develop and maintain all incoming cash flows. In other words, they record and help update all transactions with clients and customers.

Moreover, they assist in real-time reconciliation between management accounting and financial accounting, leading to parallel accounting in SAP. Since the SAP module covers all financial transactions, it becomes the most reliable document for external auditing and internal auditing purposes. 

So then, improving the financial processing of the company is a massive transformation towards value addition. As a result, it enhances smoother coordination between the various departments across the workplace, increasing overall productivity. Therefore, there is a growing requirement for candidates with SAP FICO Training. 

4. Facilitate Tasks

As an SAP FICO candidate, you will assist users in designing and documenting business procedures and processes and developing and delivering training. Moreover, you will learn to liaison with other software users by actively participating with functional user groups. However, errors and issues might emerge during the posting of transactions. Here checking back-end work helps in resolving them. Also, SAP FICO facilitates the exchange of ideas and information. Consequently, candidates learn to lead the various end-user groups in organising management enhancement requests in a given functional area of the organisation.

To summarise, with SAP FICO Training, you’ll find the capability to design, configure, and program tasks related to enhancing interfaces, converting data, and unique enterprise reporting requirements. In other words, you will be advising the applicability in SAP baseline functionality & reporting, custom report writing, specialised configuration and changes in the business process. On the whole, your confidence in performing well will grow by leaps and bounds. 

5.   Growing Demand for SAP FICO Professionals

Of the 25 modules that SAP offers, SAP FICO has emerged as one of the most popular modules. Consequently, SAP helps employees focus on objectives, goals, and strategies that elevate their engagement levels from routine jobs to ownership. Also, achieving strategic goals and potential hurdles ensures rewards and recognition. 

Meanwhile, any organisation that has to present its legal report and balance sheets to its stakeholders have to have their FICO module integrated into their organisation. With business activities getting mechanised, most large global companies are SAP customers. Since they have adopted SAP as their ERP solutions, there are ample job opportunities for SAP FICO trained candidates.

Overall, choosing to do SAP FICO Training is a good decision. Ultimately, the more experience a candidate gains in SAP, the more the chances of becoming a valuable asset to the company. Furthermore, by undergoing SAP FICO Training, you will be availing yourself of hands-on practical training in finance and controlling. In addition, the structured approach of SAP modules helps improve employee engagement.  

6. Lucrative Salary with SAP FICO

On the whole, there is an excellent need for SAP FICO professionals with sound financial knowledge. Since almost all mid-sized and large-scale business operations use SAP implementations, so the need for trained candidates will always be there.

Specifically, individuals with the best communications combined with strong communication skills can easily land a lucrative job. Above all, SAP FICO Training will add value to your expertise. In particular, if your field of specialisation is in finance, then a certification in SAP FICO will be to your advantage. Moreover, SAP certifications also bring Logos and ID cards that recruiters will recognise. Not to mention, all FICO SAP consultants enjoy an excellent reputation.

Accordingly, companies that adopt SAP FICO look for qualified professionals and are willing to invest in well-trained employees expecting better returns. Since SAP enhances its overall efficiency, they are eager to invest. Therefore, experience plays a massive role in implementing intensified SAP modules. Given that a tiny error can result in enormous wastage, which means the role of an SAP Consultant is highly critical. A lot is running on their shoulders. That is also why companies pay higher salaries to SAP candidates carrying out such challenging roles.

7.  Study Business Models

As finance students, you learn concepts and financial terms, but SAP training will clarify how organisations function. Since SAP FICO training is process-oriented, you will learn to study reports through simulation. Consequently, you will understand how organisations work and the different business processes’ functions. Each of the SAP FICO modules has detailed course material. In addition to the detailed modules, SAP FICO Training will enable you to view reports and study business models the way senior executives do. Given that you will be learning hands-on by participating in projects that will add to your experience. 

8. Gain Lead Role in Projects with SAP FICO

Consequently, companies seek managers with a wealth of experience to provide overall direction for implementing new SAP modules. And also to release their latest SAP application software. Significantly, knowledge gained by training and assisting users and IT users will add immense value to your portfolio. Besides that, in planning to perform the cost versus benefit analysis, you will determine the rationale for application system development. Overall, these activities will upskill you in many ways.

Moreover, you will organise and lead various user group forums and address issues management. And you will act as team lead for projects in given functional areas, be it manufacturing, finance & accounting or sales & distribution. As a result, SAP FICO Training will stand you in good stead over the years.

9.  Robotic Process Automation

Generally, today’s businesses have a global overreach. For this reason, they involve both simple and complex financial transactions and data on a day-to-day basis. That’s why, by mechanising and automating business, they can plan their resources more efficiently. Overall, SAP’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organisations to use intelligent bots to automate repetitive activity.

Also, instead of manual processing by a human being, companies automate processes through software and applications. Not to mention, organisations can redirect their human resources towards high-value generating activities with automated bots. That’s why with SAP intelligent RPA services, companies can automate supply chain management. And above all, simplify infrastructure, back-office operations and employment workflow.


10.   Customer Relationship Management

Since customers are the most valuable assets for any company, it is imperative to have healthy and robust customer relationship management. Ultimately, happy customers will help any business grow and expand. With this view in mind, SAP FICO has a unique design, the SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solution.

Especially offered by SAP companies, SAP CRM is a customer relationship solution that integrates all the customer-related services such as sales, marketing, e-commerce and customer service activities. It handles sales and supports enriching personalised customer experiences. Alternately analysing user data to help retain customers. 

