Scope of Digital Marketing: Top 10 Jobs You Can Take Up


Digital marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with the interested customers. It uses various forms of media and the Internet to connect with the audience. Not only emails and texts are sent to the customers but a digital marketer connects by multimedia advertisement. If digital communication is used in online marketing then it is known as digital marketing. 

So, if you have learnt all the digital marketing skills and are planning to take up a job in this field. Smile as there are lots of good digital marketing jobs for you to choose from. 

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The Internet, laptops and smartphones have now become one of the key elements of our life. Connectivity without them is not possible. Companies use the net to connect with customers. Hence, Digital marketers are in high demand. Go are the days when the companies used to hire people to paste flyers now it needs intelligent and technological people to make friendly relations with the customers.

A tablet with online marketing writing on it.
Digital Marketing

So, let’s dive into the prospects of digital marketing. Here is the list of Top 10 digital marketing jobs you can take up.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

A manager, holding clock,files, tea, lunch, phones and pen
Digital Marketing Manager

A Manager in a company coordinates everyone like a general on the battlefield.

A digital marketing manager has got one of the highest-paid digital marketing jobs. They oversee and implement campaigns. Digital marketing managers strategize and implement a brand’s complete digital presence. They are the ones who lay out the current projects. A digital marketer uses every channel as an opportunity to market and promote their company’s products or services. Their key aim is to increase sales by drawing more customer attention.

Being a digital marketing manager you get the chance to create timelines and set milestones for your juniors. You will lead the marketing team and answer to the head or Vice president of the digital marketing branch of the company. 

You manage the budget allotted to your department. A digital marketer is responsible for planning and managing the company’s promotional campaigns. You will go through all the components of digital marketing and make them efficient for your company.

Skills such as organization, communication and collaboration should be a piece of cake for you. Without being self-organized you can’t organize your workers. 

To become a digital marketing manager you should have experience of 5 plus years being a digital marketer. You would even require important qualifications and certifications to back up your resume. 

In the United States, a digital marketing manager has an annual salary of $ 82, 450. In India, digital marketing managers earn approximately 4 lakhs per year. 

As a manager, you need to keep a cool head by undertaking your orders. You need to motivate your team and focus on the customers. Knowing about customer expectations is essential for a digital marketing manager.

2. Social Media Marketer

Social media platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Instagram, etc.
Social Media Platforms

Social Media is used to put an impact on the masses.

Being a social media marketer is an amazing job in digital marketing. Social media is a way to connect with people. The whole world is knitted together like a global village. Social media forms the link. Social media marketing involves drawing your company’s presence on famous platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and many more. Social media marketers communicate with the customers using this software. They even create content campaigns to engage and attract new customers. 

A complete social media strategy is evoked by the marketing specialists. A social media marketer will create content, post it on the platforms and keep in note the customer engagement. Key metrics such as impression, reach and reviews will be in their control. 

Sometimes they need to even plan out some paid advertisements to reach out to more people and get a higher audience. 

Social media marketers are in a way people who perform online promotion of their company. 

This digital marketing job allows you to select the right platforms for your company. You aim at the target audience and bring up the stuff of their interest. A social media manager is a public relations expert who talks to many outside sources to gain more brand recognition. 

They know the art to keep the followers engaged. By putting up new activities or schemes the audience feels excited and has an urge to continue sticking with your firm. A social media marketer manages a part of negative complaints and prevents them to cause widespread dissent in the masses. 

A Media marketer needs to continuously amend the old strategies as the market is continuously changing. The market daily gets an inflow of new companies and products. To help your company stand firm you need to keep bringing out new skills to engage the prior audience and bring in new ones too.

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An experienced social media manager can earn $ 63,294 per year.

3.Search Engine Optimizer

Have a doubt, type it on a search engine!

Search engines have now become a kind of dictionary, encyclopedia, television, newspaper and multimedia all rolled into one. Search engines such as Google, Microsoft Edge, Firefox are used by us.

Search Engine Optimization is very important for any company. Making your Website SEO friendly is a difficult thing. Hence, Search engine optimizers are hired. In this field of digital marketing, you create content in such a way that it comes up for your target audience. 

When anything is searched in the Search Engines, a lot of pages and websites appear. To get your website on the top spot, being excellent in SEO skills is required. 

Search Engine optimization in itself refers to making your website rank higher on the search engine result page.

In this digital marketing job a person needs to analyse, optimize and review the websites using organic SEO techniques. 

Keywords should be your best friend as a Search Engine Optimizer. Latest trends need to be kept in mind while giving regular updates to the websites. Freelancers can find this good work from home option.

