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The word Kaizen is not new today. Today many companies implement this world-renowned management technique from Japan to enhance their operations efficiently. In this blog, we list the top 20 Kaizen Books, which will help you to understand the Kaizen technique in a better way.


Before that, let’s have a brief introduction to Kaizen.

What is Kaizen?

Though the standard meaning of Kaizen today has come to “continuous improvement”, the original word was a combination of two Japanese words, Kai means good and Zen means change. That shortly means change is good or making changes to something good.

Kaizen is mainly associated with lean working principles. The Kaizen philosophy mainly involves continuous improvement where all employees contribute toward creating a strong culture of working together on agreed disciplinary workflows. This technique emphasises the ability to do better, despite any process seeming to perform well at any given moment.

The Kaizen technique comprises five elements as follows:

  • Teamwork
  • Personal Discipline
  • Improved Morale
  • Quality Circles
  • Suggestions for improvement

Remember, Kaizen is not a thing to be achieved, but it is a technique that needs to be imbibed within ourselves with regular practice and to improve our working ways.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading the Kaizen books and understand more about them. Therefore, without further ado, let’s start with the list of books.

1. One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way

Kaizen Books

This book will teach you how to achieve great goals with small steps. Reading this book will help you make decisions boldly and fearlessly to result in a drastic improvement in yourself and your life.  

Thanks to the author Dr Robert Maurer, a psychologist and Kaizen expert, for coming up with such a beautiful book. This book aims to train you:

  1. Overcome fear and procrastination
  2. Build your confidence in a steady way
  3. Break bad habits and replace them with good habits
  4. Achieve big goals with small steps
  5. And more

Read this book to start your journey towards continuous improvement. After implementing all the principles of Kaizen from this book, you will find no obstacle holding you back from achieving your goals.

This book is available in the Marathi and Hindi Languages too.

2. The Kaizen Pocket Handbook

Kaizen books

If you are looking for a quick reference practical guide for Kaizen, this is one of the perfect Kaizen Books. You will find basic information about Kaizen history, fundamental concepts, definitions and history. 

The book covers the topics of operating principles, teams, processes, records, Deming Improvement Cycle, the responsibility of management and employees, program implementation etc. In the Event section, there’s detailed information on the eight steps to be taken by the management to prepare and carry out a Kaizen event with flow charts.

You will also understand how any team should initiate and analyse problems, arrive at solutions, organise corrective actions and measure KPIs. The book also trains you to execute an event successfully by selecting topics, setting goals and selecting team members and leaders.

3. Strategic KAIZEN™

Kaizen books

This book aims to train you to lead your organisation to newer heights. This book will help you develop a workable strategy that boosts your organisation’s efficiency and gain an extra competitive edge. Measuring KPIs and improving them further is another lesson you can practice after reading this book.

The author Masaaki Imai focuses on his Flow, Synchronisation and Levelling (FSL™) evaluation rather than volume and speed. The FSL is the most effective model of LEAN technology. This book teaches you to build a process which wouldn’t be interrupted or stagnated. 

Get insights to assess financial and operational performances with this book. Identify basic designs of ideal production and operation systems. The book provides more than enough case studies from real-life scenarios to understand the concepts easily.

4. Gemba Kaizen

Kaizen books

This book is an updated guide toward continuous improvement at your workplace. This author Masaaki Imai is the founder of Kaizen Institute and known as a pioneer of modern business operational excellence.

Read this book to help you learn how to execute cost-effective and incremental refinements in the most crucial business processes. The book presents global case studies from a broad spectrum of industries to explain how Gemba Kaizen has benefited companies in many managerial, operational and financial processes.

Read the book to discover explicit opportunities to increase the profitability and success of your organisation after implementing the Kaizen principle as guided in this book.

5. Kaizen – Lean thinking to improve your mindset and increase personal productivity

Kaizen books

After reading this book, you will gain a new vision of looking at the world from a different perspective, maybe from the eyes of a Toyota engineer. You will be a thinker who would think to improve anything, ranging from your habits to business productivity.

This book will help you reduce stress, as you will analyse the problem and solve it optimistically.

Read this book to learn how global innovators use problem-solving techniques to manage their businesses efficiently. You can find a connection and apply them in your life. Have a virtual tour into the brains of top CEOs and engineers and transform your life.

Learn how you can implement Kaizen in your personal and business life.

6. Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time

Kaizen books

This book will introduce you to Kaizen with the help of attractive illustrations. Learn how to transform your life better by taking small steps. Implement good habits and see how you improve yourself in all aspects of life.

This book is one of the best Kaizen Books and will help you to eradicate bad habits while you build good ones in an easy-to-do way. You will gain insights to remain calm and firm in your determination to achieve goals, though things aren’t in the proper order. The book emphasises mindful and positive changes rather than being critical of our drawbacks.

7. The Little Book of Kaizen

Kaizen books

This book beautifully explains how small steps will help you to adopt new habits, build your confidence and enhance your adaptability toward life’s challenges. You will come across 70 prompts and exercises to improve health, wealth, relationships, and well-being and help you grow in your work or business.

