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For running a nation justifiably the government needs to collect tax from the eligible citizens. A tax is a mandatory fee or financial charge imposed by any government on an individual or an organization to collect revenue for public work. And paying taxes to the local government is an integral part of everyone’s life, no matter where the individual is living in the world.

Taxation in India can be divided into two categories. This difference is based on how the tax is being paid to the government:

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1.Direct Taxes– In Direct Tax tax is paid directly to the government by the taxpayers.  E.g. of this type of tax in India is income tax and wealth tax.

2.Indirect Taxes –Indirect taxes are consumption-based that are applied to goods and services when they are bought and sold. E.g. of indirect tax includes sales tax, GST (Goods and Services Tax), VAT( Value Added Tax), etc.

About Income Tax Course

The Income Tax course covers major aspects of Income Tax law with a special focus on Tax Planning, filing essential compliances, handling online assessment, Income tax health checkup, Limiting taxation disputes, etc. The course contains a complete and detailed analysis of the subject. The Income Tax Course covers the fine details required for a  background in the complicated world of tax policy. The Income Tax Course is for Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Tax Professionals, Accountants, Businessmen and is for the students and for all those who want to become an Income Tax practioner.     

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About Bangalore

 Bangalore is also known by the name Bengaluru. This is the capital city of  Karnataka. The city is situated in the south-eastern part of Karnataka. There are several expats from all over the world who live in Bangalore city, due to the growing presence of Multi-National Companies. Bangalore city is the main center of many of the well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India. Several public sector heavy industries,  software companies are located in the city. Bangalore is also popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India the reason behind this name is because of its position as the nation’s leading  IT exporter.

Here is the list of the top 10 income tax course in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin Education

This is India’s Best Certified income tax Certification course And is a 100% practical income tax course. The course offers a 360 –degree insight into Income Tax and the latest taxation policies. Henry Harvin Finance Academy is familiar with top media houses on Aaj Tak and on Hindustan Times. Income Tax Course certification is provided from Govt. of India-recognized institutes.

There is a total of 8 modules in the course with 2 complimentary modules added. In module 1: there is the detail about Litigation Management, in module 2: about TDS/TCS, in module 3: about Income Tax from other sources and house property, in module 4: about Capital Gain,  in module 5: about Business Income, module 6: about Income Tax,  module 7: Filing of income tax return,  module 8- Doubts Resolution. 

This Income Tax course in Bangalore offers 1- year membership program of Finance Academy which includes E-learning Access it gives access to recorded videos, games, case studies, projects, etc. The institute offers skill enhancement sessions to clear interview rounds. Provision of the guaranteed internship is there either with Henry Harvin or partner firms for the candidates of the Income Tax course. Job opportunities are also available from time to time.

After completion of the Income Tax course job notification on mail at regular intervals is provided. Brush-up Sessions and monthly Bootcamp Sessions are there post completion of the Income Tax course.   

Trainers are industry experts with experience and years of knowledge in their related field. They are been invited for 70+ keynotes classes on Income Tax. They are enlisted as domain experts with Henry Harvin Finance Academy.

This Income Tax course in Bangalore is delivered by a panel of speakers who are covered by the national media channel as Aaj Tak, NDTV, Hindustan Times, and many others for consultation on Income Tax.  One more advantage of enrolling in the Finance Academy of Henry Harvin is you have the facility to attend different batches with different trainers. This means during your membership period you have unlimited repetitions of your  Income Tax Course.

The course duration is 32 hours interactive instructor-led Income Tax Course that is conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. This online course is divided into two modes:- Self-Paced Course which is of fees 11250 Rs. Then there is  Live Online Classroom mode which is 12500 Rs.

You will also get to access the exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) from anywhere in the world or at any time. You will get to gain hands-on experience in tax computation and filing through popular tools and online platforms.

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Income tax Course is provided:

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

2. NIFM (National Institute of Financial Markets)

 NIFM is a top-rated institute in the banking, insurance, financial, and stock market sector. This is a vocational training institute with both types of Long term and Short term job-oriented skill development courses. Classes are conducted through both offline and online modes. NIFM has designed its course through research to match the need of the Financial Market Industry. NIFM has a variety of centers all over India.

The course curriculum is pack with everything that is needed to learn about the various aspects of the market. After enrolling in this Income Tax course in Bangalore the participants will get E-book in PDF form, pre-recorded video, mock tests, certification from NIFM. They have introduced courses for all levels from basic to advanced level, and will also introduce new horizons in courses from time to time.

Trainers are a team of highly qualified and expert professionals in the industry. This course is useful for the professionals to increase their knowledge and skill. Those who are already working in a related field can enhance their skill to upgrade their profile and career growth.

NIFM offers 100% job assistance and internship to students.  The course opens a wide scope of opportunities in the field of accounts.


