When you receive a JSON file, do you want to know how to convert JSON to Excel?

For most of us, it is much easier to edit or study a file in Excel form, or in other words it is easier to work in a tabular format for some files. For this, converting the file is a need.  This procedure is nothing complicated or hard and the least tech guy can also do it. With a few easy steps, you will quickly master converting JSON to Excel.

Read on to learn the step-by-step instructions on how to do it.


But first off, let us learn what a JSON file is. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a lightweight way of storing and sending files. It is often used to send files from a server to a webpage. It is a data format but in a human-readable format and needs less coding which makes it easier for everyone to access.

Another reason why JSON is so famous among developers is that it can be used in JavaScript programs without parsing or serializing.

JSON data are written as name/value pairs while its objects are inside a curly bracket and its arrays in square brackets. This is also known as the JSON syntax rules.

MS Excel

Advanced MS Excel is a Microsoft program. It is in the form of a spreadsheet or a tabular form which can be used to record, analyze, calculate, and store information. It has many features such as calculation of different kinds which can be done easily by following its distinct format. The formulas for different kinds of shortcut calculations are given on its page.

Moreover, you can use it to design a variety of things. You can use the different shapes and structures to create while at the same time inserting images and so on. There are also features to paint.

Further, you can log on to the internet from the page itself for any additional information. Other tools for editing, calculation, and creating are available in plenty. It is one of the easiest and most useful while at the same time, most comfortable sites to use while you work.

Now to the question of how to convert JSON to Excel.

Six easy steps to convert JSON to Excel.

1.     Open your MS Excel

First, open your Excel and click on the ‘New’ icon from which you can choose a new blank workbook.

2.     Data tab

Go to the ribbon menu of your Excel which is the uppermost part of the screen. There you will find the data icon, tab on it.

3.     Import JSON data

When you click on the data tab, it will bring out a new section. Out of this click on the drop-down key from the ‘Get Data’ and then the ‘From file’ and lastly, click on the ‘from JSON.

This will bring you to your standard import window, there you can choose your JSON file and click on open which then will bring it to MS Excel.

how to convert JSON to excel?

4.     Format

When you click on the import icon, Excel will bring you to a ‘Power Query Editor’ window. Here you can adjust how you want your data to appear in the spreadsheet.

5.     Close and Load.

After adjusting the data on your spreadsheet click ‘to table’ which will convert your data to appear in a tabular manner. You can also adjust how your columns will appear, or delete unnecessary columns and even filtering etc. After all this is done and you are happy with the sheet click on the ‘close and load’ icon which finishes the conversion of JSON to Excel.

6.     Finish

Lastly, you will see the data in your spreadsheet where you can edit however you want like you do as usual in Excel formulas. After everything is done, click on the file icon and save the file.

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Converting JSON to Excel is one of the best ways to get the data available in a spreadsheet where you can edit, analyze, and record while making the tools of MS Excel available to you.  

There are a variety of ways to convert JSON into Excel through a third medium. You can also get it done online for free on certain websites but one of the easiest and the most comfortable formats would be doing it in this manner.

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Q.1 What is the advantage of using JSON?

Ans. The interchanging of data and web services results are much faster.

Q.2 Is JSON better than Excel?

Ans. Excel is more simple and easier to use for nontechnical users while JSON is preferred by technical users.

3. Can JSON files be used on mobile phones?

Ans. Yes, with required applications like JSON viewer and editor.

4. Can Excel be used on mobile phones?

Ans. Yes, by installing the Excel application.

5. How is Excel useful?

Ans. It allows us to perform advanced calculations easily.

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