Manoj Manohar Tambat


The word Kaizen is not new today. Today many companies implement this world-renowned management technique from Japan to enhance their operations efficiently. In this blog, we list the top 20 Kaizen Books, which will help you to understand the Kaizen technique in a better way. Before that, let’s…

Top 12 Korean Language courses in Bangalore

Which is the fastest-growing language in India? Today, we are living in a globalised world. So it is very imperative to learn a foreign language to avoid missing any important opportunity. To date, languages like German, French, Spanish, and Dutch were at the forefront when it came to…

AWS Course

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of is no doubt a leader in cloud computing. It started way earlier than other of its competitors. By reciprocating to market demands, AWS has evolved as a leader in the field of cloud computing today. It is one of…

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