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Key Features

9-in-1 Course

Training + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-Learning + Bootcamps + Hackathons + Gold Membership

SAP Exam Assistance

Get assistance for SAP exam from experts for scheduling, registration, and clearing the certificate requirement

100% Practical Training

Gets Hands-on training on SAP HR using with + Learn with Capstone Projects + Focus on Learning While Doing + Popular GCAO Pedagogy

Mobile App Access to Moodle E-Learning Portal

You can access the exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) on the go. Use the login credentials to use the Moodle app on your phone and get access to the Certified SAP HR Training Course at the tip of your fingers

24 X 7 Lifetime Support & Access

Capstone Projects + Guaranteed Internship + Weekly Job Support + Recorded Videos + Monthly Bootcamp Sessions + Interview Skills + Career Services

Attend Unlimited Sessions with Multiple Trainers

Once enrolled at our Finance Academy, you have the facility to attend different batches with different trainers. This means you can have unlimited repetitions of the SAP HR Training Course during your membership period without paying anything extra

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About the SAP HR ECC Course

About SAP HR ECC Training

SAP HR is also known as Human Capital Management (HCM) has Modules such as Personnel Administration (PI), Organizational Management (OM), Time Payroll, Time Management, Recruitment, Training and Event Management, Travel Management. SAP HR is an Important Module in SAP. SAP HR Software allows the record-keeping process as an automatic system. SAP HR records all the data of an employee in an organization from date of joining to date of leaving. It stores all the important employee data such as designation, role, address, salary details, and more

9 in 1 Course

  • Training: 44 Hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects in Organizational Management, Time Management, Personal Administration, Payroll, Travel Management, and more
  • Internship: Internship Assistance to gain practical experience of the learnings
  • Certification: Get a Course Completion Certificate of SAP HR Training from Henry Harvin®, Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institute
  • Placement: 100% Placement Guarantee Support for 1-Year post successful completion
  • E-Learning: Access to Abundant Tools and Techniques, video content, assessments, and more
  • Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamps spread over the next 12 Months
  • Hackathons: Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • Membership: Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® ERP Academy for the SAP HR Training Course

SAP HR Training at Henry Harvin®

  • Training Curriculum is well-drafted in accordance with the current IT Industry
  • Offers comprehensive knowledge of entire HR modules during the SAP HR Training
  • Extensive Training on SAP HR with the help of several Live Projects

Trainers at Henry Harvin®

  • Most respected industry experts with 11+ years of working experience
  • Carefully selected by our training partners and recognized by numerous organizations over the years for their work
  • Have been invited for 120+ keynote classes for SAP HR S/4 HANA Training Classes
  • Have delivered 200+ lectures and are currently empaneled as domain experts with Henry Harvin® ERP Academy

Alumni Status

Become a part of the Elite ERP Academy of Henry Harvin® & join the 3,00,000+ strong Alumni Network Worldwide

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Avail 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin®️ ERP Academy that includes E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies
  • Regular Bootcamp Sessions for 1-Year
  • Earn the Prestigious Henry Harvin®️ Alumni status and become one of the reputed 3,00,000+ Alumni across the globe
  • Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin®️ or partner firms
  • Weekly 10+ job opportunities offered
  • Experience Industry Projects during the training

Live Projects

Experience hands-on training with industry projects during the Certified SAP HR Training Course

Who Can Enroll in this Course?

