Are you a linguaphile or a language sucker stuck with a German Vs Spanish language dilemma? If yes,  you’re at the right place. Choosing between two beautiful languages is indeed a gruelling task. This composition will enlighten you with colourful parallels, differences, and utility of both languages. This, in turn, will surely break your German Vs Spanish issue. 

German Vs Spanish: Which Language to choose

Every Language is uniquely beautiful in its own way. Henceforth, we can not judge the worth of a language on any scale but should cherish its knowledge and pass it onto the coming generations. Let’s do our best to cover defunct languages and save their knowledge. With that, let’s dive into our coming content, that is, parallels in German Vs Spanish Languages. 

German Vs Spanish Language similarities 

German Vs Spanish

To begin with, both German and Spanish are Indo- European languages and maintain veritably close parallels with the English language. Also, both use Latin rudiments and grammatical genders. That is, the Spanish language consists of mannish and womanlike representations of gender, whereas the German language contains neutral gender alongside the other two. The pronunciations in both Languages are straightforward enough. Nonetheless, in many cases, the Spanish spellings and their pronunciations may differ. 

German Vs Spanish Language differences:


Although both languages hail from the European language family, they belong to different branches. That said, Spanish is derived from the branch of Vulgar Latin and is thus known as a romantic language. At the same time, the German language is the assignee of the Germanic branch. Thus, grammatical structure, rudiments, vocabulary, and pronunciation are fully different. For illustration, Spanish uses a grammatical structure analogous to that of the English language, that is, a subject-verb-object format. In contrast, the German language doesn’t follow the same. Eventually, the major differences between German and Spanish Languages are their noun cases. That is, the German language rigorously follows the nominative, dative, accusative, and genitive noun cases whereas the Spanish language does not abide. 

German Vs Spanish language and its difficulty level: 

German Vs Spanish: Which language to choose

To begin with, the level of difficulty in German Vs Spanish can be gauged based on three factors

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammer and
  • Learning period.

German Vs Spanish pronunciation

In Spanish, words are spelled differently from the way they’re written. Whereas in the German language, the words are pronounced the way they’re written. Therefore, compared to Spanish, pronunciations in German are a lot easier. Yet, one must utter the words correctly in German, to stay out of trouble. Thus, the German language earns a point for this stage of the German Vs Spanish Competition. 

German Vs Spanish Grammar:

As mentioned in the below paragraphs, Spanish comprises only two genders but German has a fresh one( neutral gender). Further, the Spanish language doesn’t have tenses which is an advantage for new learners to learn and write Spanish fluently. This makes Spanish Grammar much easier. On the other hand, German includes tenses, composite nouns, and genders which makes its alphabet delicate but elevates the fun of literacy. Thus, in this section of German Vs Spanish, Spanish secures a successful thing.

German Vs Spanish learning time

The quantum of time it takes to learn Spanish or German will depend on numerous factors, including your language learning pretensions, learning style, and former language literacy experience. However, estimates suggest that it generally takes around 600- 750 hours of study to reach a B2 position of proficiency in both Spanish and German. In general, the complex grammatical structure and compound nouns take time to comprehend for a freshman. Yet, once you crack this part, you can fluently learn the German language. On the other hand, a simpler grammatical structure makes Spanish easy to learn but pacing further, an advanced level of Spanish would be a bit gruelling. Thus, limited to the freshman position, Spanish is an easier language to learn than German. However, it does not mean that German is a delicate language. Where is the fun if the learning isn’t challenging

German Vs Spanish opportunities:

German Vs Spanish language

Both German and Spanish are languages that will make you competitive in the business sphere. German is the 11th most-spoken language with the largest frugality in the European Union. However, German is a good language to know, If you have your sights set on working in Europe. Germany has the largest frugality in the European Union, with numerous high-quality companies to work for. Knowing German can give you a significant advantage in the job request, particularly in diligence like engineering, wisdom, and technology.

On the other hand, Spanish has a larger population of native and total speakers, making it more useful for global communication, particularly in Spain and Latin America. Since Spanish ranks advanced in the Power Language Index and numerous companies are planning to set their bases in Latin countries Learning Spanish would increase your chances to secure a dream job. Eventually, the choice depends on individual requirements and preferences. 

Bonus Tip 

 If you have overcome the German Vs Spanish dilemma and decided on a language but aren’t sure how to start learning, here is my bonus tip. Nevertheless, if you still could not choose also please attend a demo session with the educated coaches mentioned below. 

Henry Harvin Language Academy: 

Henry Harvin Language Academy is one of the elite ed tech companies in India and abroad. It offers nine-in-one courses which include live sessions, systems, charge camps, capsule- structure, and placement backing. For this blog, we’re limited to German and Spanish language courses at Henry Harvin. 

Henry Harvin German Language Course:

Henry Harvin’s German language course was designed to help scholars understand themes and lexis. Likewise, you’ll learn grammatical ideas to ameliorate your command of the German language. You’ll be able to compose a range of textbooks after completing the course. Henry Harvin will help you in getting fluent in German. Master the German Language and Pass Important German Language Examinations Like DSH, TestDaF, and Goethe- Institut Examinations.

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course:

Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course is designed by DELE and SIELE Exams conducted by Instituto Cervantes. The motto of this course is to enhance candidates’ interpersonal skills. Moreover, it offers training from native Spanish speakers to improve your fluency. This course helps learners with superior mastery of the Spanish language at the Intermediate Level.

Batch and feel details:

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Henry Harvin German Language Course Fee

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

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Final thoughts on German Vs Spanish:

Every language has its own pros and cons, Hence, no two languages can be compared for any judgments. However, one should give his best to learn a language that can make his career bloom in today’s job market. Moreover, I hope the linguaphile/ language lovers protect the languages that are on the verge of vanishing. Because a dying language takes all its knowledge with it. Let’s together protect the dying languages.

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1. Can we learn Spanish on our own?

A. yes, but if you are willing to make it your career/boost your career then learning through an institute is preferable as it would be an added advantage.

2. How much time would it take to complete the German language course?

A. At Henry Harvin German language course takes 12 months to complete. However, there might be other courses that can be completed in a month or two

3.  What is the scope of learning the Spanish language?

A. Most MNCs are making their move towards Latin American states where Spanish is a widely spoken language. Hence learning Spanish would boost your career and lead to opportunities abroad.

4.  Is there scope for freelancing jobs in the German language?

A. Yes, there are a lot of research articles/ business proposals that are to be translated from German to English or from English to German. Therefore, having thorough command of both languages can boost your freelancing career.

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