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Preface to TEFL

“TEFL” is the acronym for teaching English as a foreign language. One of the fastest-growing educational fields in the Global is “TEFL”.This field presents millions of excellent professional opportunities for Teaching English abroad.TEFL certification course in India is the gate for the qualified to teach the English language for the non-native speakers.


The primary objectives of the “TEFL” certification exhibit that the candidate is ready to move to a new nation to teach the students. This emphasizes that they are prepared for a new culture to showcase all their learning experience.

The international certification course provides all the necessary skills to become a good teacher abroad. The universal language “English” has high demand in countries like Russia, Spain, China, South Korea, Japan for teaching English. The TEFL tutors can get students of all age groups. 

They get a great deal for conducting the classes for all the variety of students. They need confidence, authority, interactive skills to make the classroom atmosphere interesting.TEFL tutor stands out from others because of their command on English and Grammar.

Here, we are presenting the list of the top 10 TEFL Certificate Courses in India and TEFL certificate online India courses. So, you can choose the institution that fits what you looking for.

Top TEFL Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin: Best TEFL Courses in India

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education Logo

Henry Harvin is a professional educational Institution, focuses on value creation. Through Benchmark content, it delivers excellent training and services globally. It has a rich portfolio of 100 + courses delivered online and in classrooms globally. It is recognized for its quality and uniqueness.

About Henry Harvin TEFL 

Henry Harvin’s online TEFL course in India gets the prestigious AAEFL certification. This course offers 120 hours of interactive classes through which we get an immersive learning experience. It evolves and enhances confidence in class. It nurtures the most effective teaching skills and methodologies. 

Through this course, we can enhance productivity by adopting effective class and time management techniques. Henry Harvin TEFL  course provides a unique and original lesson plan to teach the candidates. TEFL Course trainers have experienced industry experts with 10+ years of experience with international companies.

Benefits of Henry Harvin

  • The learner gets 1-year membership 
  • E-Learning access
  • Internship
  • Guaranteed interview
  • Job opportunities

Henry Harvin TEFL Courses fees:

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course is Provided:

Delhi Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Bangalore Pune

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

2. ACT Asian College of Teachers

 Contact No. + 91 9739615888

Asian college of Teachers has been an exceptional training Institution to develop global educators the Institution with ‘Excellence in Education” offers a specialized course. By creating global awareness to the future teaching professional through knowledge, skills, and strategies.

About the Course

Advanced Diploma in pre-primary teacher training.

One of the key products of the Asian college of teachers was the pre-primary teacher training courses. 

Post Graduate Diploma in pre-teacher training and primary teacher training.

Their Special Courses

A course like teaching Grammar, teaching phonetics, classroom management, Montessori teaching. It conducts school workshops across Asia. It conducts an interactive workshop for professional educators.

TEFL in Class Location

Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Kochi, Bangkok, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune.

Online TEFL Course

  • TEFL/TESOL Diploma
  • Trinity TESOL course 
  • Online TEFL Course 
  • Specialized TEFL Course 

TEFL live Online Classes

Live online classes are known as “Webinar”, in recent days it gained high popularity. There is a high extent of interaction between the facilitator and learner. The participant can attend from any part of the globe.

.It is designed to upgrade the professional skills of global educators, trainers, administrators who want a flourishing career in TEFL teaching.

Live online TEFLof ACt is to cater to both aspiring and working teachers.

The practical aim of Act’s Live online TEFLis to enhance their TEFL skills.

Accreditation and Certifications

Act TEFL courses are certified by the CPD Certification service and accredited by TESOL Canada.

3. i to i TEFL course in India

 Contact no. +44 113 205 4610

I to i TEFL course in India is regulated by UK Government accredited by employers all over the world’s leading TEFL Course provider.

Trending TEFL Course

 Compare course

Teaching English online

TEFL course locations

TEFL other subjects in English

TEFL PLUS Digital marketing 

TEFL plus Digital skills 

i to i  TEFL Courses

By i to i TEFL Course in India one can earn money teaching English online or abroad.

TEFL certificate,180 hours online course. It is suitable for beginners.

Level 5 certificate, the typical time to complete the course is4-8 weeks. This course is equivalent to CELTA -level. The course cost $270.00.

TEFL Diploma

The course is suitable for beginners with a 99%pass rate. It’s a high-paying job and also a high-quality Diploma. It is a level 5 Diploma. It is 100 % online learning. The course access time is 27 weeks. It has 60 hours of teaching English online. And 60 hours of teaching Business English. This Diploma course costs $385.00. 

