The growing digital world has given a lot of data to different professions. Staying updated on the newest methods can help you achieve your career objectives. In today’s competitive business world, companies are looking for employees who have SAP MM course certifications, and utilizing online courses can make learning easier.

However are you an individual interested in learning about business practices? Are you excited about discovering fresh possibilities in the field of business logistics? This blog offers detailed research about SAP MM courses in Riyadh. 

Meanwhile, choose online schools that provide SAP MM Classes to get accurate knowledge and increase your marketability in the job sector.

SAP Material Management– Overview

SAP MM courses

Whereas, the SAP application will work with real-time data. Moreover, it can be set as the need of the business to make the changes based on its requirements through its common set of programs. One of the SAP business processes is the Material Management module. It is part of the logistics area. Moreover, it helps to maintain the inventory process. SAP has many modules that allow for managing business.

Simultaneously, The 5 Best SAP MM Courses listed cover the Material Management module in SAP combined with planning, organizing, and controlling the flow of materials from starting purchase through their internal process to service.

Meanwhile, the Material Management module consists of all primary data, system configuration, and transactional processes to complete the buying and paying process. Moreover, the best 5 SAP Courses will help job assistance for freshers. Many companies use the SAP MM modules to make good decisions to reduce costs.  

Best 5 SAP MM Courses in Riyadh

1. Henry Harvin ERP Academy


SAP MM courses

Henry Harvin is a highly reputable brand for giving top-quality SAP MM courses in Riyadh. Its SAP MM course, which is certified, is considered one of the top courses in the industry. Especially, their subject matter experts are the ones who design the Curriculum. The SAP MM course, Henry Harvin Education offers 44 hours of real-time online interactive classroom sessions. Meanwhile, Henry Harvin’s online SAP MM Certification provides an in-depth understanding of Material Management functions and objectives.

Subject matter experts have designed the curriculum to allow students to learn the following.

What You Learn From The Course

  • The structure of an organization.
  • Different kinds of documents.
  • The group responsible for the release, codes used for releasing, indicators for release, requirements before releasing, and methods for release.
  • Group of Scheme.
  • Sheet for recording service entries.
  • Establish the organizational framework for a business.
  • Document of physical inventory.
  • Order for transportation of stock.
  • Valuation of materials, valuation split, and additional aspects.

Students taking the SAP MM course from Henry Harvin gain career advantages such as global job opportunities and are recruited by International Brands. However, Henry Harvin Education prepares its students to tackle the contemporary digital environment. Based on my findings, I suggest seeking out Henry Harvin Education for SAP MM courses online as they offer the top learning experience in the digital realm.

List of benefits of learning SAP MM courses

  • With hands-on learning experiences. 
  • Undoubtedly having the prestigious certification with your name and emblem is the rewarding outcome following the training at Henry Harvin.
  • They offer weekly job assistance through the JobsForYou Portal.
  • Entry to every #AskHenry Hackathon.
  • Get access to over 52 Bootcamp sessions for developing important soft skills.
  • Exclusive entry to E-Learning Platform.
  • Henry Harvin Education offers over 200 online courses for different skills and techniques in a one-year gold membership, including unlimited access to live sessions and batches at Henry Harvin Academy.
  • Formerly, Internship opportunities are guaranteed at all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Meanwhile, Chance to apply what you have learned in real-life projects.
  • Henry Harvin has provided training to over 30,000 learners and conducts 700+ live classes each month to continue the tally. Their corporate partnerships number over 180, while their college partnerships exceed 110. Finally, Henry Harvin won the Top Corporate Training Award and the Game-Based Learning Company of the Under 40 Business World Award. I recommend checking their website for further details on SAP MM courses in Riyad.

Whereas, the cost of the course is 22500 INR. In addition to offering SAP MM courses, they also give in-demand courses such as Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Tableau, ACCA, HR Post Graduate Program, and Advanced Excel.

2. The Knowledge Academy


SAP MM courses

Therefore, Engage in interactive learning from home through The Knowledge Academy’s Online Instructor-led SAP Material Management Training | SAP Training in Riyadh. Interact directly with knowledgeable teachers, following the same timetable as the classroom for a thorough learning experience. Besides, experience the ease of online learning without sacrificing the level of engagement.

