Are you someone who has been wishing to get an MBA for a long time, but finds the process a bit overwhelming? So look no further. Mini Mba is a quick and cost-effective way to advance your career and amplify your job growth opportunities. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mini MBA provides a solution for professionals looking to upskill.

The mini MBA was first offered at McGill University, Canada. Soon it became a popular course due to its short time frame, low cost, and relevant subject matter. Many working professionals want the advantages of a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) but are unable to commit to a 1-2 year program. Some colleges and universities offer mini MBAs as an alternative to an MBA. Mini MBA course precisely is a 35-40 hours program that condenses the important courses and topics of an MBA.

Mini MBA has gained a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation and is one of the best-selling courses available to students worldwide. Students interested in learning new business skills now can easily enroll themselves in the accelerated MBA program at a variety of accredited institutions anytime. This course opens a new gate for you to enter the relevant job market while also providing you with the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge alongside the essential skills that can help you in becoming successful in no time. Well so, why not increase your chances of gaining expert professional skills and position yourself to better-earning potential by taking up a Mini MBA Course.

Here is a curated list of the Top 10 Mini MBA Courses in India. 

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one of the leading institutions to offer Mini-MBA courses in India. The Henry Harvin Mini MBA Program aims to assist participants in making the transition from a good professional to a great entrepreneur or business owner. This Mini-MBA course will help you to develop CEO-like entrepreneurial intellect, also you are benefited from the necessary business-oriented marketing, finance, and technical skills through this program. The program’s unique practical learning and advanced curriculum will allow students to develop a creative business mindset, offer better career opportunities, and provide the understanding of their own business with less money and time investment than traditional business schools.

Why Henry Harvin Education?

Henry Harvin Management Academy’s Mini MBA training program is a well-structured basic business management course designed to help aspirants gain the necessary business skills for effective decision-making and team-leading abilities. The program allows access to learning business management tactics and supplements, in-demand business skills, and relevant knowledge to move up the corporate ladder or even launch your own business. During the mini MBA course, you get a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your business, including the area of marketing, finance, and technology.

Duration of Course :

Henry Harvin offers both self-paced and instructor-led courses. The self-paced course includes  50 hours of e-Learning access with free upgrades. Live Online instructor-led Classes provide Six weeks of training in interactive classroom sessions conducted by certified industry professionals.

Course Fee :

Self-paced INR 7100 (No Cost EMI available with 0% interest rate.)

Instructor-led INR 7999 (No Cost EMI available with 0% interest rate.)

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2. myBskool

myBskool is one of the leading institutions offering the Online Mini-MBA course in India at a very affordable fee. The course is a non-credit program that offers a practical foundation in current business practices. The program is a condensed version of a full-fledged MBA program, with content co-created in collaboration with IIM Ranchi. The mini-MBA course teaches students the fundamentals of current business theories and practices. It includes online video lectures and case studies from top management faculty on topics such as Essentials of Business Communication and Strategy, Managing Human Resources, Accounting Fundamentals, and Marketing Principles.

Cost of the course: INR 7,999

Duration of the course: 2 months

3. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading global web learning platforms to provide a Mini MBA course in India for both professionals and students seeking advanced learning. Udemy has a variety of MBA courses available at affordable prices. Udemy helps people achieve their objectives and pursue their aspirations by connecting students all around the world with the greatest educators. The mini-MBA course at Udemy is one of the best-selling courses around the world.

Cost of the course: INR 1,280

Duration of the course: 6-hour on-demand video.

4. Coursera

Coursera is a globally recognized web-based learning platform that also offers Mini MBA courses in India including a wide range of online learning opportunities. Coursera has collaborated with leading institutes to deliver a wide range of expert and advanced learning opportunities to professionals all across the world. Coursera has provided online training to more than 77 million students worldwide. On completion of the course, you are eligible for a shareable certificate.

5. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is another leading institution in providing online Mini MBA Courses in India and at a lower cost. Shaw Academy makes it simpler to obtain real qualifications that lead to real success, empowering hundreds of students worldwide. Without pursuing a traditional MBA, students will be able to develop an integrated understanding of the business world through this mini MBA course. 