An SEO manager has an average salary of Rs. 360K to 540K per year.

4. Data Analyst

Data Data Everywhere

Organization and analysis is what defines a Data Analyst.

With the age of AI and the Internet of things looming over us there has come to be a lot of information and data which requires apt categorization and analysis. That’s where Data Analysts come into action. 

In this kind of Digital Marketing Job, you need to intercept the collected data and turn it into useful information and offer ways to improve your business strategies. 

A Data Analyst creates systems to organize and examine the collected data. These systems are used by the company to channelize its campaigns in a better way.

This is one of the most technical digital marketing skills. Google Analytics is a good platform to gear up your analyst’s skills.

Data Analysts collect information from an assortment of sources. They bring out the trends and patterns emerging from this collected information. It is an integral part of the digital marketing team. In a way, it can be the examiner of each member of the digital marketing department.

Data Analytics can be the right job for you if you enjoy solving problems and working with raw data. Data Analytics will also give you the opportunity to shape our company’s future with your critical thinking. 

The average salary of a Data Analyst is $ 66,906.

5. Email Marketing

A businessman clicking a email.

Emails are today’s letters. 

Your inboxes receive a lot of advertisements regarding one company or the other. These emails are interacting and designed in a way to grab your attention. A company hires Email Marketers to design and send such promotional emails. 

Emails have been used for marketing for quite some time now yet they are the most important means of marketing. Email marketing gives good returns. As per email strategists, for every 1 dollar, email marketing gives back 42 dollars. 

Emails are quick and effective, they are even cost-free which make them even more appealing means of marketing. It is a powerful tool for firms and companies to connect with buyers and customers.

Email marketers are the ones who create and launch email campaigns. They maintain databases with customer information and various lists. 

Email lists are managed and updated by them. In this digital marketing job, you need to create personalized and tailored emails to attract your audience. You need to nurture your leads with communication.

Email marketers are responsible for newsletter snippets of the company. They update and inform the customers about new products to increase the brand’s promotion and selling amongst the buyers. 

Customer acquisition is increased with the help of powerful emails.

If you have strong writing then email marketer is the right job for you. Persuasive writing and editing skills should be a stronghold for you. 

The average salary of an Email Marketer is $ 40,000

6. Content Marketer

Content marketing, notepad, laptop, pen
Content Marketing

Content marketing is the key part of digital marketing. Content is the king of all your data.

In content marketing, you create content for online publishing and advertising. Content is developed as per the company’s main objectives and the customer’s interests.

Content marketers and strategists use analytical tools to find out the topics which engage more audience. They employ this information in modelling the right content for the company’s website.

They create content for Facebook, Instagram, emails and many more platforms. This digital marketing job also involves writing blogs for your company. 

A content marketer needs to make videos that are rich in content.

The goal is to develop relevant content and distribute it amongst main channels to retain and expand the audience of any company. 

The better the content the more time would people spend on your company’s site.

You need to do many tasks such as managing a blog. In it addition of new articles is required from time to time. It should highlight your company’s goals and ambition. It should display the main programs and services of the company.

Creating drip campaigns too falls in your bag. You need to create the content for them as a content marketer. Copywriting skills should be high in you. These will help in bringing out the relevant content. 

Guest blogging needs to be monitored by you. Allowing new freelancers and other content writers to write for your firm brings in diversity in your blogs.

Your company’s video introduction or another video about the company needs to be directed by you. You will be the scriptwriter for these videos as a content marketer.

A content marketer should have a stronghold of all major waiting forms and should be an expert SEO friendly content writer.

The average annual salary of a Content Marketer is Rs. 478,000

7. Web Developer

Work from home, a man on laptop web designing
Web Developer

Web designing is like painting on a laptop.

Web developers are assets for any company. It is a good digital marketing job.

If coding and business have both been of your interest then web designing for any company is the right option for you. 

A web developer used to be well versed in all the latest coding languages. They should be interested in creating attractive websites for the company’s promotion. 

The website developed by them should be nicely functional and easy to access by the normal public.

The User experience rests on your shoulders as a web designer. You need to place the content given to you with appropriate graphics. Your website should have easy navigation to cause fewer problems to the customers.

You should have in-depth knowledge of computer software, graphic designing, HTML coding to create an attractive and easily functional website.

Your website should meet the business goals of the companies. It should fulfil user demands completely. All ideals of the company should be present here.

As a web developer, you will take up the design and change it into a website.

As a web developer, you will need to write lines and lines of complicated codes to come up with perfect results. Editing the webpage content also falls under you. Identifying the problems faced by the customers in using websites and then correcting them is your responsibility.

Good communication skills are important as a web developer as they will make the site more engaging. Patience to advance the website properly is required by you.

