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Learn the Spanish language without spending a dime – how? Learning a new language – it is not learning vocabulary, grammatical aspects, or, syntax. It changes your pattern of thinking. One becomes a novice personality. While studying a new language knows history, customs, and culture. Thus, he develops sensitivity to a new culture. It is a way to understand the expression of people from a distinct region.

A new language or new soul?

Learning a new language strengthens one’s ability to concentrate. There is a scientific fact behind learning new things. The fact is that our brain has flexible language centers. So, it increases one’s focus, learning power, and processing of information. Every language has innate properties. Learning a new language impacts the manner of the speaker’s thinking. It takes you to know a personality and stereotypes. To illustrate better, here are some examples. Greeks start their sentences with a type of action word. These words incorporate a lot of information. Using action words at the end of the sentence is a typical writing style of Germans.

Why learn the Spanish language?

The Spanish language course is communicated as a first language by north of 400 million individuals.  It is the second most communicated language after Chinese. It is also the second-most communicated language in the United States. Spanish is one of the simpler dialects for local English speakers. They learn reliable elocution, and countless comparative words sharing Latin beginnings. Spanish is one of Latin’s nearest living family members.

World explorers observe Spanish, a valuable language. It gives them access to countless nations and a huge geographic region. Spanish is one of the six authority dialects of the United Nations.

Learn the Spanish language with three facets:

Learning the Spanish language is not like “A walk in the park

Practice, practice, and practice

Fruitful learning requires practice in every one of the four regions

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Add creativity to practice

When creativity adds to practice it makes learning interesting.

Learn the Spanish language without spending a dime

Learning the Spanish language doesn’t have to cost a fortune. One can keep cash for another venture.

Top 20 tips to learn Spanish Language without spending a time

“A language cannot be taught, it can only be learned.”

Learn Spanish language by Reading

Reading is significant by the fact that it develops brain networking.  Reading leads to the exercise of the brain. When a learner reads written words, the mind grows, according to one’s power. It helps kids and adults, center around the things another person imparts. Books, magazines, and the Internet are extraordinary learning devices. These need the capacity to read. We live in a time where we are flooded with data. Yet, Reading is the principal method for grasping.

Reading improves the imagination. It develops creativity and sense. These improve phonetic skills, and one can better think of the sound of letters in words. It expands one’s own vocabulary

Following are Reading tips for learning Spanish language:

1. Reading online Magazines and Newspapers in Spanish

One can read Spanish short stories and articles available on the web. These are good resources for learning.  A new learner can have access to Spanish publications and magazines available online. The most common way during snack time spare a few minutes for a short story.

          “one column a day keeps you on the learning way”

2. Read and Try Spanish Recipe

Do your practice while in the kitchen. The Recipe, ingredients, and instructions force the mind to understand Spanish. Thus, a food lover can learn Spanish in a tricky way.

3. Set your gadget’s language to Spanish

One can’t drop everything and move to Spain. So, an individual considers an alternate approach to learning the Spanish language. Today, everyone is a gadget freak. We reach for gadgets for our basic needs every few minutes. So, it’s the easiest approach to learning Spanish without making much effort. We can try it as an experimental approach for a week. It forces you to translate, and pronunciation of words.

Even alter the language settings during usage of social media like Twitter, and Facebook.

4. Watching TV with Spanish subtitles

One of the tricky learning tips is learning with entertainment. The Learner can make his TV hours into practicing hours. In spite of cramming, watch your favorite shows with Spanish subtitles. When shows run with Spanish subtitles, language is retained better. One can make a good start with winning shows from Spain.

Furthermore, Private networking applications like Netflix, and Bingo set to a Spanish-speaking country.

5. Focus on the pattern of words

Observe the pattern of words or you can say chunks used by writers. It is the combination of words in magazines, subtitles, or instructions in recipes.

Learn Spanish language by Writing

A Writing exercise is significant in better understanding of the subject. It helps in better retention of the subject.  Likewise, it helps to integrate new concepts with acquired knowledge. It adds to the articulation of innovative ideas for learning and development. Thus, a participant becomes an active learner.

Writing exercises refine one’s learning capability. It enhances the thinking power, focus, and imagination. Besides, it expands the knowledge and vocabulary.

