Are you a Hyderabad resident and are you aware of this news? According to the recent research trends, the demand for Project Management Professionals is going to increase tremendously by the year 2027-2028. And so, is increasing the demand for online and offline PMP courses in Hyderabad. So, if you wish to take your career in Project Management ahead, you can definitely think about registering yourself for the best PMP certification training in Hyderabad.

I am here to give you a list of the 10 best Project Management Courses in Hyderabad.

But before that, let’s get some important information about PMP, the online PMP test and the job opportunities.

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What are Projects, and Why do they need to be managed?
The PMI (Project Management Institute) defines the project as:

Any temporary endeavor with a definite beginning and end. Depending on its complexity it can be managed by a single person or hundreds.

The project has definite characteristics like

  • A project has a definite time limit i.e. a fixed start and end date.
  • It is unique and creates something new that never existed earlier.
  • It has certain boundaries like time constraints, a specific budget, and purposes.
  • A project can be big or small. Also, it may be limited to a single person, for example, a writing project for a freelance writer, to a massive project like the construction of a dam.

And this is where the Project Managers play a key role.

Top 10 Project Management Courses in Hyderabad

So, lets us find out some best PMP training courses in 2021, both in-person and online. Many of these are either only online training courses or both in-person and online training courses or may be combined with the self-paced course along with the other forms.

1. PMP Certification Training Course by Henry Harvin



The PMP certification course for the PMP exam by Henry Harvin is not only famous in Hyderabad but the whole of India.

So, let’s check out what makes Henry Harvin’s PMP course so special!

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

Course Duration:

  • Henry Harvin’s course offers 36 hours of instructor-led core sessions and 50 hours of E-Learning.
  • This is an online PMP Certification course, which allows one to access it from anywhere and any time.
  • The course also offers 24 hours Boot camp Session to brush up on concepts.
  • Another benefit of the Project management course by Henry Harvin is that, during its membership period, it offers unlimited access to its students to all the batches, without paying any extra charges.
  • Once you are registered for to PMP course, Henry Harvin, you can access unlimited sessions taught by multiple trainers.
  • You can learn with the help of 9 industry case studies and 16 real-world examples.
  • The students can get lifetime support once registered for this course.
  • The live projects and guaranteed internship are the other advantages of the PMP course at Henry Harvin.
  • Henry Harvin also provides you with career services and job support and train you for interview skills.
  • You can get access to more than 1500 practice questions and to the digital materials from PMI, which is Project Management Institute.
  • PMP® certification course helps you enter the network of project management professionals over the globe. This will be definitely helpful for the students to be well aware of the latest trends and changes in PMP and be in touch with the people of the same profession.
  • The trainers of the PMP certification course in Hyderabad are the real asset of Henry Harvin, as they are internationally acclaimed and have over 10 years of experience.
  • All of these specialities of the PMP course by Henry Harvin make it 100% reliable as well as the top PMP course in Hyderabad.

Henry Harvin PMP Certification Training Course Fee

Henry Harvin also provides these Courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Project Management Course is Provided:

AgraAhmedabadNoidaMumbaiBangaloreErnakulamKolkataKanpurOnline, Chennai, Gurgaon

2. PMP Certification Training Course in Hyderabad by Coursera

Coursera logo

PMP Certification training course by Coursera is one of the best courses for PMP training in Hyderabad in 2021.

  • There are more than 10 courses related to various requirements of Project management course .
  • Once taken admission you get access to the digital materials from PMI.
  • You can get the real-life experience of learning through the case studies.
  • Not only this, but the course offers you a 100% Money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied.
  • The courses are intensive and hands-on giving you the required knowledge abut how to finish your projects in time under a fixed budget.

3.  PMP classroom training by ExcelR Solutions


ExcelR Institute’s PMP certification course is another reputed name in the PMP training courses in Hyderabad.

  • This institute offers 35 contact hours of training for a PMP certificate.
  • The students get more than 3000 practice questions as well as 5 simulated tests.
  • The plus point of Edureka Institute’s PMP certification course is that the student can crack the PMP exam in the first attempt, with the preparation plan.
  • In addition to this, the course also promises100% money-back guarantee.
  • The Edureka institute is proud to announce a 97.3% passing rate.
  • You can avail yourself of ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS for 1 Year.
  • The course is offered both as an online live virtual PMP certification training course as well as a self-paced PMP certification training course.
  • You can access the LMS for the recorded videos and free project management templates.
  • You can get more information about this course here:

4. Edureka Institute’s PMP certification course

Edureka logo

Edureka institute’s PMP certification course is amongst the top PMP certification courses in Hyderabad.

  • The course is live, online, instructor-led.
  • Through its 35 hours contact training course, it gives its trainees knowledge about Project Management Institute (PMI), as well as the standards and the best practices of Project management.
  • This course prepares you to be a successful Project Management Professional.
  • The PMP training course by Edureka also prepares you to apply the management tools and techniques in a project.
  • The course helps you understand where projects fit within an organization and its strategy.
  • Focus on project benefits in addition to the traditional focus on project outputs
  • Recognize and recall formal Project Management terms and practices used in the industry globally
  • For more information about the course, you can visit the following website:

5. PMP® Certification Training Institute in Hyderabad

The PMP certification training provided by the 360 Digi TMG, is another best quality course for PMP in Hyderabad.

