English speaking courses in Bangalore are good to improve your spoken English. Speaking English fluently is to your advantage to improve your self-esteem and confidence to move in different social and professional situations.

It is also the most spoken language worldwide, so it is easy to communicate and travel abroad.


It works as a career booster too, English speaking skills increase your chance in getting a good job in multinationals and working abroad. 

English language of the world, of the internet, and of the media. It is a language that can be basic of learning other languages. Most significantly, if you want to study in any good institute anywhere in the globe, not just in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia, good English is a must.

However, English can be learned by practising on your own. For example, there are many software available to practice your pronunciation and in front of a mirror or with a friend. However, getting a proper English speaking course in Bangalore is a altogether is a different story

Here are the top 12 English speaking training courses in Bangalore

 1. Henry Harvin (English Speaking Course in Bangalore)

The best online learning academy to become fluent in English speaking. Enjoy the learning through 100% practical learning sessions. Achieve the proficiency level of English speaking course in Bangalore. It will also enhance your ability to read complicated texts and also write long and complicated comprehension. 

Dedicated speaking sessions with native speakers will improve your accent, pronunciation and comprehend the language.

9 in 1 Course


      Level 1   – 40 hours

      Level 2   – 40 hours

       Level 3   – 40 hours

      Level 4   – 40 hours

      Level 5   – 50 hours

      Level 6   – 50 hours

  Projects – real life workshops

Internship – support for experiential learning of English language 

Certification – get certification by Govt. a recognised institute

Placement – 100% placement support

E-learning – online access to video content and assessments

Boot camps – regular boot camps for 12 months

Hackathons – free access to #ask Henry hackathons and competitions 

Membership – One-year gold membership of Henry training language academy for the English speaking course in Bangalore


    Respected industry experts with 12 + years of work experience. Recognized by different organizations, and have been invited for 200+ lectures and going strong with Henry Harvin language academy

Learning Benefits  

2.  FITA Academy


Real-time experts as trainers 

Live projects


Affordable fee


Placement support

FITA academy spoken English classes in Bangalore is mainly designed to inculcate students’ best English knowledge in four important aspects of the language, which are listening, reading, speaking and writing. Training is in 3 levels, which are basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Help students attain proficiency in the language that includes enhancing their communication and writing skills 

Course Highlights

Comprehensive course curriculum that meets the global requirements 

 the portion in the English Spoken English course curriculum in Bangalore at FIFA Academy is designed by the subject matter experts

An interdisciplinary approach with more emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking English.

Professional training from the basics to difficult grammar


Faculty are certified professionals with 12 + years of experience. Capable of training from basic to advanced levels.

Students are also given necessary training for business communication.

3. Engconvo (English Speaking Course in Bangalore)

It’s an online platform which offers English speaking course. Here, you will get tailored, made customized spoken English classes as per your level. You will learn to read, write, speak, and listen in step by step manner as per CEFR. after your small assessment they design and customize your selected course. To meet your purpose of learning English communication online. 

According to the course you opt for they will provide services.

Why Engconvo for English speaking course in Bangalore

  • Tailor-made online English course
  • Five classes per week any 
  • One to one interactive conversation classes
  • Online study material
  • Regular evaluation of your progress
  • Certification after compilation, of course,




It’s an online course

4. British Council

It is the UK’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations. When it comes to English their credentials are top. In India, they have been providing English speaking course for more than 70 years. They have a global reputation. 

This online platform for e-learning offers flexible and totally customized courses for its students. Their classes are organized in specific themes, which depend on the topic. In one theme there would be 6 lessons and the topic could be anything from social-cultural to business-oriented. After the end of each theme, you can get a 2-part assessment. And after completing the assessment you will get a digital badge. You will get the assessment result from your teacher within 24 hrs. They provide platform generated certificates also after the compilation of every class.

Why British Council for English speaking 

  • Firstly, Provides a certificate after every class
  • Secondly, Provides badges after the compilation of the theme
  • Thirdly, A Positive and inclusive learning environment for learners
  • Next, Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Above all, The Certificate is highly credible



Address English speaking course 

It’s an online course

5. Udemy

Now Udemy, which is not the new name for online learners. Like all other courses, Udemy has numerous courses for English learning as well. Most importantly, From beginners to intermediate they have courses for all. For beginners, they have an English speaking course in Bangalore, which is 77 hrs of duration. In this course, you will learn over 1000 vital English words, expressions and idioms, with their daily uses. 

They will help you to start thinking in English and to speak fluently. You will learn to read in English and spell English words correctly. After this course, you can start preparing for international exams for example TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT etc. Although, they have separate courses for exam preparation as well. 

Why Udemy for English speaking course in Bangalore

  • Firstly, 100% animated and interactive English speaking course
  • Secondly, 77 hours of intensive English speaking practice
  • More focussed on fluency
  • Next, 100% communicative spoken English language course
  • Certificate after compilation, of course,
  • Moreover, All vocabulary and grammar are translated into Hindi

Address English speaking course 

It’s an online course

6. Fast Info Class (English Speaking Course in Bangalore)

Whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, your English communication skill needs to be perfect. FastInfo Class learning platform helps to reinvent and recreate your personality with spoken English skills. Our highly-qualified teachers not just help the learners improve their reading, writing, listening, and English speaking skills, but also build their confidence. Sign up for our fluent English speaking course in Bangalore. Learn anytime, anywhere with us.

