Agile has drastically changed the face of software development and project management, and has increased demand for IT professionals.


It also emphasis the understanding of the methodology and its many flavors — Lean, Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile, or SAFe, which is beneficial for the enterprise.

Behind every successful IT project, there is a highly skilled project manager. Before getting some insights about Agile Project Management Certification, let’s first understand what is Project Management?

A project is a one-time activity that produces a specific outcome.

Project Management is the application of processes, knowledge, methods, skills and experience to achieve specific project goals.

It is the planning, managing and organizing the effort to accomplish a successful project.

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given time frame.

There are software’s and tools for Project Management so that the given project can be completed with the perfection and with the given time frame and resources.

Here are the Top 15 Agile-Focused Project Management Certifications to Benchmark Your Knowledge.

1. Agile Project Management Training & Certification Program (ICAN) by Henry Harvin Management Academy

International Association of Project Managers – The Agile Project Management Certification Program uplifts and accelerates your career to the next level by presenting you ample openings for Agile & Scrum Professional jobs and Product manager jobs in Fortune 500 Companies with a much higher salary package.

Their Agile Project Management course consists of carefully handpicked topics from the overall agile constellation and is exclusively designed by professionals working in global firms across San Francisco, Colombo, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

The offered course is trusted by Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Host books, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, and 12+ IIMs including IIM, Ahmadabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta and 7+ IITs including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi.

You will perceive the key concepts of Agile software development, Agile Project Management, Agile Development, and Agile Project Delivery. A clear understanding of the differences between traditional project delivery and Agile methodology.

After completing the Agile Project Management course from Henry Harvin you can become a crackerjack in Scrum terminologies and their applications. You will learn to align project and product development as per customers’ requirements and overall company goals.

Agile Project Management Training & Certification Program

  • Individuals looking to get a job as Product Managers.
  • Anyone desiring to transition into Product Management.
  • Already established Professionals who want to advance their skill set.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to understand the product development process.

Henry Harvin, promise you to render the best program for your hard-earned money, providing you with the comprehensive curriculum delivered by the industry masters. You can enroll yourself to become a part of the most dynamic Agile Community across the globe.

2. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Project Management Professional Certification revolves around three constraints: Time, Cost, and Scope. It is a demanding course that constitutes various modules to assist academics in identifying the weak spots within a project.

Because of which the project manager get to concise his/ her team to come up with alternatives for completing the test sprint phase, and eventually achieve all the milestones towards a deliverable product.

The Project Management Professional certification is accredited with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and they work regularly to introduce new changes in their course contents to keep a matched and aligned with the rapidly changing trends of the industry.

Project Management Professional Requirements

For a PMP Agile project management Certification, you need to have a prior secondary degree across four years. It is also mandatory to have a 4,500-hour work experience directly or indirectly related to heading projects, being part of a Certified Project Manager’s Team, and at least a 35-hour basic level project management education.

3. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Certified Associate in Project Management the CAPM is part of the initial level of IT Project Management Certifications. The Agile Project Management certifications not only carry fundamentals but are also demanding in nature.

Is also administered by the PMI. It is an initial level certification that’s lined up with copious of learning and growth opportunities for beginners.

For professionals without a college degree, or with only basic project management experience, or those who want to achieve their PMP certification in steps rather than all at once, the CAPM is a stepping-stone to the more precise PMP.

Certified Associate in Project Management Requirements:

Since this is an entry-level certification, one need not have so many degrees or any other things. On the very higher side, interested candidates must have a high school diploma or an equivalent 1,500 hours of project management experience (without any previous certification) can apply.

4. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – Agile Project Management Certification

The CSM: Certified Scrum Master Certification enables the “certified professional” to overlook a team of individuals who are responsible for working on the project or product owner.

The majority of Scrum series certifications are associated with The Scrum Alliance, a globally recognized institute that was initially founded to promote an Agile mindset in the software industry.

