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And then I heard a teenager saying, ” I’m not lazy, I’m just highly motivated not to do anything.”

Well, it’s unsurprising if you don’t want to step out of the house. However, this time the reason for you not going out to get a tan or eat an ice-cream bar is different. But don’t let your summers be the same for you! Add some fun, freshness, and excitement!


Choose one of these ‘10 Amazing Extra-curricular Courses For Teenagers’ and beat the heat. ( because you can count on this piece of advice!)   


You must remember making New Year resolutions, to make the most out of these 365+1 days that you’ve been blessed with to live your life. Though the circumstances ( special reference to COVID-19 ) have not been in your favor, don’t forget to remind yourself that we have not given up yet.  

Instead of lazing around in bed, watching web series, or liking random posts and reacting to memes, here’s a better opportunity!

You must have heard of  Carpe Diem which means ‘Seize the day’ or ‘Live every moment’.  Ever wondered what that moment is? It is every second you waste by sitting and doing nothing. It is every second that you save by doing something productive as well as enjoying yourself. Which moment do you want to live in? The choice is always yours. 

And if you feel you can hardly do anything by sitting at home, let me prove you wrong.

Live every moment of your life. Each one is precious.


1. Short Courses by Henry Harvin

Reaching milestones in any stream is an incredible achievement for the learners. However, it is possible only under the guidance of someone. If you endeavor and someone is there to motivate you, you feel positivity in your mind. Now your wait is over. Henry Harvin welcomes you in a positive and conducive learning environment.

According to my perspective, when you think of doing something, you can select the best institutes. You should not confiscate hasty decisions and see the pros and cons of a particular institute. We guarantee you that Henry Harvin gives you the perfect platform to fulfill your dreams.

Henry Harvin set the objectives of holistic development for teenagers. We offer different career options to utilize your summer. Henry Harvin ensures success in every stream and promises to enhance your prowess. Come and join us to gaze at the real world of business

A) Teen MBA Course

This helps you to know the top-secret of business. We provide well-qualified instructors to expedite your cognitive skills in the business world. 

Our instructors provide updated study materials for your reference. We provide different career options in Teen MBA Course.

You can be the teen CEO that can infuse decision-making skills in your mind. The best part is, you can comprehend time management.

Another journey can be as a CFO if you are interested in finance. It is the perfect time to achieve perfection in the financial segment with us.

You can advance your career with a CMO that will help you to understand the marketing segment.

Move to another field that is CTO that will help you to understand technology in-depth.

It is the best time to analyze the actual situation of the business. Come and discern the entire picture of business with us.

Henry Harvin has come up with other courses as well.

B) Content Writing Course

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. “

William Wordsworth

Writing is pouring out your feelings on paper. It is the most beautiful form of art, with words woven in the form of sentences or verses of poetry.

Writing helps you as a teenager to express one’s deepest fears, desires, emotions, and emancipate themselves and their thinking. It is a perfect symphony where creativity meets vocabulary, making the heart sing along.

However, writing plays an integral part in life from an academic point of view. It not only helps you improve your command over the language but also helps you to fetch more points whenever writing your CV.

The content writing course is an online internship aiming to tell you how to research a topic, how to write and publish blogs on WordPress and promote them on social media to gain traffic and rank your blog higher. This helps you explore a writing segment and reach a milestone. We ensure a hundred per cent success in writing with us. Our instructors guide you through giving various instances of content writing. Take a step to fulfil your dreams with us as we provide an internship program for the exploration of writing.You can also do

      2. Various Creative writing workshops from prestigious universities  

Here is one link you can also refer to containing all details for the same. 

      3. Spoken- word poetry workshops and poetry workshops 

      4. Journalism workshop-writing 

C) Technical writing Course

The Technical writing course helps you to elucidate the practical segment. After joining Henry Harvin, you will get perfect exposure to a technical writing course. Henry Harvin supports every step and assists you to augment your performance, and you can see your future bright.

D) Medical Writing Course

This helps you gain knowledge about research results, product use, and other medical information. 

Medical Writing Course alludes to scientific documents that include drug-related educational documents, research-related information, pharmaceutical regulatory writing, etc.  Only an expert can guide you in this field. Our subject matter experts can assist you in contriving a witty approach to medical writing.

