What is TEFL? Where can I get my TEFL certification? Where can I find TEFL jobs abroad? Can I earn enough money for teaching English? Which websites can I trust while applying for online TEFL jobs? How can I get good TEFL jobs without previous teaching experience?

One simple thought of teaching English and earning good money can turn into a nightmare soon. We have all been there, done that, and you are NOT alone. This article will answer all you need to know about TEFL and how to secure high paying online TEFL jobs.

A simple Google search for “TEFL jobs abroad” easily yields 10 million results within a fraction of seconds. This can feel a little overwhelming; however, a few simple steps, and all your woes would go away. 

The English language is the most spoken in the world with over 1.2 billion native and non-native speakers. It is an invisible thread that is bringing the modern globalized world more and more closer. With this, the demand for learning the English language has been growing exponentially which naturally translates into the requirement for a constant supply of teachers for those who want to learn English as a foreign language.

In my opinion, TEFL is one such field that brings you huge opportunities, advances your teaching career manifolds, and opens doors for you that were never there.


Before we jump into the practical details of TEFL certifications and finding TEFL jobs abroad, let us first answer a few frequently asked questions.

What is TEFL?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL is teaching the English language to non-native speakers with different first languages. It is also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) or EFL (English as a Foreign Language).

Also, TEFL Online is the online equivalent of TEFL.

TEFL/TESOL is a rapidly booming profession in the educational field with thousands of job opportunities across the globe.



For practical purposes, TEFL and TESOL mean the same thing that is, teaching the English language to students who have different first languages. Also, “TEFL Certification” and “TESOL Certification” essentially are used interchangeably. Hence, for online TEFL jobs, you can get either one.

However, in technical terms, TEFL applies to teach English to non-native speakers in non-native English speaking countries like China, Vietnam, South Korea, etc. while TESOL applies to teach English to non-native speakers in native English speaking countries.

Therefore, those who will work in countries, say, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, and America will typically use the term TESOL and go for TESOL Certification.

 Phew! So simple!

What is CELTA?

Originally, CELTA as an acronym meant Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. However, now CELTA is changed to a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 

What is the difference between TEFL and CELTA then?

Barring a few minor technicalities, in practical terms, CELTA is a TEFL certification that is awarded by the University of Cambridge’s non-profit assessment organization, Cambridge English Assessment. 

Therefore, CELTA could be called a fancy version of TEFL as the cost for CELTA Certification runs very high in thousands of dollars. 

What is DELTA?

DELTA stands for Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults. Again, it is awarded by the University of Cambridge’s non-profit assessment organization, Cambridge English Assessment to only qualified teachers who have at least one year of experience under their belt.

Yes, CELTA and DELTA may look good on your CV, however, neither you need them for TEFL jobs abroad nor any employer is going to look for them.

Why is the TEFL Certification required?

TEFL Certification from an internationally recognized and accredited TEFL course is a prerequisite before starting with the TEFL jobs abroad in any country. 

It is a commonly required certification for new and experienced teachers alike. 

This is so that the language companies who are looking to hire you to know that you are trained properly and acquainted with all the nitty-gritty that comes along with teaching a second language.

This is your passport for cruising and VOILA! You will be ready to travel the world in no time.

Some frequently asked questions that our trainers receive regarding the TEFL Certification are answered below.

1. Who can get TEFL Certification? 

Just ask yourself a few simple questions – 

  • How old are you? 18 yet? Then think no more, next!
  • Do you eat and breathe English? Just Kidding! Only fluency in English would do.
  • Are you TEFL certified or in the process of acquiring your certification?
Qualifications to get TEFL certification for online TEFL jobs.

The beauty lies in its accessibility. You do not need to possess a degree in education, prior teaching experience, a fancy bachelor’s degree, or even a college degree for that matter.

However, for TEFL jobs abroad, some countries require you to have a bachelor’s degree for a work VISA such as THAILAND, CHINA, and VIETNAM.

