For developing management in the field of IT and business, SAP has been consistently providing great ways from the very beginning. One must know from top to bottom about SAP FICO if an individual wants to make their profession SAP as a career. In SAP an aggregate of 28 modules is present. Out of these 28 modules only a few are viewed as mainstream. 

Finance and controlling also known as FICO, is one of the important modules of SAP. The two modules i.e SAP Finance and SAP Controlling are called SAP FICO. The module includes configuration and user management. 

If you want to become an SAP FICO consultant and want to make sap as a career then you need to have a strong base in SAP FI and SAP CO modules along with certification. Getting a certificate will help you become eligible and perform better in roles such as account and finance executive, senior analyst programmer, etc. 

Steps to become an SAP consultant

The FICO module is an important module of SAP. To make sap as a career and to become an SAP FICO consultant, you need to have dedication and commitment to your work. Getting into an entry-level position in a firm as an SAP FICO consultant will not take more than six months of time. It’s not necessary for an individual to have a financial background to become an SAP FICO consultant. Learning the basic process of accounting would help you get placed in companies. 

Basic steps to start your career as an SAP FICO consultant –

1. Get Trained with SAP FICO module

FICO has two modules. You can learn any one of the modules or can get trained in both modules. At the end of the training, you have to appear for exams that will award you FI/ CO certification. On achieving the certification you will be open to an abundance of job opportunities.

2. Learn SAP FICO module at your own pace

You can learn the SAP FICO training program at your own pace. You can invest three months after getting a certificate into practical training to get SAP FICO.

3. Hunt for a Job

If you have experience of 3-4 years in the SAP FICO training program sap as a career then you can try your luck by joining IT companies like Deloitte, IBM, Accenture as an SAP trainee.

Updating your knowledge in this area will help you to shift your career from an end-user to an SAP FICO consultant. 

Let us understand the roles and responsibilities of an SAP FICO consultant in detail : 

SAP FI Module

Every organization needs a system to manage and control its finances with proper management ability. In the present scenario, it becomes stressful to handle the entire financial accounting by manpower. Thus, the SAP FI module has emerged as a popular module in most organizations. The SAP FI module carries out the financial and accounting method smoothly. SAP FI modules provide the following components:

  • Asset Accounting Account Consolidation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • General Ledgers

SAP FI includes SAP FI configuration. The configuration is generally done by the business manager coordinating with clients, business area configuration, company, and more. The conditions for SAP FI configuration are fiscal year variant, currencies, and chart of accounts. Once the configuration is done rightly, the documents will be posted thereafter. Enterprises can view their real-time financial status. This will help enterprises to keep a check on every financial transaction and report at the end of the fiscal year. 

SAP CO Module

SAP Controlling i.e SAP CO, another module of SAP FICO. With the help of this module, an enterprise can maintain, supervise, justify and plan numerous processes. Apart from controlling SAP CO comprises other elements like users and involves master data, configuration, and reporting. 

This module helps to get insight into financial reporting, managing records, and taking decisions related to the firm. Also, the module helps organizations to make some essential business decisions. An organization can manage reporting and information databases smoothly by using the SAP FICO module, according to the requirement of the business and demand. 

Some sub-components of SAP CO module : 

  • SAP-CO-OM-ABC: Activity Based Costing
  • SAP-CO-OM: Overhead Management
  • SAP-CO-OM-CCA: Cost Center Accounting
  • SAP-CO-OM-OPA: Internal Order Accounting
  • SAP-CO-OM-CEL: Cost Element Accounting
  • SAP-CO-PA: Profitability Analysis
  • SAP-CO-PC: Product Costing
  • SAP-CO-PCA: Profit Center Accounting

In order to become a successful FICO consultant, you need to have complete knowledge of SAP FICO. Experts recommend attending the SAP FICO training program to upgrade understanding levels and get hands-on experience. 

If you want to get trained in SAP FICO then you must enroll in Henry Harvin Education as this is the best institute for SAP FICO training. 

About Henry Harvin

Since 2017, Henry Harvin has been offering plenty of courses, online certification in sap as a career, and professional training courses. Henry Harvin falls under the top categories of institutes in India. Henry Harvin is recognized globally for its uniqueness. The institute ranks amongst the top 500 global Edtech companies with 300,000+ alumni, 200+ courses, 900+ clients, and 500+ award-winning trainers. 

Henry Harvin’s certified SAP FICO S/4 HANA Training program is ranked amongst the top 3 courses in the industry. The training program is delivered by industry experts. The faculty members are proficient in imparting knowledge. The team members are very much supportive and well experienced. A lifetime experience to learn from the expert trainers. Henry Harvin provides 24×7 support and access with live projects, internships, job support, career services, and more. 

SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course Training (SAP as a Career)

The SAP FICO i.e Financial Accounting and Controlling course offers students detailed information on financial accounting and controlling. This in-depth knowledge helps students to master the art of using SAP FICO software on the S/4 HANA server. Henry Harvin delivers a series of advanced lab tools and course materials as per the latest industry trends. 

