As we all know, nowadays, many organizations and companies are trying to get as much business as possible. Because of the lockdown, many processes and companies got ramp down. The main reason for an organization to get off is bad management. This can have many negative effects.
We must learn how to handle and manage everything step by step to run a workplace or organization. I am going to help you with the best course , which can help you in this case.
As you have got by the heading, the course name is 5S course.
Now, why it is named 5S is because it has five words starting with an S letter. It consists of 5 Japanese words “Seiri” which means ‘sort’, ‘seiton’ means ‘set in order’, ‘seiso’ means ‘shine’ ‘seiketsu’ means ‘standardize’ and ‘shitsuke’ which means ‘ sustain’.
We can understand the meaning as it is quite simple but how to execute this thing. You will learn all this under the 5S course which is offered in India. I will list the top 10 institutes just for you who offer this course in India. Let’s get started. 

1. Henry Harvin Education

This is an Indian institute offering 5S Courses all over the world. Henry Harvin is ranked amongst the top 3 in 5S certification training courses by They organize brush up Bootcamp sessions with experts every month so that you can be industry-ready. You will be able to attend unlimited sessions with multiple trainers free of cost till your membership time period. 

When you will sign the course with Henry Harvin you will get 24/7 lifetime support from this institute. The certification will have a hallmark of 5SC next to your name which will be valid globally. They have a mobile app to access E-Learning so that you can access the LMS from anywhere. 


There will be 5 modules in this course, I will name them for you : 

  • Introduction of 5S and guidelines for initialization
  • Understanding 1S and 2S ( sort and set in order ) 
  • Understanding 3S and 4S ( shine and standardization )
  • Understanding 5S ( sustain ) 
  • 5S implementation steps 


  • 8 hours of intensive training 
  • Industry acclaimed 5S certified (5SC) Credentials 
  • 1 year free subscription of henry harvin LMS 
  • Hallmark of 5S certified on your certification 
  • You will get recorded videos of your training 
  • Monthly brushup sessions every month 
  • They are also offering your internships and placements opportunity 
  • The study material will be updated industry oriented 

Duration : 

There is an 8-hour instructor-led and certification program. Plus you will get 24 hours of bootcamps spread over 12 months and you will be able to attend unlimited batches for 1 year without paying anything extra. 


  • Self paced course with lifetime access and support plus 24/7 lifetime free upgrade : Rs. 4500
  • Live online classroom with trained instructors : Rs. 5000
  • You also get an option to pay in installment with 0% interest. No cost EMI. 

You can check all the details on their website, here is the link :

Henry Harvin also offers many other courses in different fields such as marketing, management, law, writing, analytics etc.
Check out their other courses here: 

2. Udemy 

5S course offered by Udemy is named as 5S system lean manufacturing expert online course in which you will mainly learn and benefits will be expert’s implementation guide, eliminate waste in the workplace with the 5S system, some practical tips and relevance to industry 4.0. 

This course includes full lifetime access to their study material. You can get access on mobile and tv. Assignments will be provided so that you can clear all your topics and you will receive a certificate after completion of the course. Let’s see what you will learn in this course. 


  • Understanding 5S step by step and in dept. 
  • Practical tips, strategies and organization wide 5S implementation guide 
  • Access 5s maturity and conduct 5s audits 
  • Implementing lean 5s system in manufacturing 
  • Organization wide 5s program roll out plan

There will be 3 sections in the course content and in total 17 lectures. This will cover all the topics of 5S. 

Duration : 

The lectures in total : 1h30m 

This course also includes: 1.5 hours of on-demand videos 

Fees : 

The fees for this course is Rs. 2,240.
However, if you are lucky enough you can get an 80% discount on fees. The discounted price is for a limited period.

3. The Knowledge Academy

The knowledge academy provides 5S training in India which is named as 5s training | lean 5s course in new Delhi. The basic and main learnings in this 5s course by knowledge academy will be how to organize a workplace and work efficiently, effectively and safely. 