SAP HR Training Course is designed in such a way that it benefits all professionals of Finance Industry There are no prerequisites for the SAP HR Training course however this course will be suitable for:

  • HR Professionals
  • Fresher’s seeking Career in HR Admin
  • Finance Executives
  • Employees who are working in the Finance department
  • Professionals generally wanting to improve their skill set to make their Resume/CV stronger
  • Existing employees looking for a better role to prove to their employers the value of their skills through this certification
  • Graduates looking for a Successful Career
  • Finance Generalists
  • Employees switching to Finance Profession from any domain
  • Candidates who have a degree in the field of B.Tech, B.SC, B.Com, or hold a master's degree

Learning Benefits

  • Better optimization of HR Operations and people data
  • Acquire knowledge about the connected HR Management
  • Learn the Processing of Standardized Payroll
  • Gain knowledge about efficient HR services such as HR Ticketing, HR Service Analytics, and more
  • Manage Document in an efficient way and Access to Employee Documents
  • Be versed in Compliance Management and automated HR document generation
  • Get acquainted with the organizational structure of an enterprise in the SAP R/3 System

Recognitions of Henry Harvin® Education

  • Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award
  • Affiliated with American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified
  • Reviews: 1400+ Google Reviews, 200+ Youtube Testimonials with 4.5+ RatingRated on Goabroad, Trustpilot, GoOverseas & more

Career Benefits

  • Exposure to Millions of Jobs Globally in the Arena of SAP HR
  • Get Hired by International Brands like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other top brands in the industry
  • Be Highly Paid as a Freelancer or as a full-time Professional after the Successful completion of SAP HR Training Course
  • Improve your CV & LinkedIn Profile with Technical & Professional development
  • Distinguish your Profile from peers and get Promoted in Current Profile with the most in-demand Skills
  • Distinguish your profile with the Course Completion Certification of SAP HR Training Course and showcase expertise
  • Better Job Security with exceptional growth opportunities

Know the complete offerings of our SAP HR ECC Training Course

SAP HR ECC Course Curriculum

In this module the candidate will learn about Enterprise Resource Planning and its Packages, Systems Applications and Product’s Architecture and Modules, SAP Human Capital Management. The candidate will also be guided with Discussions on the topics covered.

  • ERP and ERP Packages
  • SAP and its architecture
  • SAP and its modules
  • SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and its areas
  • Discussions with Participants

In this module the candidate will learn how to get started with SAP, understand the HR Module, Organizational Information and Employee Information.

  • Getting Started
  • The HR module
  • Organizational Information
  • Employee Information

In this module the candidate will learn about Organizational Management, which includes understanding of SAP HCM, Relationship between Structure and Syntax, Methods of Creating Organization Structure, Editing of Objects and Relationships, Validity Period and Organization Units, Positions, Jobs etc.

  • Introduction
  • Structure in SAP HCM
  • Objects
  • Relationships – Structure and Syntax
  • Methods of Creating Organization Structure
  • Editing of Objects and Relationships
  • Validity Period
  • Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure

In this module the candidate will learn about Configuring Organizational Structure, which includes understanding of how to create Objects, Essential Relationships, Creating Description and Department, Maintaining Plan Data, Adding Relationships and Account Assignment to the Company Organizational Units and Structure Maintenance.

  • Create Objects
  • Essential Relationships
  • Create Description
  • Create Department/Staff
  • Add Relationships
  • Maintain Plan Data
  • Add account assignment to the company organizational unit
  • Account assignment features
  • Structure Maintenance

In this module the candidate will learn about Configuring Positions and Reporting Relationships, and how to produce an Organizational Structure Report.

  • Configure Positions
  • Configure Reporting Relationships
  • Produce an Organizational Structure Report

In this module the candidate will learn about Public Administration, which includes Integration Setting with Organizational Management and Plant Maintenance, Master Data definition and its uses in SAP HCM, Enterprise Structure and Personnel Structure.

  • Integration setting with OM and PA
  • Master Data Definition and its use in SAP HCM
  • Enterprise Structure – Definition and Assignment


    -Company Code

    -Personnel Area

    -Personnel Sub Area

  • Personnel structure Definition and Assignment

    -Employee Group Employee Subgroup Payroll Area and Control Record (with Retroactive Accounting Period)

In this module the candidate will learn about how to Hire an Employee, Make changes to Employee Master Data and Produce an Employee List Report for the new employee.

