Henry Harvin Six Sigma is a business statistical Strategy that measures a process in terms of defects – at the six sigma level, 3.4 defects per million opportunities. In simple words,Henry Harvin  Six Sigma is used to identify defects and removing them from the process of products to improve quality of that process. Six Sigma is not the “flavour-of-the-month” kind of solution for all business related problems, but it is a methodology proven to improve operations of a company. This article is an overview of how Henry Harvin  Six Sigma Certification, both online as well as offline can be helpful for working professionals.

1. Another way of doing business-
Henry Harvin  Six Sigma shows you a new method and new process of doing business which improves your business process and also decreases the defects from the process. Henry Harvin  Six Sigma methodologies can affect different aspects of business, from enhancement in goods and services to employees devoting more into the final product.


2. Henry Harvin Six Sigma enables a person to know finance basics:
If you are not a finance person then you should be happy that Henry Harvin Six Sigma takes you through all the equations of finance and gives you a source of finance which will help you understand and know the budget related to the project.

Henry Harvin  Six Sigma has got a lot of everyday jobs which they have to go through in order to maintain the continuous flow of communication in all the levels of organization so that the project runs smoothly and there is no communication gap.

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3. Employee Motivation
Employees, who are involved in the Henry Harvin  Six Sigma process, are proactively involved in their job performance. The Henry Harvin  Six Sigma program gives each employee an entrusted morale boost and thereby improves productivity, collaboration, and cooperation among co-workers. These employees will become vested in the outcome of the Henry Harvin  Six Sigma program because they have opportunities for development, training, and essential valued rewards. Also it gives each employee a part to play in total business outcome, as now they know that achieved goals are already set.

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4. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Happy clienteles are returning clienteles, and this is one of the great benefits of the Henry Harvin   Six Sigma protocol. With rarer mistakes, faster production, and the ability to meet the client’s demands either early or on time, orders will continue to roll in and client loyalty increases. Thus, Henry Harvin   Six Sigma practice makes everyone in the business to business community happy.

5. Return on Investment
Making money: As every financier knows, the return on investment is the most important function of a business. By restructuring business practices, decreasing costs, and increasing competence, Henry Harvin   Six Sigma is an financier’s dream because it results in less mistakes, less injuries, a decrease in errors, and reduced downtime due to these particular production woes; thereby increasing the return on investment.

6. Decreases Costs:
Henry Harvin  Lean Six Sigma decreases your organization’s costs by:
Henry Harvin  Six Sigma is used to identify defects and removing them from the process of products to improve quality of that process; wherein a defect is defined as any process production or output that does not meet client specifications.
Eliminating “waste” from a process. Waste is any doing within a process that isn’t necessary to manufacture a product or provide a service that is up to specification.
Basically, Henry Harvin  Lean Six Sigma enables you to fix processes that cost your organization valuable resources.

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7. Better partnerships.
Whenever a business does well, other businesses associated with it can see enhancements. This can direct to long-term partnerships as well as having other companies adopt similar Six Sigma strategies for their businesses.

Ultimately, Henry Harvin Lean Six Sigma Online Course a matures a sense of ownership and accountability for your employees. This upsurges their efficiency at delivering outcomes for any enhancement venture they are involved in.

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What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma was developed in 1986, to develop quality control and statistical skills, it helps in measuring the quality of manufacturing output, identifying risks, errors and other business strategies. It helps in optimum utilization of resources, improve decision-making ability, and increasing the overall performance of a company.
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What are the benefits of six sigma certification

1. It helps in reducing risk, error’s in an organization.
2. It assists in understanding present standard practices in the industry, which helps in maintaining product quality & services.
3. Helps in learning Multivariate tools like waste reduction, stream mapping etc.
4.Gives exposure to different components and concepts like chi-square table, ANOVA, contingency table etc.
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