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Imagine a relaxing holiday amidst green tea estates, gushing waterfalls, soothing backwaters, and the aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee. Can we guess the name of this heavenly landscape?  Welcome to Ernakulam which is an important city of Kerala-the heaven in earthly disguise. Ernakulam can be identified as the urbanized essence of Kochi. This shopper’s paradise buzzes with shopping centres, cozy restaurants, and other modern-day living amenities. It is the celebrated social, political, and business capital of ‘God’s Own Country-Kerala’. Cochin port serves as a major port between the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. This major port city of India also dwells with some of the top Income tax course institutes.

Income tax is a domain that as much about theory and concepts and as much as it is about practice. A very discouraging backdrop of our educational systems is that even the course that demands rigorous practical exposure, is being taught by academicians who have never even visited the practical grounds. This leads to the stuffing of brains with all the theories in this world but with very little practical knowledge.

Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has given us much food for thought from the year 2020.One of the prudent among them being that nothing is stable and everything can be substituted in this world. Thus people losing their jobs due to lay-offs have all the avenues of industrial spikes and start-ups. In such a scenario income tax practitioners with rock-solid foundations can be in great demand.

Income Tax Specialist Certification Course

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With this said, let us explore the Top 10 Income Tax Course in Ernakulam.

1. Henry Harvin Education 

About Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one of the very first institutes to understand and bridge the gap between the theoretical education provided by our education systems. Thus it came up with a unique model of imparting education. One can choose from the widespread course that fits the interest /job demands/skillsets to be enhanced and many other deciding factors. The course modules are aimed at imparting hands-on practical training along with the relevant theoretical concepts.

Why Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one of the very first institutes to understand and bridge the gap between the theoretical education provided by our education systems. Thus it came up with a unique model of imparting education. One can choose from the widespread course that fits the interest /job demands/skillsets to be enhanced and many other deciding factors. The course modules are aimed at imparting hands-on practical training along with the relevant theoretical concepts.

About the Income Tax Course

The Income Tax course from Henry Harvin, backed by the acclaim of famous media houses like Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, NDTV, etc. The training is imparted by speakers who have won several accolades in the industry. It can be learned both online as well as classroom pedagogy. Thus enabling the aspirants to take the Income-tax course in Ernakulam till  Agra.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course Henry Harvin Education

The Income-tax course is full of benefits and add-ons. Some of the important attractions being

  • Membership-1 year membership of Finance academy.
  • Analytics Tools-Litigation Management, TDS, TCS, Income Tax from Other Sources, Capital Gain, Business Income, Recent Changes in Taxation, Filing Income Tax Return/ Tax Audit, and Resolution of Doubts.
  • Hands-on practical exposure-The topics covered are based on 100% practical training and the most trending topics in the income tax world are covered with live e-learning cases.
  • Certification-Certified Income Tax Specialist (CITS) certificate from the institute with the accreditation from Govt. of India.
  • The Trainers-The trainers are renowned personalities in the finance world. They bring all the industry exposure and thus add value to the course. Also, it is a wonderful opportunity at Henry Harvin that once a member of finance academy, always a member. The learners have the freedom to attend different batches taken up by different trainers for a period of 1 year from the date of registration.
  • Course Modules-Henry Harvin gives all kinds of flexibility to its learners. Keeping in view the busy schedule of Income-tax professionals, the courses are scheduled during the weekends. The entire course is spread across 32 hours of instructor-led interactive sessions. 
  • Course fee-INR 12500/- for live online classroom sessions and INR 11250/- for the self-paced course.

Other similar courses from Henry Harvin Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Income tax Course is provided:

2. Consultease

About Consultease

A unique institute in itself is such that it eliminates the practice of appointing conventional teachers and hires trainers with practical knowledge of the subject matter. The institute focuses more on practical concepts.

Why Consultease

The institutes groom the learners not only with the theoretical concepts but also make them industry-ready. After the completion of the course from Consultease, the candidate is in a position to select between joining a company or opting for entrepreneurship. Consultees boosts the overall personality development of a learner, which is not only required to handle the routine compliances but also goes a long way when it comes to proceedings of the department.