3. iPA( The Institute of Professional Accountants)

The Institute offers a Diploma in Taxation Course. This Income Tax course is useful for all those who are looking for a job in the taxation field and want to become a Tax Consultant. With the help of this diploma in taxation, the student can prove his ability before the employer for gaining a high-paid job.

The curriculum is designed by industry experts. The course focuses on practical “Income Tax and GST matters”. The course provides knowledge on practical Income Tax and GST matters. It provides information about ITR(Online Income Tax Return Filing), Online TDS Return Filing, Online GST Return Filing.

The course duration is of 80 hours. The trainers are expert and industry experienced Chartered Accountant, MBA, and Advocates at IPA Institute. The course provides 100% job assistance. A diploma in taxation is a career-enhancing course, thus one can find career opportunities at the senior level. 

4. ica(Your Right To A Job)

The institute is India’s leading training and skill development center. The institute specializes in finance, taxation, and other job-oriented courses. They offer the best-in-class training and placement service at affordable fees. The mission of the course is to minimize unemployment in India. This Income Tax course in Bangalore offers 80% practical classes and 20% theory lessons.  ICA Edu skills provide GST course which prepares you with systematic knowledge upgrade, problem-solving skills, improved analytical skills, decision-making skills.

The course curriculum consists of Basic concepts of GST, Levy & Collection of Tax, Valuation, Payment of Tax, Returns, GST using Tally, Practice on GSTN, Project on GST. The course duration is of 27 hours.

This Income Tax course in Bangalore is industry-oriented, job assistance is provided. The institute offers hands-on practical training. Trainers conducting the course are experienced and the best in the industry  Professional certification is given on completion of course. 

5. iCLASS Bangalore

The training center provides placement-focused E-filing Income Tax learning in Bangalore. This income tax course in Bangalore provides online training with one-to-one learning options. The iClass training center offers a combination of both classroom and instructor-led training and E-filing classes. iClass Bangalore offers Income Tax training with choices of multiple training locations across Bangalore.

The course includes basic to advanced level learning options. This income tax course in Bangalore will give you the knowledge about the topics E-Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) online,  Create Income tax Return E-Filing,  GST Paying, GST Returns Online, etc.

Their Income Tax course provided by the iClass Bangalore is value for money and gives a clear path for the student career.

6. GST Training

The Income Tax course will give you in-depth knowledge of Income Tax for Business.  GST training Bangalore provides quality training in Goods and service tax Training in Bangalore. This will enhance your working knowledge on Income Tax and the application of the same in the organizations. This Income Tax course in Bangalore focuses on the practical aspects of the subject with a strong knowledge base.

The course covers the GST basics which include an overview of GST and other laws. It covers the applicability of  GST on various sectors like e-commerce, service sectors, etc. The participant of the course will get the knowledge of how to compute taxable income for salaries, house properties, business and profession, and other sources.

The course duration is for 4 days. And classes are there on Saturday and Sunday. The fee for the course is 15,000 Rs. GST Training provides certification from National Council for Technology and Training, New Delhi.      

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7. EDU PRISTINE (Empowering  Professionals )

This is a practical learning course to help students become industry-read accounting professionals. This Income Tax course in Banglore is designed according to the industry-specific skill for the student.

The course is especially beneficial for freshers and candidate with commerce background is eligible for the postgraduate program. Applicants can apply for the Post Graduate  Program in Business Accounting and Taxation either offline or online. There is a total of 9 modules in the course. The course covers the topic as Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Tally ERP,  Direct Tax and Application in Tally, Finalization of Financial Statements, Excel for Accounting and MIS, etc.

Training is provided by industry experts. Project-based practical training is provided. The modules of the program are structured, designed, and arranged by industry experts having years of experience in the domain. The team will also support the student in acquiring the right soft skill. 

8. Udemy

This is a practice-designed course related with the concept of  ITR, TDS & Account finalization. This Income Tax course from Udemy contains a complete & detailed analysis with practical examples. Applicable amendments up to Finance Act 2021 are enclosed in this course.

The course covers the module as Introduction to Income Tax, Income Tax Return-1(SAHAJ),  Income Tax Return-2, Income Tax Return-3, Income Tax Return 4( SUGAM), Income Tax Return 5, Restriction on cash transactions by Income Tax Department, Tax Deducted at source, Account Finalization.

The course includes 145 hours of on-demand video, full-time access is provided, 36 downloadable resources are there, the course can be accessed on mobile and TV. A certificate of completion is provided.

9. clearTax

  The course at ClearTax helps with income tax filing, GST, and mutual fund investments. This is a comprehensive e-learning certification course.

The course duration is 8+ hours of in-depth training. The course also provides assistance in handling errors and mismatches while filing. The course curriculum includes basics, the new GST return system, the transition from the old to the new system, and expert sections on expected changes in finance.

The course is suitable for CA/tax practitioners, company executives, legal consultants, and also students. The fees of the course are 3600/-.