TEFL Advanced Diploma Course

It is an advanced course for 120 hours. It is the highest paying job. We can enroll it for $263. It is the highest quality Advanced diploma course which boosts the earnings. It has a typical time to complete12-20 weeks. The course access time is 37 weeks. We can get a free study guide. we can get 60 hours of teaching English online,60 hours of teaching Business English

60 hours of teaching IELTS, 60 hours teaching other subjects.

Special Features

  1. TEFL study support
  2. TEFL jobseeker support
  3. Ultimate resource support 

4. Oxford TEFL (TEFL Course in India)

Contact no. +34 931 74 00 62

Oxford TEFL Kerala is perfect for teaching an accredited TEFL certificate. Their tutors are experienced and qualified to Diploma TESOL.

Oxford TEFL offers constant support. They can help with. visa applications. They also offer a paid internship program and life-long career service.

This program is a teaching practicum. It is a classroom training type with a long span of  130 hours.

Oxford TEFL

Oxford TEFL is among the most highly recorded teacher training institutions in Europe. By creating an atmosphere of open communication, they think learning to teach is an important endeavor. They value teaching as an essential craft and a professional skill. This skill is acquired with guidance and practice in the classroom. Oxford TEFL has committed to the learners by innovating and improving their course through their constructional approach.

Trainers of Oxford TEFL

Teachers and teacher trainers were selected based on their excellent teaching and training skills and command of English, not in the country they were born in

  • Teaching Business English
  • Leadership in ELT
  • Teaching younger learners
  • Teaching IELTS

5. International Teachers Training Organization ( ITTO)

Contact no. 866-514-7479

ITTO is passionate about global education. They believe that traveling to work and study in a foreign country everyone should undertake.TEFL certification from ITTO, the learners can attain invaluable cultural and professional knowledge. This is the exceptional4 weeks’ program where the learners can immerse themselves. Because of ITTO’s impeccable reputation, its graduates are quickly hired with the competence and confidence they need to be successful in the industry.

ITTO Global education believed in making a better world. Their programs are both online and on-site

Salient features of ITTO

  • ITTO provides lifelong job guidance and contacts worldwide.
  • It offers 20 locations worldwide
  • Through social media, it keeps in touch with other graduates. 
  • It provides special offers for all examination
  • It uses a communicative approach to train a new teacher whose skills meet the specific needs of today’s TEFL field.
  • They focus on exceptional teacher graduate employment.
  • ITTO an outstanding Institute among the other programs

6. Intesol India (TEFL Course in India)

Contact no. + 91 9674933512

Intesol India -a unit of Intesol worldwide

The oldest functional training Institute in Intesol. It aims to train aspiring teachers to teach English as a foreign language. It offers a ALAP, a prestigious UK-based awarding organization, accredited TEFL course in India. The certification from this institution is accepted globally for its credibility and for quality educating.

The Special Features of this Institution

1.This institution offers the Best training faculty and well-structured course training.

2.It provides activity-based learning.

3.Three weeks of a comprehensive was 140 hours of learning.

4.Their certification is internationally accredited.

5.They support placement anywhere around the world.

6.The course fee is INR5000/USD735 

Check out- TEFL Course in Bangalore

7. Cochin International Language Academy (CILA) 

Contact no.+91 94961 60179

International Institution for English Language Training and Teacher Training. CILA creates international opportunities for English Language teachers in non-English speaking regions. They also provide English Language training to students who wish to study or work abroad.

Courses in CILA

Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL (TEFL). This college is the first and only one in India and is taught by native speakers. In weeks, the learner could be working in another country teaching English with all the skills they learned in India. No previous teaching experience is required.


Intensive IELTS Training is available for candidates who are planning for higher studies, jobs, and migration abroad. Its unique IELTS immersion program is designed to meet the immediate requirements of candidates.

8.Trinity College London Diploma in TESOL (TEFL Course)

Contact no. +91-44-24318188

This Course is an advanced Qualification for the English Language Teacher with at least you years of experience after taking the Trinity College Certificate in TESOL


The regular onsite class and also online are available. The course fee is Rs 1,25,000.for Indian citizens


CILA teachers were well qualified and trained to teach English using modern methods. Students enjoy learning English in CILA.

Also check- TEFL Course in Mumbai

9. Global language training TEFL (TEFL Course in India)

Contact no. +1 646 688 2927

Global language training TEFL provides five types of online TEFL courses. It is accredited by ACTDEC.

The first TEFL course in India is known as the specialist course. It has 40 hours of sessions. It trains an individual for online teaching. It provides personalized support, resources, and the global TESL/TESOL certificate. The cost of the course is $160.