The average salary of a web designer is Rs. 310, 860 per year.

8. Automation Expert

Planning right
Marketing Strategy

Automatic machines are rolling over our daily life.

Even though the device is automatic yet a human brain is required for the proper functioning it. Hence, a company hires Automation Experts.

An automation Expert in a digital marketing job uses software and Artificial Intelligence to automate the day to day workings of the company. 

Many companies require automation experts to send their emails automatically. This will enable the distribution of email to all the people. It also helps the company give periodic emails and updates to the customers. Not a single customer would be left behind this way. 

Social Media Marketing can also be automated by Automation Experts. They can do the programming in such a way that important notices are released from the website periodically without human assistance. This will leave no chance of discrepancy. The website can also contain some automated responses to answer the most common customer queries.

Ad champagnes can too be automated. As they need to be released after some time why not go for making it automatic. 

They increase the efficiency of a firm and company. Customers gain a more personalized experience. The technology of automation is being quite popular nowadays. Most of the companies are running to get Automated experts. Hence, this job could offer you a good salary.

An automation expert even designs and executes QA tests using scripts that will help tests function on their own. This can even help in taking customer reviews and ratings.

Bugs and quality issues of development are also identified by them. They install relevant software and databases for automation.

They collaborate with other departments to add more automation in their branches too. A deep insight into computer programming would be required. 

The average salary of an Automation Expert is $100, 580 per year.

9. Video Production

Reel and Camera
Video Time

Want to be both a Director and Digital Marketer, Video production for any social media platform would fulfil both your dreams. 

Visuals are a great way to attract an audience. A good ad leaves an imprint on our minds. A great digital marketing strategy involves Video production for new social media platforms.

Your first impression is the last impression. On a new platform why not make an entry with a wonderful video displaying your company’s ideals. Or you can make a video about products and services that your company deals in.

Video production is the centre focus of every marketing strategy. Businesses require more video content as it attracts users easily. Videos are engaging and display the message properly. They remain etched in the viewer’s mind for a long time.

Videos are no longer a means of entertainment. The video production department is faring quite well in the digital marketing department as it creates the required leads. It helps in bringing more customers by its attractive video advertisements.

Video platforms are also there for a company to put up the promotional video. This skill can give you a decent job.

The mean salary of a Video producer in India is Rs. 586, 186

10. Digital Marketing Copywriter

A laptop notepad and mobile phone
Copy writing

Copywriting involves coming up with catchy sentences. As a copywriter, you write less but tell more. In a few words, you need to bring out a big idea. A copywriter is an integral part of the scriptwriting process in Digital marketing. This digital marketing job gives you the chance to use the creative corner of your brain. 

As a copywriter, you don’t aim at long stories instead you focus on engaging tales and snippets. 

Marketing requires a written word and copywriters are the ones who write the right thing for it. Your writing should convey a complete message to your audience. Digital marketing is always in the need of copywriters to bring out new stuff for their websites. They give promotion statements and taglines. A company’s tagline should be easy and informative. Some of the great company taglines have been given by copywriters only. 

Even though this form of writing is called copywriting, there is nothing to ‘copy’ or cheat in it. All come directly from your own brain. Copywriting is a skill that can be perfected by the practice itself. And sure enough, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you have good language skills, your writing is attractive and your typing is not lousy then Copywriting in digital marketing is your career.

Expert services by copywriters provide them with good payment.

The base salary of a copywriter in India is Rs. 365,733 per year.

Here were the Top 10 jobs for digital marketing.


A cartoon holding conclusion board

Marketing takes a day to learn but years to truly master it.

Marketing skills come with practice. Anyone can learn the basics but only a few can truly master it.

To take up some job in Digital marketing you need to be clear with all the concepts. Taking up some online courses to freshen up your skills can really be a good option. You will surely learn something new.

After learning the basics you need to focus on the stream you need to pursue. Lock the target and shoot. Start by an in-depth study on that topic. Then don’t hesitate to apply for jobs.

There would be setbacks, not once but many times. But each failure will teach you something new. A knowledge you will cherish throughout your life. 

Keep following your interests and you will surely achieve success.

Keep practising and keep working hard. Hope you are able to find an apt career for yourself. 

All the best of your journey forward in Digital Marketing.


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Q. Which is the Best Online Digital Marketing Course?

Ans. Henry Harvin

Q. Q. What are the 5 Ds of Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital devices
Digital Platforms
Digital Media
Digital Data
Digital Technology

Q. Who is the father of Digital Marketing?

A.Philip Kotler

Q. India’s biggest digital Marketer?

A. Sorav Jain


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