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Mini MBA is the best course for business professionals to enhance their careers in a short time. It is a short-term course that covers all the content of traditional MBA courses. The traditional MBA course usually takes 2-years to complete, whereas mini MBA courses focus on providing the knowledge within some hours or months.


To cope with today’s need and the pandemic situation the online courses become necessary. Many institutions and business schools offering mini-MBA courses online. It takes less time and money as compared to a traditional MBA. Learn to get a creative business mindset, better career opportunities, and launch your own business without quitting your current job or education.

The program will provide knowledge of fundamentals of business such as basic business strategies, essential management skills, finance management, and leadership training which help to grow your career. Get exposure to various business management tools to learn strategic thinking.

Business schools and companies providing mini MBA courses online through live video sessions. The session covers various business examples with problem-solving strategies,  case studies, and practicals.

The top 10 mini MBA courses online are discussed below in detail.

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin provides a short-duration Mini MBA course online. Henry Harvin is the first to launch formal short-term business management training & certification in India. The mini MBA course is a basic business management training program designed to help the candidates to gain the business skills for decision making and team-leading. The program is built for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. It helps the candidates to gain marketing, finance, and technical skills.

About the course:

  • The mini MBA course includes basic business skills, knowledge of marketing, finance, and business technical skills
  • Resume writing and soft skill development
  • Gain knowledge of business strategies like blue ocean strategy, state-of-the-art tools, and techniques
  • Mentoring by experienced industry trainers with more than 10 years of experience 


Six-week live online training

Key Benefits:

  • Get 1-year Gold membership of Henry Harvin in which get free access to recorded videos, projects, case studies, and brush-up sessions
  • No prior higher education and business knowledge are required to enroll in the mini-MBA course.
  • Monthly Bootcamp session
  • Get exposure to verified business management tools
  • Alternative to traditional MBA with less money and time investment
  • Gain complete business management skills
  • Get to know how to launch your startup
  • Learn to get web traffic for your website or global audience for your business
  • Get mini MBA certificate after completion of course

Course fees:

Rs. 7999/-

Who can enroll for the course:

  • Business Analyst or Business professional
  • Entrepreneurs, bloggers, YouTubers
  • Business owners or anyone willing to launch their own business

Other courses provided by Henry Harvin:

2. Udemy

Udemy for business is a thriving marketplace for popular courses. Their content team provides high-quality and demanded business courses. The courses are taught by international instructors in different languages. Udemy has 5,500+ and in-demand courses. The mini MBA course online is designed for the development of business skills and to help entrepreneurs in the management and marketing of business strategies.

About course:

  • The course content includes 6 sections and 54 lectures
  • The mini MBA course includes the study of startups such as building your product, managing your team, raising capital, etc.
  • The course content focuses on business administration, management and leadership skills, Global business skills, and marketing strategies.


6.5 hours on-demand video 


  • Full lifetime access to the website
  • Resources and articles for download
  • Access the training on mobile or Tv
  • Get to know business basic
  • Get a Certificate on completion of course

Course fees:

Rs. 1441/- 

Who can enroll for the course:

  • Anyone who willing to learn business
  • Anyone who wants to start a startup

Other courses provided by Udemy:

  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Sales Training for the Entrepreneurial Business
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Practical Finance


It is an India’s Largest Online B-School. The mini MBA online course (Advanced Executive Certificate Program in Management) is provided by Loyola Institute of Business Administration – 6th top B-school in India in partnership with myBskool. This program gives a better understanding of issues that are affecting companies in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

About course:

  • The program includes knowledge of marketing and finance management
  • Managing human resource in today’s world
  • Give information about business communication and business strategies
  • It also includes performance indicators, management modules, and management ratios
  • There is an assessment test after every chapter 
  • A final assessment will be for 1 hour after completion of the course
  • Minimum 50% is required to qualify for the course


4 months


  • Access the course anytime, anywhere
  • Access the video modules taught by professionals from the industry
  • Live online sessions consist of case studies, expert session, and classes
  • Receive LIBA Certificate and Alumni status after successful completion of the program

Course fees:

Rs. 24780/-

Who can enroll for the course:

  • Working professionals and Technical professionals
  • Managers with or without experience
  • Executives or graduates

Other courses provided by

  • Certified Supply Chain Management Specialist
  • Certified Production and Operations Management Specialist
  • Certified Business Manager
  • Certified Project Management Specialist

4. International Business Management Institute

International Business Management Institute based in Germany offers online courses in the field of management, business, economics, and governance. The courses were designed by industry experts to give insights into top companies and their requirements.