Duration of the course: 20+ hours of learning per course.

6. Excel with Business

Excel with Business is an online platform that provides the most curated Mini MBA course online, as well as professional training from certified industry experts in subjects such as Strategy, Finance, Project Management, Computing, and Commercial Experience. If you are an ambitious professional looking to upgrade your career by learning critical skills to stand out unique and succeed in your career path, this Mini MBA course is for you.

Duration: 67 hours.

7. MCE

In the EMEA region, Management Centre Europe (MCE) is the major provider of international management development services; they also offer an online Mini MBA Course in India. Learn how to acquire real operational and managerial abilities that will help you advance in your management career. This Mini MBA course blends tried-and-true approaches with fresh perspectives and ideas to help you improve your leadership and management abilities.

Duration of the course: 6 days in 12 3h-sessions

8. The Chicago Insti­tute of Business

The Chicago Institute of Business’s Online Mini-MBA program is comprehensive business leadership and management development program that provides cutting-edge business skills, coaching, and leadership training to help you advance your career. You will have been exposed to essential management concepts that drive organizational growth by the end of the program. From finance to marketing to human resource management, communication, project management, and business leadership, you’ll obtain solid and coherent insights and under­stand­ing of each function and how it contributes to actual organizational success. They also offer online Mini MBA Courses in India.

Duration of the course: 130 hours online.

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9. Leaders Excellence

Leaders Excellence is globally recognized in the field of leadership development, and also offers an online Mini MBA Course in India. Leaders Excellence is included in the Training Industry and is the most trustworthy source of information on the business of learning. They provide a variety of expert-led online executive education programs as well as a members-only club in Harvard Square. More than 4,000 individuals from 40+ countries have registered in the executive education programs and membership, spanning from global Fortune 1000 firms to entrepreneurs.

Duration of the course: 4 months.

10. IBM

IBMI offers certified online courses and programs in Mini MBA courses in India. IBMI has delivered important business skills and information to hundreds of thousands of students from over 185 countries. The curriculum has aided students in achieving a wide range of employment objectives, including receiving a promotion, starting a business, and exploring new hobbies. 

Number of required courses: 6

Duration of course: 3 hours per course Online self-paced.

Benefits of Mini MBA

  • Helps develop the creative thinking skills needed for meaningful business decisions. 
  • Learn the necessary business marketing, financial, and technical skills to gain a comprehensive business overview. 
  • It helps you in learning how to use several market-tested business management tools. 
  • Develop your identity with a better MBA alternative that requires less money and time. 
  • Helps gain knowledge on how to acquire a worldwide audience for your company.

11. MiniMBA Executive Development Programme – London School of Business & Finance

With the London School of Business and Finance’s mini MBA, students can get a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate in just four days. The program is entirely online and is split into six modules: Organizational Behavior and Development, Understanding and Providing Appropriate Leadership, The Fundamentals of Finance for Senior Manager, Globalization of Business and Trade, Making Strategic Business Decisions, and Inspiring and Managing Change.

The price is $3,310 (£2,490).

Duration of Short term MBA courses: 4 days (28 hours)

12. University of Richmond: The Robins School of Business

The Mini MBA program at the Robins School of Business is a 14-week course that teaches students how businesses work in the real world. The course is not for credit and is conducted by the MBA faculty at Richmond. It includes case studies, readings, and exercises for solving problems. This course is perfect for professionals with more than five years of experience who want to improve at managing and making daily decisions.

Cost: US$3,850

Duration of Short term MBA courses: 14 weeks

13. Online Mini MBA Certificate Program – The School of Management at the University at Buffalo


The University at Buffalo School of Management’s Mini MBA online Certificate Program (OMMBA) is a web-based course that candidates can take at their own pace. The program is divided into six areas: accounting and finance, marketing and communications, technology, human resources and legal issues, economics and general management. Its main goal is to give people the skills they need to make better business decisions.