Teach young learners is the second course that is offered by Global Language Training. It is an online interactive course for 40 hours. The learners can gain the experience to teach children of ages 4 to12. They charge $160 for this course .this course offers a TEFL/TESOL certificate. the advanced courses are the third type of training course. Global language training Provides online standard course 120 hours for teaching young learners. business English And English for a specific purpose.

This course is interactive and resources full learning. The learners are trained, well-being teachers. This the best course for jobs, global languages TEFL does offers job support also.

The cost of this course of TEFC certificate is $330.
Global learning [provides the master class course which is the fourth type of training program. It contains150 hours of the training program. this course is for teaching English for academic purposes EBA the masterclasses courses fee is $500.

Last but not least, global learning training offers this course includes the content of all the four courses this is the interactive training of 259 hours. The learners can become an expert of the English teaching domain

10. International TEFL Academy

Contact no. +44-203-318-6930


International TEFL Academy provides the accredited TEFL on-site as well as online certified course. the certificate they offer is globally recognized they provide the international standard curriculum
Special feature :

International TEFL academy offer accredited course which is one of the most outstanding course it has both on-site and online.
All over the globe in 25 cities they provide offline classes
International TEFL Academy does not ensure any job assistance.

11. TEFL Masterclass- TEFL Course in India

Contact no. 02081586293

Online education has never been more straightforward, more accessible, or more relevant than now, and you can put your future in this best TELF institution in India. Taking this TEFL Masterclass: An entire 120-hour interactive class will help you stand out from the crowd and show others what you can do.

If you want to learn the TEFL certification in India, you will get the knowledge, skills, information, and competencies you need to take your job and career to new heights. The TEFL Course can be either part-time or full-time, depending on the student’s needs.

The course is for both current teachers and people who want to become teachers. It will improve their knowledge and skills, which will help them if they decide to take the world-famous TEFL course, which will help them advance in their careers.

12. American Tesol Institute- TELF Course in India

Contact no.+916292137532

The American TESOL Institute’s TEFL course is an international training program that teaches future EFL/ESL teachers the most up-to-date ways to teach languages successfully. It opens up a new world of opportunities by helping people find teaching jobs in the booming TEFL industry, including public schools and private language institutes. You can work as Business English Teacher or Voice and Accent Trainer if you have the TEFL certification in India. For all these benefits, it is the best TELF institution in India.

13. International TEFL and TESOL Training- TELF Course in India

 Contact no.+66-6224-22707

ITTT has been offering high-quality teacher training programs since 1993, making it the best TELF institution in India. Every year, thousands of students graduate from their programs, making them the leader in the field of TEFL/TESOL training courses.

In India, TEFL/TESOL courses are becoming more and more popular. At the end of the course, you’ll get a well-respected TELF certification in India that lets you teach English worldwide. 

14.  APTTI- TELF Course in India

 Contact no.+91 98317 71327

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) are certification programs for teachers who want to teach in another country. APTTI is the best TELF institution in India. This TELF certification in India should be taken by teachers in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East Teachers working in schools, colleges, and universities. They have the best curriculum and offer job assistance to their students. 

15. Coursera- TELF Course in India

This best institution in India teaches students English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) through a task-based approach. The course content is well explained, and the trainers are highly experienced and friendly. In TBLT, communicative tasks are the main building blocks for making activities to help people learn a language. 

You’ll also learn about the importance of reading in everyday life, teaching second and foreign languages, and the latest research on the TBLT/second reading interface. Reading a language and learning it might go well together. Therefore this TEFL certification in India will add value to your career. 


ATEFL  certified candidate knows the methodical techniques of LSRW skills. The qualifiedTEFLis skilled to teach students of all age groups. They cover all possible areas of classroom teaching and management. The contemporaryTEFL and TESOL course modules have influenced them in live class and online class education and greatly by the job placement.

The demand for TEFL and TESOL certified instructors is sky-high in various parts of the world like Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East.

ATEFL job will give the great way to travel around the world while working in a rewarding. They can explore endlessly. They can absorb in a new culture and get a handsome earning

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Q-1. Who can pursue theTEFL course?

Ans Every one whohas the passion for teaching and good command over the TEFL certification online.

Q-2. DOwe have any validity period for the certification?

Ans TheTEFLcertification course has life time validitywithout any expiry period.

Q-3. What is the Scope of TEFL Course?

Ans TEFL is the most in demand course that can make the qualified travel the the globae and earn in great numbers.

Q-4. Benefits of TEFL Certification

Ans. 1. You can earn recognied certification
2.From all over the world ,we can get the vast job opportunities.
3.We can explore new countries.
4. We can upgradethe job role and cv.

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120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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