Following are Writing tips for learning Spanish language:

6. Start with writing lists of daily routine

There are daily task list that helps to practice Spanish. On one hand, Grocery lists and important tasks of the day organize life, also adding to practice sessions. Likewise, one can translate Meal charts, daily planners for kids, and examination reminders.

7. Translation

The easiest way to practice Spanish translate anything you get. The learner can translate short stories, work planners, e-mails, homework, or notes to your dear ones. One can use apps for word references or a dictionary. For better results develop a habit of translating one page per day.

8. Maintaining a daily journal

Keeping a diary in Spanish binds to a routine writing habit. For beginners write a few lines daily in Spanish. It enhances the use of Spanish words in your own style. One can write a routine, meeting with someone, or about a wish list.

Learn Spanish language by Listening

Listening means focusing on a speaker and paying attention to comprehend. It involves total concentration for the speaker with no interruption. Besides retaining the subject, it makes you confident. It enhances self-efficacy. Hence teaches one to communicate with better expressions. In the modern academic curriculum, listening is one of the subjects in literature.

9. Listening to Radio and telenovelas

Spanish radio is another way to work on the Spanish language. Tune In Radio is a free asset online. Picking a station can help in paying attention to Spanish free of charge.

Telenovelas is a Spanish word for television soap operas or programs. Emotional storylines, peculiar characters, and hypnotizing acting gorge your direction to learn Spanish.

10. Spanish Music

Spanish melodies will be the ideal approach to propel learning. New melodies sung in Spanish can be appealing and catchy. It makes learning easy and interesting.

Other tips to learn the Spanish language

These tips can work when a Participant has knowledge about the basics of the language.

11. Chatting

Chatting online can be another way to learn Spanish. A free community How Do You Do is for language learners. They can meet and chat on the web.

12. Finding a Penfriend

A penfriend from Spain or a Spanish-speaking country is an extraordinary chance to rehearse. Writing about country, culture, and likings gives you practice sessions. Website Interpal can help you find Penfriend.

13. Spanish language exchange group

It is a difficult aspect of learning other than reading or writing. Speaking in a group boosts your confidence. It is a fruitful way of learning.

14. Listening to Spanish Speakers

After listening to native speakers one can try to imitate them. One can learn the way they pronounce and use vocabulary. Practice the chunks of words in use. Listen to their speech and repeat the things after them. It will affect rhythm, pronunciation and cadence.

15. Use tricks to know gender implementation

Understanding the basic rule of application of gender will make the task easier. All words that end with O are masculine. The words ending with A are feminine. There are exceptions, make a list of those to remember.

16. Free online Spanish Course

In these courses there are practice sessions with fellow learners. Live Mocha is a community program with million students.

17. Self Interview

Make a questionnaire to interview yourself. Interview by sitting before laptop questionnaire prepared. After the interviewing session watch the recording. It is a transparent result of the level of learning Spanish.

18.The final steps of learning the Spanish language

Make a plan to study Spanish on a regular basis

Making a plan won’t get success. Time commitment is very important to follow. Make a realistic plan in detail for initial weeks. Once it sets one can see the outcome. Make a progress report of every week. Keep a check on your record. Set reminders of task and time binding.

19. Testing oneself

Testing is one vital piece of advancing your Spanish. There are three ways of testing oneself in a playway method.

  • Scrabble, Bingo and Spanish

Bingo and Scrabbles are extraordinary games to check your level of learning. You can play alone or with other fellows. The site Spanish Games are, likewise an incredible spot for testing your abilities.

  • Free online quiz games

There are many quizzes available on the web. They help to check vocabulary or word formation. There is Subject wise designed free quiz by Spanish programs.

Study Spanish is available for formal check and Spanish central  for vocabulary check.

20. Learn by Playing flashcards

It is a tested method of learning. There are many flashcard apps online that shows word building in different contexts. It is an Engaging Strategy.

The Paid sources of learning Spanish language

  • Spanish Language course by Henry Harvin
  • Glossika
  • Spring Spanish Challenge ( course)
  • Short stories in Spanish and many more.