8. The Kaizen Edge: Strategic Principles To Develop Unbreakable Self-Discipline & Consistent Growth

Kaizen books

As the author mentions, this book is the result of using Kaizen principles and how his life transformed and achieved his goals. The book talks about his experiences and how he took several years to adopt Kaizen in his life, and once he started using Kaizen principles, he got positive results.

The author explains beautifully how we can identify the little time slots available to us and how we need to use them smartly to bring positive changes in our life. The author’s primary aim in coming up with this book is to share his experiences in implementing Kaizen so that his experiences would benefit the readers too.

9. Kaizen: Japanese Tips, Tricks and Strategies Using Kaizen and Ikigai Theories and Principles

Kaizen books

Read this book if you are looking to transform your business but aren’t aware of how to start. This book will provide all answers to your problem of planning big but being unable to implement it. This book will help you learn about:

  • Kaizen philosophy
  • Find your purpose through Ikigai
  • Reduce waste to increase productivity and transform your business by adopting Kaizen principles
  • How to boost your startup
  • Increase your sales
  • Keep a better mindset
  • How to have a healthier mindset
  • Etc.

If you want to transform your life radically, you shouldn’t miss this book, as it is one of the best Kaizen books.

10. Kaizen: The Complete Guide to Implementing the Smart Concept of Continuous Improvement of All the Strategic Operations in the Development Process Involving the Lean and Agile Startup Team


Reading this book will kill your fear of any upcoming slumps. Implement the Kaizen technique as depicted in this book and witness surprising improvements in your workflow and business. Give your customer satisfaction and business a new face and optimise your resources efficiently. Reading this book will help you to convert your losses into profits with small and simple steps.

This book will help you learn:

  • Kaizen concept
  • Starting Kaizen
  • Single vs multi-tasking in Kaizen
  • Powerful steps to success
  • How to implement Kaizen with a goal
  • And so much more!

Know how to keep your customers satisfied while keeping the team energised with this fantastic book.

11. Kaizen – The Art of Continuous Life Improvement


This book explains how to live life in the Kaizen way to develop our personality and lead healthy and happy lifestyles. One of the most inspiring Kaizen books with practical advice and easy reading.

What will you learn from this book?

  • What is Kaizen?
  • Why is Kaizen good for you?
  • 10 Kaizen Pearls of Wisdom
  • How to be better focused?
  • Get tasks done?
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • Be fit and strong?
  • Adopt a healthy diet plan?
  • Develop a better personality?
  • Get organised?
  • And much more

12. Kaizen: Advanced Guide of Effective Kaizen Methods and Strategies in the Information Era


With this book:

  • Learn the secrets of transforming your life in a better way. From personal to business goals, you will find the perfect way to achieve those.
  • Learn to adapt to new changes and behaviours in a mature way
  • Learn the secrets behind the long-lasting success of Japanese businesses.

Master the art of Kaizen from zero level to becoming an expert user of the techniques. This Kaizen book offers you an opportunity to implement Kaizen ways of working systematically.

It is one of the best Kaizen books which will help you pave your way towards continuous improvement without failure. The book will help you introspect on your own mistakes as opportunities rather than faults, which you can improve on eventually.

13. Kaizen: How To Master Continuous Improvement And Transform Your Life One Step At A Time


Begin your journey to transforming your life positively with this book. Apply one step at a time and master the art of continuous improvement to transform your life. If you want to improve daily in a stepwise manner, read, learn and implement Kaizen techniques from this book, one of the best Kaizen books of all time.

What will you learn by reading this book?

  • Introduction To Kaizen
  • How to improve your personal life?
  • Improve your workflows?
  • Achieve your goals?
  • Adopt good habits for better changes.
  • Lead a healthier, happier life?
  • Train your mind?

And Much, Much More!

14. Kaizen: The Kaizen Way of Continuous Improvement in Personal and Professional life


This book tries to resolve the following issues- if you:

  • Feel you can do more as compared to what you are doing now
  • Think life has more to offer than the current situation.
  • Want to live a successful life and be known as one of the most successful people?
  • Aspire to be known as a significant personality in your life concerning relationships for things you are passionate about or related to your career or business.

Life has many things to offer, and you will learn to try to achieve those after reading this book. You will realise that “continuous improvement” is the seed behind highly successful people on the global level. After reading this book, you will start walking on the road of continuous improvement and witness drastic positive changes in your life concerning relationships, career or business.

15. Kaizen: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Realms of Kaizen from A-Z 


This book has solutions for business owners and employees trying to bring positive changes in their work. This book also answers how to tackle various problems and challenges in personal and professional life.

Learn to make quick decisions, and bring together innovative ideas and thoughts after reading this book. Find all the reasons why your ideas fail and why you cannot achieve the right amount of success despite putting lots of effort into this book.

This book will help you to learn:

  • History of Kaizen
  • How Kaizen came into existence
  • Background of Kaizen
  • Why is Kaizen successful?
  • Adopt Kaizen in your personal and professional life
  • Kaizen tips and tricks
  • Basics of Kaizen
  • Lean tools

And much more

16. The Principle Of Kaizen: Methods To Simplify Your Life And Increase Productivity


This book has been written with a simple aim to simplify your life and increase productivity. You will learn the technique to achieve anything once you implement the Kaizen techniques explained in this book.