E) Digital Marketing Course

The digital marketing course is a way to enter the digital world. The Digital Marketing course will connect you with online marketing. We ensure expertise in digital marketing through our experts. Get hold of the right decision for the right career and join us.

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. Yoga and meditation courses:

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. With increased stress and anxiety levels, mood swings, and busy schedules, it has become increasingly important for us to enroll in yoga and meditation courses and find some time for ourselves. 

Yoga is a light which once lit, will never dim. The better the practice, the brighter the flame. 

Following are some courses for the same: 

  1. Yoga for teenagers
  2. Happiness programs for teenagers – Specially designed for teenagers to deal with problems of poor relationships, peer pressure, stress, anxiety through games and story-telling
  3. Meditation workshops (for spiritual upliftment) 
  4. Classes regarding the interpretation of religious texts (They’re coming up and are becoming quite popular among the youth. They aim to teach them values for life) 
  5. You can even try Zumba or aerobics workouts or Dance yoga to remain fit and healthy)
Yoga workout specially designed for teenagers
More about the YES Happiness Program – Art of Living

3. Cookery workshops:

Cooking ( especially baking ) is a thing teenagers enjoy the most. Possible reasons can be that either most of them are foodies, or they love cooing in general. 

Cooking is an essential skill teenagers should learn these days. When living far from home, it is important to know how to cook your own food and not ‘heat and eat’ readymade packaged food. Not only that you’ll learn to fend for yourself, adopt healthy eating habits (and not overeat, practice binge-eating or not eat at all – anorexia ), and realize the importance of home-cooked food over junk food

It also helps students who wish  to pursue culinary arts in the future. 

Cooking courses include: 

  1. Non-fire cooking workshops
  2. Baking and chocolate making courses
  3. Salad making, carving and decoration courses
  4. Basic cookery courses
  5. Cake decoration courses
Maine Teen Camp- An interesting course for cooking enthusiasts and budding chefs!

4. Language courses:

” A different language is a different vision of life.”

Federico Fellini

Learning a new language can make you feel like an alien. But it is one of the things that you enjoy the most. Whatever mistakes you make in writing letters with incorrect accent symbols, or pronouncing a word in the wrong manner, help you in the end, to improve. And that’s how you fall in love. ( with the language of course! ) 

Languages help you to express and communicate. As a teenager, it will help you connect easily with people from diverse backgrounds. You get to know more about the culture and feel associated with the language. It will also help you open doors to career opportunities abroad. 

Not only are there courses aiming to improve your pronunciation or vocabulary, but there are also many that help you learn the basics of a new language. 

A very popular app called ‘Duolingo’ can help you achieve the same. 

  1. BBC courses for improving your vocabulary and pronunciation ( click here ) 
  2. For other courses, you can double-click here 

TOP RECOMMENDATIONS: ( click on each for info) 

  1. French courses by Alliance Française. 
  2. German courses by Goethe Institute 

5. Personality development and grooming courses:

Personality development plays an integral part in your life. When you’re trying to make your own unique identity in the world, make sure your personality evolves with experience, so that you’re able to take charge of your life when you turn 18. 

As a teenager, you might feel the need for looking attractive, neat, and presentable. A good body language helps you make long-lasting impressions on whoever you meet.  It is a sign of a confident and kind-hearted individual. This way, you can gain an upper hand over others while applying to colleges or sitting for job interviews. 

There are a lot of influencers as well as motivational speakers that give you tips to develop your personality. Ted Talks are one of the biggest platforms that will help you in increasing your knowledge and personal growth. 

Click here to know more about personality development and personality development courses. 

Find grooming classes near you. You can also join grooming courses specially designed for teenagers or for specific jobs. 

6. Sports workshops:

Sports workshops are classic examples of extra-curricular courses for teenagers. 

It is important for children to play at least one sport of their choice (preferably outdoor sports). Not only do they help you maintain your physical health, but they also help relieve stress, thus, checking on your mental well-being as well. Every game teaches a lesson for life. It teaches you values of teamwork, learning to accept failures, determination, and never giving up. Sports are a source of constant motivation to help you gain momentum and achieve your goals in life

So whenever you’re feeling low, watch a game of team sports to lift up your spirits!

You can join sports courses in your own school (before and after school coaching) as well as in cricket, football, skating, tennis, basketball academies nearby. 

7. Art courses:

Art includes various branches of creative activity. It is not only revealing what one feels, but also a way of finding oneself.