About the Income Tax Course

This course is enriched with all the goodness of concepts and practices. The strongest part being the faculty at Consultease who have all the required industry exposure and are aware of the technical nitty-gritty. They are all domain experts like Chartered Accountants etc. with industry experience of over a decade. The star-attraction of Consultease being CA Rohit Kapoor, who is a distinguished personality in the world of Chartered Accountants.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Analytics Tools Tax Planning, Filing essential Compliances,
  • Hands-on practical exposure– Handling Online e-Assessments & e-Proceedings, Income tax Health Check-up, Limiting Taxation Disputes, etc.
  • Certification-Upon successful completion of the course, Consultease will provide a Certificate of completion.
  • The Trainers-Mr.Rohit Kapoor is the face of Consultease. This eminent member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has a vast background in Direct Taxes which includes a working knowledge and exposure of a decade. He has not only trained professionals from various corporates in the industry but also has delivered successful sessions related to Direct Taxes workshops etc. conducted by RSMS, RAK, BCI, etc. Mr. Kapoor also serves as a member of the Boards of several Public Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Course Modules-The course consists of 10 modules with over 20 plus hours of sessions. The course modules come with the feature of limitless views. The unique selling proposition of this course being the entire course is designed in Hindi as well.
  • Course fee-INR 6000

3. Tax Guru Edu

About Tax Guru Edu

Tax Guru Edu is an educational wing of Tax Guru that brings with it a variety of self-learning certification courses. These short-term courses keep the learners ahead of others by developing the desired skills, thus facing the challenges of their respective domains with full confidence.

Why Tax Guru Edu

Tax Guru Edu provides all kinds of learning opportunities to their students. Given the kind of busy schedules, the various courses offered by them are self-learning so that the learners can carry on the learning process at their own convenience, thus yielding better results.

About the Income Tax Course from Tax Guru Edu

The course is designed in such a way so that it caters to the needs of basic to advanced learners. It covers all the topics that are majorly required to be a successful Income Tax Professional. There is an approach to blended learning in the self-learning courses of Tax Guru Edu. The sessions are prerecorded from their currently ongoing professional development courses. This gives the learners a hang of the actual world problems which are then taken care of by their query resolution firm.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Membership- Access to their Learning Management Systems

  • Analytics Tools– Filing of Income Tax returns, TDS forms along with the mandatory checks to reduce CASS Scrutiny i.e. computer-aided scrutiny selection. This course also prepares one to take care of faceless assessments, the timely health check-ups of income tax procedures for individuals as well as businesses.

  • Hands-on practical exposure-The course modules do give hands-on practical exposure because Income-Tax is all about the live cases of the real world.

  • Certification-Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate would be given to the candidates.

  • The Trainers-C.A.Pankaj Saraogi, an eminent personality in the world of Direct Taxes and Chartered Accountants, is the backbone behind delivering the lectures.
  • Course Modules-The batch of Income Tax is designed specifically to cover all the major aspects of Income Tax and the related topics. The entire course is divided into 20 modules.
  • Course fee-Tax Guru Edu is providing some great discounts on its course fees. Till 15th June 2021, it is providing a 40% discount on selected self-learning courses of GST, Income Tax, Customs that includes import and export. After this period, the discount percentage is reduced to 30% upon the purchase of any 3 courses, 20% on purchase of 2 courses, and 10% on the purchase of any one course. Currently, the Self-learning Certification Course on Income Tax is priced at INR 8000 + GST @18%.



ICMAI offers a variety of courses like Certificate Course on GST, TDS (Direct Tax), Return Filing (Income Tax).In addition, it also provides advanced courses like those on GST Audit and assessment procedure, Income Tax, and appeal, etc.


ICMAI is very particular about the eligibility of the candidates who will undertake the Online Certificate Course on Income Tax Return Filing. It clearly states that qualified cost and management accountants, professionals like C.S.,C.A.,MBA,M.Com, Lawyers, etc, Income Tax Practitioners, and students who are either CMA qualified or pursuing CMA are eligible for this course.

