What is TEFL?

It is an internationally recognized certification to teach English as a Foreign Language abroad and is a important certification for applying for teaching jobs worldwide.

It is important to have an TEFL certification because it helps one to qualify for teaching jobs, gain the required skills to teach abroad, have an added advantage for job applications and thereby earn a higher salary with more reputable schools.

The Online TEFL course is an easy , convenient and flexible way to get a TEFL certification. It is offered on any time during the year with no fixed start dates. Thus, teachers can start online TEFL course training immediately and complete their certification  from anywhere in the world. 

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Henry Harvin’s TEFL course is one of the top-ranked institutes for TEFL certification in South Africa. Henry Harvin online TEFL certification offers 120 hours of live interactive classes.

 Henry Harvin has  the following benefits:

  • E-Learning Access: Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies fo reference.
    • Interview Guaranteed: Provide support for clearing the interview
    • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
    • Job Opportunities: Job Opportunities on mail a regular basis


MyTEFL offers affordable TEFL courses in South Africa. They have online and in-person TEFL courses and you can choose whichever option that fits your need. This institutes has good student reviews and rating. It also offers special discount on its courses time to time that can accessed on their website by clicking on the offers tab.

Additional information about MyTEFL: 

  • Fully accredited institute to teach English online in South Africa
  • Students can avail 24/7 Tutor Support
  • You can request a letter of recommendation upon completion of course
  • Online classes are offered for 40, 60, 80, or 120 hours
  • Most students finish online classes in 3-6 weeks
  • In-Person classes are available in  Argentina,Thailand and Spain lasting 3-4 weeks
  • Students receive free job placement assistance after graduation
  • MyTEFL courses have affordable fee structure

3. TEFLpros

TEFLpros is a new entrant to the TEFL world with some great reviews to its credit. It was formed by two female TEFL teachers to fix the shortcomings of the other courses  and to enable the educators to prepare themselves for the reality of the classroom teaching. It also has a two day free trial before you signup for the course.

The TEFLPros course is a fully online 120-hour TEFL option. Here are some features:

  • Fully accredited institute to teach English online in South Africa
  • Students get job assistance after completing the course and leave with a professional portfolio.
  • There is an emphasis on instructional videos and real classroom footage to show how skills learned in the classroom look in practice.
  • The course can be pursued from anywhere and on your own timeline.
  • Time taken to  finish the course is 3-6 weeks
  • This course has  modules about lesson planning for reading, writing, grammar, speaking lessons, classroom management, and encouraging student participation
  • The TEFLPros course is affordable.

4. Bridge TEFL

This institute is a good option for those who want to teach abroad or online while travelling. There are certifications of shorter and longer duration of time (40, 60, 100,120 and 150  hour online options). It also offers students to earn university credits and be eligible for placement assistance and feed back from tutor who have completed over 100 hours of training.

Bridge TEFL has the following: 

  • Fully accredited institute to teach English online in South Africa
  • You can pursue your course on your computer, tablet, or phone
  • It is one of the oldest players in this field of  business with lots of success stories.
  • Courses  have  chat support with a tutor
  • Videos  to see best teaching practices in real classrooms.
  • They have several course options depending on the level you wish to pursue.  

5. i-To-i TEFL 

This institute has a wide variety of courses. It has 120-hour introductory sessions and goes all the way upto 300 hour online TEFL diplomas. It is also supported by excellent reviews for online and in-classroom course options.

i-To-i TEFL has the following appealing attributes:

  • Fully accredited institute to teach English online in South Africa
  • They are present in this field  since 1994 and have well over 100,000 TEFL graduates
  • After completing the course you get access to a jobs board to find teaching opportunities.
  • They offer study materials that you can purchase which include things like grammar ebooks, lesson plans, and a mini-course specifically about becoming an online English teacher.

 6. ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training

This institute has feature that you can choose how much support you want and the price adjusts accordingly . You may opt for tutor and video support or without it thereby saving some few dollars. It offers online, in-classroom and hybrid courses for you to choose.

Learn more about ITTT:

  • Fully accredited institute to teach English online in South Africa
  • You can take in-person courses in over 40 locations 
  • With online classes, you can choose from 60-hour, 120-hour, and 220-hour options
  • They provide job assistance after completion of course.

