The demand for scrum masters is progressing quickly worldwide. It’s essential to have scrum master certified candidates on board to get great opportunities at companies practising in project management. Scrum is a popular methodology in agile software development since it permits a cross-functional team to self-organize and work quickly on projects by motivating continuous feedback to make decisions and working adaptively according to that feedback.


The Scrum Agile framework is accepted by enterprises to upgrade collaboration, speed, and communication is huge and complex projects. Scrum master certification helps to recognize and address problems that impact their success by enhancing their effectiveness.

The capability required to fill the Scrum Master role are mostly people-oriented. The scrum master should be a good communicator, able to interpret from technical to business and vice-versa. The SM is also a bit of a referee on issues regarding the Scrum Framework and must be perspective and act boldly recognizing complex inter-personal issues.

Scrum comes under Agile. Both are software technology development strategies that aim to enhance customer satisfaction and product quality by the means of iterative work cycles and constant feedback.

To become a good Scrum Master building up experience is crucial. Invest time in getting to know the theory. At this time where online education is developing at a high pace, it’s not at all difficult to find a good scrum-Agile product development course that helps you acknowledge the entire framework.

1. Henry Harvin Agile and Scrum Academy

Henry Harvin Education is one of the leading institutes offering 100 plus courses for students as well as working professionals globally. They provide professional and technical certification courses needed for industries.

The scrum master training offered by Henry Harvin proffers techniques of scrum values, principles and practices. The trainee’s prowess in team management and collaboration to guide an agile team efficiently and equip the skills of an agile mindset to achieve business goals.

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes offering scrum master certification online. The course is divided into sub-modules covering in-depth knowledge of Scrum techniques. The courses focus on practical aspects which are vital for joining any IT sector.

Price: Live online class 17500


  •         Henry Harvin training is 24 hours live online interactive sessions.
  •         Internship assistance to gain knowledge.
  •         Regular bootcamp sessions.
  •         One year gold membership benefits.
  •         Get recordings of all batches.

2. Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance was founded in 2001, which is the first organization to offer scrum master certification online. It’s one of the best and recognized scrum master certifications. The certified trainers and coaches’ trainees with interaction.

Scrum Alliance provides both online and face to face training globally. All the course consists of the cost of the exam, which will be conducted at the end of the course.

Price: $795


  •         Trainers are industry experts.
  •         Globally recognized certification.

3. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best online training platforms offering a huge number of courses on a wide range of topics. Udemy offers courses at an affordable price, so by choosing the best course on criteria like rating of the course, knowing about the tutor, reading reviews, analysing a sample, check whether course content meet your requirement.

Udemy is best suited for those who are professional/ personal development. Udemy provides sample videos from every course to preview for free. See the curriculum before buying the course. Complete Agile scrum master certification training is of the best scrum master certification course offered by Udemy.

Price: 455


  •         Self-paced courses.
  •         Affordable prices.

4. was founded in 2009. The Professional scrum master certification online includes training consistent with scrum fundamentals. scrum master certification concentrates on exam preparation. consists of 3 levels of (PSM) Professional scrum master certification: PSM I, PSM II, PSM III. The PSM I certification consists of scrum terminologies and explains how to adopt scrum in scrum teams. The PSM II certification aims to explain the principles of scrum and how to apply those principles in complex real-world situations. The PSM III focuses on deep understanding of scrum practices and application in various complex team and organization situations.


  •         PSM I for $150
  •         PSM II for $ 250
  •         PSM III for $500


  •         Industry experienced trainers.
  •         Globally recognized certification.

5. Scrum Inc.

Scrum Inc was founded in 2006 providing leadership workshops and coaching consulting services. It is one of the best Scrum certification online concentrates on dynamic and interactive certification with hands-on exercise.

The scrum master certification course consists of games and exercise, so that trainees can organise into scrum teams to learn creation and prioritizing the products backlogs. They will allow us to review real case studies at various organizations. The trainees after completing the course earn their licensed scrum master credentials.

Price: $1995


  •         Trainers are industry experienced.
  •         Globally recognized certificate.


6. StarAgile

The sterile was founded in 2016 is located in Bangalore offering certified scrum master certification both online and offline. It provides a detailed overview of the Scrum framework. The certified trainees can manage agile project management. It conducts both instructor-led classroom training and online training.

To stay up to date with ever-changing technologies, the professionals need to upgrade themselves to solve complex problems and successful outcomes. The star agile scrum master certification enhances professional’s skills bridging the knowledge gaps. The star agile is helping students and professionals globally by top-notch training.