The book will help you accomplish success related to business and personal life efficiently. The book beautifully explains the practical ways of achieving success by making a few changes to your personal and work habits.

It is one of the best Kaizen books for readers of all segments.

17. Kaizen: The Spirit of Personal Kaizen, The Pursuit of Continuous Improvement


This book aims at self-improvement by building better habits to achieve goals and taking your life to the next level. This book focuses on why people have resistance towards change and are thus unable to come out of their comfort zone.

The book explains how to break these barriers toward positive change by practising a few steps regularly. The book claims to guarantee all resources to motivate you to break all existing hurdles to lead towards a successful and happy life.

18. The Benefits Of Kaizen: How To Apply The Principle Of Kaizen To Transform Your Life


Read this book to simplify your life and enhance productivity. Achieve all that you want by following the principles explained in this book. This book explains in a straightforward way how to apply Kaizen principles to transform your life on a positive note. The book helps you to restructure your work environment to initiate an efficient workflow based on continuous improvement.

19. Kaizen for Quick Changeover: Going Beyond SMED


You will learn how to quickly reduce changeover time for processes in a streamlined way while reducing the staffing needs to half.

This book includes:

  • A concise eight-step process for setup modification
  • Nine fundamental principles for eradicating changeover waste

Read this book to learn tactical principles that help improve the three-phase procedure of changeover. You can implement Kaizen-based ideas presented in this book with nominal expenditure. You will also know how to eliminate waste from transportation and searching processes.

20. Success Habits: Kaizen – Improve Your Life and Become Successful by Taking One Small Step at a Time


This book is a dynamic resource for all to set small, achievable goals with measurable KPIs while maintaining a routine of positive behaviour. This book explains Kaizen techniques to improve your productivity, boost your confidence, and provide you with a new set of practical tools with which you take a few yet aggressive steps to improve your domain at home or work. You can also get trained with Kaizen technologies. Henry Harvin, the leading institution providing online training, offers Kaizen Training Course.

Henry Harvin Kaizen Training Course

The Kaizen Training Course intend to train the following personnel:

  • Event Team Leaders of Kaizen
  • Quality Professionals
  • Production Engineers
  • Business Managers
  • Lean Practitioners
  • Lean Personnel

The duration of this course is 8 hours. To date, Henry Harvin has delivered this training to 5000+ professionals.

Course Features:

  • 9 in 1 Course
  • Training: Online Live Training led by an instructor
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Exposure to Kaizen Techniques and Implementation, Gemba Kaizen and more
  • Work on a practical level with the internship program offered by the institute
  • Earn prestigious course completion Certificate from Award Winning Institute
  • 100% placement assistance with guaranteed support for one year after successful completion of the course
  • Abundant online tools for e-learning through videos and online assessments
  • Attend regular boot camps till one year after course completion.
  • Freely access Hackathons and Competitions
  • Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Quality Management Academy for the Kaizen Training Course


  • 15+ years of working experience
  • Conducted 150+ keynote classes for Kaizen Training Course
  • Delivered 350+ lectures
  • Currently empanelled with domain experts of Henry Harvin® Quality Management Academy.

Enrol for Henry Harvin’s Kaizen Training Course.


Today, we are living in an informative world. There are so many tools which bombard us with lots of information every second. This information helps us to broaden our information database, and the customer within us also gets enriched with this information.

It has resulted in customers getting wiser and exploring more options at the minimum possible cost. This situation has compelled many organisations to bring discipline and efficiency to their production processes. 

The Kaizen principle thus makes a way into our lives, where it stresses the concept of continuous development through small steps over some time. Though Japanese companies implemented the Kaizen policy way back after World War II, many top-notch organisations of today are adopting it.

Many manufacturing companies are following the Kaizen policies implemented by Toyota Motors and have successfully reduced the waste of resources, time and energy. It has enabled them to provide quality products at reasonable rates to customers.

Kaizen principles aren’t to be implied only for business. You can use Kaizen to improve your personal goals related to relationships and health. You can read Kaizen books to learn more about it or can join a course to have your hands on it in a practical way.

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Q.1. What is Kaizen?

Ans.: Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy used for continuous improvement to achieve personal or business goals.

Q.2. What is the core philosophy of Kaizen?

Ans.: The core philosophy of Kaizen asks for continuous improvement in all processes, though they may work well in the current scenario.

Q.3. Are Lean and Kaizen the same?

Ans.: Lean is to eliminate waste and boost efficiency. Kaizen means continuous improvement.

Q.4. Is Six Sigma and Kaizen the same?

Ans.: In Six Sigma, you use technical data to solve product deviations. On the contrary, you use Kaizen for the betterment of environments to achieve a positive impact on all processes and performances.

Q.5. How will I be an expert in Kaizen?

Ans.: You can become an expert in Kaizen once you apply those principles in your daily chores, personal or official.

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