TEFL courses may take your vision of traveling the world to reality. TEFL course certification can jump-start a person’s career and one can become an international teacher. Depending upon the degree of passion a person has will decide how fast or slow a person will take to complete the TEFL course.


It is very simple to join the course and get a TEFL certificate, and if you are lucky to get an additional trip to an on-site TEFL program and you are willing to go to that specific place then it’s an extended advantage.


Most people are concerned about our commitment of time and effort.


What Is Your Convenient Time To Study?

Attending the course at a specific time or your convenient disciplined time when you are free to give your full concentration with your will.

If you are a full-time student or employed full-time, then it’s difficult to manage study time for the brand new on-site TEFL course program especially when you are looking for overseas on-site completion of TEFL course certification.

Just as you all did your primary research and you understand that the TEFL course duration is 120 to 150 hours, but do you know what it actually means? What is the TEFL course duration?


The answer is that you can take as much time as you want to. Considering the on-site program, it has a fixed beginning and ending date. So it’s easy to identify how long the course takes from the program dates.


If you are doing an online TEFL course certification program then you can have a lot more flexibility with how long it will take to complete the TEFL course. This is appealing for the people who don’t have much free time to work with.


To help you make the appropriate decision related to how long it takes you to get the TEFL course certification, we have split up the course according to the TEFL course length with the insight of how long it will take to complete.

What Is The TEFL Course Duration?

1. 150-168 Hours

On-site classroom study

This is a fair enough time for you to complete the TEFL course. This will give you plenty of time to understand your host country. This course falls into the lengthiest hours for the TEFL course duration. This gives you a lot of time to thoroughly study the material. You can do a lot of practice of the newly learned skills.

When you take the TEFL course for 150-168 hours online instead of an on-site TEFL course, you will not feel pressured or stressed. The TEFL Academy offers a comprehensive 168 hours Level 5 TEFL course.


The majority of the students finish the online course of (148 hours) in six months or less than that if they really commit to the time and the efforts that are required to spend. The final 20 hours are in the classroom.


 Level 5 TEFL certificate gives more benefits in getting a better placement and earns you more than other TEFL course certifications.

2. 120 Hours

A TEFL course of 120 hours will take approximately four weeks to complete the course. It depends upon the students whether they are interested in the self-paced online course or a well-designed on-site course. Still, 120 hours TEFL course duration may extend more than four weeks because of extra excursions and time-offs.

It also depends upon the TEFL course provider and the program details. Most providers design their program similarly but sometimes there are key differences that can prolong or shorten your stay abroad.

Though 120 hours take less TEFL course duration compared to a hefty 150 hours, still you have to keep in mind that here you miss those extra 20 hours of classroom training which makes a significant difference in your learning.

3. Under 100 Hours

100 hour TEFL course takes two or more weeks. This can be a stand-alone course or an extension to the long course. Often 100 hours or less TEFL course is an introductory course or top-up course which grants you the opportunity of more classroom practice.

Before choosing the right TEFL course, consider your own skills and goals. Did you ever have teaching experience? If your answer is positive then you can go with the short version of this course. But if your answer is “never”, then you should go for an in-depth course that gives you knowledge as well as in-classroom learning.

Know more

4. 170 Hours Or More

When you are really passionate and dedicated to giving your valuable 170 hours or more to the TEFL course, this will be your choice. Generally, this is two month or more on-site course.

This heftier course can benefit you in many ways like it will give you the chance to satisfy all the prerequisites for working in foreign countries.

If you are new to the industry and dream big of actually teaching abroad then this course will take you to where you want to be. Needless to say, this TEFL course duration is lengthy and it will take a long time to finish. If you are not taking it as a full-time study then it will take still longer.

5. Online

What is the TEFL course duration for an online program? We already learned about this. Online TEFL courses are more interesting for everyone due to the flexibility of time.

Though remember, every course provider keeps some limit of time over the access to the material. Before purchasing any TEFL course, be sure to know the time period for which you have access to the online portal.

For example, if access is for just one month, then you have to keep pace with it. And if you know that just completing the course is not enough, you need to practice. Forget this short TEFL course and find the one with a reasonably good amount of TEFL course duration.

Generally, TEFL course providers give access to their material for six months. This is fair enough for the most, even if you are working on it part-time. And for you, if this is also not enough, then you should search for the better one that gives lifetime access to their course material.