Now you already know how practicing art helps you as a teenager. It not only diverts your mind from negativity but allows you to unleash your creativity. If you’re an artist, you get an edge over others during college admissions. Unknowingly, you get a lot to learn from any form of art.  

There are various art courses for you to choose from: 

  • Painting ( Realistic, semi-realistic, folk, abstract, etc. )
  • Clay sculpturing, ceramic pottery making, etc.
  • Craft
  • Music ( singing and music composition, production) 
  • Dance
  • Instrumental
  • Theatre, etc. 
  • Photography and videography ( film-making) 

You can simply join one of these courses in academies or online. 

The computer is the most iconic invention that has paved the way for modern science and technology and helped in developing societies. 


The IT industry is growing fast and various promising career opportunities are emerging in this field. It has also become a necessity for people to have basic knowledge of computers to secure a job in any field. Since the present generation has already been learning how to operate computers and is relatively smarter and more tech-savvy than the previous generation, a lot of them are interested to pursue courses in computer-related fields. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Computer programming
  • App/software development 
  • Ethical hacking 
  • Graphic designing
  • Animation 
  • Video-editing 
  • Game designing 
  • AI technology
  • 3D printing and modeling, etc. 

“Science is the poetry of reality.”

People say ‘Curiosity kills the cat.’ This statement doesn’t apply to science enthusiasts. Budding scientists are never tired of questioning or learning new things. Learning is an ongoing process for them. However, science students were only left with two career options earlier, pursuing a career in medicine, or doing engineering. 


But the wait is over! Students with big-brains, inquisitiveness, and insatiable interest in science have now got hundreds of courses to choose from.


STEM/Tinkering workshops have become one of the most desired and approved extra-curricular courses for teenagers. By providing hands-on and minds-on experience to students, this activity is enjoyable and of significant importance. 


Following are some courses you might be interested in, related to science and technology: 

  • Robotics and Engineering 
  • Architecture
  • Food technology 
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics and cloning 
  • Psychology 
  • Forensic science, etc.( highly recommended )
The future of STEM, with STEM Education.

10. Clothing and fashion designing workshops:

Personally speaking, this is my favorite out of all the extra-curricular courses for teenagers. 

Fashion in today’s world is an important part of people’s lives. From celebrities, social media stars, the ‘divas’, fashionistas, and of course the people who imitate them, fashion trends are something most people follow these days. 

‘Your style defines your personality’, they say. 

So, for those who love styling others and also getting styled by others, here are some courses selectively picked just for you: 

  • Fashion designing program 
  • Jewelry designing program 
  • Clothing technology workshop

Fashion is evolving and changing. It is also involving modern technology and becoming more innovative. Watch this video to know more.

11 Public speaking course:


Under the extracurricular courses for students, public speaking can be the best and the most helpful course. Learning public speaking especially during their teenage years will prepare them to face the world as adults. Besides, it is one of the recommended extracurricular activities for students. It is during the teenage years, a lot of people will get a chance to take part in various public speaking competitions. Learning public speaking will enhance the confidence level of teenagers when they learn it right. It can also help them in the long run in their career and helps to overcome stage fear.

12 Self-defense courses:

What is most important nowadays is safety. This is why learning self-defence courses can come under great extracurricular courses for students. Learning self-defence has a lot of physical and mental benefits as well. Even self-defence courses are taught online now at affordable fees. Even many free tutorials are available online and can be one of the best extracurricular activities for teens. When it comes to self-defence, what most people get as the first thing in mind is martial arts. However, besides martial arts, lots of other things can come under self-defence too. They are

  • Taekwondo
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Mixed Martial arts
  • Boxing 

13 Music courses:

Generally comes under the arts category, learning music and instruments can be one of the great extracurricular courses for students. Under music one can learn only singing or else a lot of musical instruments can also be learned. In addition, it can be one of the interesting extracurricular activities for teens. Nowadays, even aged people are also learning music as their hobby. Learning a musical instrument is good for our brain as it helps us to practice hand-mind coordination. Besides, learning music in itself gives people joy and happiness. However, one has to be disciplined and focused to learn the course in a good manner. 

