Top 11 Six Sigma Certification in Chennai in 2021 (Updated) Six Sigma Green Belt

Introduction to Six Sigma

How many of you have seen the requirement of a six sigma certification mentioned in job profiles when you are seeking your dream job? 

How many of you can implement six sigma in your role?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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Those of you who haven’t got the six sigma advantage in your resume needs to read this article. I am going to share all the details about Six Sigma Certification courses, its benefits, types of six sigma courses, particularly the green belt one.

Don’t worry, I shall not stop here. I will be providing you with details about the top 11 six sigma course providers in Chennai whose certification carries a lot of weight in the job market and hence can command higher salaries. I will tell you about the eligibility criteria about the course too. So, this article packs a whole set of information about six sigma for your ready reference. 

So where does this six sigma course come from? The answer is Chennai because of the following reasons 

Chennai is fast turning into a data center hub with 6 companies on the verge of investing over  12000 crores and creating jobs to match that.

There are a lot of industrial parks and available land around Chennai coupled with its undersea cables that connect Chennai to Southeast Asian countries. This makes Chennai, a very good location to set up data centers.

Tamil Nadu is also generating surplus power now, making it a favorable choice for investors to invest in setting up data centers.

So these data center’s coming up in Chennai, will offer a lot of jobs to people. To tap into a highly lucrative job market, you must have the qualifications to match. This is where a six sigma course comes and there is no better place than Six sigma Certification in Chennai and find jobs to match. 

The top 11 Six Sigma Certification courses in Chennai

1: Henry Harvin Education– Six Sigma Certification in Chennai

You can Gain Experience of 12+ Projects, over 1-year, post your training 

Henry Harvin at rank 1, offers six sigma certification in India. It aligns to IASSC Book of Knowledge and  combines Lean and DMAIC Methodology to Impart Key Skills 

Both Classroom and Live Online Options Available. Online training is of 20 hours duration. 

Henry Harvin offers 100% Practical Training with a focus on experiential Learning.

They offer a 1-year Membership of Management Academy which will expose you for live projects, guaranteed internship, weekly job support, along with recorded videos. 

During the training, there is an online examination after 15 days, based on which the certificate is awarded

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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The six sigma certification courses are conducted by seasoned industry experts who specialize in Lean and Six Sigma and are highly talented and successful practitioners themselves, across industries. These practitioners are also empaneled as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin Management Academy.

A. Six Sigma Green Belt-

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification runs in support of or under the supervision of a Six Sigma black belt. Moreover, it scrutinizes and resolves quality problems and helps in the improvement of projects. It is the pioneer level of formal training covered under the Lean Six Sigma methodology that is provided by Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin ensures a thorough understanding of process improvement initiatives. Moreover, it also offers an in-depth knowledge demonstration of Lean Six Sigma tools. It guides learners to make work strategies and improve efficiency. It can be the recognized certification program from a reputed institute like Henry Harvin.

B. Six Sigma Black Belt-

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification helps you to reach the epitome of the DMAIC model. It gives a comprehension of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling models that follow Six Sigma principles. Henry Harvin assists you with the most appropriate experiential learning techniques in understanding of Six Sigma black belt. You will be able to elucidate Six Sigma philosophies and principles, after completion of this course with Henry Harvin.

You can build up the skills on how to execute, perform, interpret and apply Six Sigma principles. Moreover, it will help you to become proficient in handling critical situations and solving advanced problems.

C. Six Sigma Master Black Belt-

Six Sigma Master black belt is accountable for the deployment of Six Sigma within a company. Master black belt professionals have leadership skills. Moreover, Henry Harvin guides you to become innovative and shows a strong commitment to practice and quality improvement. It is an advanced level of the certification program. Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification gives you explicit information about the execution of a DMAIC or DMADV project.

Henry Harvin equips learners with an extensive understanding of analytics tools. Furthermore, it helps to enhance your potential for business acumen. Well-qualified instructors will guide you through practical platforms. You can be acknowledged as a Lean Six Sigma Evangelist with Henry Harvin.

Cities in India Where Six Sigma Certifications are provided:

2: ASQ India

ASQ India offers training programs in Lean Six Sigma Certification. They offer both onsite and online options for Chennai, however, due to pandemic, now they are conducting only online classes 

They have weekend courses (Saturday-Sunday; 8 am – 2 pm). The next training from December 12, 2020. The fee for the course is INR 32,450/-

ASQ India conducts public training programs in ASQ BoK Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) and Black Belt (SSBB) training based on ASQ BoK.

The training course is designed and developed by subject matter experts who are the best in the field. The instructors who impart the training have both theoretical expertise and practical experience in quality tools and practices.

