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Why should we know about the Workflow in Salesforce? How does it make Salesforce better and user-friendly? Questions are many, and we are here to find the answers to all of them.
Workflow in Salesforce works on the basic principle of logical procedure; it is related to process or flow. What makes workflow in Salesforce a win-win tactic is that it offers us automation. It automatically serves the purpose with spontaneity without having to cause any breaks or much trouble without manual interference, saving human time, money, and marketing investments. It optimizes time by providing additional features on the user’s end beside the developer’s end. 

The Workflow in Salesforce follows a two-step orientation, also known as Salesforce Workflow Rules to achieve the backbone structure leading to making the cut and saving the org a day.
The principle followed is the If/then criteria.
For example: If you pass the exam, then you get promoted.

Criteria: A criterion is a filter-like/conditional structure, also called the rule, which needs to be satisfied to filter into carrying forward the process or to filter it out of the procedure. It checks the “if” rule.

Actions: It implements the “then” criteria. In other words, what to do when the “if” criteria are met.
For example: If the criterion is not met i.e. the exam is not passed, then the action won’t be executed i.e. you don’t get promoted. However, if the criterion is met, which is passing the exam, the action is activated, and you get promoted.

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Create a Salesforce Workflow Rule.

Automate the process of working in the organization by creating Salesforce Workflow Rules.

How to set criteria or add Salesforce Workflow Rules/criteria?

  1. From Setup, enter Workflow Rules in the Quick Find box, then select Workflow Rules.
  2. Click New Rule.
  3. Choose the object to which you want this workflow rule to apply.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Give the rule a name and description.
  6. Set the evaluation criteria.
  • Created: Evaluate the rule criteria each time a record is created. If the rule criteria are met, run the rule.
  • Created and every time it’s edited – Evaluate the rule criteria each time a record is created or updated. If the rule criteria are met, run the rule.
  • .Created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria-(Default) Evaluate the rule criteria each time a record is created or updated.

NOTE: One difference between the last two bullet point texts is that the former cannot perform time-dependent Actions whereas the latter cannot. We will talk about the Actions under the next heading.

  1. Enter the criteria
  • Choose the criteria that must be met such that the rule gets triggered.
  • Choose a formula that evaluates to be true and enter the formula that returns the value of “True” or “False”
  1. Click Save & Next.
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The Workflow Actions

  1. Immediate Action
  2. Time-dependent Action

Workflow Actions described below are followed in both cases of actions i.e. immediate, and time-dependent actions:

  1. E-mail Alert: E-mail alerts are triggered while the action is taken or whenever the actions are scheduled to be performed. These are auto-generated Emails. The emails are sent to the designated recipients.
  2. Field update: Field update helps you to edit or type a field value to make it accessible from any place to the concerned record.
  3. Flow trigger:  flow trigger is a specification that helps us to automate the process of business without letting it hinder performance in any way. Unlike using coding mechanisms; it uses optimized logical structures.
  4. Outbound message: An outbound message is set up to send a message to an external user. This too is an automated process of sending a message to the designated recipient. Outbound messages can be associated with Workflow rules, Approval processes, or entitlement processes.

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Things to remember while using workflow in Salesforce

  1. A workflow rule cannot be deleted until it has no pending actions. One must wait until the pending action is completed, or delete the queue to delete pending options.
  2. Time-dependent actions cannot be applied to the operating work rule. If you need to make changes. To the operating work rule, you need to deactivate the present work rule and add time-dependent action to do it and reactivate it.
  3. Whenever possible if/ then statements can be used to define a process using a process builder instead of creating rules using workflow in Salesforce.
  4. Always remember you can associate actions with multiple workflow rules.
  5. A default workflow user is to be selected if there is a need to be intimidated by displaying the workflow rule on the screen of the user not in action at that time.
  6. Time-dependent actions are not chosen when you select the “created, every time it’s selected” option during the workflow creation.
  7. In the workflow, rules can be merged using the workflow rule formulas into one or more workflow actions.
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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Course

We at Henry Harvin Offer this course with a perspective to develop your students to work in renowned MNCs. We stabilize their future and garnish their skills To satisfaction. Our students become technical leaders in their respective firms and develop confidence and interest to earn better. This course helps students to know the implementation strategies. They can use tools and techniques. People are provided with access to video content, assessments, and much more.

Accreditations and affiliations

  • National Skill Development Corporation.
  • Skill India.
  • MSME 
  • ISO.
  • UKCERT. 
  • American Association of EFL.
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Key features

9-in-one benefits 

  1. Training: 22 hours of rigorous training which is a two-way conversation for better interaction.
  2. Projects: We give exposure to various projects like Sales metrics, business challenges
  3. Internship: Practical training tools And experiences in the implementation of strategies.
  4. Certification: We provide certification approved by renowned MNCS and certified by the company. They meet all the expectations of the standard By owning Standardized certificates at the international level.
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  8. Hackathons: Free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and competitions.
  9. Gold Membership: We give approved gold membership to worthwhile members for the Salesforce Sales cloud consultant course. 

Salesforce sales cloud consultant exam preparation 

Henry Harvin provides Exam assistance to prepare for Salesforce sales cloud consultant.

For salesforce sales cloud consultation one needs to have knowledge or experience concerning Its functioning in customer-facing roles.

Carrier scope

  • Oracle Sales cloud consultant CRM.
  • Senior cloud sales consultant
  • S/4 HANA Cloud Application Consultant
  • Sr. Cloud Sales Consultant
  • Salesforce Support Administrator
  • Salesforce Technical Lead

Why Henry Harvin?

  • 9 in one Program as explained above.
  • Certified and Experienced trainers
  • Gold membership post training follow up to a particular duration as per the designed structure of the course opted for. 
  • Tailor-made training and just absorb specifically designed for the success of the students.
  • Flexible schedule with anytime access to the online study material or access to the Class video or video content.
  • Access two the recording session.
  • Master class and hackathons.
  • One-to-one training.
  • Approved by industry leaders for instance IBM, Accenture, Philip, Adobe, HP, Etc. 



Does Henry Harvin offer job support?

Henry Harvin actively provides 100% placement assistance to all learners who have completed the Salesforce Developer training.

What kind of projects are included in this Course of Education with Henry Harvin?

Project-related problems with an implementation tools feature and I’m related projects.

Is prior job experience required for Salesforce Cloud Consultant with Henry Harvin?

Relative knowledge or sales cloud computing experience facing customers offline.

What are the career opportunities in Henry Harvin?

We offer career opportunities at renowned MNCs and reliable brands and stand by the guidance for a longer time to provide the best opportunities after the completion of certification.

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