The characteristics of this course are as follows:

  • The course offers 35 hours of intensive classroom and online sessions.
  • The main asset of this institute is the trainers of this course, as they are experienced trainers from the institutes like IIM, IIT, and ISB.
  • 360Digi TMG promises its students to get to clear the PMP certification exam on the first attempt!
  • You learn the core concepts of PMP as well as get many tips and tricks to clear the PMP certification exam.
  • This course offers the exam questions preparation of more than 3000 questions. Not only this, but this course also offers 3 practical mock exams which are full length.
  • The course boasts have 97.5% passing rate.
  • You can get more information about the course on the following website:

6. PMI-PMP Certification by Paliumskills


Paliumskills is the institute that holds a name in conducting various courses regarding Project Management.

The characteristics of the PMI-PMP certification course by this institute are as follows:

  • This course is an in-person course, with 4 days of classroom training or lives virtual training.
  • The trainees get access to a hard copy of the course and access to online test evaluation for 90 days.
  • After the training completion, you can get access to the PDU, i.e. Professional Development Units.
  • The trainers are industry experts who impart the PMP certification knowledge to the trainees.
  • You get trained in the phases of Project management and life cycle; the processes involved in project management and facilitating the processes of quality, resources, communication, and risk.
  • The most important thing about this course is that it teaches you to use the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) thoroughly for the preparation of the PMP examination.
  • Overall speaking, this course makes you confident about taking the PMP examination.
  • For more details about the course, refer to the following website:

7. Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices by Coursera

Coursera logo

Like most of the value-for-money and valuable courses Coursera offers, this too is one of the most popular courses by the institute. Let’s check out the characteristics of the same:

  • Coursera offers four different online courses related to Project Management. And they are: Initiating and Planning Projects, Budgeting and Scheduling the Projects, Managing Project Risks, and Changes, Project Management Changes.
  • The best part about these courses is that all of them are offered by the University of California.
  • These courses are free to register as well as to access its courseware. However, if you want to get certified and wish to get access to the tests and assignments, you have to pay the fees for the same.
  • Once registered for these courses, you will be able to define the scope of a project and create a project plan, build the breakdown schedule to the project, create the budget for the project, and will be able to identify and manage risks.
  • These courses are a recommended precursor to UCI’s Applied Project Management Certificate.
  • Once you complete all these 4 courses, you will be to gain all the necessary knowledge required for the Project Management Professional Exam.
  • For more information, please visit the website:
  • Check- PMP Certification Training Course in Mumbai

8. Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certifications by Whizlabs

Whizlabs logo

Whizlab offers one of the best online courses for project management certification courses in Hyderabad.

The benefits of this course are as follows:

  • The course offers more than 17 hours of training videos for all objectives, which covers 100% syllabus.
  • It also offers 60 hours of PDUs, i.e. Professional Development Units, which are approved for the Project Management Professional Certification Exam.
  • The expert Subject-Matter Experts are the support system of this course are the strength of this course, which consists of Certified PMPs.
  • Once enrolled, you get lifetime access to the courses, LMS, and the study material.
  • The exam Simulator offers 5 full-length mock exams with a question set of 1300 questions.
    • For more information about the course, you can visit the following website:

9. PMP® Certification in Hyderabad by Skillogic

Skillogic logo

Skillogic offers one of the reputed PMP certification preparation courses in Hyderabad.

The benefits offered by this course are as follows:

  • The Skillogic offers three variations that are: a Self-learning/ self-paced, a 10-day 2 hrs a day live online training Program and, a 4-day full-time classroom.
  • The course fees of these three courses vary from lower to higher.
  • You can earn a 35 hours contact hours certification with this course.
  • Another plus point of the course is the industry’s best-certified trainers.
  • The training by this course is based on self-study.
  • The unlimited classroom revision is another benefit offered by this course.
  • Once registered, you get access to 5 simulation mock tests which prepare them for the exam.
  • The course also promises 35 Project Management Institute (PMI) PDUs.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
  • So, if you want to understand more about the course, please visit the website:
  • Also, check- PMP Certification Training Course in Delhi

10. PMP Certification Training Course in Hyderabad by StarAgile

staragile logo

The PMP certification preparation course in Hyderabad by StarAgile is one of the popular PMP courses in Hyderabad.

The benefits offered by the PMP certification training course in Hyderabad are as follows:

  • The course offers intensive full-time training of 4 days.
  • All the course trainers are PMI-certified, highly experienced faculty.
  • This course is delivered by PMI authorized training partner.
  • The trainees of this course get access to the content developed by PMI.
  • The specialty of this course is the thorough knowledge it imparts to its trainees.
  • The course also offers 35 PDUs approved by PMI.
  • The trainees to this course get endorsed by PMI.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the course.
  • For more details about the course, please visit the website:

Who are (PMP) Project Management Professionals?