As of the most recent statistics, there are over 450,000 Certified Scrum Masters around the world. This certification is accredited with Scrum Alliance. They are a nonprofit organization that has been volunteering mostly in the IT industry for a number of years now.

Certifies Scrum Master Requirements:

You need to complete The Scrum Alliance introductory module to better orientate yourself towards the requirements of the Certified Scrum Master program.

5. CompTIA Project+ Certification

CompTIA Project+  is certification within the kingdom of Agile Project Management Certifications. However, its requirements are somewhat less strict, and it gently correlates to the computing industry.

It is safe to say that the CompTIA Project+ certification is scaled within the same group as that of Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). CompTIA Project+ mostly has to deal with aggregating feedback from respondents, government representatives, and research institutes.

CompTIA Project+ and other associated IT Project Management Certifications which are accredited with CompTIA Co. They are an institute like PMI and The Scrum Alliance. The only difference is that CompTIA Co. is targeting a specific mindset of the IT business industry.

CompTIA Project Certification Requirements:

 One year of experience managing, directing, or participating in small- to medium-size projects is recommended.

6. Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Certification

The Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Project Management certification is administered by the PMI. This Agile Project Management Certification strictly follows Agile mindset businesses; mostly companies that believe in identifying core problems and then doing more in less capacity.

The certification further gives a practical hands-on strategy where different training modules are conducted to further equip the individuals with Agile frameworks.

The topmost perk of pursuing certification as an ACP is that this is a globally recognized achievement. Students are enrolled to explore different tools and then apply their skills in real-life issues concerned with Agile hurdles.

Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Requirements

ACP is scaled as an advance tier certification within the Agile Project Management Certifications lineup. To be able to take the ACP exam, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • High School Diploma, Associate Degree or Equivalent Experience
  • Over 2,000 Work Hours of Experience or Cumulative 2,000 Hour Work Experience.
  • Prior Experience in Agile Work Teams/ Companies

7. PRINCE2 – Projects in Controlled Environments

 PRINCE2 is an advanced level degree in the agile project management certifications chain. You need to clear a couple of basics; otherwise, the governing administration will not allow you to sit the exam. It just means that you will be able to complete this certification after clearing a few basic milestones first.

PRINCE2 Certified engineer are highly reputed in their related field. Organizations expect a lot from these individuals since they are well equipped with the knowledge of validating employees, core project management skills, concepts about IT project management lifecycle along with business development tools.

Prince 2 Agile- Project management certificationPRINCE2 Certification Requirements 

Since we already mentioned that PRINCE 2 is one of the top-level project management certifications, you need to have any one of the following certifications in hand:

  • Any of the IPMA Level A to B Certifications
  • Certified Project Management Associate Certification
  • PRINCE 2 Foundation Course
  • PMP Project Management Professional Certification

8. Certified Project Director – CPD

CPD is a directorial level Agile project management certification where it is not only hard to take the exam, but the accredited institute also has certain requirements to keep the CPD course valid. As a Certified Project Director, you are obligated to “maintain” your certification by completing a preset number of hours in field duty.

In the same way, training sessions conducted for subordinates also count as an added plus point. CPD has two modules; formal CPD and informal CPD.

They are not confused with one another since a Formal Certified Project Director is deemed a professional who has earned structured online education, a proper certificate and supporting documentation.

Regardless, CPD is one of the most prestigious certified project management courses. As much as CPD itself is a daunting venture, it rewards qualified personnel with equal employment and salary-related opportunities.

Certified Project Director Requirements:

Since CPD is accredited with the GAQM, they have mandated having strong knowledge about the principles & methodologies of project management. In addition, you need to show hands-on knowledge in the field of project management as a director to qualify for the exam.

9. Certified Agile Project Manager – CPM-IAPM

Certified Project Manager – CPM has introduced over a decade ago when September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks rocked the foundations of the US government. The presiding body at that time introduced the Certified Project Manager course because of the unforeseen nature of the disaster at hand. 