About the Income Tax Course

The course covers the basics of Income Tax Return Filing, Introduction, concepts of return filing with the different variations

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  •  Analytics Tools-The Timeline for filing returns is taken care of for all the types of ITR viz ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, ITR4, ITR5, ITR6, ITR7with a practical and hands-on approach.
  • The hands-on practical exposure-The course is enriched with different case laws and case studies for a solid foundation in Income Tax Course.
  • Certification-This is an online certification course wherein the candidates have to pass the course by appearing for an examination conducted by the institute.
  • Course Modules-The Online Certificate Course on Income Tax Return Filing is designed to be spread across 30 hours of sessions.
  • Course fee– The course fee is INR 10,000 + [email protected] 18% which is excluding the examination fees. The examination fee is INR 1000 + [email protected] 18%. Though ICMAI honours the CMA Members by providing a discount of INR 2000, thus making the course fee for them at INR 8000 + [email protected] is 18%. This benefit of the discount is applicable for the CMA Final passed as well as CMA final pursuing candidates.

5. Skill Bharat Mission

About Skill Bharat Mission

Skill Bharat Mission is the pursuit of the Eksaar Shiksha Abhiyaan Society. They provide professional training in the various areas of Taxation like GST, Income Tax, Company Laws, Accounts, Audit, Finance, and Investment Planning.

Why Skill Bharat Mission

Skill Bharat Mission provides the opportunity to the budding Income Tax professionals to hone their theoretical concepts with the right kind of practical approach.

About the Income Tax Course

This course provides only practical training that enables the fresh graduates or postgraduates with the right skill-sets to be job-ready or to start their own independent practice.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Hands-on practical exposure The sole aim of this course is practical training and a hands-on approach only.
  • The Trainers-Highly accomplished trainers from the Finance and Taxation World.
  • Course Modules-The course is spread across 15 days of learning sessions divided into two modules. Module 1 covers the return filing details whereas the second one comprises of TDS AND TCS. In the first module, the candidates get a hang of Chargeability, various heads of Income, ideas of return form viz ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, ITR4, ITR5, ITR6, ITR7. It also covers income computation, how to handle Income Tax notices, Assessment proceedings, etc.

6. TIPA (The Institute of Professional Accountants)

About TIPA

The Institute of Professional Accountants is one of the finest institutes for learning the finer details of Income-tax, GST, etc. Their pieces of training are 100% centered on making the candidates job-ready.


TIPA provides all kinds of facilities required by the candidates in terms of different variants of the same diploma course, monthly fee instalments, online as well as classroom learning sessions, etc.

About the Income Tax Course

TIPA provides a diploma in taxation course in which one can learn all about the practical aspects of the Income-tax course as well as GST etc.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Membership-All the members are provided with 24*7 access to their Learning Management Systems
  • Analytics Tools-Online Income Tax Return Filing, Online TDS Return Filing, Online GST Return Filing
  • Hands-on practical exposure-There are 200+, 300+ and 350+ hours of practical training associated with each variant of the Income-tax diploma course. 
  • Certification-Recognized Certificate of Diploma is given to the successful candidates
  • The Trainers-The trainers are all highly efficient industry experts in the domain of Chartered Accountants.
  • Course Modules-The Diploma course is designed to be spread across 3 months and the time duration is 80 hours. There are 3 options altogether.Option1 provides a 1-hour daily basis class, Option 2 providing 2 hours class on an alternate basis and Option 3 providing weekend basis classes that go for 6 hours.

7. IALM (Indian Academy of Law and Management)

About IALM (Indian Academy of Law and Management)

IALM is a not-for-profit wing of The Indian Legal Foundation (TILF). The le aim of this non-governmental institution is to provide quality education to aspirants seeking a rock-solid career in the world of Finance and Taxes.

Why IALM (Indian Academy of Law and Management)

The alumni list of IALM comprises many successful Directors, CEOs, CFOs, professionals, etc. who have made their name indispensable in the world of Finance and Taxes.

About the Income Tax Course

This course is unique in itself because it teaches to read between the lines, a very rare characteristic practice adopted by any institute. It helps the candidates to learn out-of-the-box thinking as to why it is a must for every Income Tax professional to understand the expenditure, savings, and decision-making patterns of individuals and business houses.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Analytics Tools Taxation (both domestic and International), Audit, Budget Analysis, Corporate finance, and Taxation.
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Total coverage of Direct Tax base on live case studies
  • Certification-Certificate is provided based on the final score in the online exam conducted. 
  • The Trainers-Handpicked trainers from national and international levels.
  • Course Modules-The course duration goes for 4 months or 120 days to be more precise.
  • Course fee-INR 9000 plus GST @18

8. Swayam

About Swayam

Swayam is a one-stop destination for Indian students who can study the courses online and they can earn academic credit online.