7. International TEFL Academy

This institute is highly regarded for online and in-person TEFL training. It has a unique feature over other companies that it offers a special 30-hour online refresher that you can take after finishing your traditional TEFL course in South Africa. Their Online course is 170 hours in total.


  •  Fully accredited institute to teach English online in South Africa
  • You get a lifetime  job assistance
  • They have an active alumni community that helps you to built-in network of friends around the world.
  • You can choose between an 11-week online course or in-person courses around the world. 
  • They offer a specific Online English Teacher add-on course that you can take up after you finish your basic TEFL certification online.

8. The TEFL Academy

This institute offers a unique option for TEFL certification that is it offers a 168 hour and level 5 Certification.  They provide this certification at an affordable price. It has online, in-classroom and hybrid courses. Apart from this, when you sign up for this a course you get an access for their speciality Top up courses for free. The top up courses are business English, teaching young learners or  teaching online. The total  time taken is 198 hours to get certified from TEFL Academy.

Features of The TEFL Academy:

  • Fully Accredited institute with level 5 TEFL courses
  • You can choose between fully online certification or combination online/classroom certification. Training weekends for the combination course take place in Europe, North America and South Africa.
  • Students have six months of access to course materials
  • Graduates of The TEFL Academy receive job assistance and have access to an active job board.
  • Internships and volunteer teaching opportunities are available to graduates.


1. Teaching House CELTA -Cape Town

This institute is in Cape Town in the lively heart of Sea Point. It offers world class facilities and has proximity to amazing beaches. So if you like to attend TEFL course in South Africa in beach atmosphere then this institute would be the ideal choice. 

2. Asian College of Teachers

This institute is in Cape Town and classes are held year around. This TEFL course in South Africa is a highly rated training institute and a good choice to pursue a TEFL course in South Africa.

3. Bay Language Institute

This institute is in Port Elizabeth and classes are held year around. This TEFL course in South Africa covers the theory of education, language and linguistics and provide hands on practice teaching from the second week of the course. This will enable you start your kickstart career  with confidence.

4. TIES The International English School

This institute is in Cape Town and classes are held year around. This TEFL course ins South Africa has flexible teaching program and offers 4 week full time TEFL course along with part time and evening classes. If you like to work and learn in South Africa then this course would  be suitable.

5. I to I TEFL

This institute is located in many places in South Africa that is Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria(online) and classed are held year-round. It allows you to learn the TEFL course in South Africa through an online facility which has teaching faculty from all over the world.

What do you learn in a TEFL course?

  • Teach English Language skills that is reading,  writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation.
  • Understand the concepts of complex English grammar and simplifying them for English language learners
  • Prepare a plan for delivering effective lessons to meet the objectives of learning and promote productive learning.
  • Learn to manage the classroom and student behavior and create a conducive and safe environment for students to study.
  • Identifying the students study pattern and suggesting suitable learning style
  • Prepare   a wide variety of  study material  that is, text based and digital materials that are required for reference

Thus, reputed online TEFL course helps the teachers learn the course in a proper and effective way

6. Online Teaching Pros:

Work from home with no commute to office

Can work online outside your base location

Attractive and good rate of pay

Most companies have no fixed time schedule.

You can create your own schedule

Lessons are readily provided to teach online

No experience required so it’s a great way to learn a new skill

Class sizes are smaller or one-on-one

Meet students from around the globe

7. Online Teaching Cons:

Relying on the internet can be tricky at times as there would be disconnection issue.

It has  strict cancelation policies and it can be difficult to quit, even for medical reasons

Time zones often can be hurdle if you are teaching students in China  or North America

Teachers do not get  retirement or healthcare benefits.

Online teaching can be stressful at times

However, the pros of teaching online outweigh the cons because of freedom and flexibility to travel. You can also pursue your hobbies and at the same time teach online and make a good income.

In Conclusion

There are numerous online and in-class room TEFL course in South Africa that you can take.  This is a good investment which will help you to find good job opportunities in South Africa or worldwide. The practical and  theoretical skills learnt in this course will make you confident when you take your first classroom session as a English Teacher.

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