Top 11 Six Sigma Certification in Delhi in 2021 [Updated]

Top 11 Six Sigma Certification in Delhi

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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  • Location: Noida, UP
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  • Format: Virtual Live training and classroom training
  • Average ratings: 4.7/5

    Six Sigma Green Belt Course in Delhi helps you to evolve your organizational projects. It provides an overview of Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology.  Six Sigma green belt courses enable you to determine current performance to identify process issues. Moreover, it gives the way to formulate solutions. Henry Harvin has come up with the novel pedagogy of teaching techniques in the Six Sigma green belt for the learners. Moreover, they can incorporate new methods of solving the problems of organization in their mind. The Lean Six Sigma green belt course is the foundation course that equips the candidate with the latest tools and methodology of the Six Sigma green belt. Six Sigma black belt assists you to apply process improvement projects DMAIC( Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve , Control) or DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) methodologies within the organization.  The certified Six Sigma black belt professionals can elucidate Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including supporting systems and tools. It helps you to acquire comprehensive knowledge of all parts of the DMAIC model. After completion of this course, you will be able to apply Lean Six Sigma at an  advanced level of proficiency. It also reflects comprehensive knowledge of team leadership, team dynamics and is capable of assigning roles and responsibilities to their team members.  Ramp up your business with new ideas by adding a Six Sigma black belt. 


  • You can upskill your business efficiency with Henry Harvin. You can expedite your performance and improve your business processes by achieving breakthrough business improvement. Henry Harvin boosts you to gain knowledge in the black belt and provides an experiential platform to build your business. 

  • Six Sigma Master black belt presents good coverage of business problems and formulates solutions. DMAIC is wielded to improve and expedite existing products and processes. Master black belt-DFSS will learn many additional tools and a novel technique in applying these tools. Master black belt- DFSS is a unique set of tools that are used in the R & D process. It signifies a master level of the DMAIC model by following Six Sigma principles. It helps to manage over all projects and assists to comprehend the details of managing projects.  

  • Managing master black belt entails both change management roles and a key drive for organizational projects. Henry Harvin proffers the world-experienced trainers and helps candidates to evolve business acumen. The candidates will acquire extensive knowledge of DMAIC and DMADV. You can gain understanding of Human dynamics and learn to use project tools. Henry Harvin gives you a way to deal with the intricacies of project management.

Six Sigma’s methodologies: DMAIC and DMADV. 

The acronym DMAIC is the five steps of the Lean Six Sigma tools used as a method to improve the process and solving problems:  

1. Define: The define stage is the initial phase of the Six Sigma process improvement. The team initiates high-level data analysis and define the cause of the problem in the process. And after the issue is resolved they find out more about what would benefit Six Sigma for Marketing Management Professionals the organization to further improve the process. They gauge the needs of the clients and work to meet their expectations and alongside they use SIPOC as a tool to improve the process.  

2. Measurement: In the second phase, measurement takes place. A vast amount of data is accumulated which is critical and takes a lot of time and effort to collect. The data is then compared with the International standards and form a baseline.

Then the team maps out the current process based on the standard formed, and further take corrective measures, thereby, determining correctly the cause of the problem. Throughout the project, it graphically presents all possible improvements empirically.

3. Analysis: In the analysis stage the team analyzes the data. The purpose is to narrow down the details in the data and verify the root cause of the problem and eliminate all the defects. Pareto charts are the data collection tool and are used in the analysis phase. 

4. Improvement: The improvement phase happens in the fourth stage and succeeds with a solution which is created in the analysis phase. A flow-chart is created to implement those solutions which are effective and are used to improve the system. The 5S is the tool used to improve the process. 

5. Control: Finally, the control phase is the stage where it ensures that the new and improved process is stable and robust. Here, the focus is on sustaining the newly achieved solution and hence, the improvements made by the team so far are maintained.

DMADV is an acronym of the other five approaches of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Define, Measure, and Analyze approaches don’t differ from each other. However, at the Define stage is when it involves all high-level and elaborated design approach that is based on the previous analysis phase. 

Then a more detailed design is developed in which a comparison is made to ensure the design is much superior to the current one to meet the quality and expectations of the customers.

Then at the last stage of the process is to validate and verify the newly developed design. The new design is taken to the real world to be tried and tested to confirm if it can work efficiently or not as per the market demand.

Thus, DMAIC steps are the most logical approach and widely used steps for solving problems in the process. However, to determine which methodology to use – that is determined by the purpose of the methodology.

If the requirements are for continuous improvement then DMAIC methodology is greatly effective and can be applied to a wide range of problems in the process. But if the approach is to re-design something, DMADV is the approach.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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Six Sigma Structure (Belts)

1. White Belt (WB):

White Belt is a basic level certification of Six Sigma. It introduces employees to the Six Sigma program providing all the basic information and concepts about it. It is to assimilate some terms of the programs that are of significance.

At this level, a white belt holder can’t make any positive change in the management of the organization. However, one can only assist in the activities of the organization.

They can contribute to the team in solving problems on any small projects that are going to bring positive change in the organization. This belt is a foundational level belt and one can further ascend to higher levels. However, this level doesn’t count for actual certification. 

2. Yellow Belt (YB):

A Yellow belt is an entry-level certification and is for those who desire to advance their basic knowledge of Six Sigma. He or she gets to be an active participant in the organization on Green Belt projects and is introduced to Six Sigma’s project methodology.

