“TEFL” is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers.

TEFL certification is one such course that booms your career and guides you to thrive better. TEFL is one of the rapidly increasing educational fields in the world. It flourishes your career with skilful opportunities in the field of teaching English across the globe.TEFL certification works as a credential on the resume for experienced or non-experienced teachers and helps you set yourself apart from other candidates. With TEFL Certification you can acquire skills that are required to teach English abroad. It prepares you to teach language skills, Tools, and techniques to engage with young learners, lesson planning for native and non-native learners, managing classrooms, refreshing of grammar concepts, and much more. However, TEFL certification helps you in getting exposure to a new culture by broadening your horizons, evolving skills to deal with their cultural situations.

TEFL certification helps in building a virtuous communication platform, tutoring and mentoring are also taken into the consideration. Teachers having a good amount of experience and fluency tag you in the list of highest-paid be it in-person teaching or online.



However, many people approach online training and teaching because in-person training or teaching could be more expensive. 

Here are some Level 5 Courses

  • Henry Harvin TEFL Academy
  • The TEFL Academy
  • i-to-i TEFL.
  • Premier TEFL.
  • The TEFL Org.
  • TEFL Institute of Ireland.

1. Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes that offer the TEFL certification program. The training is aimed to improve the English speaking abilities of non- English speakers. It is a 120 hour TEFL online course, which is certified by AAEFL (American Association Of EFL). With an overall feel of the course is $600, it is quite an affordable course. You can also avail of an ongoing offer and get to pay only $299. The course is usually completed within 8-12 weeks. This TEFL course has a maximum time duration of one year. You get the benefit of free access to the LMS platform where all the course-related content is available. This course will help you to learn the most effective teaching skills and methodologies by understanding the learner’s psychology. The trainers are very experienced and teach through practical examples, case studies, which helps you gain an actionable skillset. This will keep you ahead of the competition. The training will enable you to develop a well-evaluated and unique lesson plan to teach students. After completing the course you will gain the confidence to face the class as it also improves your inter-personal skills. Not only that Henry Harvin Institute also offers job support for its students. It is a well-structured s course that suits the need of people looking to teach English abroad.

2. The TEFL Academy 

Level 5 TEFL certification courses provided by The TEFL Academy are mandated and accredited by DEAC a US Department of Education National Accreditor and the course is regulated by Ofqual a UK government body.

The TEFL Academy offer two options of Level 5 courses :

  • Online Level 5 course (168 hours)
  • Combined Level 5 course 

The online Level 5 TEFL course (168 hours)  is designed in such a way that aspirants can complete the course as per their flexibility. For this particular course, aspirants can take the support of dedicated and professional tutors positioned by the TEFL Academy. 

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

View Course

Conscription done by the aspirants for the Level 5 course is felicitated with the free top-up course of 30 hours in teaching young learners, teaching business English or teaching online.

A combined Level 5 TEFL course is one such program that is combined benefiting aspirants. It consists of 148 hours of theory and course work and 20 hours of teaching practicum plus a specialty course of 30 hours in a subject area of their choice.

 For both, the course modules are broken down into various units like lesson planning, managing classrooms, understanding English grammar, productive and receptive skills, and much more. The aspirants get access to 6month for completion and maximal intake on the course in a short span.

Note: TEFL Academy is offering 50% off on the  Online TEFL course

3. I to I TEFL course 

Level 5 TEFL courses provided by  I to I TEFL are accredited by Open and Distance Learning Quality Council and the course is regulated by Ofqual The English Government Department.

I to I TEFL courses offer two options of Level 5 course 

  • Online Level 5 TEFL course (180 hours,240 hours,300 hours)
  • Combined level 5 TEFL courses (200 hours,280 hours,320 hours )


Online Level 5 TEFL course  (180 hours,240 hours,300 hours)

Online Level 5 TEFL course for 180 hours is one of the comprehensive courses which is equipped with all the necessary tools to clinch success. To obtain level 5 180 hours of the course, the aspirants need to be highly qualified to seek the status of the course.

Aspirants conscripting for 240 hours and 300 hours of Level 5 TEFL course are benefited with extra 60 hours of modules. The extra 60 hours module assigned for 240 hours of the level 5 course is about online English teaching and the extra 60 hours module assigned for 300 hours of the level 5 course is about teaching business English.

Combined Level 5 TEFL courses  (200 hours,280 hours,320 hours ) are one of the blended courses providing fundamental learnings and benefits a top-up of 2 days of in-person training with highly experienced and qualified tutors to devel deeper teaching skills.

Course modules cover many aspects of lesson planning, theory, and practicum, pronunciation, adaptation of grammar lessons for learners, and many more so that aspirants can procure preeminent preparations for teaching English.

Note: I to I TEFL are offering discounts on TEFL  courses.

4. Premier TEFL 

Level 5 TEFL courses provided by Premier TEFL are accredited by the council for distance learning and Training qualification in the UK. The course is also regulated by Ofqual.

Premier TEFL provides a Level 5 course of 168 hours covering general teaching philosophy, lesson planning, teaching resources, advanced grammar and pronunciations, and much more.