Objectives of the SAP MM Courses

  • To comprehend the basic principles of SAP Material Management.
  • To understand the procurement procedure in SAP MM, such as purchase requisition, purchase order, and goods receipt.
  • Additionally, it will examine methods to manage inventory processes like material master data, stock transfer, and goods issues.
  • Eventually, you can learn the techniques to value assets and how they influence financial statements.
  • Furthermore, it will acquire expertise in SAP MM features by engaging in hands-on activities.

Generally, after the SAP Course In India, participants will be awarded a certificate for completing SAP Material Management. Henceforth, this certification proves mastery of SAP MM, boosting job opportunities and confirming the skills learned in training.

What do these SAP MM  Courses cover?

  • Identically, high-quality training sessions are led by experienced trainers.
  • Fourthly, a certificate of Training in SAP Material Management.
  • Additionally, pack for digital representatives.

3. SAP Training Shop 

Henceforth, if you want to increase productivity, efficiency, or innovation in a changing market, we provide various options to ensure your SAP solutions meet your needs.

However, your objectives and difficulties are one of a kind, just like our approach to providing services. Identically, by selecting SAP services and support, you can use tailored resources and experts who are available instantly to assist you in achieving success of any size and pace.

Key benefits

  • Moreover, you can accelerate learning with an updated educational process.
  • Meanwhile, maintaining a user-friendly educational platform suitable for all roles and proficiency levels. 
  • Likewise, we can easily locate the study material you require using improved search capabilities for better discoverability.

4. Edoxi Training Institute

Edoxi’s Corporate Training in Riyadh develops your company to tackle upcoming obstacles by providing the necessary expertise and abilities to staff. Moreover, our program is created to assist corporate workers thrive in the ever-changing work landscape and our course completion certificate, acknowledged by industry, enhances your professional profile.

Benefits Of Choosing Edoxi SAP MM Courses

  • Improves Cost Efficiency
  • Improves Employee Morale
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Lowers Absenteeism
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Helps in Team-building
  • Customized Training
  • Expert Trainers
  • Comprehensive Learning

5. Omni Academy

OMNI ACADEMY & CONSULTING, established in 2010 as part of MHSG Consulting Group, is a highly esteemed Training & Consulting firm dedicated to assisting clients in enhancing their people and business by increasing engagement with customers through digital transformation. Meanwhile, they are helping individuals acquire valuable skills to secure employment.

Key Features of SAP MM Courses

  • Flexible Classes Schedule
  • Online Classes for out-of-city/country students
  • Unlimited Learning – FREE Workshops
  • FREE Practice Exam
  • Internships Available
  • Free Course Recordings Videos


Benefits of Learning SAP MM Courses

  1. However, gain more knowledge about the functions and objectives of material management.
  2. Improve knowledge about release groups, schema groups, and service categories.
  3. Create physical documents about inventory.’
  4. You can combine SAP Certification Courses with the other modules.

Future Scope After SAP MM Courses


Getting the SAP MM course certification helps you to get a place in a well-developed company.


This certification will help you get a higher salary than the person without getting paid.


Therefore, with the certification completed, Simultaneously, you can get a promotion in your job.


Eventually, I did my best in my research to help you select from the best  SAP MM courses. However, many course options are available to enhance your learning experience in today’s digital era. You need to confirm that the institution you select from the best 5 can fulfill your requirements. In my opinion, Henry Harvin ERP Academy stands out as the most trustworthy option among the 5 institutes and guarantees a unique online learning experience.


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 1. What are the features of SAP MM courses?

   Ans. Features of SAP MM courses are-

  • Purchasing
  •     Receiving
  •     Non-production stores.
  •     Transportation
  •     Production and material control.
  •     Material Handling

 2. Does having SAP MM courses certification guarantee you a job?

Ans. Completing the SAP certification would result in acknowledgment and could enhance your profile post-certification.

3. Is it necessary to have the certification to secure the job?

Ans. There is no need for a certificate to finish the topic, however, having the certification would give your profile precedence during interviews.

4. Does Saudi Arabia require SAP MM course professionals?

Ans. Employers in Saudi Arabia prefer certified SAP professionals. Certification opens doors to high-paying jobs.

5. What are the requirements for this SAP MM course?

Ans.- Anyone looking to gain knowledge in SAP MM through online courses.

  • Functional consultants in SAP modules other than the specified one.
  • End SAP users seeking to understand transactions.
  • Managers in charge of warehouses.
  • Purchase managers.
  • Those who have a passion for IT in the role of a functional consultant.

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