Over the last decade, SAP has gained popularity as an ERP software in organizations worldwide. It helps to manage and control most of the business tasks simply. Different modules in SAP offer distinct functionalities and processes that are designed based on demands. As a result, it has a wide scope all over the world. This article provides a list of SAP modules for 2024.

SAP is a leading global producer of business management software. It is both the company’s and the ERP software’s name. It provides a wide range of  ERP software fit for small and mid-sized businesses as well as large corporations. Nowadays, organizations all over the world use SAP products due to their various benefits.

There are different modules in SAP that are integrated into a unified database. Its integrated applications help to control and manage various functions of the business. Furthermore, SAP helps organizations to improve efficiency and overall business performance. 

Different Modules in SAP

SAP offers several modules that help with various business needs and processes. It helps to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many functional areas. Various SAP modules are developed according to the clients’ budgets and requirements. All modules in SAP also integrate with each other with functionality. It provides the best solution for a business that covers almost every functional area of a business, such as finance, sales and distribution, material management, HR, production, and so on.

There are two categories of SAP modules: Functional modules and Technical modules.

List of Functional SAP Modules

SAP functional modules provide predefined standard functionality on specific business processes. This also helps organizations to manage various aspects of their businesses effectively. The list of some of the top SAP functional modules is given below.


FI is Financial Accounting. It helps to manage the organization’s financial transactions and accounts through a unified system. This module is flexible, promotes proper reporting, and works very well in any type of situation. Moreover, it tracks the flow of financial data in a controlled manner across the organization. Also, it generates and provides financial statements for better decision-making. 


It is the SAP Controlling module. It helps in planning, coordinating, reporting, and monitoring all the business processes in an organization. Also, it helps to control and optimize business costs. In other words, it controls the business flow in an organization. Furthermore, it helps in the analysis of actual figures along with the planned data and in planning business strategies. Two kinds of elements are managed in CO and that are cost and revenue elements. 


MM stands for Material Management. It manages the materials and logistics in the business and deals with the procurement activities of an organization. This module can manage material requirements, production, and materials used in the business. It includes consumption-based planning, purchasing, inventory management, logistics invoice verification, etc. This ensures that there are no gaps in the supply chain process.


It refers to the Human Capital Management. This is one of the important SAP modules. This module defines an organization as well as deals with the important processes in the human resource department. Furthermore, it monitors employee performance and manages employee data, payroll, promotions, workforce planning, and more. This module includes personnel administration, payroll accounting, recruitment, training, and organizational management. Moreover, it ensures a flexible workforce.  


This is the Sales and Distribution module. It includes sales, pricing, shipping, and billing of finished goods. This supports product and service sales as well as distribution activities from enquiry to order to final delivery. It involves sales order processing and monitoring, shipping and transportation, invoice generation, credit management, etc. 


It is the Logistics Execution module. This deals with the entire logistic processes including warehouse, distribution, transportation, shipping, etc. Also, it helps in planning and monitoring transportation. It includes shipment of goods as well as warehouse management. The first one is for the process from purchase to procurement and the latter is for goods storage.


This is the Quality Management module. It is for quality control and assurance in various industries. This ensures that the product meets quality standards for both raw materials and finished goods. It involves quality planning, inspections, audits, control, certificates, as well as notifications.


It refers to the Production Planning module. This is one of the important SAP modules. It deals with the overall manufacturing and production processes. 

Also, this module handles production planning and management. Moreover, it integrates different departments involved in production and manufacturing. It involves master data, bill of materials, work centers, etc.


This is the project system module for planning and managing projects and portfolios. It deals with the full cycle of various projects, from planning and execution to completion. Also, this helps to monitor and control all stages of the project. However, in this module, the size of the project doesn’t matter. Everything can be managed with this module. It involves project planning, costing, monitoring and execution, budgeting, billing, and more.


It refers to the Customer Relation Management module. It handles customer-related processes from beginning to end. This module consolidates all the data related to customers associated with an organization in a single platform. Furthermore, it helps to improve sales and services while building strong relationships with customers. 

List of Technical SAP Modules

SAP modules

SAP technical modules provide needed support to functional modules. Hence, it focuses on technical aspects of SAP implementation, configuration, and development. Here are some of the top technical SAP modules listed:

1. SAP Basis

Basis stands for Business Application Software Integrated solution. It is the foundational technical module of the SAP system, which ensures the smooth running of SAP applications. This handles not only the SAP technical environment management but also the SAP transport system. It involves system and database administration, installation, configuration, maintenance, and network management.


ABAP stands for Advanced Business application programming. It is one of the important programming SAP modules. It is also the default programming language for SAP applications. This high-level modern programming language is used to develop and customize applications and extensions in the SAP system. Additionally, it allows the creation and modification of functionalities according to the business requirements. 

3. SAP NetWeaver

It is a common open technology platform for building and integrating SAP applications. Hence, it utilizes open standards which helps to effectively integrate and interact with various applications and servers with each other from almost any technology or source.  Additionally, this module includes a set of components, applications, and tools for developing web applications, business intelligence, and enterprise portals.  


It has an in-memory database structure to process huge amounts of data. Hence, it is useful for High-Performance Analytic Appliances. It is useful for solving complicated problems and working on big data. Moreover, it uses the latest technology and supports artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

5. SAP Solution Manager

It is an application lifecycle management platform. It allows the management, operation, implementation, support, and monitoring of SAP systems. Furthermore, it ensures that the SAP system keeps running securely, cleanly, and smoothly. 

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In summary, SAP products are widely used by organizations across the world. It consists of different modules with various functions. Moreover, these different modules in SAP help organizations to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and make informed data-driven decisions. Moreover, it helps in overall business management and success. Hence there is an increase in demand for SAP-certified professionals. These SAP modules listed in this article will give a brief idea about it in both aspects.  

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Q1. What does ERP and SAP stand for?

Ans. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning whereas SAP is Systems,  Applications and Products.

Q2. What makes functional and technical modules differ from one another?

Ans. SAP functional modules provide front-end support for specific business functions. While technical modules provide back-end support for functional modules.

Q3. What is SAP FICO?

Ans. It is the combination of SAP FI and SAP CO modules to handle accounting and planning. 

Q4. Which SAP modules are in demand?

Ans. SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP HCM, SAP HANA, and other modules are in high demand.

Q5. Is SAP a good future career option?

Ans. Yes, of course. SAP has many job opportunities in various areas with high salaries and career growth. It will increase in the future also. 

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