The course provided is an important and career-orienting one that opens many job scopes for the candidate after its successful completion.

The duration of the course is 1 year. Eligibility for the course is 10+2. But most of the students prefer to pursue the course only after graduation. As basic knowledge about taxation and related area is given in the degree.   

This Income Tax course gives knowledge regarding the tax system in India.

 So, this is the list of the top 10 Income Tax courses in Bangalore.

About Income Tax

Income tax in India is a common word. It is a tax paid by individuals or organizations that depends on the level of earning or gain during the financial year. It is a tax imposed on individuals and entities in respect of the income and profit earned by them. In simple words tax on the individual income. As whatever income is earned tax on that specific income is called Income Tax.

Income Tax is applicable when it is more than the fixed amount in one financial year. The amount fixed for the tax is called the income tax slab. The government uses income tax slabs to determine the rate at which each individual tax assessee is responsible to pay income tax. All individuals don’t pay the same amount of tax. According to the general rule the higher the income the higher amount of tax one will have to pay. In one financial year when the earned income is more than one’s applicable income tax slab then it comes in the range of Income Tax. As the income of the individual person increases the tax rate also increases. The tax rate is different for an individual, or any firm, or any company. For deciding tax rate status is check because it is different and varied accordingly.

Income tax slab rate is applied to individual and HUF whereas for firm and company tax is applied on the fixed rate.

Income tax is used to fund public services, pay government commitments and provide goods for citizens.

Personal income tax is a type of tax that is imposed on individual wages, salaries, and other types of income.

Then Business income tax applies to corporations, partnerships, small businesses, and people who are self-employed.

List of 3 various kinds of income taxes are:-

1. Wealth Tax- It is a type of direct tax which you are required to pay if you own any kind of property. Wealth tax is imposed on individuals, companies, HUFs (Hindu Undivided Families) and the tax liability is as per the residential status.  

2. Corporate Tax-  National, as well as international corporate organizations, are also required to pay the corporate tax. This kind of tax is imposed on domestic companies. The corporate tax also includes other income tax types such as FBT(Fringe Benefits Tax), MAT (Minimum Alternative Tax, and more.

3. Capital  Gains Tax- This tax is imposed on any income that is derived from the sale of assets or investments. It applies to the individual, taxpayers, and also businesses. This includes property, cars, machinery, shares, etc.

About Income Tax Return

A tax return is defined as a form filed with a taxing authority that reports income, expenses, and other applicable tax information.  Due to the tax return, it becomes easy for the taxpayer to calculate their liability for tax, schedule tax payment, and also request refunds for the overpayment of taxes.

Types of ITR forms

There are almost 9 types of ITR forms available for a taxpayer to file his taxes. Following forms are to be taken into consideration by individuals when filing returns according to the Central Board of Direct Taxes in India. Depending on the income assessment group, the individual will need to submit one of the ITR forms as given here. These are:- ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-2A, ITR-3, ITR- 4, ITR-4S. The list of other income tax forms is applicable only for companies and firms. These are- ITR-5, ITR-6, ITR-7. 

Importance of Income Tax

Income tax is a major source of revenue collection for the government and the money collected is used to fund essentials such as health, education, etc. The government imposed charges on their citizen and businesses as a means of raising revenue for the societies. Taxes are important because governments use this money to finance social projects.

Some of these projects include:

Health- If there are no taxes, government contributions to the health sector would be impossible. Due to the taxes, it funds health services as social healthcare, medical research, social security, etc.     

Education– This could be one of the most important and deserving recipients of tax money. Money from taxes is utilized for funding, furnishing, and also to maintain the public education system.

Governance– This is a crucial factor in the smooth running of country affairs. The money from the tax is required to pay public servants, police officers, members of parliament the postal system, and others.

Apart from social projects, the government uses money collected from taxes to fund sectors that are crucial for the wellbeing of their citizens as:-security, environmental protection, etc. Taxes also affect the situation of economic growth of a country. Taxes also are responsible for the gross domestic product(GDP) of a country. Because of this contribution it help raises the economic growth which raises the standard of living and increasing job creations etc.

Importance of Taxation in Business

The concept of taxation is also important to businesses because the government can fund this money back into the economy in the form of loans or other funding forms.  As for the business to flourish in the country, there has to be good infrastructure such as roads, telephones, electricity, etc. So, when the government collects money from taxes, it drives this money into the development of this infrastructure and in turn, promotes economic activity throughout the country.


Some frequently asked questions:

Q-1. What is Income Tax?

Ans. Income Tax is a tax imposed on individuals and entities in respect of the income or profits earned by them.

Q-2. What is the advantage of the Income Tax Course?

Ans. Certification in Income Tax course gives the student a strong knowledge base to prove their ability. It is a good way to learn about the concept of income tax and to be familiar with its detailed study. 

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