2. Where to look for Certified Courses?

Before starting with any institution for the TEFL program look for the ones ranked best and have accreditation for their programs, and then make a selection.

You can also check this list of Top 50 Best TEFL Online Certification Courses to compare various academies providing these courses and the course curriculum, benefits, and other details of the Rank #1 institute for best TEFL Certification of Henry Harvin Education.

Certified by American Association of EFL (AAEFL), they provide internship and job support qualifying you for 12000+ jobs from 6+ countries. They fulfil all your needs for online TEFL jobs.

3. Do I have to be a Native English Speaker to be Certified?

Of course, NOT! Good News, right! Well, get on with it, be certified ASAP, and start making money doing what you love, which is teaching.

4. If I am already a Teacher, do I Still Need to be Certified?

Class full of students taught by a teacher.

Yes, you DO. If you are a trained teacher, some aspects will look familiar which can give you an edge over the other applicants. However, some techniques are specific to teaching a class full of students who do not speak the same language as you.

Furthermore, TEFL employers may filter you out at the first stage of the application process without a TEFL certification, even if you are more experienced than many other applicants are.

5. Why is it Important?

Unique and innovative ideas to teach the students and application of out-of-box strategies are some of the key skills that would make you and your application stand out in the crowd.

A good institute helps you devise such methodologies along with brushing up your language skills, grammar concepts, lesson plans for foreign language learners, and more.

Learning all this for your certification would give you humongous confidence to face a class and help you earn higher salaries in more reputable language schools and companies.

6. Where can I Teach After the Certification?

ANYWHERE! The world is your oyster! I do not think I need to explain this anymore.

7. 120 hours of Training? Levels?

Difference among 100 hours, 120 hours and 150 hours of training.

There are 3 types of TEFL qualification levels – NO Level, Level 3, and Level 5.

NO Level TEFL course – At the end of the course the certificate received is not recognized by an awarding body. If you go for this course, then beware, there is a good possibility that all other applicants would overshadow your application.

Level 3 TEFL course – A recognized 120 hours training course including online, classroom, and blended (a mix of classroom and online) variants. This is a standard course, which can score you good TEFL jobs abroad and online TEFL jobs.

Level 5 TEFL course – 120 hours+ training course including online, classroom, and blended variants.

8. Classroom vs. Online Course?

Classroom classes vs Online classes for TEFL jobs abroad.

Most TEFL jobs abroad do not distinguish between the two courses; however, if you have set desires for a particular country it is always better to check their specific requirements before making a selection.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be kept in mind before selecting a course.

Several institutes also provide Blended Courses, which allows you to take a mix of online and classroom courses.

9. How Much Does a TEFL Course Cost?

TEFL courses are usually a little expensive. The cost can vary depending upon various factors such as the provider, country you are taking the course in, discounts available with the provider. 

However, a decent TEFL program can cost starting from 200 USD to 800 USD and a CELTA program can cost between 1500 USD to 3500 USD.  

10. Do you Need to Renew your Certification Every Few Years?

Here comes the best part of this course. TEFL Certification DOES NOT EXPIRE. It has lifelong validity.

This means you take the course, get certified, and then you are set for life.

Around the world.

You can hustle through the TEFL jobs abroad hopping from one country to another. Put a pin on the world map wherever you go and check your bucket list one by one with NO DRAMA of renewal every few years.

Ready To Be The Architecture For Young Minds?

Now that you have aced your course like a top dog, what should be your next move?

Well, it is time to find online TEFL jobs and TEFL jobs abroad and let the adventure begin!

The recruitment process for TEFL jobs is quite forthright –

  •  Fill in your application with the employers and send in your updated CV.
  •  If the employer likes your application, they set up an interview with you usually through a video call, which is your chance to impress the interviewer with your incredible skills.
  •  Once successful (of course, you will be!), they will make you a job offer. Negotiate all the tiny details of your contract and go through the fine print before signing anything.
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How Hard Is It To Find TEFL Jobs Abroad?