Green Belt course (SSGB) training duration  is for 8-days

All the participants will get a soft-copy of Six Sigma study material. On successful completion of the E-training programme, a participation certificate is awarded by ASQ South Asia.

3: Saral Six Sigma and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

They offer onsite courses in 

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Sarah Six Sigma and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd are an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) that conducts and provides Lean Six Sigma related training and has IASSC Accreditation.

 Their certification course is for 10 days and basic requirements for certification are: 

1) Successful completion of the appropriate training programme by Saral 

 2) Must pass an online test 

3)  Must complete one or two projects according to the format which is reviewed and evaluated by Saral academy staff members

4: Simplilearn – Six Sigma Certification in Chennai

The course is aligned to the IASSC exam, integrates lean and DMAIC methodologies using case studies and real-life examples, and will give you the skills to achieve continuous process improvement for your organization. 

Simplilearn offers both offsite and onsite training. 

This course is ideal for Quality system managers, Quality Engineers, Quality Supervisors, Quality Analysts and Managers, Quality Auditors, and any individual aiming to improve quality and process within an organization.

Simplilearn offers, 56 hours of high-quality blended learning

33 PDUs offered

4 simulation test papers, 4 real-life projects

Simplilearn also  offers  training 3 modes- Self paced learning, Online Bootcamp and corporate training 

So how to unlock your Green Belt Certification from Simplilearn

Online Classroom:

  • Attend one complete batch.
  • Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.

Online Self-learning:

  • Complete 85% of the course.
  • Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum a score of 60%.

5: Grey Campus

GreyCampus is an IASSC ATO. They conduct the certification course online.

Other key features:

4 simulated exams

2/4 days instructor-led training

IASSC exam (Optional)

Live-online: 171 hours study time (approx.)

1-year e-Learning access

Self-paced: 153 hours study time (approx.)

This course integrates Lean and DMAIC methodologies as defined by IASSC using case studies and examples that help you to implement, perform and apply Lean Six Sigma to achieve process improvement for your company. 

Grey Campus conducts online boot camps for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training for 6 months 

6: Skill Logic – Six Sigma Certification in Chennai

Skill Logic offers both onsite and online six sigma green belt certification training for Chennai.

Online training duration is 12-Day 2hrs a day Online Training Program

Onsite-  3-Day Full-time Classroom


Skill Logic offers the best of both methods, classroom training and online learning, which is blended. The learning courses are conveniently designed with a blended learning model to fit your requirements.

The six sigma green belt certification course is accredited by global quality boards- TUV, ICFQ and IASSC

You can earn 16 Hours PDU (Training) Certificate


  • Has the best-certified instructors in the industry for training. 
  • They offer complimentary 180 Days of high-quality E-Learning access
  • Premium Access to Six Sigma resources and Six Sigma Job Portal.

7: Invensis Learning

Invensis Learning conducts six sigma green belt certification course in Chennai 

They offer 30 PMI PDUs

Invensis offers Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in Chennai through classroom and live online virtual modes.

Training is by experts from the industry with extensive quality management experience 

IASSC Certified

8: JPA solutions – Six Sigma Certification in Chennai

JPA Solutions is an authorized Six Sigma Institute, from The Council for Six Sigma Certification – Green Belt. 

The course is designed for the IASSC exam and also combines DMAIC and lean methodologies, using real-life examples and case studies. It imparts you the complete skills to enhance your organization for better improvement.

Duration of the course is 5 days.

9: Knowledge Hut

KnowledgeHut is an Accredited Training Organization of PEOPLECERT

Knowledge Hut offers both onsite and online training in six sigma green belt certification course

Lean Six Sigma certifications are offered by the IASSC in partnership with PEOPLECERT.

They offer comprehensive training for IASSC Certified Green Belt (ICGB) exam

Course duration- 3 days(24 hours)Training delivered by Certified experts, in addition to E-learning

You will get 35 PDUs on completing this course.

They provide End-to-end exam preparation  support and assistance

Free 180 days access to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt e-Learning

10: Pathmakeer 360– Six Sigma Certification in Chennai

Accredited by CSSC (council for six sigma certification)

Pathmakeer 360 offers onsite training in six sigma green belt certification.

They offer a 10 days integrated certification programme, which includes 4 days and 6 days of project work.

11: Sprintzeal

Sprintzeal offers both classroom and online training. It is an IASSC accredited training Organization

Key Features

2/3 Days Online Classroom Training for Lean Six Sigma Certification. 

24 PMI PDUs for Lean Six Sigma Certification course Completion Certificate from Sprintzeal

Sprintzeal offers 1-Year E-learning Access with High-Quality Six Sigma Training Audio-Video Lectures. You can even recordings of the sessions post completion of the training. 