Price: $995

Duration of Short term MBA courses: Self-paced, flexible length

14. Mini-MBA: Business Essentials – Rutgers Business School

Rutgers Business School’s Mini-MBA is an excellent course for professionals who want to learn more about the business world today. The 12-week program is taught entirely online by experts in the business world. It covers topics like the digitalisation of business, the effects of globalisation, and international business. The course is worth points. Here you will get the best Mini MBA program.

Price: $3,495

Duration of Short term MBA courses: 12 weeks

15. Mini MBA Certificate Program – Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s Mini MBA Online Certificate Program is a non-credit course that doesn’t count toward a degree. It’s great for young professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to get ahead of the competition. Students learn about ten different business areas in five days, like IT, Finance, and Marketing.

Price: US$5,999

Duration of Short term MBA courses: five days

Trending Mini MBA Skills


Influential leaders are in charge of the entire globe, including business and everything else. It’s natural to expect good leadership qualities from an MBA graduate. It is essential to work as part of a team and to reflect on the job that is being done. With leadership qualities comes a sense of accountability, which will bring the organization a lot of value and rewards. One of the most significant talents that an MBA graduate should have is leadership.


The key to developing different products and ideas is creativity. Many definitions exist for the term “innovation,” but they all revolve around the concept of producing something new and unique. This could be a new product, a new service, or simply a new take on something already available. Whatever the case may be, it is one of the most basic business principles, and it is a process that is highly dependent on creativity.


Teamwork skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s corporate world, and business schools are increasingly emphasizing the importance of recognizing people with these abilities. Although this is a skill that can be improved before attending business school, it is critical to highlight previous examples of teamwork to stand out from the crowd. Many of your tasks in business school and beyond will require you to collaborate with others to complete objectives. 

Time Management and Organization,

Time management abilities are in high demand, just like other soft talents like organizing abilities. Employers will evaluate your time management skills as well as the efficacy of your team in achieving department goals. Professionals that effectively manage their time are more productive, efficient, and on track to fulfill deadlines. They concentrate on the most vital and time-sensitive tasks while minimizing time spent on non-essential tasks.



In a commercial setting, a quickly adaptable personality is very essential, what changes are massive and rapid. It is critical to be able to adapt to an ever-changing and evolving environment. An MBA graduate must understand how to adapt to a rapid shift in job organization. The current pandemic is an excellent representation of the times. This has posed a significant challenge to both firms and MBA graduates. In a business context, adaptability is required to deal with these times and events. This is one of the most important talents for MBA students to have.

Communication skills.

Although actions speak louder than words, in the real world of business, communication is crucial. Communication skills are crucial for an MBA graduate, from pitching for commercial prospects to obtaining the best salary. Companies are eager to hire people with strong communication skills who can effectively deliver the proper message. In a corporate setting, effective communication is vital and critical.

Critical thinking. 

Critical thinking is essential for critically analyzing the corporate environment after careful observation. Instincts are always excellent, but critical thinking is crucial for deriving the correct analysis for progressing up the ladder of growing your business. Meanwhile, problem-solving skills are also required to be demonstrated, in addition to dispute resolution in the event of a hitch. Many businesses rely heavily on lateral thinkers to satisfy their very unpredictable needs.

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Q-1. What is a Mini MBA?

Ans. A Mini-MBA is a business management training program that focuses on the essentials. The program gives students and professionals an introduction to business, equipping them for future study or just a basic understanding of the subject.

Q-2. Who can enrol for a Mini MBA?

Ans. Anyone who wants to start their own business or is about to start one. Entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media enthusiasts, Owners of websites that want to increase their web traffic, conversions, and sales. Business analysts or professionals who are interested in learning social media marketing tactics to expand their businesses.

Q-3. How different is a Mini MBA from a full-time MBA?

Ans. Mini MBAs often include regular MBA topics in a more introductory and concise manner, such as accounting, management, finance, and entrepreneurship. There are two types of Mini MBA programs: a week-long accelerated program and a weekly extended program.

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