First things first, do you have prior teaching experience?

If YES, then YAY! Follow a few simple steps below and get started with your online TEFL jobs.

If NOT, then FEAR NOT! We are here to help!

As mentioned earlier, the demand for English learning is ever-expanding which naturally demands more and more TEFL certified teachers. Gain one or two years’ experience by following our tips and tricks below and enjoy the smooth sailing from there.

10 Steps to Find TEFL jobs abroad with no prior experience –

Teacher looking at the globe for TEFL jobs abroad.

Landing your first job is always hard and so is the case with your first teaching job. However, with these tips, your search for online TEFL jobs would not take months.

80% of our candidates find jobs within two months of application.

Let us reveal our secret (SHH… it is only for you!) –

1. TEFL Certification

Did we just hear the “CHECK” sound?

We know, now that the standard 120-hour training is under your belt, you are qualified to teach and impress your pupils. Just like that moving on to the next step.

2. Prepare a Handsome CV that is up to the Minute.

Remember your employer first sees you through the lens of your CV, hence research the employers and impress them with your skills most suitable to their requirements and tailor your CV specific to them.

When applying for an English teaching position, there is nothing more likely to get your application thrown in the bin than bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, make sure there are no grammatical and spelling errors in your CV.

Since you have no prior teaching experience, mention your other valuable experiences, and highlight the ones relevant to teaching such as working with young learners.

Keep it concise, updated and follow an easy to read clear layout.

Keep reading to learn how to add experience to your CV even without no prior experience and grab amazing TEFL jobs abroad.

3. Apply for Vacancies Proactively to Online TEFL Jobs Boards.

Start applying for jobs by sending in your CVs to the language schools, organizations, employers listed on online TEFL jobs boards and otherwise.

Focus primarily on TEFL jobs abroad that do not emphasize on experience. No harm in applying to those that require only 1 year of experience because if the rest of your CV looks impressive you might get lucky.

For some countries especially with very competitive markets such as South Africa, European countries, you may not find numerous adverts for online TEFL jobs. Even if online TEFL jobs are not listed, there may be jobs available. Here are a couple of options you can follow –

  • Send enquiry emails for a job vacancy to language schools and others.
  • Check the yellow pages and job portals for those countries.
  • Search social media job pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Visit the city or Country Where you Desire to Teach.

Night time city view.

As mentioned above, employers in some countries prefer to hire teachers that are already residing in their countries and may not have adverts on online TEFL jobs boards such as English speaking countries and Western Europe. If you have your heart set on any such country a physical witch-hunt would be more appropriate for you.

The old door to door handing in your CV to employers directly or shooting them an email underlining the same, just might work out for you.

5. Use TEFL Recruitment Agency

Hard work is so yesterday! Smart work is today!

Register yourself at one of these agencies who would work hard for you and help you look for TEFL jobs abroad or online TEFL jobs if you wish to teach from the comforts of your home. WFH is the word, right?

Companies looking to hire language teachers often visit these agencies’ portals for listed job seekers. Despite having no teaching experience, having these agencies by your side would work wonders for you.

Certainly, this makes looking for a TEFL training institute, which provides internship and job support along with the certification, all the more important because they would work as a recruitment agency for you with no extra cost.

6. Gain TEFL Experience

How to gain experience without any experience, you ask?

While searching for your first job or even before applying, volunteer in your area for teaching the English language at local immigrant centers or for ex-pats in your area. You can search for them on Facebook pages, clubs, and groups near you.

Volunteer teaching would look great on your CV and make your application stick out even without any experience from the other 20 candidates who do not have volunteering to boast on their CV.

After all, some experience is always better than no experience!

7. Make the Most of Your Waiting Time.

Human brain full of clocks and anxiety of waiting.

Who says waiting has to be unnerving? Let’s make it productive!