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

The full form of PMP is Project Management Professionals. These professionals are very important and are in great demand in almost all industries. But, the interesting about the project Management Professionals is that the projects that they need to manage can vary from building a bridge over a river for a construction company to completing book series for a Publication company.

However, the basic skill-set for a PMP remains the same.

Project management is one of the critical jobs in any company. It includes several steps like induction, outlining, administration, management, and closure of a project.

The selection of the correct team, delegating the work to it by setting certain goals for the team members within a given time frame, and given budget, are the most crucial factors for the success of any project.

A Project management professional needs to have the following skills:

1. Leadership skills

2. Communication skills

3. Perfect Time Scheduling

4. Task Management

5. Cost Management

6. Risk Management

7. Negotiation Skills

8. Quality Control

9. IT Skills

And last but not least,

10. Presence of mind

Know about- PMP Certification Training Course in Chennai

What is a PMP Certificate?

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is the leading certification in the field of Project Management, and it is a standard that establishes the standard of project management in various industries.

PMP Certification is regulated and conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

The certification was created to establish a standard of project management spanning different industries and locations. Obtaining a PMP certificate is one of several ways a professional can prove their ability and dedication to their profession to a potential or current employer.

To obtain the PMP certification, you need to attempt the PMP exam. The fee for this exam is rupees 25000 INR plus the GST.

As said above, most project managers develop their skills during their careers. Even though it is not mandatory to have a special certification for the role, nowadays, the PMP certification is highly recognized. And the reason for this recognition is the credibility and support it offers the PMP-certified professionals.

Gaining this certificate is proof of the expertise and commitment to the profession.

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Benefits Offered by PMP Certificate

PMP certified is valued so much due to the benefits it offers the certificate-holders. So, let’s check out what are these.

Validation of your Experience

The PMP certification be it online or offline, is an acknowledgment of your project management skills and knowledge. But, more than that it helps you to sharpen both these! So, you strive hard for excelling in your work and get recognized for it.

The PMP training Certificate Establishes the Global Standard

PMP training Certification is the indicator of the professional reliability, expertise, and heightened income of Project Management professionals across the globe.

A Universal Recognition

PMP Certification brings you in the line of candidates, who are certified PMP professionals.

Project Management Professional certification: Proof or Your excellence!

PMP certification training online or offline indicates that you have a thorough knowledge of your subject and hence are the best in the industry.

This certification increases your Earning Capacity

Holding a PMP certificate helps to achieve the success you deserve. It helps you gain more job opportunities as well as climbing the ladder of growth in your current job.

Since you now understand the basics of the PMP certification, let’s now understand what are the requirements for the PMP certification.

What are the prerequisites of PMP Certification?

Even though PMP certification is a preferred certification by all Project Management Professionals, it does have some important criteria to follow:

  • You need to have a four-year degree or a diploma.
  • 36 months and 60 months of project management experience, for the degree holders and diploma holders respectively; which needs to be non-overlapping. This means that this experience needs to be in one specific project, even though the candidate is handling multiple projects simultaneously. This has to be within the last 8 years.
  • Documentation of this experience is mandatory before the registration for the certification.
  • 35 hours of Project Management Training experience, which can be classroom training of 4 days or 40 hours of online training.

So, if you have read the above information carefully, you will know, how important it is to have the project management experience as well as the official training for the same.

Now as far as experience is considered, you have to earn on your own, but as far as the training is concerned, I am here to help you provide the best PMP training institutes in Hyderabad.


So, after going through this information, I am pretty sure, you can choose the PMP training course in Hyderabad, that suits you perfectly. However, remember and take care of the following few things before taking admission to the course:

PMP certification is a global standard that is obtained after clearing the PMP exam.

Before attempting this exam and getting the certificate, you need to fulfill some mandatory criteria, related to your qualification, fulfillment of the specific hours of project management experience, etc.

Before taking up the course, please go through the course provider’s website thoroughly, find out the reviews about the course, course fees, and the course curriculum. Please check if the course offers good practical knowledge to you as well.

Please check if you get access to the PMI website and its resources as well after registering for the course.

Remember these tips and please choose the best PMP preparation certification training course for yourself.

Till then take care and goodbye!!

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Q-1. Does the online PMP certification training course improve project management skills?

Ans: Yes, certainly. It increases overall fundamental knowledge of the processes, methods, tools, and techniques of project management. It also helps you to understand the topics like a project, cost estimations, scope, budgeting, project scheduling, delivery, etc.

Q -2. How many attempts are allowed for giving the PMP exam?

Ans: One can give a maximum of 3 attempts of the PMP exam per year, but every time you need to pay the fees for the PMP exam.

Q-3. What is the syllabus for the PMP exam?

Ans: The syllabus for the PMP exam is as per the most recent syllabus by PMI.

Q-4. Is this exam offline or online?

Ans: This exam is conducted as an online exam conducted at the Prometric centre.

Q-5. Is it mandatory to take up the training, before taking up the PMP exam?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to take up the training before taking up the PMP exam.

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