1. What’s The Right TEFL Course Length For You?

How long it takes for you to finish the course depends upon various factors. There are different TEFL course providers with overlapping TEFL course duration.

Few offer the course for 120 hours and others for 150 hours. Ideally, both take four weeks. You have to look for the course that fits best in your schedule and one that gives in-depth knowledge.

TEFL course duration is subject to what is included in the course. If you are interested in in-classroom training then the time will be extended accordingly. How much classroom activity you want to take is again your preference.

You need to consider your goals and your skills before purchasing your TEFL course. Also, keep your preferred employment country in your mind and your choice for the right TEFL course will not be more challenging for you.

2. How Does The TEFL Course Conduct?

We already touched that the TEFL course is of two types: on-site and online.

On-site classes are generally conducted during the weekends and in some cases three days a week.

An online course is self-paced, so you can study at your own time and finish at your learning speed. The aim of every TEFL course provider is to make TEFL course certification accessible and possible for everyone eligible.

You can study the material from anywhere in the world. You can study without disturbing your current job or other studies. You can study on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

3. How Long Does It Take The Most People To Get The TEFL Course Certification?

You can complete the course in 10 to 12 weeks as most students accomplish. Your other commitments may divert or increase your focus and ultimately result in more or less time.

Under the full-time study, you can complete the course in one month. In the online study, you will study at your own convenient time, so it may take six to seven months, depending upon the level of commitment and efforts you will put to get the TEFL course certification.

4. How Fast Can I Be TEFL Course Certified?

Some students finish the course in less than one month. Maybe you have enough time to devote to finishing a TEFL course in less than one month, still, it is less recommended.

To get the most advantage out of this course is to spend enough time with the content. There are a lot of content to take in and if you rush you cannot absorb it to utilize properly.

Your aim should not be to race to get the TEFL course certification. Instead, your aim should be to obtain proficiency in teaching English – in both theoretical and practical ways, for receiving TEFL course certification.

5. How Many TEFL Hours Do I Require?

Industry-standard is 120 hours. So it is recommended to take the course of 120 hours, and not less than 100 hours to get TEFL course certification. The majority of employers prefer to hire teachers with 120 hour TEFL course certification.

The industry offers more salary to the teachers with 120 hour TEFL course certification. You can take an advanced-level course for getting higher on the ladder, and receive more salary.

6. Will It Really Take 120 To 150 Hours To Complete The TEFL Course?

Most students don’t take 120 or 150 hours to complete the TEFL course. This is an estimated period of time considered to complete the course and turn out as a talented teacher. Some students will take more or less than 120 hours to get TEFL course certification.

There are course providers who actually finish the course in less than 10 hours. They know that students and employers are searching for 120 hours TEFL course certification, so they advertise it as a 120 hour TEFL course.

In reality, they don’t take you anywhere because they lack in-depth course material as well as in-class training. 

Most employers are aware of this kind of TEFL course provider, searching for shortcuts to earn money. So, these employers will not accept the TEFL course certification from these course providers.

7. How Should I Study To Complete The Course On Time?

We encourage signing up with an online TEFL course. Be organized and practice time management to complete the course in time, and with the fulfillment of your desired goal.

I would like to share a few tips to help you get a better approach to study with discipline, without getting stressed and finishing the TEFL course in good time.

7. What’s Your Goal For Getting TEFL Course Certification?

Goals are the most important

When you want your training to be completed by? Set an aim to accomplish your goal in breaking it into smaller goals. If you want to complete your course in 12 weeks then you can target each module to complete by a month or its expiry date.

Not everyone taking the course has the same goals. First, you write your goal for joining the TEFL course. This will keep you on track for the next few weeks. You have already chosen your preference for learning the TEFL course – choosing among in-class study, online, or a combination of both.

According to your preferred study pattern, you will get time to finish the course. You can now better set a date by which you can apply for a certain role in teaching or a particular job of your passion.

Online learning is self-paced. Better to say, you are in the driving seat, and in total control of your learning.

 You can mark what you completed, or the topics you think to be reviewed and looked at once again. Make notes of important points. You can do this by checking/non-checking at the bottom of the page.