Fee: 19,999


  •         The trainers are well qualified industry experts.
  •         Helpful for working Professionals.


7. Scrumstudy

The scrum study has global accreditation for scrum and agile certifications. It focuses on the quality of scrum master certification. They provide certification after successful completion of the scrum master course. The content covers key scrum master concepts. They have a good reputation in the industry for extensive experience in offering scrum/ Agile certification.

Price: 19,999 for 2 days.


  •         Trainers are industry experts.
  •         Certificates are globally recognized.

8. Project Management Institute

The (PMI) Project Management Institute is the world’s leading authority in project management. It boosts up people to make ideas. The scrum master certification provided by PMI develops trainees and organizations to work smarter in ever-changing dynamic world.

It upgrades organization success and makes them changemakers with new skill sets and ways of work to enhance their impact. They offer eight certifications that identify knowledge and competency including project management professionals. The salary and career opportunities for PMP is in demand.

Price: $998


  •         Trainers are well experienced industry experts.
  •         Globally recognized certificate.


9. Leanpitch

Leanpitch was founded in 2011 with the aim to delegate trainees to perform greater in whatever they do through tactical lean strategies. They believe that all born with some Agile mindset and leanpitch will bring those skills back to them.

The contents are prepared to use at the workplace every day. They provide lifelong access to webinars, question and answer sessions. They believe that training is sharing of experience. The Agile essentials and Scrum essentials are offered for free. The trainers are interactive and motivating.


  •         Prepares you for a job.
  •         The batch size will be small.
  •         Trainers are industry experts.

·         The wall leaves provide visual memory.

10.  Knowledgehut

The Knowledgehut is one of the leading training providers, delivering high-quality global training. They bridge the skill gap between industry and trainees. The scrum master certification delivers high-quality training through an innovative and practical approach.

The knowledge hut provides various accredited globally recognized training programs. The courses are provided with different modes like a classroom, workshops, e-learning courses, virtual classes and blended learning.


  •         Globally recognized trainers.
  •         Industry experts’ trainers.

Wrapping up

Scrum Master is a role rather than a job. Good or bad, it depends on the criteria used. There are a great number of things to care about that motivate a group of people to get a project done successfully.

 If you are someone who thrives in self-driving teams and see yourself as someone adding value to the product or organization (by removing impediments and by empowering the Development Team, among others), then by all means look for positions that will allow you to flourish as scrum master.

ScrumMaster is one of the three roles as described in Scrum Guide.

  •         The role of scrum master is focused on the system side of product development. System describes the environment in which the product development happens.
  •         ScrumMaster is not a project manager. ScrumMaster is neither a team manager nor team lead.
  •         ScrumMaster is Servant leader, protects the team and helps teams resolve impediments. A Scrum Master is a Coach who is focused on enabling teams to improve, transform, sustain and become self-facilitating. So, the skills required for the role of a scrum master are facilitation skills.

When every job creates a dependency with the role they play, scrum master makes them independent by nurturing the team skills and collaboration. The success of scrum master is they should need it in the beginning and should perform well even without scrum master.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is agile-scrum-framework.png


The Scrum Masters is to build relationships of trust. Scrum looks simple but difficult to implement. Scrum depends on transparency; inspection; adaption. The persons on this framework:

  •   Scrum team: auto organized and multifunctional.
  •   Product Owner: build the assurance for the product and make product development feasible.
  •   Scrum Master: supervise the theory in practice and to eliminate hurdles that affect product development process.
  •   Scrum Events: Sprint; sprint planning; daily meetings; product development; sprint revision.

Scrum is a lightweight framework. Scrum is an Agile-based framework. A scrum master is a mentor who helps the Scrum team to recognize and mark problems that impact their effectiveness which results in enhancing their effectiveness to deliver valuable products.

The scrum masters:

  •   Help the organization grasp & take up scrum
  •   To prepare the development team in self-organization
  •   To prepare product owners in feature prioritization & product planning
  •   To eliminate impediments (within and outside of the team)
  •   Continually upgrade the Scrum process in the organization.

There are 3 essential things to become a scrum master.

  •   Appropriate qualifications – Rather than the required job qualification, knowledge in Scrum is must, that is demonstrated and validated. Demonstration comes from Experience and validation comes from certifications like PSM, CSM, PMI-ACP.
  •   Required experience – If directly worked in Scrum Projects or just involved will provide you an opportunity to observe and learn scrum master techniques.
  •   Proper mindset – Agile and Scrum is about having the right mindset which is most important.

