Preparing for an interview is easy if you follow the right strategy. Here we present you a content writing interview guide that lists common content writing interview questions along with most fitting answers which you will find useful:

1. Tell me something about yourself?

Although it seems an easy answer, many people fumble when required to speak for themselves, hence you need to make sure that you are confident while answering.
·  The best way to answer this is to start with your high school, the graduation/post-graduation and move towards your work experience if any.
· Give your family details only if the interviewer seeks, otherwise, it’s not necessary.

2. Do you know something about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Although it’s not a part of work of content writers, you should know about it as if you manage to answer it, this will be an added bonus because writing and SEO go hand in hand.
·  You can easily impress the interviewer by talking about On-page and Off-page optimization.
· You can list some techniques that are used to make the content SEO friendly. For example, key-words, appealing headlines and proper formatting, writing hundred percent authentic content, using links to popular websites etc.

3. Why did you choose content writing as a career?

This one is easy. Just say that ‘I feel writing is in my bones, or ‘I love writing’.


4. Give some reference to your previous work.

Always be ready with your best write-ups.

· It’s better to show a variety of write-ups that you have written, like blogs or articles, on different topics like technology, travel, tourism etc.
· Make sure you don’t stick to one genre or one writing style.
· You should have a collection of articles under your name to impress your prospective employer.

5. Tell me please about your favourite blog?

 Be ready with a genre in which you excel, and you should also be interested in some topics and current trends. The favourite blog will tell about the writer’s background and interests.

6. Tell me about the last book you have read.

A writer should love reading books. Whenever asked about the last book, you should name a book which you have read thoroughly, and you can speak about it.

7. Could you explain the difference between content and copy?

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This question is a must know for the writer. You should know the clear difference between content and copy. Content is a value-oriented while a copy is sales oriented. Hence, the writer for a retail website should follow sales-oriented approach and when writing for a personal blog, should create value.

8. What is your strength?

You should always be confident about your skills and abilities. You must reveal your true strength through your words and make sure that the interviewers cannot trap you with your answer.

9. What is your weakness?

Questions like these are tricky, and you should know how to tackle these tactfully. You can say something like “my weakness is that I am stubborn about perfection, I keep working on a project until my work is not perfect” or ‘I can’t tolerate indiscipline’. Such an answer will reveal your dedication and will put you in a positive light.

10. What is your career goal?

Be careful while answering it and make sure your answer matches to the profile only. Your answer will reveal your liking for the industry you have chosen.

11.  Are you a team player?

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, you should be able to tell them how good you are working in a team.
·  An ideal candidate is one who can perform in a team. The interviews are always looking for team players.
·  You can give them examples of college events or your last organisation when you actively participated.

12.  What is your favourite hobby or pass-time?

This is one trick question that most of the candidate fails to answer and rather reply irrelevant. When asked about hobbies or interests you should say something which is relevant to your job profile or in this case to the field of writing. For example, you can say you like to read books in free time or writing poetry or even painting.

13.  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This question will show how ambitious you are. You can reply that you see yourself as the chief editor of the creative department of this firm. This answer will reveal your confidence and clear understanding of the industry.

14.  What is your salary expectation and why?

·  Make sure you ask for a decent salary depending on your experience. If you are experienced, then you can negotiate with your interviewer as well. You will have to convince the interviewers why you deserve the pay you are quoting.

· However, if you are a fresher, you can convince them about your skills and abilities. If you negotiate well and can convince yourself why you deserve better pay, you may get the pay you have cited.


Content Writing can be pursued as a flourishing career if you have the basic skill and abilities regarding language, style of writing, etc. Content is becoming increasingly important day by day, with the entire revolution in digital media and is providing lucrative salaries.

This career will help you in learning a lot about SEO, online marketing, and the digital world in general. Content writing is becoming one of the lucrative careers in India. One can find enough opportunities in this sector, as India has become a good place for outsourcing.

These are some of the most common questions asked during interviews for content writing. Go through this guide carefully as it has some very useful tips. Hope it helps you. You must make sure you are confident and prepared for challenges.

 All the Best!

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Don’t Forget to Check Out: Content Writing Tutorial for BeginnersWhat is a content writing interview?

It is the interview for the openings for a various profiles in the content writing industry. It involves the questions related to tools and techniques involved in the process. You not only need to know about the fundamentals of content writing but you should also be aware of strategies and tactics of the process along with their current trends.

Define Content writing?

It is the process of the generation of a search engine optimized, unique, quality non- plagiarized and excellent content to attract the attention of the readers is known as the content writing

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