  • Hire an Employee
  • Make changes to Employee Master Data
  • Produce an Employee List report for the new employee

In this module the candidate will learn about Establishing the Enterprise Structure, which includes Configuring Personnel Sub- Areas, Employee Sub- Groups, and Grouping for work schedules.

  • Configuring Personnel Sub-Areas
  • Employee Sub-groups
  • Grouping for Work Schedules

In this module the candidate will learn about Time Management, which includes understanding the overview of Time Management in HR, Difference between Domain and SAP HR Time Management, Positive and Negative Time Recording, Public Holidays configuration of different types of Holidays, Holiday Calendar with Business Scenario Applicability with Enterprise Structure, Factory Calendar in HR Perspective, Grouping Personnel sub Area and Employee subgroup Grouping in TM and Work Schedules.

  • Introduction to time management time management process in HR
  • Domain and SAP HR time management differentiation a discussion
  • Positive and Negative Time Recording with Business Process Discussion
  • Public Holidays configuration of different types of Holidays
  • Holiday Calendar with Business scenarios Applicability with Enterprise Structure
  • Factory Calendar in HR Perspective
  • Grouping Personnel sub Area & employee subgroup Grouping in TM

    -Work Schedules

    -Break Schedule

    -Daily work Schedules

    -Period work schedules

    -Day types and Day type selection rules

    -ESG, Holiday calendar assignment for PSA

    -Work Schedule Rules

    -Time Management Info types

In this module the candidate will learn about Indian Payroll and its process, IT 0008 - Basic Pay, IT0014 - Recurring Payment and Deductions, IT0015 - Additional Payments and Deductions, Indian Payroll Driver, Payroll Log, IT0003 Payroll Status, PA 3 - Control Record and Status, IT0057 - Membership Fee, Indian Standard Schemas and PCR.

  • Introduction of Indian Payroll
  • Payroll Process
  • IT 0008 - Basic Pay
  • IT0014 - Recurring Payment and Deductions
  • IT0015 - Additional Payments and Deductions
  • Indian Tax Info type - 0580 to 0588
  • Indian Payroll Driver
  • Payroll Log - RT and CRT
  • IT0003 Payroll Status - Time and Payroll Retro accounting Run
  • PA 03 - Control Record and Status
  • IT0057 - Membership Fee
  • Indian Standard Schemas and PCR
  • Features

This module will equip the candidate with tips for Completing an Action Maintaining Free Text, Time Off, Creating Positions, Changing Cost Centres and Bank Details, Recurring Payments and Deductions, Changing Addresses, Viewing Organizational Structures etc.

  • Completing an Action
  • Maintaining Free Text
  • Time Off
  • Creating Positions
  • Changing Cost Centers
  • Changing Bank Details
  • Recurring Payments and Deductions
  • Changing Addresses
  • Viewing Organizational Structure
  • Changing Work Rule
  • Date Types
  • Preparing for an Interview with SAP HCM Consultant

In this module the candidate will learn about Standard Reports in SAP HCM, Development of Custom Reports in SAP HCM, Process of preparing the project oriented documents in the customized developments.

  • Standard Report in SAP HCM Understanding and execution
  • Development of Custom Reports in SAP HCM projects- process
  • Process of preparing the project oriented documents in the customized developments

In this module the candidate will learn how to Prepare Projects in ASAP Methodology, Roles and Responsibilities of Consultants in different phases of the project and Understanding the HCM specific process in HCM implementation.