Sprintzeal prepares you well for the exam with 1000 plus questions and access to Six Sigma Training Class Recordings for lifetime 

What is Six Sigma?

Watch this Video :

Six Sigma is a quality management process, which was first developed in 1986 by the American company, Motorola Inc. It uses a set of tools and methods to detect problems, identifying errors, determining their cause and then improving business processes. Its approach is data-driven and is based on statistical analysis to remove errors. Thus by removing defects, it improves the efficiency and output of systems.

This is what Kimberly McAdams, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Principal with FireFly Consulting says:

Six Sigma is a methodology and set of tools that help us measure what we do and then improve what we do. It really can work in any industry and any type of business because everywhere we have a process, we can study it, measure it, and try to make it better,” 

The advantages of using six sigma in businesses are as follows:

  • Reduction in a waste generation means more cost-effective and less polluting
  • Good understanding of Customer requirements 
  • A lot of time is saved in production which means increased production and therefore beneficial to companies 
  • The use of six sigma is successful in cutting costs by as much as 50% which is a considerable amount for businesses 

Six Sigma if applied in an organization for business process improvements, is comparable to how a new root and a shoot emerge from the cotyledons, undergo changes and grow into a beautiful green plant that exists independently and enriches the environment. The quote below by Andrew Grove illustrates it so beautifully. 

How did the term Six Sigma come into existence?

Bill Smith, an engineer who worked for Motorola coined this term ’six sigma’ and is the main brain behind this concept.

The word ’sigma’ in the term ’Six Sigma’ originates from the Greek symbol” Sigma” or “σ,” which measures the amount of process deviation from the mean or average.

Six Sigma refers to the typical bell curve used in statistics where one sigma refers to a single standard deviation from the mean. The error percentage is extremely low when the process exhibits six sigmas where three are above the mean and three below.

Six Sigma Certification Course

Professionals with six sigma certification are the most sought after in their respected fields. Therefore, enrolling yourself in a six sigma certification course will ensure that you grow in your career, command high salaries, and thus be ahead in the race with your competitors. 

A popular quote comes to my mind here:

Big jobs go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is interesting to note that the six sigma certification levels follow the terminology used in martial arts. We have heard of karate black belt, green belt etc. So it is not surprising to see a six sigma green belt or black belt. The color of the belt helps in recognizing their expertise and their role in the organization,

For example, Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification means that this person is a novice in six sigma and has fundamental knowledge, whereas Six Sigma Black Belt Certification means that this person is a master in six sigma and is capable of individually leading the entire  Six Sigma project execution.

Types of Six Sigma certification

There are 5 types of six sigma certification, which are:

  • Six Sigma White Belt certification
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification
  • Six Sigma Green Belt certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt certification
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification

Six Sigma White Belt

Six Sigma White Belt Certification provides you with the fundamentals of the lean six sigma concept.  

This certification focuses on process improvement, variability and adverse effects on process performance while giving out brief information about the specific roles that every team member plays. 

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt is a beginner-level course that teaches you some basic methodologies. It also covers a few process improvement procedures along with important metrics.

Six Sigma Green Belt

The Green Belt certification training and certification is the most recommended one and a popular choice because the course teaches individuals how to:

  • Create charts
  • Process, map and implement an entire plan to guide other employees to describe the Six Sigma roles within an organization
  • The team leader or a senior member of the team working directly with the team leader has the Six sigma green belt designation,

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belt Certification course is an advanced course. It equips individuals to:

  • Perform factorial experiments
  • Multiple regression
  • Describe the various types of process optimization. 

A black belt certification enables the individual to understand team dynamics and assign team member roles according to his or her skill level.

Master Black Belt

This is the highest six sigma certification program which is a 2-week program. The individual with this certification is an expert in six sigma, holding a highly focussed approach and command over statistical methods.

This certification is a recommendation for those who aim to lead a big team or a part of the  senior leadership

The Master Black Belt Six Sigma professional is easily able to tackle procedural questions and resolve any complex technical issues.

So, what are the benefits of Six Sigma Certification?

  • Your employer will value you more if you have a six sigma certification, as you can bring about process improvements.
  • You will help improve customer satisfaction by improving the quality of product and service
  • You will be instrumental in saving costs up to 30% for your company by reducing the process cycle time
  • You will be able to identify and improve requirements in the project definition phase.
  • You can explain how to measure product and process
  • Six Sigma course online helps you to perform data analysis and hypothesis testing.
  • It enables you to suggest possible improvement actions for the performance of variations.
  • You will be the right fit to achieve organizational goals and also be eligible for senior-level positions in your organization. You can get promotions on the basis of merit. 
  • You will be successful in making your job easier, just by applying the Six Sigma tools and techniques.
  • You can bring about overall business improvement

Who needs to attend six sigma certification training?