You will become familiarised with the concepts of red-tagging and visual management and you’ll learn how to maintain and improve standards and implement plan development. 

Learnings : 

The course syllabus will be as simple as this: first, you’ll learn the introduction to 5s which will be your first topic and further you will learn each S one by one. Total there will be 6 topics. 

They provide you, classes, in 4 ways. You can sign up for an online instructor-led, classroom, self-paced or onsite. 

If you sign for the classroom, the venue includes free wifi, air-conditioned, full it support and video equipment. 

There are no prerequisites to attend this course by the knowledge academy. Whoever wishes to learn about 5s and how it works can sign the course. 


The duration of this course is only 1 day \ 24 hours. 

In self-paced it is only for 8 hours. 

Fees : 

As I mentioned that they provide the course in 4 ways. I am going to mention the fees for them differently. The price for onsite is not mentioned.

  • Online instructor led : Rs. 77095 
  • Classroom : Rs. 204495
  • Online self paced : Rs. 88895

4. Alison

Alison provides free online courses. The 5S course provided by alison is named as the 5s system- lean methodology on workplace optimization and housekeeping. This is a 5s certification course in which you will learn about the application of lean methodology in workplace optimization and housekeeping. You will study the history of the 5s, it’s importance and initialization. 

Learnings : 

There are a total of 4 modules under this course and an assessment in the end. You will learn all the 5S in detail and how to use them in your work. After the course you will learn many more things such as : 

  • You will be able to describe the historical development of 5S concepts and methods. 
  • Importance of 5s implementation program 
  • Simplify the steps for gemba walk in 5s 
  • Explain the importance of the 5s program for safety and standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. 

Alison provides free enrollment courses, and to become eligible for certification, you should score 80% or higher in the assessment. It is a self-paced course.
Alison provides three types of certification: 

  • Digital certification 
  • Hard copy of your certificate 
  • Framed certificate 

Duration : 

This course duration is 1.5-3 hours only

5. Quality Training Portal 

The 5s training on quality training portal is for all the employees in manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. With this training, you will learn the fundamental concepts of the 5s that will improve productivity and quality. 

The 5S course outline from the quality training portal have 2 units. The first unit “the 5s’s step by step” has 6 lessons, in which you will learn what is 5s and details about all the S differently. There will be an assessment in the end of this unit. 

Then there is the second unit 5s implementation, which has 5 lessons and one assessment in the end. The thing which will be cleared by this is How to use 5s tool in your workplace effectively. 

Learnings : 

The main learning in this course will be 

  • Understanding each of the five S’s and how each S builds upon the previous S. 
  • Apply the 5s’s to their work area 
  • Develop or participate in the development of a 5s implementation roadmap. 

Duration : 

The duration of this course is 5 hours.  


So now that we all know the importance of 5S tool and how it helps us to maintain a fantastic environment in our workplace. these 5 ‘S’ which means sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain, step by step, can help us to get a clean and friendly workplace. a place where the employees enjoy working and happy to follow all the rules is the place which gets the best production.
It is a smart idea and everyone should learn about the 5s tool who wants their businesses and organization to grow with time. These 5 institutes will help you with their best to get the skill. Personally, I think that Henry Harvin education is offering the best package for this course. The fees are worth what they are offering. You will get instructor-led classes and lifetime support. 
Then we have Udemy, it has courses at cheap prices and the specifics are not that clear. However, the learning is the same as every other institute. And the rest of the institutes offer the courses with the best learning experience. I am sure you will make the best decision.
So what are you waiting for, sign up for this course if you wish to grow your businesses and achieve your dream? This is a small and most important step to get you started with your perfect business and organization dream.

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Who can sign up for this course ?

Anyone who is interested can sign up for this course. 

Why is this course important? 

 Every workplace or organization needs a system and a process to work on so that it is totally in order. This course will help you maintain that order and clean environment. 

Are these courses online? 

 yes, these courses can be studied online and offline too. It can be a self-paced course too. 

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