About course:

  • The mini MBA program includes 6 courses. After completing all 6 courses the mini-MBA Certificate is issued.
  • The 6 courses consist of management skills, marketing, communication, international business, strategy and operations, finance and accounting, human resource management


6 courses, 3 hours per course


  • The program offers 6 short and affordable courses
  • As compared to a traditional MBA this program saves time and money
  • Get lifetime access to self-paced online courses
  • Development of in-demand business skills
  • The program discusses business examples and various case studies of some of the most innovative companies.
  • Get a certificate after completion of all courses

Course fees:

Each course fee is $14.99

Total fees $89.94

Who can enrol for the course:

  • Anyone wants to gain a basic understanding of business
  • Managers
  • Anyone wants to get MBA but in an affordable manner

Other courses provided by International Business Management Institute:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Financial Management

5. McGill Executive Institute

McGill Executive Institute offers business seminars and administrative education to professionals and managers who want to grow in their careers. McGill University is located in Canada and the best in the world. The university offers online mini-MBA series, which includes CYCLE I, CYCLE II, and CYCLE III. Each cycle admission is based on the experience of the candidates. Let’s discuss in detail CYCLE I i.e., Executive Development Course (EDC).

About course:

The Executive Development Course (EDC) mini MBA course online offers:

  • Strategic Analysis and industry analysis
  • Human resource skills useful for mentors and coach for building teams and network
  • Accounting concepts and finance analysis
  • Managerial Negotiation- its tools and approaches


12-week program

Total of 6-8 hours per week


  • Gain complete knowledge of core management
  • Improved ability to think strategically
  • This course saves time and money
  • Flexible schedule and highly interactive learning sessions
  • Get a digital workbook and exercises in sessions
  • The seminar is delivered by top McGill faculty members as well as outside specialists

Course fees:

CYCLE I- Executive Development Course (EDC): $ 4,895.00

Who can enroll for the course:

  • The Executive Development Course (EDC) is designed for managers of all experience levels and professionals in corporate
  • Anyone who wants government and nonprofit roles
  • CYCLE II- The Advanced Management Course (AMC) is designed for managers who have at least 10 years of experience
  • CYCLE III- The Integrated Management Thinking Course (IMT) is designed for managers who have at least 15 years of experience

Other courses provided by McGill Executive Institute:

  • CYCLE II- Advanced Management Course (AMC)
  • CYCLE III- Integrated Management Thinking (IMT)
  • Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Managing Priorities and Productivity

6. Aros Business Academy

Aros Business Academy is an award-winning international company in Denmark. The company focuses on leadership training for a large number of international companies. The company has created innovative tools to support learning. The mini MBA course online is effective as it is short-term and flexible. Aros Business Academy is a company that provides only mini MBA courses.

About course:

  • The mini MBA course gives an overview of business administration and leadership.
  • Strategic leadership in the digital world
  • Leading employees and motivate them to develop and grow
  • Introduction to change management
  • Financial management
  • Personal and leadership communication skills
  • Write 3 assignment and get personal feedback


Flexible online course from 3 weeks to 6 months


  • Training by six international business leaders and university professors
  • Get 6 progression quizzes
  • Attend 25 video lectures and get 1,100 pages of literature reading
  • Get lecture delivered by Steen Hildebrandt. He is the author of more than 50 books on leadership and won the “Best MBA lecturer of the year” award
  • The course helps to improve your knowledge of MBA leadership
  • Get a Certificate from Aros Business Academy after completion of the course

Course fees:

EUR 1,950 (approx. US$ 2,300)

Who can enroll for the course:

Anyone who wants to reach a career goal

7. Leaders Excellence

Leaders Excellence is a top global leadership development organization located at Cambridge. The organization is listed in the Training industry and is the most trusted business learning source. By joining the Leaders Excellence mini-MBA course you will master critical business and leadership skills. The mini MBA online course is an alternative to the traditional MBA and offers business skills, tactics, and modern business practice.