We can understand your pain! We provide the most comprehensive English speaking course for beginners and professionals to enhance their accuracy and fluency of General and Business English communication. Students after the Course & with our Guidance are now Confident and Making a Name for themselves in their respective Areas of Life!


  • Speak English Fluently and Excel in Your Career
  • Simple and Practical Techniques to Speak English
  • Concise Assignments to Practice English
  • Fix Common English Errors to Speak and Write Precise English
  • Fix Common Pronunciation Mistakes and Speak English Confidently
  • Develop Communication Skills to Impress Others
  • Improve Your Articulation Skills and Explain Your Views Before Your Boss, Interviewer, Clients, or Colleague
  • Improve Listening Skills to Comprehend Others

      7. Seven Mentor


SevenMentor Training is a unique, top quality English language training for all skills. Speaking English provides students with the confidence and practice required to improve their communication abilities.

 In any case, you will enjoy the friendly, stimulating classroom environment which helps you to relax and learn. Our teaching is based on a system which revolves around you. We treat you as an individual – we have to know you personally, what level of English you want to accomplish and by when, what interests and inspires you, along with your reasons for studying English. Most importantly, we firmly believe you learn faster when you enjoy what you are doing in life.

SevenMentor Training is a unique, top quality English language training for all skills. Speaking English provides students the confidence and practice required to improve their communication abilities.

 In any case, you will enjoy the friendly, stimulating classroom environment which helps you to relax and learn. Our teaching is based on a system which revolves around you. We treat you as an individual – we have to know you personally, what level of English you want to accomplish and by when, what interests and inspires you, along with your reasons for studying English. Most importantly, we firmly believe you learn faster when you enjoy what you are doing in life.

8.  Besant Technologies

Spoken English classes in Bangalore have a knack for understanding what students need and what kind of difficulties hamper their growth in this competitive world

The course is designed to fill the gap in communication. It is available both online and offline. 

The prospect of many talented people getting strangled due to inadequacy in English speaking. Learning methodologies are vital for ideal results in education and we believe in delivering the best to our students 

We focus on experimental learning by providing interactive and fun classes at a very reasonable price. It is ensured that nothing impedes the progress of our students and they get hang of the language within a short period of time 

English is the only language that bridges the gap between diverse cultures and people across the globe. The institute helps students to enhance both inter and intra personality skills.

The English speaking course in Bangalore offers three levels with entirely different programs. These programs aim to equip students with both terminologies and expressions used in day to day life situations.

At Besant technologies, we train students for conversing with a small groups of students, converse with native speakers through chat, converse with a large group of people and one to one conversations. Different scenarios are given with a relevant topic to speak 

9.  Inventateq

Want to perfect your English. At  Inventateq we have designed a training program that helps students to achieve command of spoken English.  Focus is on building your vocabulary and helping you form perfect sentences.

Get to practice the sentences that you will use in day to day work you will encounter in your professional life.

In today’s scenario, a good command of English helps you to have better communication with your clients and do well in your interviews. You are taken from step to step training with grammar, then do and don’ts and best practices needed on a professional level.

Training is designed to enhance your listening skills for better communication as well. You will receive mentoring on pronunciation, use of expressions, vocabulary and free speech.

With the training, you will have a solid base and can easily crack the interviews.

Sign up for a free demo class

10.  Speaking India 

Speaking India is one of the leading Institutes in Bangalore. They understand the difficulty for people to express themselves in English. So they have designed a curriculum that will help individuals have command of spoken English.

At the Institute the classes are practically based and sessions are lively and interactive thus maximizing the learning outcome.

Step by step approach is followed with grammar, pronunciation, and explaining the dos and don’ts. Best practice and skills needed on a professional level, so you can speak English with fluency and confidence.

How is Speaking India different 

  1. We concentrate on speaking and listening skills to make you communicate freely
  2. Courses are designed to be two-way conversations.
  3. Along with mastering the language we also teach you interview skills, presentation skills, personality development, and much more
  4. The main focus is on self-confidence.
  5. We recognise the different learning requirements of different students and work accordingly
  6. Courses are designed to meet global requirements, and necessary training is also provided for business communication skills.

Benefits of learning spoken English in Bangalore 

  • Structured learning process
  • Experienced faculty
  • Flexible timing
  • More focus on Practical learning
  • Attention to detail for every student
  • Learn other skills like interview skills, presentation skills, personality development, email etiquette, accent training, and more.


One skill that you cannot afford to annoy is the ability to communicate fluently in English. English is the link language for various countries across the globe. English is used as the language of communication in business, not only business but government, television, media, and most importantly internet. Learning this language enhances your confidence. 

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 Q.1 Can Spoken English classes be useful?

Taking an English language course can be beneficial in all aspects of your life, and you will be able to speak correct English and that too fluently. To ensure you do not waste your time, effort or money, it is very important to choose the right English speaking course for you.

Q.2 How does learning English benefit you?

Globally, there is a growing demand for people who can break down any communication barriers between two cultures. Therefore, candidates who have a strong command of English are considered bilinguals and are chosen even during interviews.

Q.3 How do I ace spoken English?

Often this case arises even in students who have studied in the English medium. Learning and speaking aspects differ. When the language is not spoken, obviously proficiency issues rise. A teacher should always encourage students to converse in English. Errors that arise, are carefully solved.

Q.4 Common Exams that become mandatory for an overseas job application?

 English in India falls under the non-native category. Exams like IELTS or TOEFL, When applying to English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. These exams check proficiency in the English language.


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