 Henry Harvin Spanish Language course

The Training means to upgrade the relational abilities of the competitors. Planning and designing of the course is to expertise the students. It offers  standard information on the Language at the Intermediate Levels. This course has many levels. One makes an option according to his interest.

Levels of Spanish Language Training

  • Beginner Level A1&A2
  • Intermediate Level B1&B2
  • Advanced Level C1 & C2

Course Duration & Course Fee

  • A1-      56 Hours 
  • A2-      56 Hours
  • B1-      66  Hours
  • B2-      66  Hours
  • C1-      66  Hours
  • C2-      66  Hours

Course Details

  • Training

It offers online interactive training.

  • Projects & Internship

Both help in implanting the training by practical means. It includes doubt clearing and feedback session.

  • E-Learning access

These provide access to materials like videos and assignments.

  • Certification

You can get the certificate after the completion of training .

 More Benefits

  • Placement help

Placement support of the company for one year after completion.

  • Boot Camp Session

These sessions are for one year.

  • 1-Year Gold Membership

Henry Harvin offers membership for one year at their language academy.

Benefits of Learning Multiple languages

Better connections

The option to speak in somebody’s language is an extraordinary gift. So, Multilingual can connect with broader population in professional and social life. It opens the world in a real sense. Hence, it makes others feel belonging to them.

Career Growth

Multilingual skills are among the best eight abilities of all occupations. Despite area or expertise level, the interest for bilingual experts is rising with exponential power. A survey showed that from 2010 to 2015 jobs postings in the U.S. Increase double-fold for multilingual. Likewise, it adds to incentives and salary rise.

Cognitive benefit

There are many advantages as follows:

  • Development of good memory
  • Reasoning ability
  • Critical thinking skill
  • Better listening skills
  • Increase in focus
  • Enhances multitasking

Culture connection

Speaking another language encourages an appreciation for the

  • Practices
  • Religions
  • Expressions
  • History of individuals

Thus, develops better acceptance and empathy towards other cultures.

Better Exploring the world

  • Prospects of studying abroad and jobs.
  • Easy navigation to places as tourists.

Better connects to places and people there.

Derive new perspective

Acknowledging other cultures, one can compare both the shades in culture.

Assured decisions

Using another language, decision making is far from any emotional feeling or bias. Decisions-making has only one basis-hard fact.

Gaining Confidence

To learn and practice a new language, one has to attest to him in front of people. He leaves his reign to evolve better. So, Learner gains confidence while conversing in a different language.

A ‘Learned’ in different languages

According to research, it is more beneficial in the case of children. While learning skills for a new language, new brain networking develops.

Access to Foreign media and entertainment

If a language is well absorbed there is better access to media and entertainment that


Free available sources of learning Spanish language

  • Coffee Break Spanish
  • YouTube channels
  • Easy Spanish
  • Spring Spanish
  • SpanishPod101


Today’s world is interconnected and interlinked. Knowledge of different dialects is an imperative skill. The Language offers one to connect the world in a significant way. It opens new gateways to the world. Learning another language helps an individual to contend and succeed at the international level. It gives a sense of international community. It widens the scope of opportunities at the global level. Constant change and advancement are human attributes. Communication in an alternate language is a phenomenal method for discovering who you are.

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Q1 Is learning Spanish difficult?

Ans.Learning Spanish is not a difficult task. Make a habit of learning by study plan and tricks.

Q2. Are the lessons of learning available online?  

Ans.Yes, lessons of learning Spanish language are available online. It may be free resource or paid resource. One has to check levels of learning. According to desire one can opt for level of learning.

Q3. How can I improve Spanish pronunciation and accent?  

Ans.Listen to Spanish videos, radio, telenovelas as many times as you can. Listen to recordings    of native speakers , repeat the same. It will definitely show you the outcome.

Q4. What are different levels of learning Spanish?  

Ans.There are different levels
·       Beginners A1 & Upper Beginners A2
·       Intermediate B1& Upper intermediate B2
·       Advance C1 & Upper advance C2.

Q5. Is Spanish same in every Spanish speaking country or different?  

Ans.It is different with few variations in pronunciation, accent, and Vocabulary. There are      variation seen in Spain and Latin America.


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