At the same time, SAP FICO’s software application supports marketing, sales and service requirements of midsize and large industries and organisations. Moreover, it ensures customer satisfaction while helping businesses achieve their goals. In addition, the SAP CRM application uses software that can integrate with other SAP systems providing real-time data and even inventory management. Thus, SAP FICO ensures that enterprises offer the best customer satisfaction. And at the same time helps business grow. 

Henry Harvin- The Best Choice to do your SAP FICO Training

In choosing to do SAP FICO Training at Henry Harvin, you opt for one of the top three award-winning institutes.

  • You will enjoy 24/7 support and access to their exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) during your membership period.
  • Have access to attend unlimited sessions giving you extensive opportunities to comprehend the study course. Moreover have the option of attending batches under different trainers.
  • Strengthen your core understanding of finance, accounts and control.
  • Since their course material is constantly updated, your expertise will meet the latest industry standards.
  • At the same time, you will be training using their highly advanced lab tools. 
  • The expert trainers at Henry Harvin will walk you through 44 hours of online training.
  • In addition, you will enjoy access to great e-learning tools.
  • Moreover, their 9 in 1 course includes boot camps and hackathons to make the activity an exciting experience.
  • Also, they promise assistance in gaining internships. Finally, they offer a 100% placement guarantee on completion of certification.


First of all, the SAP FICO module is one of the most vital and widely used modules in SAP. In particular, industries and businesses use the SAP FICO- SAP Finance (FI) module and SAP Controlling (CO) module to record and manage all financial data. The SAP FI module robustly covers reporting and accounting of all financial data. Meanwhile, SAP CO focuses on the specific processes of planning and monitoring costs.

The SAP FI Module

SAP FI module covers the following components, General ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Special ledger and Asset Accounting. In particular, this module covers all legal and external reporting. Given that, every organisation should have strong financial management with flawless reporting. When manually done, noting financial transactions becomes a mammoth task. Notably, the SAP FI module helps in successfully executing the accounting processes. Furthermore, this module enables accounting activities such as preparing the balance sheet and reporting the industry’s financial position in the real-time market.  

SAP FI (Financial Accounting) Certification Details

Name of the Exam: SAP Certified Application Associate- Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7

SAP FI Exam Code: C_TFIN52_67

Exam Cost: $592

No of Questions: 80

Passing score: 60%

Duration: 180 min



The SAP CO Module

Firstly, this SAP module will guide candidates to comprehend the primary controlling setting in SAP. Secondly, this module helps SAP CO deal with Internal Management Reporting, reports by Cost Centres and Budget Planning. Thirdly it enables organisations to plan, maintain, supervise and justify various costing processes. Moreover, the SAP CO Module goes hand in hand with the SAP FI Module because it helps the budget and plans the associated cost. Thus, SAP CO’s implementation provides the company’s internal management to study the financial reports and manage records quickly. Finally, with the Master data at hand, the organisation will effectively plan and make decisions. Overall, SAP CO covers the following components in its module, namely: Cost Centre Accounting, internal Orders, projects, Product Costing, Activity-based Costing, Profitability Analysis and Profit Centre Accounting.  

SAP CO (Management Accounting) Certification Details

Name of the Exam: SAP Certified Application Associate-Management Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7

SAP CO Exam Code: C_TFIN22_67

Exam Cost: $592

No of Questions: 80

Passing score: 56%

Duration: 180 min

To Conclude

Overall, with the emerging trend in SAP and SAP FICO work usage, there is a growing demand for SAP FICO professionals globally. Moreover, with every aspect of the industry getting intensely computerised, SAP FICO Training will help you appreciate robotisation and the steam lining of money related operations.

Additionally, it provides companies to meet bookkeeping principles and follow government-stipulated directions. At the same time, companies are stretching their concerns across the globe. Understandably, manual control of finances is an unimaginably mammoth task. And that’s where the role of an SAP FICO trainee becomes integral in mechanising and simplifying intricate procedures. 

In other words, SAP Training enables professionals to develop better workflows and data management. Meanwhile, organisations are gradually achieving this by adopting SAP and hiring SAP-certified professionals.

Moreover, for individuals, getting certified provides countless opportunities. As they get prioritised for promotion and gain recognition as professionals in the platform. For this reason, candidates with SAP FICO Training are considered invaluable assets to the organisation. In addition, these employees earn higher salary raises through the years. To put it simply, by getting certified you stay competitive in the changing IT market.

Q.1 How can I get SAP certification?

You have two options
1) SAP has its Authorised Education Partners. Here you will need to complete a full 5-week training
2) If your company is an SAP Partner and you have a minimum of 2 implementation experience 

Q.2 What is the eligibility for SAP FICO Certification?

The candidate should have a minimum of graduation in commerce since you will need to know the basics of accounting and finance. In other words, you should have the capability to understand the flow of data in SAP FICO.

Q.3 Is SAP FICO Certification a challenging course?

Equip yourself with an inclination to learn and a finance background. And you will find that it isn’t difficult at all. With such expert trainers, modules and training material available, you should train yourself well. Try to understand if SAP FICO Training is what you wish to do.

Q. 4 What are the main SAP Certifications available?

They have three types of certifications.
1) Associate Certification: focus will be on learning the fundamentals- train in SAP knowledge, skills and solution.
2) Specialist Certification: You can do this in addition to the Associate Certification. The focus will be on the integration component and a specific role. 
3) Professional Certification: In this advanced level, you will gain a more in-depth understanding of SAP solutions, project experience and business process knowledge. 

Q.5 How to become an SAP FICO Consultant?

Like in any other profession, the pathway to becoming a SAF FICO Consultant calls for patience, perseverance and time. Invest in training with the best institute. Additionally, build up your work experience. At the same time, explore every opportunity to learn. Develop the ability and readiness to face challenges. And you will find your role as an SAP Consultant. 

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