Besides buildings and other physical devastations, the attack also sent jolts through IT infrastructure. Businesses were not equipped to handle such pressure and needed certified project managers to benchmark their skills through hands-on experiences. Since then, this certification is globally recognized by project management training institutes. 

The IAPM’s purpose is to promote research, development and practical applications of project management; to develop standards and guidelines for beginner and advanced project management training; and to review and approve project management competencies within the profession.

There are four levels of certification within the IAPM, with a discipline specific to agile project management: Certified Junior Agile Project Manager, Certified Agile Project Manager, Certified Senior Agile Project Manager, and Certified International Project Manager. 

The Certified Agile Project Manager IAPM certification is for candidates with a foundational knowledge of agile and agile project management, including the basics of planning, organization and implementation of various projects and the agile methodology. The exam covers both the hard and soft aspects of project management and the foundations of agile.

Certified Project Manager Requirements:

CPM and CPM-IAPM are relatively easier to complete. There are no prerequisites to sit the exam, other than proof of taking 3 days’ duration training course.

10. Professional in Project Management – PPM

Although it is not as challenging to get a certification as a PPM, companies prefer hiring experienced professionals as compared to beginner or fresher. Regardless, Professional in Project Management (PPM) is treated as a mid-level agile project management certification course where various skills are taught to individuals.

If you are looking to step into the job market, as a certified PPM professional, a lot of businesses will expect you to have knowledge/ skill concerning resource allocation, quality deliverance and maintenance at minimal risk, effective communication and tenacity to bring change in the company.

Just like CPM, the Professional in Project Management Certification is lined up with risk and crisis management training.

 Professional in Project Management Requirements

Some experience in the field of project management is required to pursue agile professional project management certificate. In case, you don’t have any sort of experience, then you need to demonstrate your knowledge and familiarity with project management in one form or another

11. Master Project Manager (MPM)

Project Management is budding at a rapid speed and it is used in all industries be it health, telecom, chemical, energy as well as in the social sector. Master Project Manager – MPM Is designed for professionals who aim for increased productivity at the workplace.

The MPM is mainly focused on professional project managers. But in addition to it, it also supports professionals in the technical and business management roles.

MPM agile project management certification is one of the certification that helps you earn additional points for IT professionals who are within the project management domain of their respective companies.

It provides a simple but effective training environment for professionals with a technical background by explaining and associating the teachings of management with engineering.

Professional in Master Project Manager Requirements

Three years of training and project management experience make applicants eligible for waivers who hold a Masters Degree, with relevant job experience.

Graduates with less than 3 years of project management experience are also eligible to appear for this certification.

12. Associate in Project Management (APM)

The Associate in Project Management (APM) ™ certificate is an initial-level agile project management certification course in the field of Project Management.

It is an important and globally recognized official document in the field of project management that reflects that the candidate has the required knowledge to the entry-level of project management.

 The exam comprises 50 Multiple Choice Questions out of which the candidate needs to score 70% (35 out of 50 correct) to pass the exam and the total duration of the exam is 1 hour (60 Minutes).

Professional in Project Management Requirements

No formal education or experience required.

13. Certified Project Management Practitioner

Right after the EC-Council was founded in 2001, the government wanted to address some of the core issues that resulted from the infamous terrorist attack. For that matter, the CPMP certification was created as a benchmark for those who had a knack for managing post-disaster recovery operations.

People having a Certified Project Management Practitioner certification are expected to take on a number of projects related to infrastructure development, managerial obstacles, and leadership hurdles. Although CPMP certification is not a high tier degree, it does serve to work as a very strong foundation for anyone looking to get into a field that requires hands-on experience.

 As a result, value over time to managerial experience, leadership traits and technical skills is added.

Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP) Requirements

The requirements for the CPMP course are somewhat simple. There are no basic requirements to this certification. However, you are required to submit a non-refundable fee of $200 for the exam. CPMP is taught at various training companies over a span of 2 – 3 days. They do charge a hefty fee for those classes, so, set aside a huge chunk of your budget in advance.