About course:

  • The program includes 30 online courses, which should be completed on a learning management system.
  • Each course have an introductory video, ebook, 12 online modules, and reference sheet
  • The content consists of leadership and management skills
  • It gives knowledge of marketing, sales and, human resource management
  • Focus on organization essentials such as business ethics, teleworks, and telecommunication


The program consists of 30 online courses. Each course take 2-3 hours to complete


  • Flexible online schedule on mobile or computer
  • The course includes ebooks, video training, and audiovisual media training modules
  • The course is cost-effective, self-paced, and convenient
  • Innovative learning experience on MBA topics
  • Receive a certificate after completion of the course 

Course fees:


Who can enroll for the course:

  • Business professionals

Other courses provided by Leaders Excellence:

  • Certificate in Leadership and Management
  • Certificate in Interpersonal Leadership
  • Certificate in Personal Development
  • Certificate in Administrative Skills

8. Chicago Institute of Business

The Chicago Institute of Business provides affordable, short courses that are relevant in the development of leadership, business, and management competencies within organizations. The mini MBA program offered by the Chicago Institute of Business focuses on business leadership and management development. The course offer leading business skills and leadership training which help to grow your career. 

About course:

  • The mini MBA program gives the knowledge of management and leadership skills
  • The course content includes finance, marketing, human resource management, business leadership, project management, and communication skills
  • After course completion gets an 80% pass mark in assessment to qualify for the exam. 


Start the program anytime. Get 130 hours of recorded video sessions


  • Exposure to key management concepts for organizational growth
  • Course material includes case studies, practical, and real file situations examples
  • Learn new strategies, techniques, and skills
  • Unlimited attempts and no negative marking in the assessment test
  • Receive a certificate after course completion
  • The certificate is globally recognizable

Course fees:


Who can enroll for the course:

  • Anyone who needs business knowledge to advance their career
  • Who do not have time for a full-time MBA
  • Who wants to improve leadership skills and career potential

Other courses provided by the Chicago Institute of Business:

  • Project Management Certificate
  • Executive Management Certificate
  • Advance Management Certificate Program
  • Mastering Human Resource Management Course


This mini MBA course is offered by Mark Ritson, it focuses on marketing skills. The content is similar to the traditional MBA program. The course includes 10 modules and each module study time is 2 hours. The course is CPD accredited which gives you the tools and knowledge to grow in your career

About course:

  • Mini MBA in Marketing is covered in 10 module
  • The study focused on market research, market mapping, mass marketing, and predictive marketing
  • It also includes research design, strategic decision making, disruptive execution, product creation, and product assessment, etc.


10 weeks course,  2 weeks to submit your exam


  • On-demand videos of lessons covering modules
  • Interactive session with an instructor
  • Free access to the videos, website, and review case studies by Harvard Business 
  • Learn effective business tactics and techniques for developing a successful marketing strategy.
  • Receive a CPD accredited certificate

Course fees:


Who can enroll for the course:

  • Marketers from all backgrounds, nationalities, and educational levels

Other courses provided by

  • Mini MBA in Brand Management

10. University at Buffalo School of Management

University at Buffalo School of Management is located in New York. It is one of the best schools of business. Their degree programs are accredited by AACSB international. The University provides an online Mini MBA Certificate program which is a non-credit-bearing course. The program gives basic information on the important function of business and management practices. The program is best for those who want to update their business skills in management-related areas.

About course:

  • The program includes accounting and financial statement analysis
  • Gives the idea about marketing and information technology
  • Provides information about integrated and business communication
  • Provides information about Human resource management and general management
  • Gives an idea about economic policy and legal issues
  • To receive the certificate, you should complete the 17 modules
  • After each module there is an assessment test, you have to score more than 65% to unlock the next module


4.5 months


  • Deliver the course anytime, anywhere
  • A better understanding of business and management
  • Receive a certificate after completion of the course

Course fees:


11. Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Cost: US$5,999

Length of the Mini MBA Programs online: Five days

The Mini MBA Certificate Program from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is a non-credit course with no degree application requirements; it is suited for young workers with an entrepreneurial spirit who wish to gain a competitive advantage. Students explore ten distinct business topics in five days, including IT, finance, and marketing. This institution offers the best Mini MBA online for the age group of nine to twelve.

12. Harvard Business School (US)

Cost: $ 3000

Length of the Mini MBA Programs online: Five days

Harvard Business School’s Credential of Readiness (CORe) Program teaches business fundamentals online. The best Mini MBA online curriculum comprises three courses and a final examination: Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting. The six business courses encompass both traditional and contemporary management principles, including innovative management and digital transformation.

13. London School of Business and Finance

Price: $3,310 (£2,490)

Length of the Mini MBA Programs online: Four days (28 hours)

The London School of Business & Finance’s four-day short MBA grants students Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation. Best Mini MBA online comprises six modules: Organizational Behavior and Development, Understanding and Providing Appropriate Leadership, The Fundamentals of Finance for Senior Manager, Globalization & Internationalization of Companies and Trade, preparing Strategic Business Decisions, and Inspiring and Managing Change.