The trainers in Henry Harvin are well experienced with 10+ years of working experience. The mentors are recognized by numerous organizations over the years for their work. They have delivered 500+ lectures. The institute gives you hands-on training with industry projects during the certified SAP FICO Training Course.

  • Training: 44 hours of online interactive classroom sessions
  • Projects: Projects related to SAP FI, SAP CO, and more
  • E-learning Access: Access to recorded videos, games, projects, case studies, sufficient tools and techniques, video content, assessment, etc
  • Certification: Get recognised certification of SAP FICO S/4 HANA Training Course from Henry Harvin ®, Govt of India and award winning
  • Internship: To gain practical experience of learning
  • Placement: 100% placement guarantee support
  • Bootcamp: Regular bootcamp sessions over the next 12 months
  • Membership: 1 year gold membership of Henry Harvin ® ERP Academy for the SAP FICO S/4 HANA
  • Complimentary Modules: Access to soft skill development and resume writing along with the Certified SAP FICO Training Course. 

Learning Benefits of SAP FICO Training Course

  • One-year subscription of Henry Harvin ® LMS portal
  • Monthly brush up sessions
  • Recorded videos
  • Industry-oriented study materials
  • SAP FICO Training Certification
  • Internship opportunity
  • 100% placement guarantee support
  • Project support for SAP FICO experts
  • Learning SAP FICO is beneficial both for an individual and the firm
  • Getting SAP FICO certification will boost your career
  • Earn recognition 
  • Excellent job opportunities
  • Handsome salary
  • Get acknowledgment in your professional life

Other SAP Training Courses by Henry Harvin are: 


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SAP HR ECC Course 

Other popular courses offered by Henry Harvin:

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Who can opt for SAP FICO Course?

Anyone interested in or already involved with the finance industry can enroll in this course. To become an SAP consultant, one needs to evaluate knowledge in finance and be passionate about learning the basics of accounting entries. However, the SAP FICO training course will be suitable for :

  • Employees working in the finance department
  • Graduates
  • Finance Generalists
  • Finance profession from any domain
  • Finance Executives
  • Employees looking for improving skill for Resume/CV
  • Candidates having degree in B.Tech, B.SC,B.Com or holding a Master’s degree

On becoming SAP FICO Consultant

In recent times the SAP certification (sap as a career) has become very popular. The certification helps to validate the expertise and gain experience of customers, software users who want to be hired in the SAP field. An individual can establish a decent career in SAP based on SAP certification. SAP certification opens up many job opportunities.

Making a career in SAP FICO can help you secure plenty of growth opportunities. On becoming an SAP FICO consultant, you need to acquire essential skills for being a valuable resource for your firm. The SAP FICO consultant performs both technical and non-technical duties. SAP FICO consultant handles all the financial documents and guidelines.

Career path of an SAP FICO Consultant

Associate Consultant> Consultant>Sr.Consultant> Principal Consultant> Solution Architect

Getting SAP Certification helps you in landing a job with better knowledge. However, it is advisable to have SAP FICO certification before applying for jobs as you will be given preference over non-certified applicants. 


An SAP FICO consultant structures SAP-based enterprise resource planning solutions. The roles and responsibilities of the experts include understanding an organization’s business needs, providing system solutions along identifying and interpreting customer requirements. Apart from non-technical roles,  SAP FICO consultants’ main job is to do the technical work in SAP projects. SAP as a career SAP FICO consultant profile is sort of versatile. There are various types of responsibilities, your work would never be monotonous. The career in SAP FICO is a challenging one. It has ample growth opportunities. An SAP FICO consultant can earn $86,997 annually.

Prepare yourself really well to become a successful SAP FICO consultant. 

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Q1.  What does the SAP FICO module include?

SAP FICO module covers –
SAP FI /CO configuration, SAP FI user, and SAP CO user. Choosing a career as an SAP FICO consultant, all you need to have is a strong base covering all the aspects of SAP FI and SAP CO modules.

Q2.  Is it difficult to become an SAP FICO consultant as a fresher?

As a fresher, you need to have an appropriate University education. Without a proper degree, it will be difficult to become an SAP FICO consultant. Having a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from a recognized college/ university is a must. 

Q3. What are the types of SAP FICO jobs?

Different job descriptions of SAP FICO users are- 
End users
Power users
Project Manager

Q4.  How can you become an efficient SAP FICO consultant?

If you are willing to become an SAP FICO consultant, you should learn all the skills required for your company. The role of an SAP FICO consultant is not only confined to configuration work but a lot more other things. The job role of an SAP FICO consultant is both technical and non-technical duties. 

Q5. How much does SAP FICO certification cost?

The certificate fee for the Associate level is INR 39,326/-
Professional level it is INR 56,180/- inclusive of taxes. 

Q6. Top 5 ways to get hired as SAP FICO consultant

Building up a strong network
Stay updated with the latest SAP developments
Communication is the key
Upgrade your CV
Choose wisely SAP Recruitment Agencies to work with

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