Premier TEFL also offers an extra 30 hours of specialty courses about English teaching.

Note: Premier TEFL is offering a 60% discount on TEFL courses.

5. The TEFL Org 

Level 5 courses offered by The TEFL Org are accredited by Training Qualification UK(TQUK) and regulated by Ofqual. The TEFL Org is recognized by BAC, SQA, and ODLQC center accreditation also. This is one institute that provides lifetime access to career advice, job vacancies for TEFL aspirants.

The TEFL Org offers two options of Level 5 course 

  • Level 5 online course of 168 hours 
  • Level 5 combination course of 188 hours 

Level 5 online course of 168 hours covers the complete methodology of teaching, usage of syntax, Telephonic teaching, and much more. It also covers the video observation module where one can see the virtual class and practice classroom teaching.

Level 5 combination courses of 188 hours offer the firsthand course with Level 5 excellence. The distinctive part of the course is first-hand virtual training and two mini-modules of telephone teaching and teaching large classes. These courses are segregated into various contents like assignments, quizzes, teaching resources 

 In addition, The TEFL org offers 19 hours of free top-up course on principles of teaching English as a foreign language on both online and combined Level 5.

Note: The TEFL Org is offering discounts on TEFL courses.

6. TEFL Institute Of Ireland 

Level 5 TEFL courses provided by TEFL Institute Of Ireland are Irish based providers and are accredited by The Accreditation Council For  Distance Learning  (ACDL) and the course is regulated by the Office of Qualification and Examination Regulation of the UK government.

Level 5 courses provided by the TEFL Institute of Ireland offer 180 hours, 240 hours,300 hours.

 Level 5 TEFL of 180 hours course prepares and enhances the opportunities of aspirants to teach the English language around the globe. It provides 160 hours of theory and course work and 20 hours of teaching practicum.

Level 5 TEFL course of 240 hours prepares you through the fundamentals of teaching including 180 hours of theory and course work, and two top-up courses of international English level testing system training for 30 hours, and a test of English for international communication course for 30 hours.

Level 5 TEFL of 300 hours course prepares you with fundamentals of teaching including 180 hours of theory and course works along with four specialist TEFL course which includes 30 hours of international English level testing system(IELTS)course,30 hours of a test of English for international communication(TOEIC) course,30 hours of teaching young learners(TYL)course and 30 hours of teaching business English(TBC) course.

The TEFL Institute Of Ireland is the only institute that upsurges your earning potentiality.

Note: The TEFL Institute Of Ireland is offering discounts of 60% on TEFL courses.

TEFL  Course Insight 

Many of the TEFL certificates are self-paced learnings and may take you longer to complete depending on the amount of time you are willing to put into the study to complete it. A conventional Tefl course ranges from 40 hours to 150 hours. However, In most countries, certification of a minimum of 120 hours TEFL course is recommended as it’s an elementary level online course and takes 10-12 weeks to complete.

If you are interested in extensive recognition and acceptance in the professional level of teaching then level 5 TEFL certification is best. Level 5 TEFL course is one of the accredited certifications benefitting core-competency and lucrative salaries.

Henry Harvin institute is one of the reputed institutes for the TEFL course. Aspirants who wish to learn effective teaching skills and methodologies can apply for  120 hours course with the Institute 

TEFL Certification Eligibility Criteria:

To earn TEFL certification the aspirants must have a graduate or postgraduate degree. One must be an excellent native speaker and must have the ability to speak fluently. If the candidate is a non-native speaker, he/she should submit proof of English language proficiency.

What is a Level 5 TEFL course?

Level 5 TEFL course is considered as one of the gold standard or advanced level certification. 

Level 5 TEFL certification course has been regulated by a non-ministerial government department of Ofqual ( The office of Qualification and Examination Regulation). The course material has been assessed through strict quality control by an external body of Ofqual organization. The framework is to ensure that the course meets the same level of difficulty as CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL certification. 

Level 5 courses are pocket friendly comparatively CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL.These courses acquiesce the aspirants to complete the course as per their flexibility and accessibility without muddling other commitments.

Learning should be fun and learn! Here a  unique video explaining about Level 5TEFL course 

Who should take level5 courses?

  • Aspirants who wish to acquire deep knowledge in teaching English and higher-level positions.
  • Aspirants who wish to study as per their flexibility and accessibility. 
  •  Aspirants who wish to envisage time and energy in learning English.
  • Aspirants hankering to understand the English language evolution and its methodologies. 

To sum up, Level 5 courses are best suited for those who have a passion for teaching and desire of making noise in the world 


Q-1. What are the qualifications for the  Level 5 TEFL course?

*** The aspirants must have a bachelor’s degree or diploma holder of higher education.

Q-2. Is the Level 5 TEFL course worth it?

*** It depends on the determination of the aspirants who wish to acquire a deep knowledge of TEFL.

Q-3. What is the duration of Level 5 TEFL courses?

*** Generally it takes 10-12 weeks to complete, depending upon hours of the Level 5 TEFL course you have applied for. 

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