14. Mini-MBA: Business Essentials – Rutgers Business School

Cost: US$3,495

Length of the Mini MBA Programs online: Twelve weeks

Rutgers Business School’s best online Mini-MBA programs are excellent for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the contemporary business world. The 12-week curriculum is taught entirely online by real-world industry professionals and includes themes such as digitisation of business, globalisation’s impact, and international business. This best Mini MBA online is a credit-based course.

15. Mini-MBA at the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business

Price: $3,850

Length of the Mini MBA Programs online: Fourteen weeks

The best Mini MBA online program at the Robins School of Business is a 14-week course that offers students a grasp of current business practices. The non-credit course comprises case studies, literature, and problem-solving exercises taught by MBA instructors from Richmond. This course is ideal for professionals with more than five years of experience who wish to improve their daily management and decision-making. Best online Mini-MBA programs are best for the age group of twelve to fifteen years learners.

Who can enroll for the course:

Anyone willing to do business

Other courses provided by University at Buffalo:

  • Professional MBA (Part-Time)
  • Executive MBA
  • Professional Development Certificate
  • Accounting and Finance Certificate

More about MBA:

An MBA degree is beneficial if you want to climb to the top in the corporate world. However, it is not necessary to be successful. It helps to enhance your marketability as a professional and increase the quality and quantity of job opportunities. 

An MBA also helps to build business leadership skills, as well as a professional network. It involves a wide range of business-related topics such as accounting, statistics, economics, communications, management, and entrepreneurship. MBA programs guide students to work for financial institutions, also prepare them for management positions or as founders.


  • MBA graduates are more likely to achieve top management positions in companies. Their career enhancement is high as compared to other employees in those organizations.
  • An MBA program is an opportunity for personality development to increase your confidence and ability to lead other people. Develop excellent time management skills and discipline. These qualities can help you to excel in your future career.
  • MBA degree opens up opportunities for graduates to switch careers and enter either the financial or consulting industry.
  • Learn how to deal with real-life situations managing other employees. Use your role as a manager to advance the goals of the organization.
  • The skills and knowledge taught in an MBA program essential to set up your own business and management of your own company.


  • MBA is the most expensive course to study globally. Candidates pay high fees to complete the two-year program.
  • Studying for an MBA requires a high level of commitment, discipline, and time management
  • MBA takes a maximum of two years to a minimum of one year for completion. If you are working while studying then you need to manage the time for study.


The mini MBA course is not replacing the traditional MBA course, but the need of today’s world is changing. This short-term course is a better alternative to learning opportunities for business professionals as well as students. If you don’t have time and want to learn new skills, new business tactics, and modern business practices you can go for the mini MBA program.

Learn the basic business skills, marketing, finance, and business technical skills along with exposure to business management tools.

Many business schools offer Certificates after the completion of the mini-MBA courses. However, some institutes have the assessments to complete the program.

The benefit of an MBA is not limited to job security but it also offers a high salary. The average salary of a graduate is much higher than with a regular Master’s. 

All MBA jobs lead to high salary, but here are 4 industries which pay better:

  • Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Healthcare

Hopefully, this blog has given you some insights into the top 10 mini-MBA online courses.

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Q. 1 What is the difference between mini MBA and MBA courses? 

Ans. MBA is a professional graduate degree in business that generally takes 2 years to complete and the fees are high. The study focuses on business management training and general business functions such as marketing, finance, accounting, etc. Mini MBA is a certificate course that covers similar topics in business management to an MBA. The benefit of mini MBA courses is they are short-duration courses, flexible, and more affordable.

Q. 2 Do mini MBA courses need any previous experience?

Ans. There is no need for any previous experience or degree to join the course. Anyone from the below list can join the course:
Entrepreneurs, business analysts or business professionals, or business owners
Who do not have time for a full-time MBA
Who wants to improve leadership skills and career potential
Anyone to gain a basic understanding of business
Managers with or without experience
Executives or graduates

Q. 3 What are the advantages of a mini MBA program?

Ans. The mini MBA program is of low costs, short-duration course, low commitment than a regular MBA, and no need to quit your current job or education to study the business management strategies for developing your career.

Q. 4  What skills do you gain from the mini MBA course?

Ans. Improved leadership and business management skills
People management and Human resource management
Marketing business strategies and sales
Finance, Accounting, and modern business practices
Create connection or partnership

Q. 5 What are the different types of MBA?

Ans. There are 5 types of MBA you can go for:
a. Online MBA or Mini MBA
b. Full-time MBA
c. Part-time MBA
d. Executive MBA
e. Specialized MBA

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