Cybersecurity: what does it mean?

An electronic system, whether it is a mobile device, a computer, a server, a network, or a database, may be protected from cyber attacks by cyber security. In this sense, cyber security is also known as electronic information security or information technology security. As cyber security focuses on protecting computer systems from any unauthorized attack from being getting damaged, there is a huge demand for cyber security salary in USA.

Cybersecurity is a wide range of disciplines divided into below aspects 

Network security

Network security is the combination of multi-layer defense in the network to implement policies and controls. It deals with access to network resources by blocking malicious agents from intruding into the network.

It is an activity designed to protect the integrity of the network and data. 


  • Both software & hardware technologies
  • Targeting multiple threats
  • Stops any threats from entering or spreading in the network
  • Makes effective access to the specific network

Network security provides solutions to attacks by designing them to identify and block them over the network. The solutions entail data and access controls such as Identity Access Management (IAM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Next Generation Firewalls and Network Access Controls (NAC).

Multi-layer and Advanced network threat-preventing technologies consist of NGAV (Next-Gen Antivirus), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), and Sandboxing

They also include threat network analytics, hunting, and automated SOAR(Security Orchestration and Response) technologies.

Cloud Security

Cloud security consists of the collection of technologies and procedures designed to address internal and external threats to business security. As organizations adopt a digital transformation strategy, cloud-based services become increasingly important to their operations.

In modern-day enterprises, there is a growing transition to cloud-based environments and Paas, Iaas, or SaaS computing models. Due to the continued migration to the cloud, you need to understand the security exigencies to keep data safe from threats.

Cloud security is always responsible as providers to safeguard the infrastructure as well as to access, patch, and configure the physical hosts and networks on which the computer instances run and store the other resource resides.

Endpoint security

Endpoint security is the process of practicing secure entry points or endpoints of the end-user devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from getting exploited by the malicious offense by any actor. Cybersecurity threats are protected by endpoint security systems on a network or in the cloud. Endpoint security is inferred from traditional antivirus software to provide comprehensive protection from any Mondaine malware evolving to zero threats.

Any size organization is always at risk of nation-states, crime, hacktivists, and accidental and malicious insider threats. Endpoint security generally acts as cybersecurity’s frontline and serves as the first place in organizations to secure their enterprise networks.

Nowadays endpoint security systems are designed to instantly detect, block, and analyze 

any attacks. To do this, they collaborate and security technologies to administrate visibility into advanced threats to detect speed and remediation response times.

Mobile security

Mobile security means protecting mobiles, laptops, tablets, and other portable devices from any vulnerabilities and threats associated with wireless computing.

Due to the increasing importance of the devices, mobile security becomes problematic especially when employee-owned devices are connected to the corporate network. Usually, the IT department ensures that employees know the acceptable administrators and guidelines.

Organizations can become vulnerable to malicious software, data leakage, and other mobile threats. This security breach can cause boundless disruptions in the business including complicated IT operations affecting user productivity.

IoT security

Internet of Things(IoT) security is to safeguard and protect cloud-connected devices like home automation, security cameras, SCADA machines, and any other technologies connected directly to the cloud. IoT is eminent in mobile devices(eg. tablets and smartphones) based on its automatic cloud connectivity in gadgets. IoT security holds traditionally designed devices for cybersecurity and data protection. 

Based on a recent survey IoT security must be a priority for most developers and manufacturers. IoT devices can be garage door openers, locks, temperature monitors, security cameras, refrigerators, ovens, televisions, or any other gadgets connected to the cloud. These devices use an operating system, usually Linux with the modified version.

IoT security includes the protection of data when it transfers from the local device to the cloud. 

Application security

Application security defines security measures at the application level aiming to prevent any code or data within the app from being stolen. It encloses the security considerations happening during application design and development, involving approaches to protect applications after deployment.

Application security includes software, hardware, and procedures identifying or minimizing security vulnerabilities. Routers are put in to prevent anyone to view your computer’s IP address is a kind of hardware application security. 

Zero trust

Zero trust security is a framework providing all users, which can be within or outside the organization’s network. They regularly validated, authorize, and authenticate the security configuration before granting or keeping access to the data or application. Zero trust does not work on traditional networks but involves local networks, cloud networks, and combinations located anywhere.

Zero trust works on the principles of NIST guidelines –

  • Continuous verification- by varying access for all resources at all time
  • Limit the “Blast Radius”- by minimizing impact from any internal or external breach(if occur)
  • Automating context collection and response – Identify the behavioral data from the entire IT stack.