Disciplined learning with the set time as a finishing goal will give you an accurate result of gaining confidence in what you are learning and finishing in time.

If you require more time to complete the course, then you can request for course extension from the TEFL course provider.

    Set Aside Time For Study

It is well understood that we all are busy with different commitments in our life. Everyone has to prioritize their tasks and projects on a daily basis. It is recommended that you spend a few hours on a daily or weekly basis after your study, as per your schedule. A short period of disciplined study will give you the desired outcome. Dedicate a small part of your day/week after your study.

There is a vast amount of information to study and this is a new subject for you. So do not rush to finish your deadlines and submit all your assignments. No need to take pressure or stress, instead of dividing whole material into smaller chunks and then enjoy studying each of them. Practice more of what you are learning. Give your best to your study. 

  Take Regular Breaks

You have to finish your study in your set time, but you should take small breaks to keep yourself well focused. Taking breaks will refresh you and recharge your concentration power. 

Few concepts take time to understand. Struggling will frustrate you. This is obvious so don’t get upset. To be an effective learner, you should know when to take breaks, and reflect on what you have learned. 

Grammar is not such a subject that once you study you will understand all at once. It takes time to absorb. So don’t get frustrated. This is a process you have to pass through. Be a patient learner. Your understanding will get clearer with regular practice.  

    Take Time To Read What Is Being Asked To You

Read carefully what is being asked of you. Your task maybe 100 words. Being a TEFL teacher you have to explain things clearly and in brief. You don’t have to use long explanations or vocabulary, or grammar that is confusing for the learner. This is your challenge as a TEFL teacher.

While doing the course you will be attracted to look ahead and see what upcoming assignments are and that will create panic. Don’t panic. By the time you will reach the assignments you will cover topics that will help you finish the assignments with confidence and little effort. Tutors are aware of teaching you topics that are necessary to learn before giving you the assignment. 

You may have prior knowledge of the upcoming topics which is great but always keep in mind what is being assessed in any particular assignment. So answer the question, one that is asked. Do not jump ahead.

Tutor Support

If you need any guidance related to your learning you can always take the help of your tutor. They have an abundance of experience in solving queries and problems that teachers come across while attending the course.

If you find difficulty in submitting your assignment, they are just an email away for an online TEFL course.

Well respected TEFL course providers are always enthusiastic to help their clients in the best possible way. They will provide more resources to help you understand concepts better. They will also give you feedback on your written assignments as well as suggestions to help you make them better. 

Connect With Other Students

You are studying all alone physically in an online TEFL course but there are many more students all around the world learning the same course, dealing with the same difficulties, and struggling with the same reported speech. So remember, you are not alone on some other planet lonely and struggling to find food and water. 

This is the digital world. Every TEFL course provider builds an online community. In this online community, you can join the members – among them a few studying, plenty of them finishing the course and sharing their job experiences, alumni, and faculty. You can share your work, appreciate others or ask for the solution related to your learning or assignments.

You will find travelling discussions, jobs related messages, and other teaching resources on their Facebook group.

Everyone is unique in their pace of learning, so never compare yourself with the others. You can build your own experience, work best at your pace, and move up on the ladder. 

You may have previous experience with some of the topics that you may find easy to work with, and at the same time, few may be such that you find difficult.

You can connect with other members of the online community, solve other’s queries, as well as get the solution from others for solving your queries.

  Make Your Work An Enjoyment

You are taking training to become a teacher. So it’s important for you to know how to learn and practise what you’ve learned. If you excel in that, better you can lead your students in helping them to study with ease and fun.

Find the perfect environment that makes you fully focused. 

Get comfortable.

Play some nice soft music – if you like to study with background music.

Make tea or coffee – if you think the drink elevates your mood and concentration.

If you prefer peace – then put your mobile on silent mode, and block notifications.

Prevent yourself from the other distractions. Concentrate on what is important for you.

Get some nice stationery – take notes of important notes. Make flashcards of newly learnt words or definitions.  

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  •         Set your goal for TEFL course certification
  •         Commit the time for getting TEFL course certification
  •         Understand your present skills of teaching
  •         Choose the right TEFL course 
  •         Connect with the online community
  •         Submit assignments before the deadline 
  •         Complete the course in time
  •         Look for the right job opportunity
  •         Build your career as an international teacher

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