Keep working on your skills and keep devising new innovative means to plan your lessons. You can work on your interview skills as well. Let’s face it, we all have come across those daunting interview questions that get us tongue-tied. There is no better time to work on them than now!

Moreover, you can go for specialization within TEFL and choose your NICHE during that time instead of worrying about all those TEFL jobs abroad.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

8. Establish Communication with the companies you applied for.

Many a time, you may not hear from the recruiter whom you applied for. Nevertheless, you can always enquire about it with a polite follow-up call or email.

Your application with your name on it may catch the eye of the recruiter in the pile of hundreds of applications after reading your follow-up email and give your application a jump to the top of the pile.

Yes, it is a very simple trick but has worked time and again for many applicants. Just make sure not to bother the recruiter repeatedly.

9. Contact online TEFL Jobs’ Advisors

Advisors help improve your chances to secure good TEFL jobs abroad. They work on your application starting from making your CV even fancier to giving you minute details of every country and its rules where you aspire to teach.

Several elemental and veiled nuances of online TEFL jobs, which may escape your notice, can easily be unveiled using their guidance.

Ever wondered how some applicants without any experience fare so well in their applications and master their interviews so effortlessly. They have these advisors to thank for who guide and prepare them for any unknowns that might come their way.

10. Spot the Scammers

The online TEFL jobs boards try to cross-check that all their adverts are legitimate. Unfortunately, you may always find there are frauds just waiting to take advantage of teachers who are either looking for TEFL jobs abroad or online TEFL jobs.

Make sure to do a background check before trusting anyone or just ask for help from your advisors or your recruitment agencies.

Important thing is to be CAUTIOUS!


Piles of money in increasing height order showing the amount of  money earned from TEFL jobs abroad.

I know you skimmed through the blog and stopped here. Well, wait no more.

The average salary of online TEFL jobs and TEFL jobs abroad vary from country to country where the teacher is employed. To put a number on it, the average salary can range between *drum roll* 600 USD to 4000 USD per month.

YES, you read that right.

This means you earn back more than the total cost paid for training in just ONE MONTH.

Isn’t this fantastic!


The significance of the English language cannot be stressed enough and the scope it entails is extensive. The career opportunities that await you after completing TEFL certification are never-ending. It will take you to such places you can only dream of.

TEFL certification and TEFL jobs abroad will change you and better you at numerous skills such as communication, critical and imaginative thinking, leadership, time management, interpersonal skills, and whatnot. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg; I still haven’t mentioned skills like cultural sensibility, empathy, adaptability, etc. The list is ENDLESS!

Hence, moving forward, ask yourself this – do you feel passionate about this or would it make you happy?

If the answer is YES, then you are ready to explore the professional opportunities that come along with TEFL jobs abroad and online TEFL jobs where you virtually visit several countries at once.  

You have all the information you need to know about TEFL and TEFL jobs abroad, so wait no more, get off those couches, brace yourself for the adventure, and get going!


Also Check this Video

Q-1. What is the scope of TEFL course?

TEFL course is in significant demand all over the world which enables you to travel across the globe physically or virtually and helps you earn in great numbers.

Q-2. How many countries are covered under this certification?

There are more than 50 countries listed on various online TEFL jobs boards. a major part of the world comes under this certification.

Q-3. What are the eligibility criteria for admission to TEFL course?

Only qualification required is a good command over English language with a devotion to teaching. Also, you should be at least 18 years old to be eligible for the certification.

Q-4. Do the TEFL jobs abroad pay enough to cover my expenses of living abroad?

TEFL jobs pay highly well that will not just cover your expenses but will allow you to live a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle. You can also work from home teaching English online where you do not have to worry about any expenses, just a fast internet connection.

Q-5. Will the online TEFL job not pay as good as the physical TEFL job abroad?

NO. In terms of pay, both are equal and good. It only depends on the preference of the employer.

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