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Putting the right words to a paper or computer is perhaps one of the most daunting and challenging tasks for any writer. At the same time, no single tip or set of tips can assure a writer guaranteed success in writing.

However, a writer can use some very helpful tips and techniques to improve his or her style of writing and thereby increase the chances of it being liked by a larger group of audience and readers.

Let’s now focus on 21 of these most relevant and important tips for writers:

1. KISS — ‘Keep it Simple Silly’ is one of the best ways to attract the audience. The writer needs to be as simplistic and clear in his approach as possible and yet be able to create an impact and resonate with the feelings of the reader.

2. Be selective with Word Choice — it is best to make your word choice as per your target and intended audience. Write as if you are speaking with your readers.

3. The Writing style should be a comfortable one! — even though there are some cases where formal grammar might be appropriate however it is best recommended to have an informal writing approach which will help more in meeting the needs of the readers.

4. Build your story — It is essential to build your story in your mind even before you start writing it. A writer should know the plot, the characters, and setting before they start to put their thoughts and ideas on paper.

5. Cultivate a reading habit — Writers must be avid readers. One should have the ability to read many articles, stories, blogs and journals if they are required to write in a particular stream and genre. Creativity breeds creativity!

6. Be willing to learn — it’s important that a writer is adaptable and has a habit of learning and exploring new ways and methods of writing. This will always improve his readership in the long-run.

7. Write a lot and get Critiqued — one must be willing to write a lot as this will get in tune with your style as a writer. Getting Critiqued by seniors and peers of your work is also helpful occasionally.

8. Think of the journey, not the destination — It is helpful if a writer takes one step at a time building the narrative than thinking about the end-goal. The end-goal will come naturally if the narrative is written appropriately.

9. Take your time — as a writer, one should avoid being in a hurry. Writing is a creative process and deadlines do not work in this field. One must have a slow yet steady and consistent approach.

10. Be always ready to pen down your thoughts — a writer cannot sit in a confined place and time and wait for thoughts to emerge. Thoughts can strike at any time so a writer must be prepared to pen them down in a diary or tablet as and when that happens.

11. Write almost every day — even if very little, writing a bit every day is the best way to master this field.

12. Being Spiritual help — writing is something that comes from the heart and less from the brain. Cultivating your spiritual life will help build stamina for you to write great stuff!

13. Slow down to build your craft as a writer — never be in a rush, it is better to take time to know and build your style.

14. Socialize with Writers — joining a group of writers or being part of a community of writers can help in getting advice, feedback and understanding of Creative Writing.

15. Believe in yourself — it is very important to have confidence and keep moving forward. Writers are highly self-motivated which helps in staying focused on the job.

16. Discipline is essential — be consistent with your writing as per your chosen schedule(daily or weekly) and also try to publish your work occasionally.

17. Don’t wait or pause — hitting a writer’s block is dangerous since many writers find it difficult to continue post hitting one. Hence, never stop writing or at least being involved with it some way.

18. Become a ferocious self-editor — Edit your work and also critique it. You are your best judge.

19. Try and write what you are passionate about — unless required by an employer or client, writing should be done on the subject of your liking and pleasure. No doubt, whatever you like will always have an audience to admire it.

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