The six sigma certification training can be most beneficial for the following professionals:

  • Quality control professionals
  • Process improvement professionals
  • Production managers
  • Process control specialists
  • Frontline and factory supervisors
  • Management professionals such as HR
  • IT and Finance Engineers
  • Business Analysts

Based on the nature of your job, your skillset, your qualifications and your current role,  you need to decide which belt you want to go for. 

All about Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

I begin here with an inspiring quote:

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it”. H. James Harrington

Why Green Belt Certification?

You can opt for green belt certification because it equips you with the tools required to execute the DMAIC concept which is the “Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control” portion of the improvement framework. The person who acquires Green Belt Certification is known as a Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner.

A course in Green Belt Certification covers the following features:

Project Management

Quality Management tools

Quality Control tools

Problem Solving

Descriptive Data Analysis.

What to expect out of aspirants who want to enroll in the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course 

They must have 3+ years of work experience in a full-time job in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge (BOK). 

They must be willing to:

  • Spend at least 35 to 40% of the time they devote to production in improvement initiatives and process
  • The study, analyze and solve quality problems
  • To involve in Six Sigma, LEAN, KAIZEN, or other quality improvement projects


For Six Sigma Green Belt training, you must have an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, business, medicine, etc. A basic course in statistics while in college helps a lot. 

How to choose the best six sigma certification course for yourself 

Those going for six sigma green belt certification need to consider the following four factors while choosing a suitable course.

  • The course must be from recognized certifying organizations like ASQ (The American Society for Quality), IASSC (The International Association for Six Sigma Certification), or CSSC (The council for Six Sigma Certification)
  • Make sure you look at the Program Syllabus and Course Agenda
  • The organization from where you do the course must offer you post-training project consultancy or expose you to any process improvement project
  • Mode of six sigma green belt certificate


You have seen how Six Sigma certification can enhance your career and improve your prospects considerably.

In India, we have lakhs of students graduating from engineering colleges and other professional courses every year. These students can have a lucrative career if they equip themselves with a six sigma certification. 

As a lot of data centers are now being set up in India, particularly in Chennai, it opens up a plethora of opportunities for professionals. Six Sigma certification is the way forward. 

In this article, I have given you the top 11 accredited institutes from where you can enroll for your certification. I have talked more about six sigma green belt certification here.

The top 11 courses mentioned here, offer yellow and black belt certification courses as well. It is for you to pick the right course as per your role and expertise.

So are you all prepared to take up the challenge and make use of the opportunities coming your way?

I end with an inspiring quote that says it all:

It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity than not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared”. Whitney M. Young 

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Q1. Why is Chennai a good place for a job search?

Chennai is an ideal place for job search as multi-crore investments are coming up in this metro city, and it is generating surplus power.So it is an ideal place to develop as a major data center.

Q2. Who can do a Six Sigma Certification in Chennai?

Quality control professionals
Process improvement professionals
Production managers
Process control specialists
Frontline and factory supervisors
Management professionals such as HR
IT and Finance Engineers
Business Analysts

Q3. What are the top 11 Six Sigma certification in Chennai?

Henry Harvin Education
ASQ India
Saral Six Sigma And Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Grey Campus
Skill Logic
JPA Learning
Knowledge Hut

Q4. What are the key components of Six Sigma?

There are three key components of six sigma – Customer, Process, and Leadership.

Q5. Do I have to renew my Six Sigma certification?

Most six sigma certification in Chennai do not need to be renewed.  It is a lifetime certification. However, it is better to check with the institute offering six sigma certifications once before enrolling with them.

Q6. Can I do six sigma certifications online?

Yes, Six Sigma Certification training can be done online.

Q7. Can I get my six sigma certification, after attending a six sigma training course?

You have to clear a written exam and actively participate in a real-time six sigma project to get your six sigma certification.

Q8. What belt is used in six sigma?

The Six Sigma certification comes in various skill levels: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

Q9. How much can I earn with a six sigma certification in India?

You can start with a package of 25K-35K per month to begin with. As you gain experience and based on the industry that you are in, you can look at a pay package anywhere between 12L -20L per annum.

Q10. How much time do I need to complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

You will need 2 – 7 weeks to complete a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program.

Q11. What is the goal of Six Sigma?

The goals of Six Sigma are to find and eliminate causes of defects and errors, reduce the cost of operations and improve productivity.

Q12. What belts are used in six sigma?

The Six Sigma certification comes in various skill levels: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.



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