 14. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)

The next one on the list is CSSBB – also known as Certified Six Sigma Black Belt certification. I agree, it does have a fancy name, but to earn this agile project management certification you need to pay a nice fat paycheck and a whole lot of challenges.

Another fascinating thing about CSSBB is that it is not the only certification in this level. But if you are not up to the challenge or don’t meet the pre-requisites, you can sign up for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt certification. This one’s a lower level certification and works as a stepping stone for those who are looking to get the “Black Belt.”

CSSBB is recognized worldwide, and it’s accredited with the ASQ institute. Other than the CSSBB certification, the ASQ Body of Knowledge is embellished with 18 other certifications. Three of those certifications make up for project managers, while others escalate the PM level expertise to a more professional level.

CSSBB certification is hard. The path is rigorous because of complex prerequisites and a varying fee structure. The good news is that once you are done with it, you will enjoy the benefits of a decent pay scale and many other perks that professionals are offered by big companies

15. BVOP Certified Project Manager

BVOP project management certification

This project management certification is pretty new but gained much traction in recent times, especially in the United Kingdom. The Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP) Certified Project Manager Certification is based on the agile project management certification framework. This certification gives value to the business by emphasizing the best project management practices and activities needed for business success.

The BVOP Certified Project Manager is useful for program directors, cross-teams, business persons, and other stakeholders. This certification will help you build processes that are efficient, transparent, and agile for project management. You will not only develop project management skills but also get familiar with people and product management for business.

In the BVOP Project Management certification, you will learn:

  • Business-oriented project management
  • Program management
  • Product management
  • Help improve project processes
  • Learn to make quick project-related decisions

Requirements for BVOP Certified Project Management: 

There is no strict prerequisite for the BVOP project management certification, but you will need to have a basic understanding of project management principles, terminologies, and best practices.

How to Prepare for Project Management Certifications? 

There are different approaches to preparing for Project Management Certification Courses. Some people like to put in study programs conducted at globally recognized institutes, while others rely on self-taught skills. 

The main approach to reaping the most benefits from any range of Agile Project Management Certifications is to make an informed decision on getting the “right” certification. It can only happen if you have taken the right course after evaluating its scope in the market, return on investment and many other job-related possibilities.

 PMI tests are usually based on 200 questions. According to experts, 25 out of those 200 questions are spontaneous. These questions define the difficulty curve of the computer-generated PMI Certification exam(s).

 Moreover, a majority of these certifications are based on closed book policies. Some institutes allow their students to bring reference material to consult with, but PMI strictly prohibits such an approach.

Where to Start with Project Management Certifications 

Consult with an expert from the industry to see which certification holds the most value for you in years to come. According to some experts, the only reason they took up Scrum Master, Agile or Lean Business certifications was due to the sheer excitement factor. They were able to innovate business and impact the “means to an end” philosophy in a positive manner.

Regardless, project managers are highly rewarded for their skills. Their pay scale easily levels against that of CEOs and high-profile business designations.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1. Which is the best Agile certification?

Ans. Agile Project Management Training & Certification Program (ICAN) by Henry Harvin Management Academy.

Q-2. How do I get agile project management certification?

Ans. Once you enroll yourself for any of the agile project management certification courses, then once you complete the course and pass all the exam levels your certificate will be issued to you by the concerned institute.

Q-3. Are Agile certifications worth it?

Ans. Certifications do not guarantee any success. You need to practice and work on the skills you have learned thoroughly. The more you practice or apply the skills in the real world the higher level of master you get into it, which further leads to your success.

Q-4. How much does Agile certification cost?

Ans. In the U.S., the self-test for Certified Agile Project Manager costs $122, and the certification and exam cost is $650. The IAPM offers a 20 percent discount for students, job seekers, and active aid organization personnel.

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