  • Preparation of projects in ASAP methodology
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultants in different phases of the project
  • Understanding the HCM specific process in HCM implementation
  • Business Communication
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Presentation Skills

Know the complete offerings of our SAP HR ECC Course

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  • Earn your certificate

    Our SAP HR Training course is exhaustive and this SAP HR Training is proof that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain

  • Differentiate yourself with a Henry Harvin® Certification

    The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you've gained working on projects, simulations, case studies will set you ahead of the competition

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Why Henry Harvin for SAP HR ECC Training Course

12+ Webinars to Brush-up Concepts

As part of our #AskHenry Series, brush-up your concepts with our regular Bootcamp sessions held every month with the experts in the field specifically targeted to make you industry-ready

Experienced Faculty

The Trainers are industry experts who have more than a decade of experience in the field of SAP HR Training

100% Placement Support & Highly Valued LMS

Get 24x7 Lifetime Access to Web + Mobile-Based App with Abundant Data Sets, Case Studies, Useful Content, Recorded Videos, PPT, and Study Notes

Attend Unlimited Batches with Different Instructors for the Next 1 Year

Once enrolled at our SAP Academy, you have the facility to attend different batches with different trainers. This means you can have unlimited repetitions of the SAP HR Training Course during your membership period without paying anything extra.


Henry Harvin® Educations the privilege to get affiliations from the American Association of EFL, PMI, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME & Govt. of India

Know more about what makes Henry Harvin SAP HR ECC Course Best in the Industry

SAP HR ECC Course Training Certification Process


Counselling and Registration

Consult with our counsellors to check your eligibility and the right batch, and then Register for the Certified SAP HR Training Course


Complete the SAP HR Training Course

Attend 44 hours sessions and gain 44 credits to get course completion certification from Henry Harvin®



Complete Projects and give assessment to get the certification from Henry Harvin®



Earn SAP HR Training Course Completion Certification

Post-successful completion of the course, earn Henry Harvin® SAP HR Training Course Completion Certification. Post it on social media, get it framed, and increase your value in the industry

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I had numerous SAP MM courses in mind, but as recommended by one of my friends, I decided to join Henry Harvin. I attended the first session, and was happy with the training modules. The SAP MM course is highly rated, is well structured and very reasonably priced. It is the best-in-class self-paced learning program.

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I wanted to do SAP HR course online and then I decided to join Henry Harvin. I attended the first session, and was happy with the training modules. The course offered is remarkable. It is comprehensive, elaborative, and covers projects in multilateral domains. It was the perfect course that helped me build my skills in this field.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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The trainers of the SAP HR Course were supportive, patient, and experienced. They answered each doubt with the fundamental knowledge of SAP HR. They also help with doubts after the session. This is a good course for active skill development through applied and practical learning and offers Brush up sessions, internships and placement assistance.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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I believe Henry Harvin SAP HR Training Course is one of the best Courses amongst other institutes. The concepts were explained with simple and real life examples. It was an overwhelming experience considering the support I received during the course. With projects, internships, and E-learning resources, the learning opportunities are endless in this SAP HR course.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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Faculty members are so cooperative, patient, and experienced. It’s a lifetime experience to learn all those things from trainers. I highly recommend joining Henry Harvin for the SAP HR Training course. The course is aimed at making students ‘Industry Ready’ through challenges, course assignments and internships. I really enjoyed the SAP HR course.

Rajasree Ranalkar
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I had a very pleasant experience at Henry Harvin while doing SAP HR. The course taught me real-time technology based tools and I learnt many things related to the technical world. The course content of SAP HR is well planned. The trainers are very good and try to help the students in every aspect.

Ajay Choudhury
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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Henry Harvin is one of the best training institutes. The atmosphere of the classroom is remarkable. Henry Harvin has high-quality trainers who are always ready to guide the students. I improved my SAP HR skills after joining Henry Harvin and now I can easily resolve any issue in this stream.

Riaz Khaja
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


See Proof

Henry Harvin is one of the industry leaders in teaching students hand-on experience in SAP HR configuration. The trainers are very patient, knowledgeable, and informative. The course was well managed and focused on the importance of theory as well as practical, which will give every student better knowledge about SAP HR and how it is used.

