10 Facts about Professional Development Skill Training for Managers in 2021 [Updated] Six Sigma Green Belt

You are already a manager, but have been asked to take professional training. Why?

What can add further value to your Managerial traits that many people praise about?

I am a decent manager, but I want to be the business leader now. How do I go about it?

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At least one of the above questions come to most managers, who are just starting their managerial journey or have some years of experience under their belts. Do Professional development training help? Let us explore the 10 facts about professional development training for managers.

By the end of this post, you should be able to decide for yourself and help fellow managers if they should opt for professional development training or not.

#1: Validation

You may already be doing the best for your business. However, it is wise to validate against the industry gold standard training like Six Sigma. Getting Six Sigma certification, will win you confidence of your peers, customers, and competitors. You can test for yourself if you need to change your business processes or continue to follow that, which is already working for you.

If you are already not doing the best for your business, you can apply the multitude of tools and techniques that come with such professional development training. Having multiple levels of certification, you can improve your business execution with time.

#2- Synergy

If your organisation already has its employees go through professional development training, then you should also take them; to be on the same page to have better synergy. It makes little sense to be non-conversant in techniques that your team is adept in, to bring out the maximum output with optimized efforts.

Being a Manager, it becomes even more important to understand the ongoing processes, tools and techniques adopted by your team to achieve success. If you do not, and provide any further add-on value to the system, then you will become a hurdle instead of a facilitator to your team’s success. 

To transition from a manager to a leader, you will need to look ahead for the team, prepare a path for them and facilitate adoption of professional development skills in the team.

#3- Value Addition

professional development skills

As a Manager when you go through professional development training, you add value to your profile. Business process certifications like Six Sigma make you valuable across industries which may operate in a variety of domains.  Professional development skills like Six Sigma are industry agnostic and allow their tools and techniques to apply to most industries to maximize output with the least amount of failures.

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With such professional development training, you can become the point of contact for quality improvement in those companies. It is nothing less of an achievement when you are identified as a change agent in an organisation. This mostly plays as an advantage for you in a peer-to-peer competition.

Your training becomes invaluable if you own the business. You can adopt, discard and use tools and techniques from such training to mould processes to best suit your business with no pressure. 

#4- Growth

professional development training

Improvements in professional development skills through professional development training always add to a company’s business talent treasure. Managers who are getting more professional skills, always empower their team. With more managers getting trained to become leaders, more employees get empowered and form the next line of potential leaders. This way a large business organisation never runs out of its talented resources. 

So being recommended for a professional development training is not a bad remark but the company’s way of showing trust that you are ready for the next big thing. It’s time for your growth up the organisation structure.

#5- Industry Acceptance

Professional development skill'

There are many established corporates that easily take in management professionals who are certified in industry standards. It becomes easy to assimilate them into their already functioning setup. 

Many customers also enquire about the professional development skills that are already available with the managers of your company. In the absence of a certain certification they may take their business to other places that have such certified professionals. At least one or more levels of Six Sigma certification is one such readily available certification one can do to build confidence with customers and retain them or win over competitors.

If there are international opportunities, then the already heavily contested visas can be provided to you, if you have an extra professional development skills certificate compared to your peers.

#6- Keep The Edge

professional development training skill

It is of paramount importance to keep your professional skills up to the mark by learning new things. Going through professional development training, time to time keeps your demand intact and you will know if there are any changes in execution concepts, or what you already know. 

Banking on old bookish knowledge, for success in a professional career is as good as having a rusty knife in your kitchen. You need to polish and sharpen your knowledge and information on the concepts, techniques, tools and trends to excel in your professional journey.

#7- Productivity

professional development skills

With an increase in responsibilities assigned to you in your professional journey, it becomes important to use multiple tools, techniques to optimize your day today responsibility execution as your time becomes increasingly limited. Such skills do not come automatically with no training.

Professional development training brings you new trending tools, utilities and techniques that enable you to handle your day-to-day activities better than before with more scope left for other important activities. Professional courses like Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma provide tools, utilities to increase product quality over time. Once the product quality gets improved, you can focus on other priority activities like marketing and sales.

#8- Changing Trends

With time, trends change. People change. Ways to interact/handle communications change. For example, formal attire are replaced by company branded T-shirts and comfortable wear in business meets in some companies. Some core values may remain the same; here the dilemma of how to react, respond and rise to the situation may hinder growth.


Professional development training, targeted to address such issues can help someone overcome frustration and potential career damage arising out of this awareness gap.


Sometimes a certain market gets dictated by a certain faction of people to whom you may not directly relate to. It becomes more important to be sensitive to their values and modes of operation so you do not lose that market. We can only receive such insights by time-to-time professional development training.

#9- Increasingly Available Options

With the boom in the digital market, professional development training is now far more accessible and affordable than before. Heck, you can even learn at your own pace depending on your priorities. 

Earlier to get professional training, there were many things that went into planning and completing such a training. You had to check availability of a trainer, request your management to give you approval for that costly training (most of the time with travel included), check your schedules for any important tasks and last-minute cancellations.

With a plethora of professional development training, you can choose on your own, where to learn, how to learn and most importantly, what to skip and what to pursue.

#10- Career in Professional Development Training

Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away.  – David Khalil

The joy of sharing knowledge is very fulfilling. Once you have had your stint as a successful leader by Professional Development, you can convert your learnings to begin the next innings as a professional career coach. You can use your experience as an example and bring out learnings to new aspiring leaders and help them reach their destination.

Besides the satisfaction, career coach remuneration is one of the best in the industry. You will also have the satisfaction of being a sought after person in the industry long after you have hung up your hat. It now comes to you to pass on the hard earned professional development skills to the next crop of leaders through professional development training.

Conclusion: It may sometimes seem that getting asked for professional training means you lack something and need this training to compensate for that. But then, being recommended for such training means you have something promising in you and should get that polished besides getting rich with the invaluable industry proven methods and techniques from the training.

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