Why Swayam

The Direct Tax laws and practices course is accredited by Tezpur University, UGC, and CEC. This is reported as one of the finest online courses by

About the Income Tax Course

A 4 credit course that is designed in a way keeping in mind an interdisciplinary approach. This course can be taken up by learning aspirants who wish to achieve taxation acumen.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Analytics Tools-Income tax computation
  • Certification-Certificate is provided to successful candidates.
  • The Trainers-This course is taught by Prof.(Dr.) Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar
  • Course Modules-15 weeks of sessions with a balanced distribution of the core concepts.
  • Course fee-This is a free online course.

9. EduPristine

About EduPristine

EduPristine is a very reputed institute known for its highly rigorous courses in various financial streams.

Why EduPristine

EduPristine believes in presenting the right blend of experience-based, practical as well as theoretical encapsulation of the concepts.

About the Income Tax Course

In today’s cut-throat competition, mere graduation is not enough for the candidates to be job-ready with all the required skill-sets. EduPristine fills the gap and makes the candidates hone their skills and able to establish themselves as successful Income Tax professionals.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Membership-Soft-skills is a complimentary part upon opting for minimum 6 modules
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Entirely and experience-based course with 14 projects 
  • Certification-This course brings with itself not 1 but 4 Certificates.
  • The Trainers-Sessions are delivered by the most distinguished experts of the field
  • Course Modules-There is 9 module in all. Each module deals with a separate concept altogether making this course an enriched one.

10. NIFM

About NIFM

National Institute of Financial Markets is renowned for the most prevailing financial courses across a variety of branches in India.


NIFM provides the most appropriate institute that provides online as well classroom sessions with the expert guidance of domain experts.

About the Income Tax Course

A diploma in taxation by NIFM gears up the learners with the necessary skill set to run the show much more smoothly. Be it about salaried individuals, business organizations, or consultants, this course provides the required insight for today’s most talked topics like Income Tax, TDS/TCS, and GST, etc.

Benefits of the Income Tax Course

  • Membership perks-Job assistance, personality development assistance, freelancing, and entrepreneurial aid
  • Analytics Tools-Indian taxation system, tax computation in companies, Invoicing and follow-ups, penalty, etc.
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Practical training on e-filing tax returns from ITR-1 to ITR-7 and GST return filing etc. plus Govt. taxation utility
  • Certification-Certificate of Diploma in Taxation will be provided to the successful candidates
  • The Trainers-The trainers and faculty of NIFM have experienced IT Consultants with industry experience of over a decade.
  • Course Modules-The program duration is 6 months
  • Course fee-Candidates paying in one shot would be charged INR 45000/- plus GST. The Institute also offers the above payment in 4 instalments but charges INR 55000/- PLUS GST towards the same.


Life has never been the same since the ongoing pandemic has touched every aspect of it. The professional front of an Income Tax Professional is no exception. The world of Income-tax being so dynamic in nature taking into ‘account’ the everyday changes in regulations. It has become mandatory to keep ourselves updated with the recent happenings in our respective professional fields. Learning, relearning, and unlearning outdated mechanisms and jumping out of our comfort zones is the new normal need. As the age-old adage goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. The ongoing pandemic opens doors of opportunities for Income tax professionals who might be bringing years of experience with them, industry exposure, and subject matter expertise to serve as income tax consultants for many budding start-ups.

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Q-1. What is the minimum eligibility to pursue a course in accounting and taxation?

Most of the courses require a bachelor’s degree whereas some of them do offer their courses post completion of class 10th.

Q-2. Which background in graduation is required to pursue courses in accounting and taxation?

Mostly a bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting, etc. is preferred over others.

Q-3. What are the career opportunities post these courses?

Technical and fundamental analyst, Research analyst, Depository department in charge, Research advisory consultants, etc. to name a few.

Q-4. What is the average duration for the above-mentioned courses?

The average duration may be ranging from 15 days to 1 year depending on the type of course.

Q-5. What is the best option to go for, classroom or online sessions?

Both the options are equally good. Given the pandemic situation, it is advisable to opt for online classes rather than procrastinating the decision to pursue the course.

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