14 Pottery:

Another arts category, pottery is also one of the best and most interesting extracurricular courses for students. It is one of the oldest art that still exists today. Pottery can be defined as the art of making objects out of clay. While it seems as simple as that, it is one of the great skills that humans have invented. Besides, this gives the feeling of excitement. Among other extracurricular activities for teens, pottery is exciting because we are making something beautiful or useful only with some clay. This requires good concentration and focus and it is good for our brains. It is also said that pottery can be a great outlet for our stress.

15 Tech-related courses:

Of all the courses why tech-related courses for teenagers? Because it has a wide scope in many branches and is a growing field. The field of technology is undergoing many revolutions and a lot of many new inventions are coming up each day. Especially, with the advent of AI, there are many new updates are happening around the world. And one of the most important things this AI has caused is automation. This is the reason why it can be one of the best extracurricular courses for students. Even if it is not near, more jobs will be automated in the distant future. So learning tech-related courses will keep us updated at least.



1. What are they?

Extra-curricular courses for teenagers or extra-academic activities refer to all those activities which fall outside the prescribed school curriculum.

The word can be split into three words; Extra (other/addition to), curricular (something related to the school’s curriculum), and activities/courses (work to keep you busy). This implies that they are running courses/classes teaching students ‘outside the class’ (not in the literal sense), in order to help them explore fields other than academics and also stay busy. 

They allow you to work actively and productively.

2. Why should we do them?

When the world is in lockdown and racing against time, it’s necessary that you take some time off from your usual, insipid routine and indulge in something that will give you both short-term and long-term benefits.

Now the million-dollar question, “Why do we have extra-curricular courses for teenagers?? Don’t young kids solely participate in such things?  If not, are they really worth it?

The answer is simple. 

i) They help you travel that extra mile for improving your CV/resume.

If you want to get into the Ivy League or nab a great internship or job, then extra-curricular courses are your focal point. You may even land up with scholarships for having such an overachieving, versatile personality. This also helps you gain valuable experience. 

ii) They make you an-all-rounder.

Everyone likes a multi-faceted personality. Such versatility not only makes your resume stand out but also makes you unique. 

iii) They drive away boredom.

Such courses hold your interest and help you channelize your energy to achieve something bigger and better. Not only that, but you can also keep yourself busy and not get bored easily. You’ll have something to think about and assimilate if you’ve enrolled yourself in an extra-curricular course.

‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. Try to keep yourself occupied and think positive. It is essential for good mental health

iv) They teach you life skills.

Extra-curricular courses, especially for teenagers impart you with knowledge on the ‘real-world skills’ (i.e. skills that help you survive in real-world problems and find greater solutions). They also broaden our perspective on the world and help us deal with different people under different circumstances

Some of them are as follows:

  • Dedication/sense of commitment
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritization
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving/ Analytical thinking 
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Public speaking/ communication skills
  • Office environment flexibility
  • Interviewing skills, etc.

Different courses help us learn different skills. 

v) They help you with ‘networking’!

  You always need a bunch of friends who are there by your side, on whom you can count, to help you out in your toughest of times. But what if you’ve joined an extra-curricular and you know no one?

Often, some teenagers find it difficult to venture into a new world and step out of their comfort zone. If you’re an introvert, then such courses are a great opportunity to build your Interpersonal relationship!

They increase your self-esteem, as a result making you more confident around people. This cannot guarantee you to be an extrovert or a ‘social butterfly’ over a short span of time, but it can help you open up.

You can interact with new students, learn to work with people coming from different backgrounds, and even make new friends! 

vi) They help you take productive breaks.

They help you take some time off and work on self-improvement. It’s necessary for you to take productive breaks as it not only increases your capacity to work but makes you feel less stressed and burned out.    

vii) You can explore your interests.

Everyone has a different inclination. Everyone can’t show interest in everything. Some people have a scientific or technical bent of mind, while others might be interested in artistic stuff. Some might be fitness-freaks, while others may like to sit back and enjoy. Extra-curricular activities for teenagers, help you find your zone of comfort. They also stimulate to step out of your comfort zone and explore the unexplored. After all, it all depends on your interest. 

Your interest determines your intelligence.

To Conclude…

So, these were the 10 Amazing Extra-curricular Courses for Teenagers. May you plan your schedule well, so that you can achieve whatever you want to!  

Now, the most important question for all, ‘Which one will you choose?’ 

Decide fast. The clock is ticking! ..

Don’t forget to smile! 

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