A scrum master

  1. facilitates the team.
  2. Ensures scrum is used as Intended.
  3. Resolves impediments.
  4. Protects the team.
  5. Coaches.

Facilitating as scrum master:

  • Plan and facilitate the scrum related meetings.
  • Manage the discussion.
  • Ensure that people keep the right focus.
  • Process the meeting results.
  • Facilitate the retrospective meetings.
  • Smoothens the communication between team and product owner.
  • Organize and supervise the agreements within the team.

Enforcing the use of scrum:

  •         Know and understand scrum and the agile mindset behind it.
  •         Ensures that the team uses scrum in the correct way and gets them back on track if they don’t.
  •         The scrum master has command over the process.

The Impediments are the issues that are blocking people from completing the sprint goal. Not only blocking issues but anything that hinders the team from performing at their optimum.

Examples of impediments are

  •         My computer is not working anymore.
  •         The build server is down.
  •         The server connection is too slow for video conferences.

The scrum master makes sure that impediments are solved.

Protect the team against

  •         Outside influences and distractions.
  •         Product owner pressure.
  •         From the team.

Coaching the team

  •         Help team members to solve the dispute.

The conflict between team members

The conflict between team members and PO or stakeholders.

  •         Educate (new) team members in the scrum process.
  •         Guide them to high performance.

The Product owner (key stakeholder) represents the client-side and manages to maximize the value of the product and the work of the team. The development team works on delivering a potentially releasable product increment at the end of each sprint. The scrum master is the team’s facilitator, supervises and manages to help all team members follow scrum’s theories, rules and practices.

The scrum master’s role is to motivate. Motivation relates to happiness, success, and winning. Agile is being forced on a team used to working in a certain way. Not everybody sees the benefits. The motivation in Agile,

  •         Shows and tells.
  •         Improved communication.
  •         Increased visibility.
  •         Constructive participation in Retrospectives.
  •         Offers to help others and share knowledge.

Q.1. What are the advantages of Scrum Master Certification?

The benefits of having scrum master certification are,
•   To get a solid base of Scrum knowledge
•   To Change your mindset
•   You’ll stay relevant and marketable
•   Scrum Master certification benefits your organization
•   Work better with your peers
•   show your core Scrum knowledge
•   Join a community of scrum experts
•   Win projects with qualified employees
•   A badge of honour.

Q.2 Does the Scrum master need to know coding?

Scrum masters don’t need to know coding. Scrum master part is smooth communication, protects the team, and enhances its performance. They don’t assist in terms of coding to the product development.
So, it’s not mandatory but it is helpful if the product is a software. To know the domain on which the project stands is always beneficial as it speeds up the communication. But it’s surely not the first priority in terms of skill to consider for a good Scrum Master

Q.3. Who should do a professional scrum master certification course?

Scrum Master role we find mainly in product companies and start-ups. Service companies do occasionally hire scrum masters. Anyone who has interest in working as scrum master can take the certification. The few roles/ candidates who best fit to be the scrum master are existing Scrum Master in any organization. Anyone from Dev, QA, Systems etc. interested in transition to SM role, Leaders, Senior Managers and Global Leads supporting agile change management across BUs, Companywide etc.

Q.4. What is the salary of the scrum master?

Experience is the main criteria for salary. If the experience is more, then the salary will be high.  Anyone who just started his/ her career in this field, a good suggestion is to take online training which helps them to understand basic things easily. Finishing one will acquire practical and hands-on experience.
The salary of a Scrum master also depends on the company they are working for whether it is established or a start-up.
The CTC of scrum master from different role is,
•   Project managers: Rs. 4,79,000 – 2,000,000 per annum
•   IT Business Analysts: Rs. 2,74,000 – 1,000,000 per annum
•   Sr. Business Analysts: Rs. 4,36,000 – 1,000,000 per annum
•   Operations Manager: Rs. 2,99,000 – 2,000,000 per annum
•   Sr. Project Managers: Rs. 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 per annum

Q.5. Will scrum master certification boost up the career?

Certification gives instant recognition. There are good Scrum Masters without Certification and worst ones with Certification in the world. But Certification gives global recognition. Certification gives instant recognition.
There are good Scrum Masters without Certification and worst ones with Certification in the world. But Certification gives global recognition. The certifications provide confidence to clients that the candidate knows the role that they need to work on.

Q.6. What is scrum master certification?

The Scrum master certification provides training in coordinating huge teams across various sectors. To lead Agile teams successfully Scrum master certification boosts up individuals who have experience and skill set of handling a team.

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