Know the complete offerings of our SAP HR ECC Course


Know the complete offerings of our SAP HR ECC Course

Henry Harvin Trainee Are Working At


Know the complete offerings of our SAP HR ECC Course

Commonly Asked Questions

In the midst of the COVID-19 widespread, it is better to take online classes without compromising your precious health. Our prestigious institute Henry Harvin is providing this opportunity to provide live online classes for SAP HR certification training from any place without disturbing your routine

The SAP HR Certification training program in Henry Harvin is delivered by senior industry experts who have worked and handled international projects of international companies. They will assist you to pick up the latest industry standards and methods that are vital in the real world. Students will work on case studies to earn experience

It will give a boost to your career and help you to gain skills and knowledge. Nowadays companies are demanding SAP HR training to get skillful candidates for their company to handle international projects

E-Learning: Various e-learning resources which include recorded videos, games, projects, case studies Brush-up Sessions: 12 monthly brush-up sessions for 1-Year worth Rs 6000 for free Internship & Job Opportunities: Job notifications every week

It is up to you to join any company before completing the training, but we always advise our members to complete training before joining any organization.

The Certificate Names, Logos of SAP are respective to their individual companies. Henry Harvin® is an individual company and not an authorized partner of SAP

There are no specific requirements for SAP HR certification. Applicants must graduate or hold a master's degree.

If you miss the lecture then don’t worry you can watch the recordings of missed sessions or attend missed class with the next batch

Henry Harvin provides SAP HR training in all parts of India Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala.

Yes, of course, live projects will be given to be handled to gain experience and get selected in the company

Commonly Asked Questions

Excited to Learn?

SAP HR ERP operations is widely used across industries and is used for streamlining HR processes within an organization. Therefore, HR professionals with these specialized skills in SAP are more likely to get hired because of their knowledge on SAP HR and for the innovations they bring to SAP Success factor. SAP HR training course deals with all the important modules in the HR management system. It allows one to use the benefit tools to support the procurement and inventory functions, and to customize benefits given by the company to its employees. This increases the chances of retaining the best employees within the company itself.

Henry Harvin is recognized for their training quality and uniqueness. We are a prominent professional and competency development training institute which focuses on value creation. We tend to impart coaching to beginners and professionals focusing majorly on ability improvement, assessment and analysis, content administrations and better education.

Our SAP HR Course includes 44 - hours of instructor led online interactive classroom sessions. The SAP HR Training Course is as per the industry standards and offers complete knowledge of the entire module. This Course is well recognized and Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 2990: 2010 Certified.

What do we teach in the “SAP HR Training Course” at Henry Harvin?

At Henry Harvin we not only make sure that our students are thorough with the “SAP HR” complete course material but also expose them to training, real-time projects to ensure hands-on practical training. For their convenience we provide them with the access to our e-portal where they are free to access several tools and techniques. We also post course lectures, presentations, reading materials, and class session recordings on the e-portal for reference.

Our SAP HR training course highly focuses on developing practical knowledge of their students and getting them well-versed in the effectiveness of HR services like HR Service Analytics HR Ticketing, Automated HR document generation, Compliance Management and more. Students are familiarized with the SAP R/3 System and the organizational structure of a company and how to optimize HR Operations better. This course also teaches students effective ways to manage documents, access employee data and process standardized payroll. Students at Henry Harvin are made to work on live projects in areas like Time Management, Organizational Management, Personal Administration, Travel Management, Payroll etc. This helps them gain real time exposure to the industry.

Our trainers are all industry professionals. They have 15+ years of experience and are recognized by many organizations universally for their good work and expertise on the topics and the tools. They are very experienced and bring valuable knowledge with them to the table. We believe that the trainer’s expansive teaching exposure helps students to have a better learning experience.

Henry Harvin’s students also enjoy 12 months of free brush-up sessions where they can clarify all their doubts. The course fee is reasonable. Students have a choice to make full payment or pay in EMI at 0% interest rate with no hidden costs. And what more, post “SAP HR training” we provide our students with internship opportunities, prepare them for facing interviews and help them with placement assistance too. 

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