Cyber security salary in USA 

Due to this wide range of usage of cybersecurity, there is a huge demand for cyber security salary in USA. As technology is growing, the requirement for cybersecurity is also increasing in almost every field of technology. Visit Cyber Security Course


So, it is a known fact that the cyber security salary in USA is more compared to other tech jobs. However cybersecurity salary may differ in each role, but it is the boosting industry that is seeing huge growth at present and in the future also. Skilled professionals are always required at every level of the job, and cybersecurity is one of those.

Cyber security salary in USA may differ based on the roles opted

Computer forensic analyst

A computer forensic analyst assesses devices and systems to find multiple methods to recover data. They focus on learning about people who own the devices and gathering information. Usually, police make use of these professionals to gather information during any criminal investigations focusing on cybercrime.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $46,146 per year

IT security specialist

Information Technology security professionals work on developing strategies to protect systems and devices within an organization. They work with the IT team to help the organization assess the system and identify the cyberattacks in it. IT professionals also take mock cyberattacks to learn more about current security strategies to protect data and systems.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $57,787 per year

Security manager

A security manager leads the security team to oversee security measures within an organization. They focus on cybersecurity IT management teams and develop required strategies for cybersecurity efforts. The security manager is involved in composing rules and regulations related to cybersecurity decisions.

Here, the average salary of cyber security is $64,000 per year

Security Engineer

Security Engineers are the technical professionals who develop computer networks and operating systems. They deal with implementing necessary security measures across an organization. They coordinate with the IT team to develop solutions to respond the security breaches to troubleshoot any security measures.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $76,009 per year

Security Consultant

Security consultants are highly knowledgeable professionals to help the organization to identify ways to improve security measures. They can examine the current security system and helps the organization in understanding where they are not functioning well as well as how to improve them. Security-related specific products or systems are suggested by the Security consultants depending on the organizational needs.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $76,019 per year

Director of security

The Director of security leads both IT( Information Technology) staff and Security managers in larger companies to maintain system security. They create and implement regulations and communicate with the company executives about the security situations of an organization.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $79,486 per year

Security administrator

The security administrator manages security solutions related to the organization. They help to organize data and information to implement plans for new security measures. The system administrator also develops training documents to educate team members about any new cybersecurity policies and procedures. They can help others to adhere to security policies and manage other teams’ situations that they can not handle.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $82,375 per year

Information security analyst

An information security analyst assesses and gathers data to help learn an organization’s security profile. They collaborate with IT(Information Technology) and security professionals to implement security measures and assess their performance. For example, the implementation of a firewall within the system to protect important data/information.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $84,821 per year

Security specialist

A cybersecurity specialist or security specialist professionals work on monitoring the organization’s present security measures and potential breaches. They respond to cyberattacks in real-time by using security measures to confront attacks and safeguard the information. A security specialist makes slight alterations to the systems to improve overall security.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $90,913 per year

Chief information officer

The chief information officer holds the highest position in an organization and focuses on the information within an organization’s systems. They provide guidance and leadership to the specialists and managers within their department by regulating security procedures. Considering the organization’s important data, they align the technical strategy with its goals.

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $108,753 per year

Network security engineer

A network security engineer looks at using the internet to connect devices and computers. They help to implement security measures that apply to connecting the network and protecting computer information over the internet. Network security engineers implement strategies and monitor potential breaches. 

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $109,639 per year

Machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer creates, designs, and implements algorithms for Artificial Intelligence. They focus on cybersecurity algorithms to identify and protect against any cybersecurity attacks. 

Here, the average salary for cyber security is $128,031 per year

cyber security salary in USA based on the work experience

Cyber security salary in the US varies as the experience in cyber security grows. The increase in your experience is directly proportionate to your salary. Let us have a look at the range of cyber security salaries in the USA according to the levels.

Salary of cyber security with an Entry level of experience

This position demands a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any similar discipline from security analyst positions. The average entry-level salary of cyber security ranges around USD 4713.42 per annum.

Salary of cyber security with mid-level experience

Usually, security systems are designed by mid-level cyber security professionals. Additionally, they can audit, investigate and evaluate the systems to identify any problems to provide fixes. The average mid-level salary of cyber security ranges around USD 6530.64 per annum. 

Salary of cyber security with High-level experience

Candidates with high experience are usually employed to create and deploy safe network solutions to withstand any attacks from hackers. The average salary of cyber security with this kind of experience ranges around USD 6530.64 per annum. 


The cyber security salary in USA is expected to be higher when compared to other techs. One of the reasons for it is they protect the important data or information of any organization. Many organizations store their client’s sensitive information like their bank account details. And to ensure that this data is not leaked or hacked, they hire cyber security. As the data is crucial and needed to be maintained confidential, they don’t mind going beyond the average salary of cyber security to hire the best person for that position. 


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