One must have a well-grounded understanding of how a project leader conducts a project. His role is to collect data, monitor effectively the working of a project, and check on its progress.

He supports the team on Green Belt projects and gets an understanding of the use of some tools necessary for Six Sigma projects. Tasks are to be completed according to Six Sigma’s methodology. While Subject Matter Experts would be given additional training to understand how a project evolves methodically. 

3. Green Belt (GB):

Green Belts are usually the project leaders. With a basic understanding and knowledge of the working of the lean Six Sigma projects, they operate as managers of Six Sigma projects under the guidance of a Black belt.

The prime duty is to instruct the other members of the team, collect data, and analyze them before carrying off the projects.

For a new Six Sigma Green belt Certification holder to work efficiently, a Black belt holder is assigned to mentor them.A Black belt is considered to be more experienced in team management and running projects. Hence, they can mentor the green belts.As Green belt holders are leaders of a project they are accountable for the progression and results of the project at hand and lead the Yellow belts through the process.

4. Black Belt (BB)

Typically, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification are fully dedicated to Six Sigma. They direct complex and specific Six Sigma projects, train the Green belts, and monitor their projects. This indicates that one has ample experience of being a Six Sigma leader.

The leader has to discharge and lead all big Six Sigma projects and communicate with the higher levels (Master Black Belt and Champions) for mentorshipThe job role is to see the company succeed and improve the efficiency and quality of the team’s performances. To reach this level is a big milestone to accomplish and is exactly like how an individual earns a black belt in karate. 

5. Master Black Belt (MBB):

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification leaders essentially hold the senior management level from a Manager to a VP in the organization depending on who heads the corporate structure.For the most part, they support, manage, and monitor the Black Belts and Green Belts and get rid of any obstructions that come in the way.

They are accountable to the steering committee or executive leadership for the success of the overall management. This is the highest certification level and few of them get to this level.

They run all big projects, analyze the methods used, and devise strategic plans to bring out quality outcomes throughout the company’s manufacturing processes.

6. Champion: 

Champions are the upper-level leaders in the organization. They control and allocate resources, take decisions on any setbacks faced, and promote all the projects that are running.And the one day Lean Six Sigma training program that is conducted focuses on providing all the technical knowledge to facilitate their leadership.

With a set mission, and having a clear vision and values of Six Sigma they deploy effective strategies and technical knowledge to support the goals of the company.

They play a pivotal role in the organization and ensure process improvements. They train and mentor the black and green belts and deploy Six Sigma’s strategy and methodology to develop their business. 

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Benefits and scope of Six Sigma Certification 

  • A certified individual becomes crucial to an organization and can identify issues in a project and eliminate errors
  • Review the present application to get an impression of what the outcome would be like – so measures can be taken to improve the process without further delay 
  • Can analyze the manufacturing and business processes of the company using the Six Sigma methodology
  • Improve one’s analytical ability
  • Improves financial knowledge
  • Develop business sense
  • Become a better leader
  • Opportunity to work in different industries
  • Gain wider knowledge of the process and system
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Improve and initiate Quality Management programs
  • Better chances of getting promotions and higher salary


  • Improve the bottom line of the organization 
  • Reduce defects in projects in an organization 
  • Improve customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Improve organization business

Salary Expectations: Six Sigma Certification in Delhi

Salary of Certified Green Belt Six Sigma Employees in India
Operations Manager  INR 498,167 – INR 1,427,176
Operations Team Leader  INR 316,745 – INR 795,641
Project Manager IT  INR 583,742 – INR 1,954,43
Quality Manager  INR 463,689 – INR 1,491,836
Senior Mechanical    Engineer  INR 409,990 – INR 1,269,739
 Senior Mechanical Engineer    INR 409,990 – INR 1,269,739  

The salary of a certified Six Sigma Green Belt across the globe varies as per the location, industry, experience, and qualifications of the individual.And the average salary of a six sigma green belt across the globe are as follows:

  • In India, they get INR 10,12,781 annually
  • Australia: between $93,762 – $133,742 annually
  • Canada: between CA$62,475 – $83,701 annually
  • United Kingdom: between £27,362 – £40,669 annually

In India, a Six Sigma Black Belt typically earns around ₹4,16,790 per month and the salary ranges from ₹4,16,790 – ₹15,01,590. On average the salaries that employees earn are between ₹10,06,790 – ₹20,98,987.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Six Sigma  Experience Examination
Yellow Belt * No. Are a part-time team member
* Support in collecting data, validate and monitor the effectiveness of projects
* Understand basic analytical tools
No test
Green Belt 3 years of full-time work experience  in any field of  expertise and have handled a team and projects Must pass the Green Belt online 100 marks multiple choice question paper. 
Black Belt * Can directly join the Black Belt level with no Green Belt certification. 
* Should have one or two completed projects and have a min work experience of 3 years  in your field
* Have handled complex projects, train the lower belts and  have communications with Champions
Must pass the Green Belt online 150 marks multiple choice question paper.
Master Black Belt * Must obtain a Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
* Have 5 years of work experience in the role of a Six Sigma Black Belt
* Have completed 10 Six Sigma Black Belt projects. 
* Assist  Champions
* Support Black Belts
* Are an expert on Lean Six Sigma methodologies    

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